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Worth the Wait

Nothing is more important to me than accomplishing the will of God for my life. So, when God revealed to me in November 2008 that Bible college was the next step in my journey, I was excited. I’d sat in a Charis Bible College interest meeting at a Gospel Truth Seminar and thought about how awesome it would be to attend. But I had already done the college thing, you know? Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. Was it possible that returning to school really was part of God’s plan for my life? 

But, certain that I had heard from the Lord, I decided to attend Campus Days 2009. From start to finish, it was amazing—from the worship, to the teaching, to the tour of the college, to the first-year student named Rhonda who “adopted” me for the duration of the three-day event. Taking me and a few others under her wing, she went out of her way to make us feel welcome and comfortable. Before we all left to return home, one of the other “adoptees” paid my application fee so I could enroll in the college! I returned home with high hopes, even though I had no idea how God was going to work
everything out.

Four years later, I was still in my home state of Florida, and I didn’t seem any closer to making it to Charis Colorado than I did when I left Campus Days.

Growing frustrated and even a little anxious, I decided to visit one of the Charis campuses in my state. Perhaps the Lord wanted me to attend a local campus so I could stay close to family. Brimming with anticipation, I visited Charis Jacksonville. But as wonderful as it was, I didn’t receive any confirmation from the Spirit that I was supposed to attend there. I headed home in tears.

Fast forward one year. After I sold my home and put my stuff in storage, I packed my car and headed for Colorado with my first year’s tuition in hand. My time had come.


But you know what? It was worth the wait. And as I stood in line the day I registered for classes, something amazing happened. Standing in front of me was Rhonda, that same first-year student I’d met more than five years earlier! She had taken a break after graduating from second year and was returning for Third Year.

Has God whispered “Charis” in your ear? Have you felt Him tugging at your heart? It’s not too late to make plans to attend Campus Days 2017, April 20-22 in Woodland Park, Colorado. There you’ll experience firsthand Charis’s culture of love, transparency, and excellence. Attendees will meet and mingle with Andrew and other Charis instructors, sit in on classes, tour the campus, learn about the local community, and receive practical relocation information. You can register for this three-day event at If you’re not able to make the trip to Colorado, you don’t have to miss out! Tune in via our
live stream.

I’m just finishing up Third-Year Ministry School at Charis, and for the first time in my life, I feel like I’m finally beginning to tap into what God’s plan has been all along. I don’t have all the answers yet, but one thing I know for sure—the best is yet to come!


The Charis Campus Days Experience

Greg MohrGreg Mohr, the new director of Charis Bible College, sat down with Eileen Quinn, a content assistant in the AWM Publications Department, to discuss Charis’s upcoming Campus Days event. Eileen, now a Third-Year Ministry Track Student, made a decision to come to Charis Colorado after hearing God’s call at Campus Days 2013.

Eileen Quinn: Hi, Pastor Greg. I’d like to thank you for giving us your time for this interview.

Greg Mohr: Oh, you’re welcome, Eileen. I’m happy to do it.

EQ: Let’s begin with some details about the event so that readers know when it is. When is the event, and who are the speakers?

GM: The event’s on April 6-8, and the main speakers are myself, Carrie Picket, Lawson Perdue, Wendell Parr, Barry Bennett, and Andrew.

EQ: This newsletter will go out to our friends and partners, many of whom have not yet become students. We would like to tell them why this event is unique. Can you speak to that?

GM: Well, the unique thing to Campus Days is that guests get to meet and learn about several of our key instructors, adjunct instructors, and staff here at Charis. We are trying to give the participants a view into what a day at Charis looks like or what they can expect from different instructors—as well as from Andrew. They are already familiar with him, so we want to give them a taste of what they could expect when they come here as students.

EQ: You often hear Andrew and others talk about the “Charis Experience.” What elements of the “Charis Experience” would you say that people experience at Campus Days?

GM: What we describe as the “Charis Experience” is exactly what we try to incorporate into Campus Days. That would be fellowship with other current and prospective students, awesome worship that brings people into the presence of God, [and] teaching from the Word that comes from both revelation and experience. All of our instructors are experienced in their field. Students will also experience what they take away from this environment—a sense of empowerment to go out and do the things they received while here. So, that would include healing, all types of ministry…that’s unique to Charis. People come and get to know God better, but then they leave empowered to take it and apply it in their world, their business, their ministry, and so on. People experience that from three days of concentrated fellowship, ministry, and worship at Campus Days.

EQ: You know, that’s so true! That’s why I came. When Andrew was teaching that year, he taught on the Emmaus road (Luke 24), which is one of my favorite passages of Scripture. I thought I would just come and go back home and do the online program. But while I was here, God made it so clear that I was to relocate and go to school here.

GM: Yes, now some people come and know they are supposed to start school at an extension school near them, start Distance Learning, or that they are—like you—to relocate and come to Charis Colorado. You know, we only want people to come here who are actually called to come here. That’s why you can take Charis courses many different ways. We want the Holy Spirit to speak to people and for people to hear for themselves what they are supposed to do. Hearing that call as to where you are supposed to be is what will give you what I like to call “finishing power.”

EQ: So, the journey to Colorado for Campus Days, is it a foreshadowing of what it would be like for them to come here for school?

GM: Yes, we want to give them a realistic picture of what campus life is. I meant to mention that earlier, but when people come here and see the beautiful landscape and environment of Colorado that God’s given us, and this beautiful facility, they realize that this is a culture of love, transparency, and training. Really, it’s a culture of excellence. It’s not perfection. What I mean by excellence is that it’s a culture where we do our best and give our all because the stakes are eternal.

EQ: Is the day structured to make prospective students feel like they are being given an educational tour of the ministry, not just a physical tour?

GM: Yes, first our guests will be greeted with fellowship and refreshments. Then we will have worship, and then each day they will receive powerful teaching from different instructors. And we will have times for people to gather around information tables and ask questions. At that time, instructors will mingle with people and answer their questions. Some of their answers will come from current students who will be present. Then they will learn about practical relocation information: housing, jobs, and various opportunities. So, if they do need that, they will have the information they need. We will have booths set up for that. But, really, the focus of Campus Days is we want to connect with people where they are, we want to connect people more deeply with their relationship with God, and we want people to know that God has a good plan for their lives. And when they discover that plan, it will—as we like to say here—make their “baby leap,” like the baby leapt in Elizabeth’s womb [Luke 1:41]. This journey through Charis will help students discover that plan that God has for them and then enable them to go out and live that plan that God has for their lives. It often starts with Campus Days, where they get the desire to discover that plan.

EQ: Would you say that coming to Campus Days puts flesh and bone on the “Charis Experience”?

GM: God can speak to you from your home, while you’re driving, while you’re in your own walk of life about some aspect of His calling, but it’s another thing for you to “walk on the land.” God told Joshua to walk on the land—spy out the land. There’s another dimension of discovery that you get once you’re here, and that will confirm that call on your life.

People come here for a lot of reasons: They want to know God better, they want to develop a deeper relationship with God, or they want to hear God’s voice. People come here to discover their purpose. We want those whom God draws here, who want to be changed and then trained up to change their world. Campus Days helps prospective students not decide but discover who they are and God’s plan for their lives.