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Seeds of Destiny

Tommy and Kleist Rhodes, Charis extension school directors, Raleigh-Durham (Click to enlarge)Does God have a specific plan for my life? How do I know I’m following His will and not my own? What’s my part in fulfilling His plan?

Like many of us, Tommy and Kleist Rhodes of North Carolina faced those same questions. Prior to attending Charis Bible College, the Rhodes witnessed an entire generation of believers drown themselves in their negligence of the Word of God as the foundation.

But one day, while listening to Andrew on the Gospel Truth program, Kleist heard him say, “If the church was doing its job, I wouldn’t have to have a Bible school.” Something sparked within her, and a seed of destiny planted itself in her heart. Continuing to listen, Kleist gleaned additional truths about grace, righteousness, and discovering God’s plan for her life.

At fifty-three years old, Kleist told her husband, “Tommy, I’ve finally found someone who is telling the truth. I’m going to Colorado.”

“Okay,” Tommy responded, “but would you cook dinner first?”

Witnessing God's provision in the newly remodeled lobby of Charis Bible College, Raleigh-Durham
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Five years later, after God had planted and watered the seeds of His Word in the Rhodes’ hearts, Tommy and Kleist began the application process to attend CharisColorado’s two-year program. They graduated in 2010 and enrolled in the third-year training program with a desire to be extension school directors and disciple others in the foundations of the Word.

When they returned to North Carolina, they witnessed the fulfillment of what was prophesied over them—“People will rise up and come alongside you…everything is ready for the school. You’ll be surprised how things just materialize.” Unexpectedly, a master carpenter called and offered his services. “I’m going to be one of your students,” he said. “If you need anything built or fixed or moved, I’ll do it. I’ve also been collecting stuff out of dumpsters and from old projects. I have desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bulletin boards, and even a nice countertop. Could you use them?”

The growing classes of Charis Bible College, Raleigh-Durham (Click to enlarge)“Everything we needed literally walked in the door,” Kleist recalled. As excitement for the new school grew, other students found projection screens, mail cubbies, decorations, a refrigerator, and tables for what would become their breakroom. “It was amazing to watch God work out the details. When I approached our resident master carpenter to discuss building modifications, he said, ‘I know exactly what to do; the Lord has already shown me.’ The accuracy of his sketch compared to my vision was surreal.”

All it took for the Rhodes to begin walking out God’s plan for their lives was an initial step of faith. God planted and watered the seeds of destiny in their hearts, but Tommy and Kleist had to be willing to follow Him for the seeds to grow.

If you’ve lost your sense of destiny, I encourage you to read Andrew’s book How to Find, Follow, and Fulfill God’s Will. It will really bless your life and get you going in the right direction!


Chip & Margaret: Retired and Bored No More

Charis Bible College-Colorado graduates, Margaret and Chip Morrow, Directors of CBC-Washington, D.C.
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Are you bored? If you have nothing better to do, Google the phrase, find will of God. In less than half a second the search engine will provide a staggering number of results, 25,270,000,000 to be exact. Listed in the top five results is an article written by Andrew titled, How to Find God's Will, and reading it may change your life. That's what Chip Morrow did, and now he is the Director of Charis Bible College in Washington D.C.

In 2009, nearly a decade into retirement, Chip and his wife, Margaret, found they were bored. Chip had retired from a career in chemical engineering and Margaret had left her days as a science teacher behind. After filling their first seven years of retirement with extensive travel to all 50 states and several foreign nations, building a cozy cabin The Morrow's mountain cabin.
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in the mountains of Tennessee, and taking a 46-day cruise around South America, Chip and Margaret felt they were missing something. They wanted to find God's purpose for their retirement years.

As the Morrows sought the Lord for purpose, Chip Googled, "find will of God," and through the results found Andrew's website. The proverbial snowball began to roll. The couple dove into the libraries of free materials found on the site; they watched Andrew's videos and downloaded audio files of his teachings. They also found out that Andrew was going to be hosting a Gospel Truth Seminar in Raleigh, North Carolina. Chip and Margaret attended the GTS and a camp meeting Andrew was part of in Charlotte. At the conferences, the Morrows were introduced to Charis Bible College.

On Campus at CBC. (Click to enlarge)"We went to the GTS and Charlotte camp meeting in 2009," said Chip, "We heard about Charis and thought, Why would retired people go to Bible college?"

Once past the initial dismissal of going back to school, Margaret said, "If we don't go, we will always wonder what would have happened if we had gone to Charis."

Their curiosity got the best of them, and they watched videos of CBC classes, making note of all the gray heads they saw in attendance. Still they weren't sure they could sit still for four hours a day, five days per week. Chip said, "We decided to conduct a dry run. During the winter of 2009-2010, we attended a pretend Bible college at our dining table from 9-12 each day listening to Andrew's MP3 files and taking notes with our Bibles. We were hooked on the grace word."

Margaret and Chip during their third year at CBC. (Click to enlarge)The Morrows proceeded cautiously. In 2010, they closed up their cabin in the woods, and signed a three-month lease in Colorado Springs, leaving themselves an escape, if all did not go well in Colorado. By December of 2010, they knew without a doubt that they would be returning for their second year. They were enjoying their adventure so much that they began to wonder what could be better than being at Bible college all the time. Looking ahead, they began to see that as CBC directors they could always be in the CBC environment and enjoy the things they had come to love about the school; good teaching, growing in the knowledge of the Lord and always making new friends.

Midway though their second year, Chip and Margaret began meeting with Wendell Parr and Andrew's World Outreach team to discuss the Morrow's interest in becoming directors. In January Chip and Margaret in Colorado, wearing I (heart) D.C. t-shirts.
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of 2013, during their third year, it was determined that the Morrows would begin preparing to pioneer a new campus in the Washington, D.C. area.

The Lord brought the necessary logistics together very quickly for Chip and Margaret as they began to prepare for their new role as directors. Andrew was scheduled to host a Gospel Truth Rally in the D.C. area in April, and the Morrows wanted to have the school's location solidified for an announcement by the time Andrew held his conference. Chip said, "We began to look via the internet for a location to lease for the school. Two buildings looked promising and we went to D.C. in March to see the buildings. God prepared one so outstandingly that we also contacted a realtor to look for a condo for us within walking distance to the school. When we went again to D.C. for the April GTR, we were overcome by the response from the people. Eight people paid us the application fee in advance of any paperwork. CBC-Washington, D.C. was off and running. The next day, we made an offer on a condo about 1 mile from the new school location. In faith, we closed on our condo 10 days later, long before the building CBC-Washington, D.C. classroom
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lease was approved and signed."

The Morrows finished their third-year studies in Colorado and moved to Washington, D.C. in June of 2013. Almost immediately, the couple began receiving student inquiries and applications at their new home—even before they had furnishings. Preparations at the school building, which is located just south of the Beltway, were completed in August, and the Morrows opened the doors to their first crop of students this past September.

Needless to say, the Morrows no longer suffer from boredom. They are enjoying good teaching, and growing in the knowledge of the Lord with their 21 new friends in the charter class of CBC-DC. What does the Lord have for you? You can go to Google and do your own search or check out Andrew's teaching How To Find, Follow and Fulfill God's Will.

Visit the CBC-Washington, D.C. website for more information about the school and the Morrow's journey into ministry.


Why Would I Want to go to Bible College?

CBC-Colorado graduates, Ryan and Alexis May, will open a new CBC campus in Ontario, California this October. (Click to enlarge)"Why would I want to go to Bible college? What? Am I gonna be a preacher someday?" Those were the words that flippantly escaped Ryan May's lips when his dad offered to pay for Ryan and his wife, Alexis, to go to Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs. Four years later, Ryan and Alexis are less than one month away from opening CBC-Ontario in southern California.

Ryan and Alexis were introduced to Andrew's ministry at a pivotal time in their walk with the Lord; they were navigating the sometimes awkward process of looking for a new church. Ryan had recently received the baptism in the Holy Spirit when he and Alexis suddenly realized that the church they had been attending did not believe in, nor talk about the gift Ryan had received. It was during this time of transition that Ryan's dad, Jeff, invited Ryan and Alexis to join him at a small church in Banning, California where Andrew was scheduled to speak. The young couple not only found Andrew that evening, but they found their new church in the process.

Both Ryan and Alexis were hungry for the Word, and they were excited by Andrew's ministry. Andrew's teaching, The War is Over, revealed to them the true freedom Jesus has provided and it also exposed the lies religion had planted at the heart of their belief system. While this was not the only teaching that made an impact on the Mays, it is the one on which they re-built the foundation of their relationship with the Lord.

Ryan was working as a golf pro, and he and Alexis had only been married a couple of years, when Jeff made the offer to send the two to school. While Ryan had flatly dismissed his father's idea, the Lord had a different answer in mind, and he let Ryan know about it. Ryan was sitting alone in his apartment when he received his first word from the Lord: "Why wouldn't you want to get to know Me better?" "That got my attention," said Ryan. "In an instant, my heart and mind were changed," he said.

Ryan was so sure it was God speaking to him that he called his wife, immediately, and told her they were going to Bible college. "It was an incredible experience and it led us to make the best decision of our lives," Ryan said with excitement!

The May family, Ryan and Alexis with their daughter, Marley and their son, Jeremiah. (Click to enlarge)During the May's first year of school in Colorado Springs, they returned home for Christmas break. As they enjoyed their time reconnecting with family and sharing all they had learned, the Lord began to stir their hearts to bring the Truth to Southern California.

Throughout their time at CBC, the Lord continued to give them visions and dreams about starting a campus back home. For Ryan, the prompting of the Holy Spirit came with a sense of assurance, that what He put in their hearts was already established and finished. Ryan said, "We just followed His peace, trusted and stayed patient. We spoke about the plans for the school as though it was already established, and here we are—what an honor!"

To this date, the Mays have processed 30 applications and they are set to open the doors of CBC-Ontario in October. Between now and the official opening, Ryan and Alexis will host open house sessions at the school and they anticipate a great turnout for each event.

The Mays's time at CBC transformed their lives."CBC and Andrew's teachings brought such a clear and proper perception of God and Truth, that this life now makes so much sense. We now stand on the Word and the Truth of what Jesus did for us, and find victory. You can't give away what you don't have... Now that I can share this Truth with people, I'm seeing them receive as well," Ryan shared.

For Ryan there's no comparison between the life he and Alexis were living before attending CBC and the life the Lord has led them into. To know God, and Jesus Christ who He sent, is the greatest honor. To share His word is another great, great honor. And to see people receive it brings the greatest fulfillment—there's no greater joy in life! (This coming from the one who said he didn't want to be a preacher).

To find out more about the new CBC campus in southern California, contact the Ryan and Alexis at (760) 413-0344 or via email: You can also stay up to date with campus activities by visiting the CBC-Ontario Facebook page.