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Big Blessings in Small Packages 

CBC-Colorado sent a mission team to the DR in December 2013. Here, a young boy prays a prayer of thanksgiving before a meal served by the CBC students at a feeding facility for underprivileged children. The 23-person team fed about 50 children on the last day of their trip. (Click to enlarge)One of the greatest and most life-changing opportunities Charis Bible College offers its students is the hands-on ministry experience during their second-year mission trip to a foreign country. Over the years, we have posted many stories and videos sharing the impact that these trips have on the students and the people to whom they minister. Today's testimony provides a glimpse of just how the Lord uses these trips to spread His unconditional love and grace around the world, one small, Spirit-filled moment at a time.

The food ministry facility where the CBC team served lunch to approximately 50 children. (Click to enlarge)CBC-Colorado student John DeBoer visited the Dominican Republic late last year with a team, led by CBC Instructor Peggy Shirley, and third-year interns, Richard and Jen Kramer. On the last day of their excursion, John and his 21 other teammates served lunch at a small food ministry for underprivileged children. Just before the children were about to eat, the pastor of the local church that sponsored the daily meal asked a young boy to come forward to lead the group in a prayer of thanksgiving.

The little man of God prays for CBC student John DeBoer as Conrad (background) translates the boy's prayer.
(Click to enlarge)
Although John didn't understand the boy's words because he spoke in Spanish, John sensed he had prayed a heartfelt prayer. It was also clear that the boy was nervous, as he hesitated several times seeming to search for the right or acceptable words. John also noticed that some of the other children were laughing and making fun of the boy. After the child concluded his prayer he quickly sat down, away from the other kids, covered his face and began to cry. In that moment, Holy Spirit began prompted John to encourage the young man.

The small, but mighty man of God.
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"I asked Conrad, our interpreter, to help me, and we took the boy outside. As we spoke with him the Holy Spirit had me tell him that Jesus was proud of him—that he had prayed a wonderful prayer, and that he was already a powerful young man of God. I also told him that God loved him so much and had a wonderful plan for his life," John said. Holy Spirit then urged John to have the boy pray a blessing over him. John said, "I asked him to pray for me, and he placed his hand on my head and prayed."

It was an awesome moment for both men of God. The younger walked away smiling and happy, and John walked away totally blessed. "The Holy Spirit blessed and encouraged that young man, and I was privileged to be the vessel He used to do it," John shared with joy in his heart.

This was just one small moment of many Spirit-filled moments that John and his team experienced during their week of ministry in the Dominican. The smallest moments can be packed with life-changing impact.


Blessings Could Be Heard in Belize

CBC-Colorado sent a short-term mission team to Belize City in February. (Click to enlarge)Part of the Lord's plan for 2014, for the beautiful people of Belize, included a visit from a short-term mission team from Charis Bible College in Colorado. In early February, a group of second-year students from CBC, led by college instructors, Dan and Penny Funkhouser and third-year intern, Fred Johnson, had the opportunity to minister in the coastal nation of Central America.

The students' travels brought them to Belize City where they joined CBC graduates and missionaries, Craig and Tina Rumbley, the Directors of Charis Bible Institute (CBI), a CBC extension school in Belize. Over the course of a week, the Rumbleys exposed the team from Colorado to all sorts of ministry opportunities, from sharing at CBI and five different churches, CBC-Colorado students in the radio station with CBI Director, Craig Rumbley.
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to ministering in schools, hospitals and markets. The students had multiple chances to share what the Lord had revealed to them over their time at CBC. The students even had the chance to broadcast the Gospel over the air waves when they visited a local radio station.

One memorable moment for second-year student, Connie March, came when the team visited an area hospital. During a trip through the pediatric department, the team stopped to pray with several mothers and their sick babies. Many of the babies were suffering with harsh coughing symptoms associated with pneumonia. Moments after the team began to minister, the babies stopped coughing. Some began to play quietly with toys the team had brought, and others simply went to sleep.Connie March holding a baby, Symphony, in Belize. (Click to enlarge)

Katie Poitevint, also a CBC-Colorado student (one readers may remember from a previous post) shared some highlights from her experience in Belize, still with the excitement of the trip fresh in her mind. Katie and several team members ministered to Barry, a 16-year-old young man, who had been born completely deaf in his left ear. Barry had answered the team's altar call after a church service they held in Belize City. As the team prayed, Barry was set free from his hearing impairment. Katie was also part of a group that witnessed the complete restoration of hearing for another individual. The second healing opened the ear of a church pastor's wife. Katie said, "Jesus is a Katie Poitevint and her team ministering to a young man named, Barry as Jesus opened Barry's deaf ear. (Click to enlarge)healer and there is power in His name!"

For another student, Natalyn Sanders, the trip solidified something precious to her—confirmation that she can hear God. On the team's visit to a youth hostel, Natalyn was approached and asked to be ready share something. Natalyn said, "At the time, I had nothing in mind, but I prayed, and God reminded me of an important decision I made at age 12. Although I did not get to share my testimony, God revealed to me that I was in line with what He was doing that morning. He had given me Jeremiah 29:11 to encourage the youth. Well, all those who did get to speak that morning had messages and testimonies that referenced Jeremiah 29. Pat, who is one of the instructors at the Charis Bible Institute in Belize, kept making eye-contact with me and smiling because she knew what God had given me from Jeremiah. I heard from God regarding the direction He was taking things to bless the youth that morning." She went on to say, "There is no reason to fret when we are willing to be used by God. The Word is inside of us. I learned that I don't need to rehearse anything. The Holy Spirit will bring to my remembrance all that I need to speak—the Word of God that is always in due season."


CBC Mission Team Becomes The Word

CBC-Colorado student missionary, Lori Caldwell, spends a little time playing with a young girl prior to an outdoor meeting the team held in a small village. (Click to enlarge)Earlier this year, a 10 person mission team from Charis Bible College in Colorado traveled to India to minister to, and alongside, the staff and students at the CBC extension school in Chennai. The American team led by CBC-Colorado's Mission Coordinator, Michelle Patterson, and CBC Intern, John Bullock, arrived on January 10 and began their power-packed adventure sharing the gospel with the Indian people.

Bethany Sather ministering to a woman at Little Drops. (Click to enlarge)The team moved around the region ministering in village churches, local orphanages and elderly homes where there were endless opportunities for prayer, healings and salvations. For Colorado team member, Bethany Sather, the experience overseas brought her to a new place in her relationship with the Lord. Before going to India, Bethany had never led anyone to Christ and she was timid when it came to laying hands on anyone. Her time in India changed her life. She knew the trip would put her in uncomfortable situations, but she determined in her heart before leaving to trust God and to try to flow with whatever she sensed the Lord wanted her to do. As a result of making that determination, Bethany had the privilege of leading a 94-year-old woman named, Pashmina, to the Lord. She CBC-Colorado student, Kati Herr, hanging out with her new friends at an orphanage called, "The Shelter." The facility is a home for orphaned children with AIDS.
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rejoices knowing that she will spend eternity with Pashmina. Bethany said, "I saw several people healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit. It was awesome to step outside my comfort zone and watch God work!"

For Kati Herr the trip was a fulfillment of the desire of her heart. She had longed to go to India since early in her first year at CBC. Because the Lord had placed India on her heart, and the desire to minister was already there, the cultural differences did not hinder her in any way. Kati said she was fascinated simply riding down the street, enjoying sights and sounds, the scenes being so different from America. The hospitality and kindness of the Indian people made a significant impact on her as well. "Meeting our brothers and sisters at CBC-Chennai CBC-Colorado third-year intern, John Bullock, ministering to an elderly man in the Little Drops home for the indigent. Like Jesus, John was sure to incorporate the power of touch in his ministry. (Click to enlarge)was a highlight for me. We connected instantly and had so much fun ministering together on our outreaches. It was so fulfilling to minister at the orphanages and old age homes. I really felt the love of Jesus flowing through me as I touched and prayed with the people there," she said.

Each of the Colorado team members had their own personal experiences, including the team's intern, John. While the team was ministering in a small village church, a man walked in and asked for prayer for healing. John prayed for him and the man's pain left. What impacted John more than the instantaneous healing, was that the man looked up at him afterwards and said, “You are like God! I have never met people like you.” As he The gentle eyes of one of the Little Drops residents. (Click to enlarge)reflected on the trip John said, "That is what we wanted to be. We wanted people to see Jesus, not us, wherever we went."

John also shared a story about when they visited a home for the indigent elderly, a place called, “Little Drops.” Before the team went in to minister to the people, they met the founder of the home, a man named Paul. He told the team how important just visiting and talking and touching was to the people. Paul told the CBC team that he was tired of church people who came to have a religious service or read the Bible but never really touched the needy. Paul's challenge to John and the team was, “Don’t focus on converting them. Focus on them personally. Don’t just read the Word—BE the Word!”

"That was our team and that was our ministry, as we trusted God for the ability, the compassion and the results," John said.

Herbert, a CBC-Colorado student, chats with a resident of Little Drops. (Click to enlarge) Hands-on ministry with John Bullock and several other CBC students. (Click to enlarge)

Clay Caldwell praying for a Little Drops resident. (Click to enlarge) The team praying with a man after a village church service. (Click to enlarge)

The CBC-Colorado team with the staff and students from CBC-India. As CBC-Colorado student, Clay Caldwell (circled in red) ovserved, "Charis Bible College is so much bigger than just Woodland Park, CO. We are part of something that is changing the world!" (Click to enlarge)