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It’s Festival Day!

In the Old Testament, a feast or a festival was a religious celebration designed for God’s people to remember His great acts of salvation. Throughout the year, God had called His people to gather in His presence and give their time and undivided attention to Him. These were special times of ministry when God ministered to His people and His people ministered to Him.

A hymn in the Psalms celebrates these feasts:

“A song to our strong God! a shout to the God of Jacob! Anthems from the choir, music from the band, sweet sounds from lute and harp, Trumpets and trombones and horns: it’s festival day, a feast to God! A day decreed by God, . . . so we’d never forget what he did in Egypt.”

Psalm 81:1-5, The Message

For believers today, the keeping of feasts and festivals is not a commandment. However, God continues to invite His people to gather for special times of worship and ministry. Investing in our relationship with God should be one of our top priorities for the new year. It blesses the Lord when we sing His praise in the assembly of godly people (Ps. 149:1), and He promises to fill us with joy in His presence (Acts 2:28).

Something Andrew has taught is that regularly meeting together with other believers protects and promotes our spiritual health (see the book The New You & The Holy Spirit). With that in mind, Andrew Wommack Ministries invests numerous resources into providing a variety of events throughout the year. Each event is different, but the goal is the same: to edify the body of Christ through anointed worship and teaching.

The message of the Gospel hasn’t changed, but Andrew’s personal revelation of it continues to grow. And his message is making history within the body of Christ—all over the world. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to hear him teach live at any one of his Gospel Truth Conferences throughout the year. View his full schedule, find a Gospel Truth Conference near you, and then make plans to attend one in 2018.

In February, a team of executive directors from Andrew Wommack Ministries will travel to Walsall, England, to teach at the Charis Business Summit. Businesspeople and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn how to integrate biblical principles with the business world. The Charis Business Summit will also be held in Colorado USA in June. If you are looking to learn godly principles to prosper in business, you don’t want to miss these events. You will be blessed.

In March, The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado, will open its doors for a men’s only event. Men’s Advance 2018 will include amazing guests, such as former NFL coach and current sportscaster Tony Dungy, and James Brown, host of CBS’s The NFL Today. Their testimonies and examples of faith will encourage and prepare men to run the spiritual race that lies ahead of them.

Later that month, the stage lights will be turned on to present God with Us. This biblical musical recounts various stories of the Bible through the eyes of the Apostle Peter, following the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a great way to celebrate Easter with family and friends.

The summer conferences continue to grow in popularity, and they present a great opportunity to visit the new Charis Bible College campus. For many families, the Summer Family Bible Conference has become a tradition because it offers the best of both worlds: ministry time and summer fun! And the Healing Is Here Conference presents a great opportunity to help you be proactive about your health. Don’t wait to be sick! The Word of God will promote your physical health and give you peace (Jer. 33:6).

And as the leaves start changing colors, Charis prepares for the Ministers’ Conference and the Women Arise Conference. The Ministers’ Conference is a great place for renewal and refreshing for those who are in full-time or part-time ministry. The Women Arise Conference presents great speakers that will minister God’s wisdom and encouragement to help women succeed at home, in the church, and in the workplace.

This is just a small list of the various events Andrew Wommack Ministries is hosting this year. I encourage you to bookmark our events page and keep an eye on those you’re interested in. A great time of ministry awaits you at every one. Make plans to attend, and bless us with your presence as we celebrate a feast to our God!

For events in the U.S., visit; outside the U.S., visit

Written by Citlalli Macy


Casting God’s Love over Your Children

As we walked into the assembly of over 300 children and I saw the staff dressed up as characters for Book Day, I knew it was the perfect setup for our skit: “Postman Joe,” frantic to deliver his package to Miss Ginger, wouldn’t leave until she opened it, and inside was a special book.

As she opened the book, a Bible, it glowed from within and projected rays of light. The grade school children of Birmingham, England, gasped in surprise. Every eye was fastened on Ginger as she spoke of the love of God and demonstrated that love with a red heart as the object lesson. Another Charis team member followed Ginger’s teaching with an invitation for the kids to accept Christ. Although they prayed silently, we could see the majority of kids mouthing the words after her as she prayed. It was a glorious moment as God’s love was cast like a net over the entire room.

I first met Ginger and her husband, Joe, during our preparation for the England missions trip. Like so many of us who come to Charis Bible College Colorado, Joe and Ginger Pillitteri had moved from another state—in their case, Florida. Joe was a pharmaceutical representative, and Ginger was a teacher for autistic children. Based on her experience with kids, Ginger was asked to lead the children’s ministry for our team in England.

This same couple was then asked to lead the weeklong children’s program at the 2016 Summer Family Bible Conference held in Woodland Park, Colorado. Because their teaching reflects the grace taught by Andrew and other Charis instructors, Ginger and Joe’s results with the kids were phenomenal. Children were healed, saved, and filled with the Holy Ghost as they learned about their identity in Christ.

“Essentially [Ginger taught] all those things that we had to relearn when we first came [to Charis]. Most people come here with religious baggage that weighs them down,” Joe explained.

“I think you reach kids just like you reach adults, by starting with God’s love and the nature of God,” Ginger said. “Who is He? How does He see me? Why does He love me? And what does that look like?”

As she was planning for the event, Ginger said, “God told me to teach on the identity of Christ. What does God see when He sees you? He sees Jesus—God sees perfection on the inside of you.”

Ginger described one boy who hung his head and said, “I’m not righteous.” She explained, “[The kids] don’t think they are righteous; they don’t think they are worth anything. They have condemnation at such a young age.”

For the 2017 Andrew Wommack Ministries Summer Family Bible Conference, Joe and Ginger want parents to know that they aren’t just dropping off their kids for childcare. “The Holy Spirit is naturally supernatural,” Joe said. “We want kids to realize that they have [already] heard Him many times; they just didn’t know it.

“Consider this,” Joe continued, “children always responded to Jesus.” Speaking of the time that John the Baptist leapt in his mother’s womb at Mary’s greeting (Luke 1:41-43), Joe explained, “An unborn baby was the first to recognize Him [Jesus] as another unborn baby.”

Joe wants to stress to parents, “Don’t limit your kids by believing that they are not here to have an encounter with Jesus on their level. If the Holy Spirit can talk with shepherds or wise men, He can speak to children—just as He does [with] adults.”

It is exciting to realize that families coming to the 2017 Summer Family Bible Conference can expect their children to have an encounter with God that will draw them into either a first-time relationship or a deeper one with Him. Make your plans early to come to Woodland Park, Colorado, on July 3-7, 2017. You won’t want to miss God’s perfect setup for you and your
whole family!


A Sneak Peek at Christmas

One Christmas Eve, my dad agreed to let my sisters and me sleep in the downstairs family room on our grandparents’ sleigh bed, the bed he put together each time my grandparents visited. They hadn’t arrived yet, so it was all ours. Once we were bathed and in our pajamas, we crawled into that magical bed. Full of giggles, we told stories until we fell asleep with the joyful anticipation that the next day was Christmas.

In the middle of the night, my younger sister woke us up. “Let’s go peek for presents,” she whispered.

As our bare feet hit the cold, unfinished floor, the fear of being caught gripped me. Huddled together we pushed forward, opening the door to the game room. The Christmas tree was still lit, its reflection twinkling on the floor. Soon, we were on our tummies, trying to get close to the festively wrapped presents under the tree, and looking for the tags with our names on them.

Suddenly, a bedroom door opened upstairs. We knew the heavy tread of our father’s footsteps as he came down the hall and neared the top of the steps. In a flash, we were on our feet, sliding back through the door, and jumping into bed as Dad came down the stairs. Our hearts were racing as we lay perfectly still, pretending to be asleep. I sneaked a peek at my dad. In his white robe, he practically glowed in the dark.

“There wouldn’t be anyone awake now and out of bed?” he asked. “I better not hear another sound.” And then he disappeared.

Christmas morning came as usual. After church and breakfast, it was finally time to gather together and unwrap the presents.

The anticipation while trying to fall asleep and then excitement over discovering what our parents had prepared for us were always part of the Christmas experience. In the same way, as you sit in the audience and the lights fall at the start of The Heart of Christmas program, a shared holiday excitement enters the room. The set is like a great expanse filled with presents as you sit in the darkened theater. Only once the music begins and the set lights up do you get to feast your senses on the holiday wonder that the cast, director, and crew of Charis Bible College have prepared for you.

Christmas music—both the familiar and the new—fills you with nostalgia as you enjoy a feeling of family within your own community. To experience this for yourself, go to to order your tickets. Adult admission is $25, admission for children ages 5 to 11 is $15, and children under 5 (on an adult’s lap) are admitted for free.

Arrive a little early and enjoy Christmas festivities, photo opportunities with a professional photographer, and the beautiful property of The Sanctuary. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover what’s wrapped up in The Heart of Christmas for you!