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CBC Mission Team Visits Argentina

CBC Colorado students performed many skits for the people of Argentina. (Click to enlarge)In early November, Charis Bible College-Colorado sent its first team of the 2011-2012 academic year to the mission field. The group, students ages 17 to 89, led by CBC Director, Gary Luecke, had the opportunity to minister in several cities in Argentina. The Colorado team was hosted by full-time missionaries and CBC graduates, Joe and Nancy MacQueen. The MacQueens are the founders of Charis de Dios (Grace of God) Ministries in Buenos Aires.

Hosts, Nancy and Joe MacQueen, of Charis de Dios Ministries and future directors of the CBC extension school slated to open in Argentina in March of 2012. (Click to enlarge)Joe and Nancy organized a number of outreach projects and local church ministry opportunities for the students. The team was invited to minister and teach in Pastor Jonathan Ravello's church, Palabra de Fe (Word of Faith) in Buenos Aires and Pastor Jorge Ovando's, Iglesia Bautista (a Spirit-filled Baptist Church) in the city of Lujan. In addition to sharing at many church services, the students also hosted parties for local children, evangelized in area parks, and hosted an assembly at a local school.

The team performed lively skits in parks, churches and schools, sharing the life and love of Christ. Here Jesus and Peter walk on the water. (Click to enlarge)The teams dramatic performances touched the hearts of the Argentenian people inside and outside the church. (Click to enlarge)The lively children's parties included many games, musical fun and skits. "They did a really neat skit for the kids going through the whole life of Jesus – it was really well done. Then they gave the salvation message and many kids accepted Jesus," said Nancy excitedly. She also shared that, "Pastor Jorge, who had been very reluctant to allow a female to teach in church, was absolutely 'blown away' and humbled by the teaching 17-year-old Brittanie did at one Wednesday night church service in Lujan.

Jeanne, CBC's 89-year-old student missionary, seen here teaching through her interpreter, ministered with love and boldness to everyone she met whether they spoke English or not—including Catholic priests. (Click to enlarge) 17-year-old Brittanie shared a powerful teaching in Lujan. Pastor Ovando had been reluctant to allow a young woman to minister in his church, but he was pleasantly "blown-away" and humbled by her message. (Click to enlarge) At CBC foreign mission trips are viewed as a valuable part of the student's ministry training. Their primary focus during these second-year trips is to share the almost-to-good-too-be-true news of the gospel with as many people as possible during their seven to ten day stay on foreign soil. The experience abroad gives students' a refreshingly new perspective of the world and provides abundant learning opportunities unavailable otherwise. With

Prayer ministry at Palabra de Fe. (Click to enlarge)The students leading worship at Iglesia Bautista in the city of Lujan. (Click to enlarge)regard to her experience in Argentina, CBC team member, Jill Tomlinson said, "I learned that it is great to have expectations, but that ultimately it is God's decision how He wants to manifest Himself to us and to the world. Our trip was all about His love... that was our message everywhere we went and that is what we experienced ourselves."

Jill's husband and CBC student, Jimmy Tomlinson shared, "I experienced God's love flowing between fellow believers who have never met one another in person and yet share the connection we have in Christ, and I was able to see first-hand how the Body of Christ can work together in ministry (even with language barriers) in displaying His love to others."

"Jesus said in Matthew 9:37-38, 'The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.' This is so true. The people were so open and hungry for Jesus. The Love of God I saw, changed my life!" exclaimed CBC student, Lisa Bradley.

From their wide range in ages to the gifts with which God had equipped them, this was a diverse group of students. "The diversity of their gifts was received with great warmth from the beautiful people of Argentina. It seemed like the students chosen to minister at the various services were ordained by God as their messages, testimonies, worship, etc., seemed to always be right on, and they blessed many people," said Gary.


Sharing Jesus in Sch├Ânebeck

CBC-Dallas Director, Kitty Potts and twelve second-year students ministered in Germany in April. (Click to enlarge)This past April, twelve students from Charis Bible College (CBC) in Dallas, Texas traveled with CBC-Dallas Director, Kitty Potts to Schönebeck, Germany. They put their gifts and callings into action serving as missionaries, teaching and preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, in a foreign land. The following pictorial is a summary of their trip.

CBC-Dallas arrived in Berlin, Germay where host, Pastor Dietmar Jersch met the team. The missionaries then traveled two hours by car to Pastor Jersch’s church in Schönebeck called Christus Geminde.

CBC-Dallas student, Sondria McWilliams. (Click to enlarge)Sondria McWilliams had the opportunity to share on the Effects of Praise at Christus Geminde. She taught about the benefits of praise to the believer and how it is the highest expression of faith. The missionaries also enjoyed the daily service at the church where they spent time praying and loving on God’s people.

CBC-Dallas student, Jan Savas.
(Click to enlarge)
Jan Savas shared on Staying Full of God. Jan’s heart was especially touched by the youth she encountered on the trip. She found that their hearts are full of love, and are on fire for the Lord. “It was an awesome opportunity to minister on this trip to Germany,” Jan said.

The Gerthes and the Zerbst Church staff. (Click to enlarge)Gunar and Shirley Gerthe had the opportunity to minister in a church called, Zerbst Church. On Sunday, Gunar shared on Spirit, Soul and Body. Included in the photo is the leadership of Zerbst Church, all of whom received Gunar’s teaching with receptive and joyful hearts.

CBC-Dallas student, Millie Green.
(Click to enlarge)
Millie Green shared a teaching on the Holy Communion at Christus Germinde. One evening, Millie and Gunar had a chance to minister and pray with a group of young people at the CVJM. CVJM is Schönebeck's is a branch of America's YWCA. 

CBC-Dallas student, David Wright. (Click to enlarge)David Wright enjoyed teaching on A Better Way to Pray. David said, “There is a hunger for the Lord and the truth of His Word. We have been so blessed with what we have learned at CBC Dallas.”

Charles Knowles II had the opportunity to share on The War is Over. Lives were transformed by the message of grace and unconditional love unto mankind from God. “I thank God CBC-Dallas student, Charles Knowles II. (Click to enlarge)for such an awesome experience. Friends were gained, lives were touched, and the harvest is coming in,” said Charles.

CBC students were blessed to be able to meet with a Bible group in a local high school in Schönebeck. The missionaries shared testimonies and the high school students were blessed. Many students came forward to request prayer. The team was able to minister in a local Schönebeck high school.
(Click to enlarge)
It was an honor to pray for and speak blessings over all the students.

The CBC team received some publicity while in Germany. The students were interviewed, at the Mayor's request, by local television and radio stations, and a local newspaper. Mayor Haase, a Christian with a heart to reach the people of Schönebeck, and Bill Glancy, a friend of CBC-Dallas(Click to enlarge) and Mayor of Farmers Branch (a suburb of Dallas) have been praying for each other's cities for some time. During the interviews the CBC students were able to share the reason behind their visit to Germany—Jesus. The headline in the newspaper (Right) read: "Faith draws Christians from Farmers Branch to Schönebeck."


CBC-Chicago Ministers Globally

Second-year CBC Chicago students traveled the world in March. They ministered in Nicaragua, Uganda and Russia where they had the privilege of sharing the power and goodness of God. (Click to enlarge)Over the course of the past academic year, the second-year students at Charis Bible College in Chicago, Illinois prepared for their mission trips abroad. The students took mission prep classes, in which they received practical training in how to effectively minister the almost-to-good-to-be-true-news, in word and power, to the people in foreign nations. "Mission trips are the highlight of students’ experience at CBC. It is the time when everything they’ve trained for comes to the forefront and they operate as who they really are—citizens of heaven and Jesus in the earth," said CBC-Chicago Director, Cindy Quarles.

In March, the school sent three teams on three separate trips across the globe with stops in Nicaragua, Uganda and Russia. As each team returned, their hearts and mouths were full of praise and reports of God's amazing love displayed through the students on the field. Lives were changed as a result of each trip.


The first team sent out from Chicago ministered in Nicaragua, where they experienced the blessings of street and prison ministry. The Chicago team worked closely with students from CBC-Gardner, Massachusetts, CBC-Indiana and CBC-Colorado, all hosted by Darey and Karen Jolley of Ambassadors to the Nations.

Ministry through provision. Here a CBC student put a new pair of shoes on a little boy. (Click to enlarge)After providing packages with necessities, this Chicago student shares a hug. (Click to enlarge)


CBC-Chicago's Russia team shared the love of God with the people of St. Petersburg. Hosted by Mike and Carrie Pickett, the directors of Charis Bible Training Center, the students ministered in half-way houses to people who have come out of a lifestyle of drugs and alcoholism. The team was able to bring hope and encouragement to the residents by sharing their personal testimonies, the Word, fellowship and love.

Chicago students ministered in a local church setting in St. Petersburg. (Click to enlarge)The Chicago team gathered with the CBTC staff and students after a church service. (Click to enlarge)


Chicago's Uganda mission team traveled to the country's capitol city of Kampala where they were hosted by CBC-Uganda director, Leland Shores and his wife Carole. During one outreach, the Chicago students teamed up with the Ugandan students and they traveled an hour north of Kampala to pray for the sick in Nakaseke hospital. Forty-eight people, in the predominantly Muslim area, were born again as a result of this outreach, and 117 of the 150 people prayed for were discharged from the hospital after receiving their healings! Cindy commented, "They pretty much emptied out the hospital! "God is Awesome!"

Here a Chicago student lays hands on a sick child in the Nagaseke hospital. (Click to enlarge) The students saw 117 people discharged after receiving their healing. (Click to enlarge)

Cindy expressed her thanks to all who contributed and supported the CBC-Chicago teams in any way. "Your gifts and prayers have eternal significance. People are the treasure," said Cindy.