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Dual Impact

Armed with God’s Word and His love, second-year Charis Bible College students carry out Jesus’s command to “go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15). Students go on missions trips that take them to areas all over the world, places like Russia, India, and Germany; and for international students, to various places in the U.S. From a front-row seat, Charis students watch blatant displays of God’s relentless love as people are born again, baptized in the Spirit, healed, and set free. 

Charis student Tim Nee witnessed one such display when he went on his missions trip to Belize earlier this year: 

“God showed up in so many ways during our trip. On the last day, we were at a public pool. We noticed a waitress there who was limping badly, and one team member asked if he could pray for her. As she sat on a bench, it was obvious that one of her legs was shorter than the other. When he prayed, her short leg grew out beyond the other and then the other leg grew out to meet that one! When she stood up, she realized the pain in her back and hip resulting from her body being off was completely gone, and she started to cry. One of her fellow workers saw the whole thing happen. What an awesome way to end our trip!” 

But displays of God’s love during these trips aren’t limited to the obvious external ones. In fact, Charis students find that with the simple act of going, God displays the power of His love in their own hearts; classroom theory about His love becomes revelation. 

That’s what Martin Alargent, an international Charis student from France, experienced on his 2017 missions trip to California. After putting boots on the ground in California, the reality of God’s love exploded in his heart: 

“It is by going that we learn what mercy and compassion means. Sitting in a class gave us a glimpse of what love is. It gave us an idea, a concept. Going to California gave us the revelation of what love is. Here is what love is: Jesus gave His life for us, and we ought to give our lives for the brethren also (1 John 3:16). We went on our missions trip focusing on one goal: being a walking Jesus. That means being ministers of reconciliation and proof of God’s love for humanity. This trip showed me how powerful and effective a like-minded and like-hearted group can be. The love we had for each other splashed on everybody around us. It is by loving each other that we prove we are real disciples of Jesus Christ (John 13:35), and people could see it! I realized that what we experience in life really comes out of what we focus on. Going on our missions trip, we were prepared and fully focused on God’s love and on ministry, and we were expecting miracles, healings, signs, and wonders. Therefore, as an answer to our expectations and our faith, we saw all these things! It was a life-changing, mind-renewing,
heart-transforming trip.”

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Written by Sylvia F. Wells 

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Share It with Confidence

“Before my first mission[s] trip to Ecuador, people encouraged me by saying I would change lives with the Gospel, while others said it would change mine. I didn’t know what to expect, but I quickly discovered it wasn’t one or the other, but both. It is impossible to not change when God is all about transforming our lives through Christ.”

Pascal Gravelle was just one of the several students on the 2017 Charis Bible College missions team sent to Ecuador. He went armed and ready with new revelations and with excitement to share what he had been learning
at Charis.

But a missions trip is not only a time for students to reach out to others with the Gospel; it’s also an opportunity for God to transform students outside the classroom, students like Trisha Calhoun. After arriving in Ecuador, Trisha quickly learned how good the Holy Spirit is at taking what believers have to offer and translating it into the hearts of His people, regardless of culture
or language.

“I came prepared with messages, as instructed,” Trisha explains. “However, I lacked confidence that the messages would be received or relatable to the people we were serving. I had the wrong perspective, though. I was focused on me and my messages rather than realizing they were His messages that I was simply presenting.”

Trisha remembered something one of her Charis instructors taught: If you believe God gave you a word to share, then act like it’s His word and share it with confidence.

“During one of the church services, I shared one of the messages I felt God had laid on my heart,” Trisha recalls. “I admit that I was nervous and did not feel overly spiritual as I was sharing. However, the response from the crowd blew me away! I had to stop multiple times as the crowd praised God, shouted, and clapped. It was apparent that God was speaking to their hearts and downloading revelation to them. I could see joy on their faces as they came up to talk with me after the service.”

Trisha continues, “Joy began to spring up in my heart, as well, as I realized that it’s not about me or my abilities; it’s about God! This may seem like an obvious fact, but for the first time in my life, I am beginning to experience freedom in sharing the Good News as I learn to simply say ‘Yes, let go, and let God.’”

As the students continued to step out in faith, the people of Ecuador became more to the team than just a mission field. “We built good relationships everywhere we went, had many open doors to minister, and shared God’s love everywhere,” Pascal recalls. “No one remained a stranger as we embraced one another as family with the love of Christ.” Pascal adds, “What a privilege it is to build friendships with people through love and [to] point them back to the arms of the Father.”

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Written by Jessica Giaimo

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Overcoming on the Mission Field – Part 2

Last week we shared the first part of Annerine Tomlinson’s testimony about her experience in Sri Lanka for her Charis Hong Kong missions trip. Part two reveals some of the challenges she faced and how she overcame them.

“On the first Sunday afternoon, we had the privilege of going to a Hindu village with a pastor associated with Smyrna church. . . . It wasn’t the friendliest reception. In fact, while I shared, I could see several men glaring at me with folded arms. For a split second, I felt unsafe. Some of my teammates also saw this. One of them told me he was thinking, Man, we better wrap this up and get out of here! Another just prayed in tongues. A thought went through my head: What if nobody responds to the altar call today? But right at that moment, I had another thought: This is exactly where I want to be, sharing with people in a context where this is not what they expect or believe in. This is where I want to preach my heart out, right here on this spot.

“Even before I had finished the altar call, hands shot up, including from a lot of the men who were glaring at me. Of the small crowd that assembled there, I guess almost three-fourths of them accepted Jesus. After that, some of these people went to get family from the little houses and brought them to be prayed for. Almost every old lady that I prayed for received Jesus. It was wonderful to have some young people of Smyrna church there translating and praying with us. Team members went with people to their houses and continued praying for people. I am beyond thankful for that day; it’s the stuff I dream of!”

Before her trip even began, Annerine had to count the cost of going on the mission field. The price she had to consider was the condition of her health.

“One of the things that I was slightly concerned about in the natural before we went was how I was going to be able to give out so much and go non-stop for so long. . . . I remember one night we had to climb seven flights of stairs up to a place to practice the skit, but I haven’t been doing that kind of physical exercise in many months because of a major health setback. It was huge for me! I was blessed beyond words to be able to go and give and minister non-stop and not being more tired than any other member of the team. That was incredible! That was really incredible!”

Annerine shares a few closing thoughts on making this missions trip possible:

“I feel completely alive and alert in these kinds of settings. The missionary and evangelist in me are in some kind of heaven if I can go somewhere where ground needs to be taken. I think it is the joy of the Father connecting with his children that explodes in our hearts. . . . Almost every day was my favorite day of the trip.”

Annerine says, “Thank you for this opportunity!”

Your support means changed lives. It’s that simple. If you are not a Charis Bible College World Outreach partner, consider becoming one today. If you are, then thank you! Together, we’re changing the world.

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to you.

(Note: Testimony has been edited for length and clarity.)

Written by David Moore II

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