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CBC-Colorado Broke through the Wall in Berlin

This team of CBC-Colorado students had great success ministering to the people of Berlin. (Click to enlarge)A team of short-term missionaries from CBC-Colorado reaped a harvest on a recent trip to Germany. The 23 member team led by CBC Missions Coordinator, Michelle Patterson, joined forces with their hosts Jeff and Barb Serio in Berlin. The Serios are the founders of European Initiative, a ministry whose mission is to mobilize teams of Christians and leaders A powerful time of worship held near the Brandenburg Gate. (Click to enlarge)to partner with European churches and ministries to advance God’s Kingdom.

This is the third team from Colorado to minister on the streets of Berlin in the past 18 months. While the previous two teams spent much of their time planting the seed of God's Word and ministering to seemingly skeptical crowds, the most recent team was blessed to witness hearts and lives in transformation. Not only did they see the fruit of their own ministry, but also that of previous teams' efforts. This team saw 44 Berliners and Europeans receive Christ during their outreaches, and hundreds more were engaged in one-on-one conversations.Students ministered in a variety of settings. There were many opportunities for individual conversation and prayer.
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One CBC student, Karen Buhrke, saw breakthrough in her own life while ministering to the people of Berlin. She had grown up singing in church, but when she was in her late teens she had gotten up to perform a solo and made a mistake that traumatized her. Karen had choked in front of everyone. In those moments on the platform, she made a decision never to sing a solo again. For nine years she harbored the anxiety of singing on a serious level in front of people. Nearly a decade later, she found herself standing in front of the crowds on the streets of Berlin—microphone in hand. Sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading, Karen began to hear God speaking to her. "I heard the Lord tell me 'Get the microphone and sing Nothing But the Blood of Jesus.'" All that anxiety from years ago rose up and she was terrified. As hard as it was, Karen chose to listen to the encouragement of the Lord. She stepped forward, grabbed the microphone and sang her heart out.CBC student, Karen Buhrke, overcame nine years of anxiety in Berlin and she began to sing her heart out for the Lord. (Click to enlarge)

Karen's team leaders were astounded, and most of the team members were crying. Karen said, "I felt the blood of Jesus wash all over the city, and it was at that moment that I made a decision to no longer live my life by my circumstances, but live my life by the cross. "Another student, Ashley Tomlinson, said after her trip, "I will never be the same." She shared the Gospel with two 13-year-old girls and afterwards, had the privilege of leading them in the prayer of Salvation. While that experience is a priceless one, it was more of a shock to Ashley because the two girls had never heard the name, "Jesus."

CBC student, Ashley Tomlinson, enjoyed the team's skits and dancing with the Berliners. Here the locals joined in the team in dance. (Click to enlarge)Ashley said, "It broke my heart, and was a huge wake up call to realize that there really are people in this world that have never even heard our Savior's name. I mean I have heard that, but when you encounter it, it becomes more than hearsay. It becomes reality; it's in your face and you are left with a decision on what you're going to do with it." Ashley went on to say, "I'm no longer okay with just day-to-day living when there are people around me living without Life. It's ignited a fire in me for the lost that I didn't have before...May this fire that has started in my heart fan into flames and never, ever be quenched!

Be sure to check out the video below, produced by Jeff and his team at European Initiative.


“Going Deeper” in Costa Rica

CBC-Colorado students ministering in Costa Rica. (Click to enlarge)Recently, 25 Charis Bible College students from Colorado headed south to the Central American nation of Costa Rica. Led by CBC's Director of Online Education, Greg Macy, this small army of short-term missionaries was hosted by CBC-Colorado graduates, Jim and Lynn McHood of Kingdom Transitions Ministries at their 60 acre training center in La Esparanza.

While the trip offered a wide range of ministry opportunities, the students were specifically challenged by their host to, go deeper. "Go deeper in knowing Jesus. Go deeper in serving others, really listening and hearing God. Go deeper in being led and walking in the Spirit. Go deeper in building people and the Kingdom of God with pure motives and heart. Go deeper in unity, working as a team CBC student, Cathy Reeves, ministering from her own life experience to a group of ladies from a women's shelter.
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and loving others. Go deeper in the areas God is showing you," Jim encouraged.

One student, Cathy Reeves, took Jim's encouragement to heart and sought the Lord about where she was to focus her ministry. Cathy felt strongly that God was leading her to minister to abused women. She had her opportunity as the McHoods had a bus-load of ladies from a local women's shelter brought to the training center, aptly named Garden of Hope. The CBC team ministered to the women through breakfast and lunch, and during that time, Cathy could see that the women were bound by shame, hurt, guilt, sickness and hopelessness.

Knowing she was scheduled to teach between meals, Cathy had prepared a message to share with the women from the shelter, but as her turn to speak drew near, the Holy Spirit began to rearrange her plan. Sensitive to Jim's encouragement to "Go deeper," Cathy let go of her plan and embraced His. The Lord led Cathy to share As Cathy ministered, the Lord gave her a word for the women and a powerful time of individual prayer ministry followed. (Click to enlarge)a very personal healing testimony with the group—something she had not shared before. "Although I knew I was set free from a stronghold that had been in my life for 51 years, I had no idea he would want me to share such a personal message with these ladies. I obeyed, and I could tell the Holy Spirit was touching them even through my interpreter," Cathy shared.

Cathy said it had been raining all morning and that as she ministered the Lord spoke to her to tell the women that just as it was raining in front of them (the meeting was held in a cabana without sides) the Lord wanted them to know He was raining His love on them, healing and delivering them. As Cathy finished sharing the word, the rain turned to a downpour, and the place erupted into a frenzy of women crying out to God and being healed, delivered, saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit. The women understood that God was there to meet them in their need. At that point, other ladies from CBC began to minister to the CBC student, Sheryl Ellis, seen here with several school children, ministered healing to a woman who had Parkinson's disease. "This was the first healing I had witnessed in someone I had prayed for—it was a wonderful feeling,"exclaimed Sheryl.women from the shelter. "There were more ladies than interpreters but the Holy Spirit knew what each one needed," said Cathy.

Later as the women were boarding the bus to head back the shelter, Cathy noticed that none of them looked the way they had when they arrived. She said they all looked younger and free. "The same enemy that kept me bound, has ladies bound in the same way, thousands of miles away! I know that the Lord loves these ladies so much that He sent me all the way to Costa Rica to deliver a message that had set me free and in turn it has set them free," said Cathy.


CBC-Colorado Students Encourage Believers in the UK

Charis Bible College-Colorado's team stands with Allan Bruce, Director of CBC-Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Click to enlarge)In late February, Charis Bible College's Missions Coordinator, Michelle Patterson, and a team of eight second-year CBC-Colorado students ventured across the pond to minister in the United Kingdom. The annual trip to the UK, which includes stops in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, is unlike the majority of the mission trips CBC offers. The students' primary audience for ministry in the UK is other believers, rather than the lost people of un-churched third-world nations. While the mission field is different, the impact is still powerful as this type of ministry mirrors the Apostle Paul's journeys to encourage and edify those already established in the Kingdom.CBC-Colorado and CBC-UK students in Walsall, England. (Click to enlarge)

The students had the opportunity to teach at CBC extension campuses in Walsall, England and in Belfast as well as minister at Glen Aros Church in Dumfries, Scotland. The team also participated in several evangelistic outreaches as they toured the UK.

One Colorado student, Lorin Guilkey, set his expectations for the trip on witnessing the miraculous; he wanted to see God work through him—and he did. He was standing outside the school in Belfast when a woman, who could barely walk, approached him. CBC-Colorado student, Lorin Guilkey ministers from the pulpit. Lorin wanted to God to use him and He did. (Click to enlarge)The woman hobbled across the street and asked Lorin if he could pray for healing in her back. Lorin prayed, and the woman instantly received relief from her pain.

The Lord used another CBC-Colorado student, Michael Lee, to share a word of encouragement with the students attending CBC-Belfast. Michael challenged them to begin to utilize the gifts the Lord had given each one for the benefit of the school and the body of Christ as a whole. Evidently, it was the right word at exactly the right time because several students approached Michael and others on the Colorado team, and shared that Michael Lee, ministering at CBC-Belfast, where he encouraged the Belfast students to step out in their faith and utilize their God-given gifts. (Click to enlarge) they had been struggling to know if they should step out and use their talents. The next day, a student with musical talent, got up to assist the school's director, Allan Bruce, by singing and playing the piano during praise and worship—something Allan usually did by himself. This experience was also an encouragement for Michael. "I learned that God could even use me, a middle-aged man, who had lived most of my life being self-centered, but when I truly surrendered my life and future to Christ, God was free to do amazing things through me," said Michael joyfully.CBC-Colorado students during a time of prayer ministry at Glen Aros Church in Dumfries, Scotland. (Click to enlarge)

Pastor John Donnelly, of Glen Aros Church in Scotland, offered these encouraging words of thanks to the team after their time in Scotland, "We can't quite find the words to say thank you to you and the team that have just been with us. We have been impacted as a church in a way that maybe I didn't think possible, and all of it for the good. Please do pass our love and thanks on to all of the team; they have left us with a legacy that will go on forever. As we gathered at church this morning we really felt that things had changed and that we had been strengthened and galvanized as we prepare to move on to the next level. Thank you all."

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