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The Best Is Yet to Come

Check out Charis Bible College's latest worship album. (Click to enlarge)Daniel Amstutz and the Charis Bible College Worship Ministry have released a new worship album, The Best Is Yet To Come. The album, available on CD, DVD and MP3, was recorded live at the CBC campus in Woodland Park, Colorado.

The title track for the 14 song album was written by Daniel Amstutz, the Director of CBC's School of Worship. Late in the project, although the team had been working on the album for some time, the Lord weaved in an addition of His own. Interestingly, with 13 songs planned and arranged, the Holy Spirit began to reshape the theme of the album in Daniel's heart. Daniel remembers clearly the moment when the Holy Spirit spoke the song title to him. As Daniel pondered the phrase, the best is yet to come and compared it with his revelation of the Lord's goodness—that every promise in the new covenant is for us, now, today—even still, the best is yet to come, he clearly heard the Lord say to him, "That is a song, and I want you to write it."

The worship experience at Charis Bible College in Colorado.
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"I started getting the melody of the chorus almost immediately, as soon as the seed was sown in my heart! I prayed about it, and went home and wrote it that night! It was awesome, how it felt like it was being downloaded!" Daniel said.

Daniel's next step was to get together with Marcus Gresham to work out the "musical roadmap" for the recording of the new album. CBC's School of Worship was also very involved in the project. Five of the fourteen songs are original, and were written by the Worship School staff and students. The album has been enthusiastically received, and Daniel and the team have received encouraging feedback from listeners, who are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to experience the anointed CBC worship.

"It is amazing how a song can minister to people," Daniel said. "It is not just the lyrics, but the powerful combination of the emotional impact of the music, combined with the lyrics, that opens up the soul for huge possibilities."

The worship team has heard testimonies of people receiving healing and restoration, along with comfort and encouragement, as a result of listening to the new album. According to Daniel, the music styles featured offer something for everyone, regardless of personal music preferences.

Daniel said of the recording experience, "I am very blessed to be working with such world class musicians, servant-leaders, and amazing students, who really do want to change the world, one life at a time."

To get your copy of The Best is Yet to Come, you can purchase the album on the Charis Bible College website, iTunes or Amazon.


CBC's Online School – "It's a Lifeline."

After watching Andrew on television, often up to three times a day, Catherine's spirit began to soar, and with it, her desire to know the Truth. In time, the Lord spoke to Catherine about enrolling in Charis Bible College's Online Program. Watch the short video testimony below to see how Catherine's interaction with CBC's Online School and its community transformed her life.

Visit CBC-Colorado's website for more information about their Online Program.



CBC Offers Third Year Missions School

Charis Bible College in Colorado continues to develop and expand its third-year Ministry Training Program. This year, CBC has added a Missions track to its lineup of specialized training. The third year curriculum has been developed to further equip those students who feel they have been called to impact the Kingdom in a specific way. Students may choose from the following five courses of study, or schools: Ministry, Worship, Business, Media and new this year, Missions.

Dr. Delron Shirley visiting Machu Picchu, Peru. Delron is the director of CBC's new third-year Mission School. (Click to enlarge)Each of the specialized school tracks is under the direction and oversight of a well-seasoned minister or team of ministers. This year CBC has welcomed Dr. Delron Shirley to its staff as the Director of School of Missions. Delron has been with CBC for a number of years, serving as part of the college's adjunct faculty and as a missions trip leader for the second-year students.

Delron earned his undergraduate degree at North Carolina State University, and did most of his theological training at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Delron completed his doctorate in theology while at Indiana Christian University. He served for 25 years as the Dean of Dr. Lester Sumrall's, World Harvest Bible College and Indiana Christian University. Delron is also the founder and president of Teach All Nations Mission, a global evangelical ministry committed to helping pastors and ministry leaders Delron praying for a woman in India in 2004. (Click to enlarge)around the world enrich the people to whom they minister.

Delron's desire to travel to foreign lands began when he was very young. As a boy he watched the Saturday morning television program, Jungle Book Adventures, a series based on Rudyard Kipling's tales about India. Intrigued by the seemingly mystical land of elephants, monkeys, tigers and jungles, Delron studied all he could about India and the related areas. Reflecting on his path to missions, Delron said that as his childish days gave way to maturity, and the elephants and monkeys in his mind were replaced with the knowledge of region's non-Christ-centered religions, confusion, poverty, and despair. He said, "As my understanding of what life is really about matured, I Delron began to dream of traveling to the mystical land of elephants and monkeys as a child, and although his motives for the travel changed as he matured, he still sought to experience the lands to which he traveled.
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realized that what God had placed in my heart as a young child was not just wanderlust to see the world of Jungle Book, but a desire that matched the desire of His own heart—that all the world should know His Son, Jesus."

Delron's childhood desire turned to passion, one he shares with his wife Peggy. The two now travel the globe equipping other ministry leaders to reach the lost more effectively. Delron took his first mission trip to Japan when he was a third-year student in seminary, almost 40 years ago. To date, Delron has visited 61 countries, and he has ministered in 42 of them. Delron and Peggy have also led a number of CBC's annual short-term mission trips during which they share their knowledge and passion with CBC's second-year students.

When asked to share a highlight or favorite experience from his time on the mission field, Delron was quick to reply, In the 1980s Delron and his wife Peggy had the opportunity to meet with Mother Teresa.
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"Every day, every trip, every country! I’ve had some pretty remarkable experiences: meeting Mother Teresa, being escorted by armed guards, casting demons out of people who were talking in perfect English, but didn’t know a word of English once they were set free, preaching to up to twenty thousand at a time, praying for rain during a draught and seeing the rains that saved the nation’s crops come that same night, and the list goes on..."

As far as the new third-year offering at CBC, Delron had this to say, "The third-year Missions track is designed to turn theory into practice by actually giving the students an opportunity to experience first-hand cross-cultural ministry through an extended stay on the mission field." Mission School students will already have some mission experience because of their required second-year, week-long trip, but the third-years' stay in the field will be a six-week excursion.

Delron has ministered in areas where he has been escorted through hostile territory by armed guards.
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Students participating in the Missions track will study material found in missions-oriented textbooks and other related resources. They will also study the lives of great missionaries such as David Livingstone, Mary Slessor, Hudson Taylor, Mother Teresa, and many others. In addition, students will visit several mission organizations that are headquartered in Colorado Springs. And, they will also spend time preparing for their mission experience by going through language training.

The third-year program culminates in a six-week trip to the Dominican Republic, followed by a week of debriefing and preparation for graduation. While in the Dominican Republic, the students will stay at a well-equipped facility where they will be housed dormitory-style and share all their meals family-style. The mission Delron with full-time missionaries and the founders of La Casa Grande Mission in the Domincan Republic, Tim and Trena Johnson. 2011 (Click to enlarge)experience will be under the direction of veteran missionaries who are well recognized by all the churches and Christian ministries in the country. Ministry opportunities for those participating will include village evangelism, such as visiting impoverished neighborhoods, distributing food and hosting children’s crusades. These outreaches will give the CBC students an opportunity to visit in homes, talk with the families, and distribute gospel literature. At the outreaches themselves, the students will minister the gospel through song, drama, and preaching. Open-air crusades in the city parks will give students opportunities to participate in street dramas, share their testimonies, and to preach, followed by one-on-one evangelism. On the weekends, they will preach, sing, testify, and present dramas in local church services and minister to the ones who respond to the altar call. The students will also have opportunity to minister in a training Delron and Peggy ministering together in Darjeeling, in 2006. (Click to enlarge)conference for the local pastors and their wives. Other ministry venues will include school and prison outreaches. Additionally, students will have assignments in the community that will help them learn how to function in a non-English-speaking environment.

Students enrolling in the Mission School are sure to come away from the experience blessed and prepared for a life of missionary work—short or long-term. With nearly four decades of experience behind him and an ongoing passion for teaching all nations, students will be equipped through Delron's teaching and ministry, and the Kingdom will continue to be advanced.

Visit the CBC-Colorado website for more information about their Missions School opportunity.