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Set Free to Bring Freedom

Palo sharing his newfound love in the Andrew Wommack Ministries Phone Center (Click to enlarge)What satisfies you? What makes you feel excited about life and the things ahead of you? How do you know when you’ve found what you are looking for? For Charis Bible College graduate Palo Robles, these questions were only the beginning. He first began to seek answers within a party lifestyle, living in a world of drugs, women, and cars. But Palo couldn’t shake the feeling that he was meant for something greater. He knew life must have more to offer. “My heart was really just looking to all of these worldly things to make me complete,” Palo reflects. “But I just couldn’t understand why none of them were satisfying me.”

Palo sharing a meal and his faith in a local food joint (Click to enlarge)Searching for a change he knew this world could not offer him, Palo made a decision that transformed his life forever. “When I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, that emptiness I had in my heart was instantly filled. All the depression and anger from not being satisfied were completely destroyed. Everything I was searching for was satisfied through God’s love for me.”

Palo now takes his newfound love and freedom to the streets, eager to share the Good News with anyone who can breathe. While out there, the main thing he’s come to realize is that everyone relates to love and that love never fails:

“People want to be loved, and they want to be accepted because that is the Father’s heart. Christ said He did not come for the righteous, but He came for the unrighteous, for the lost. He leaves the ninety-nine to go after the one. So, it’s the Father’s heart to reach those who are outside the church walls. The Scripture says he who wins souls is wise. It’s an amazing thing to witness.”

Out on the streets, reaching people's hearts with the unrelenting love of God (Click to enlarge)Through his time at Charis and his growing relationship with Christ, Palo has developed skills to more effectively minister to people. “When I’m out on the streets, I’m always asking the Holy Spirit ‘Okay, highlight some things for me: Who do You want me to minister to? What is going on in their life? What do You want me to say? Let me see them as You see them.' It brings to mind what Jesus said—‘I will make you fishers of men’ (Matt. 4:19). Jesus is teaching me how to be an effective fisherman so I can bring people into the kingdom. That’s why I do what I do.”

Palo now finds fulfillment in reaching the very people who are searching for the satisfaction he once sought. God’s plan is always bigger than what any one person can come up with on their own. Palo knows that surety. He’s experienced it. And so can you.


Meet Jessica: AWM's New Blog Writer

Jessica capturing the moments in the villages of central Russia (Click to enlarge)Brewing coffee, bright lanyards, and the sound of Bible pages turning—the new Charis Bible College (CBC) school year had officially begun. I was a third-year intern filled with optimism, opinions, and perhaps a little too much caffeine. As I prepared for classes, I did what any well-meaning intern would do when they’re a little unsure of the next step—I enrolled in the School of Ministry. Who could go wrong with that, right?

As the days turned into weeks, my uneasy conscience slowly started to distract my mind from the classes I was in. There was a restlessness in my heart that I felt like no one around me fully understood. The classes were thought provoking, and the instructors were intelligent and insightful; however, there was a still, small voice on the inside of me, saying, “I wonder what they’re doing in Media School right now.” Thankfully, it didn’t take long for me to realize this was indeed the Holy Spirit guiding me, through the desires of my heart, down the path He had in place for me. I’m so grateful God continually pursues each one of us, even when we overthink the simplest things.

After setting up a meeting with the instructorsGathering footage in Cologne for the 2013 Germany Missions video (Click to enlarge) of the School of Media, Jeff and Autumn Nakkula, I began to share with them my heart and the experiences I had already had in the field. By the end of our conversation, they seemed bewildered and amazed that I wasn’t already in the Media program.

I repented.

On my first day of Media classes, I walked in with my MacBook in hand and my heart full of anticipation. I could hardly sit still. The first item on the agenda was logo design, and my mind took off at full speed from there. Suddenly, I became excited for each new day and for a chance to learn something that would help me become better at what I love to do. Although I don’t ever remember hearing a distinct voice saying, “Go to Media School,” I never thought of doing anything else once I Tracking the story in the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado (Click to enlarge)started. The Holy Spirit lives on the inside of me, and I don’t have to go looking for answers outside of my relationship with Him. As we grow closer, His thoughts become my thoughts, His desires become my desires, and His plan becomes my plan.

Since graduation, I’ve had the incredible honor of traveling around the United States and the world, shooting and producing videos. Recently, I returned from a six-month-long stay in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I assisted CBC directors Mike and Carrie Pickett there in multiplePrepping for interviews in Ijevsk, Russia for the 2014 Russia Mission Trip video
(Click to enlarge)
 media projects, capturing the most amazing stories in the largest country on earth. Today I spend my days as a writer for Andrew Wommack Ministries, developing my skills even further, and looking forward to all of the beautiful things God has in store.

Now, I know I don’t have it all figured out quite yet. But I know what my passion is, and I know who is leading me. It’s because of this that I know I will accomplish with excellence what I need to do, no matter what the situation. This isn’t because I know it all. I don’t have to. I’ve got connections.


Life After Graduation: Len Burger 

Len Burger (right) with Ministry Ambassador, Wendell Parr, during Len's graduation ceremony in 2012. (Click to enlarge)2007 was the year that I received God’s call on my life. He showed me what He wanted me to do for His kingdom with the time that I had here on earth. He gave me a dream and for the past seven years I’ve been pursuing the knowledge of God and His call for my life.

Part of my preparation was to attend Bible College. I started at CBC Heidelberg in 2011 and completed my second year in 2012. After graduating, God showed me that I was to stay in Heidelberg for further preparation time and to finish the work started in this lovely town.

I’m currently the youth leader of a local church and also run 4 home-groups throughout the week. We run a soup kitchen where we feed and minister to the kids. I find that the best way to minister is not by preaching but by demonstrating the love of God.

We’ve got big plans for this town and I believe God is going to do big things in little Heidelberg! We want to enlarge the soup kitchen to enable us to feed more kids and minister the Word to them in a way that they can receive it—mainly having projects, fun days, handing out children’s Bibles and just loving them! I’m also planning a youth conference for the young people in town and another one for just the guys. I’m on the committee of an anti-drug campaign that was started by some of the church leaders and people from the community. We aim to prevent substance abuse among the people in town and try to rehabilitate those already caught up in it. It’s amazing to see churches, businesses and schools come together under the name of Christ.

Soon I’m hoping to go to DR Congo to minister God’s love. My friend Raymond and I have taken many trips and outreaches all over South Africa, we hope to go into Africa for another trip.

I’m learning a lot from all of these projects and I’m thankful that God prepares me for the next step after every step I take. Soon I’ll be fulfilling my dream (If I haven’t started already) and I can Impact the world with this God that I serve. But above all I’m just happy that I’m getting to know God more and more and that I can enjoy this adventure with Him. Dankie Here (Afrikaans for - Thank you Lord).

Len engaging the children as they enjoy a meal at a soup kitchen. (Click to enlarge)Len demonstrating the love of God, and teaching without preaching. (Click to enlarge)

Adapted from the article, Charis Bible College: Life After Graduation , originally printed in the Spring & Summer 2014 edition of Andrew Wommack Ministries Gospel Truth magazine (South Africa edition).