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See the Impact CBC-Chicago is Making

Ten years ago when Mark Bassett and his wife, Tenese, were second year students at Charis Bible College in Colorado, the Lord planted a seed in Mark's heart to launch the first stateside extension of CBC. Mark shared the idea with his wife and as the two discussed it, they grew increasingly more excited about duplicating their CBC experience. In August of 2003, the Bassetts took a step of faith and opened Charis Bible College-Chicago. Watch the video below to see the wonderful fruit of the Bassett's faithful first step and the duplication that has taken place over the past decade.


The Impact of CBC-Atlanta

Believers, Tom and Cindy Boyd, first heard Andrew in 1996, and the process of discipleship was set in motion. A decade later, the Boyds launched CBC-Atlanta and the sharing of the Gospel continued. The same teaching that transformed Tom and Cindy's lives is continuing to change lives in Georgia. For a look inside the discipleship happening through these world-changers and CBC-Atlanta, be sure to watch the video below.



Charis Bible College Class of 2012


Andrew shakes hands with CBC-Colorado graduate, Dan Carlson after handing him his diploma. (Click to enlarge)Another school year has come and gone for students at Charis Bible College, and with it many great moments of personal revelation and hands-on ministry experiences. Andrew's passion for discipleship and vision for CBC is rooted firmly in 2 Timothy 2:2. In the verse, the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy and told him to take the things that he had learned and commit them to faithful men who would, in turn, be able to teach others. It is because of this verse that Andrew stepped out in faith and established CBC in 1994. Since then, Andrew and the staff at Charis Bible College have been diligently and successfully discipling and training people for the work of the ministry.

In 1996, Andrew saw the first 33 students graduate from the Colorado campus, and the scope of discipleship has continued to grow exponentially ever since. From the humble start-up in Colorado Springs, which now boasts a student body of more than 500, CBC has grown to include thriving campuses in 10 American cities and 10 other nations around the world. As more students graduate the multiplication continues. Looking forward, CBC has new schools set to open in Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, NC; Houston, TX; Minneapolis, MN; and San Jose, CA. Also coming online in the fall are schools in Querétaro, Mexico; Birkenfeld, Germany; Hong Kong, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Brugg, Switzerland and Lodz, Poland.

This year, well over four-hundred students graduated from CBC campuses around the world—think of the discipleship yet to come!

Here is a look at Charis Bible College's Class of 2012.


Director: Gary Luecke

CBC-Colorado Day School graduates (Click to enlarge)

*Graduates: Master of Biblical Studies: Tyrell T. Anderson, Daniel Aguiree, Diana Anselmo, Charles Barnhill, Oleksandr Boiko, Rheta F. Buoy-Somohano, Koko Cantrell, Tina Marie Christian, Maxwell L. Cornell, Molly JoAnn Cornell, James Daugherty, Philip Dozier, Marcelo Cardoso Duarte, Nicholas Tod Enlow, Arlene Evangeline Ernest, Faith Eves, William Joseph Fries, James Robert Hamilton, Rebecca Jane Hamilton, Susan Hines, Daron Hoehn, Caroline Hoesch, Colin Edward Hueston, Debra L. Kinslow, Roderick S. Kirby, Lorraine Lalonde, Bobbie Jean Lee, Dana S. Marsden, Cindy McMahan, Bonnie Monroe, Furman R. Morrow, Mary Margaret Morrow, Karen Keiko Mottas, Lawrence Nietz, Curtis G. Phillips, Rick Pyle, Melody G. Sims, William Matthew Sinclair, Jacob Andrew Stroud, Christian L. Suess, Susan Touchstone, Joy Turner, Jeffrey Verheyen, Christine Verheyen, Christopher Wharton, Donna Whitaker, Susan Ann Wohlford, Janice MeLe WrightCBC-Colorado Night School graduates
(Click to enlarge)

Bachelor of Biblical Studies: Adriana Arroyo, Margaret Austin, Stephen Paul Beetz, Rosalind Marie Bess, Karen Buhrke, Sandra Jeanette Florez Duarte, Jeanne Duboise, Margaret Fink, Elizabeth L. Fries, Tannera Jannel Garvin, James Jackson, Michael Johnston, Pamela Kuhns, Rebecca Suzanne Mael, Lorie A. Phillips, Joshua Ruiz, Jessica Anne Sharp, Diane B. Slemons, Sharayh Stitt, Francine Wilkins, Jeremiah T. Zehr, Michael P. Zlinsky, Neil Anthony Grindel, Sarah Elizabeth Grindel

Associate of Biblical Studies: Phiet Nicole Abello, Brandi Michele Anderson, Tyson Anderson, Kassia Kristine Banke, Jeanne Bardwell, Stephanie Diane Beder, Sandra C. Annie Bellaviti, Tracy Benn, Arthur W. Box, Barbara J. C. Box, Marshella Bradford, Beth A. Bradley, Lisa Bradley, Christopher M. Bratton, Teresa Bresson, Cletus Bresson, Michael Buller, Sylvia D. Byrd, Daniel Joseph Carlson, David M. Carter, Robert Clinton Collins, Randall Colpean Jr., Arianna Michelle Culley, Mary A. Decker, Mindy Joy DeVisser, Brittanie Lauren Edstrom, Richard Eichholz, Sheryl L. Eichholz, Rene´ D. Elkington, Sheryl Ellis, Allan S. Emery, Jerold Fink, Roderick Gammon, John Ganey, Joy Gayle Graeter, Lorin E. Guilkey III, Lyssa M. Hall, Benjamin Heath, Michael Hoesch, Paul Hoskins, D. Hope Hoskins, Joshua Jackson, Rosemary Johnston, Deborah L. Jones, Tiffany Keener, Jessica Ketchum, Stephanie Koliopoulos, Melody Koop, Michael Lee, Shane David Machado, Thomas Andrew Martin, Earl Carlos Moore, Doris Esther Morris, Peter Nunes Mottas Jr., Katrina Nelson, Alexa Justine Nissen, Liam O'Brien, Ollimo Beatrice Atieno, Michael Peter, Heidi Petrali, Joan L. Randolph, Cathy Collins Reeves, Palo De Robles Jr., Kevin Lee Rohleder, Denise Rowley, James Schilling, Katy Severson, Daniel Louis Simerdla, Joy M. Southworth, Brett Aaron Stansbury, Stormy Brook Stratton, Jacob Neil Stringer, Theresa-Tessa Swearengin, Carl Taylor, Valerie V. Thornton, Ashley Kay Tomlinson, James C. Tomlinson, Jill M. Tomlinson, Kristi L. Williams, Walter Williams, H G Winston, Gloria J. Winston, Patrick Wise, Corey Wright, Stanislav Peter Zaverukha, Brian Bennett, Richard Bumgarner, James Engelman Jr., Phillip G. Farrington, William E. Foster IV, Rosa I. Gomez, Rosemary Hoffman, Catherine Keeler

Second Year Diploma: Ronald P. Anselmo, Stephen Mathai, and Eric Vann.

Staff: (Top picture, front row, left to right) Beth Landt, Jessica Klecker, Michelle Patterson, Vickey Rice, Greg Mohr, Gary Luecke, Andrew Wommack, Wendell Parr, Ashley Terradez, Carlie Terradez, Wendy Okamora, Peggy Shirley, Dr. Delron Shirley, Barry Bennett (Second row) Kim Harrison, Sharris Johnson, Marcia Alverson, Autumn Nakkula, Jim Ford, Andy Johnson, Dan Funkhouser, Jeff Nakkula, Greg Macy, Tennie Goen, Daniel Amstutz, Randy Montague, Lawson Perdue, Samantha Crowell

CBC-Colorado Third Year Graduates

CBC-Colorado Third-year (Day) graduates from the Schools of Ministry, Worship, Media and Business (Click to enlarge)School of Ministry: Sherrill Kenneth Alexander, Lori Balma, William Blackmon, Gregory A. Bramblett, Michael L. Braun, Kenneth E. Brown, Renay Buller, Emilee Childers, Cason Cruz, Carolyn Ellefson, Garrett Eriksen, Kinga Izabela Eriksen, Tammy Errico, Debra A. Flaherty, Tennie K. Goen, James Heck Jr., Linda Ann Guy-Hughes, Judy Jackson, Andrew Johnson, Constance W. Jones, Philip Josef Ladrowski, Katrina Ladrowski, John M. May, Ryan Paul May, Erin Moraine, Dinu Christian Nechita, Joseph D. Nelson, Janet Marcia Palmer, Matthew A. Reed, Karl W. Reichert, Lydia C. Walters-Schneider, Deann Sklenicka, Deann Sklenicka, Robert Williams

School of Worship: Dan S. Britton, Bonnie Bullers, Mark Anthony Burgoz, Jennifer Burich, Nancy Cress, Linda Patarello

School of Media: Gary N. Campbell, Dacian A. Coroian, Marvin Larson, Cheryl Ann Martin, Wayne Edward Martin, Kevin Martinez, Michael O'Malley, Renee Peterson, Cathleen Scarvers

CBC-Colorado Third-year graduates (Night)
(Click to enlarge)
School of Business: Janice Adams, Raymond A. Buhr, Chaekyoung Ban, Daniel R. Bennett, Douglas Lee Bishop, Alexa Cox, Lisa Gale DePriest, Abby Marie Maples, Lori Flugrad, Jeff Forrest, Luke Gidcumb, Cynthia Hall, Tanya Hamilton, Shane Hankins, Naomi S. Hartman, Michael D. Herbert, Catherine Herron, Sanine Ulla isht ta pela Holt, Larry Hoover, Sharris Kaye Johnson, Phillip G. Jones, Gene Kernaghan, Lauren King, Susan J. King, Zachary T. Konstas, Daniel Kuper, Ryan Laurence, Wayne Lewis, Kristen M. Luecke, Warren Lutz, Steven Marchman, Douglas Marler, Preston D. Martinez, Marla Matus, Susan McGinnis, Jeanette Moore, Kathleen Kay Nennemann, Bene-Georgette A. Person, Ruth Y. Rauch, James A Rauch III, Brandon Rhodes, Shevell Robinson, James Andrew Schneider, Lupe Shepherd, Gary Sklenicka, Jillmarie Swanson, Linda D. Washington, Sherry Marie Whitaker, Gabriele Anna Wiesmann, Rita Wolf

*Note: Graduates in blue, listed in alphabetical order, names do not correspond to photo position

CBC-Florida, Jacksonville (Click to enlarge)CBC-Florida (Jacksonville)

Directors: Danon and Amanda Winter

Graduates: (From top left to right) Mark Lewis, James Stockton III, Jeff Moody, Tammy Dennard, Pastor Shawn Boone, Jonathan Clark, Kyle Dukes, Jenna Brut, Michele Fletcher, Linda Gail Rowe, Staff: (left to right) Claire Buitendag, Amanda and Danon Winter, Rick Hayes


CBC-Florida, Orlando (Click to enlarge)CBC-Florida (Orlando)

Directors: Danon and Amanda Winter

Graduates: Bane and Jeannie Harrison Staff: (left to right) Danon Winter, Kim and Ronda Nyght, Amanda Winter)





CBC-Chicago (Click to enlarge)CBC-Chicago

Director: Cynthia A. Quarles

Graduates: (From left to right) Marguerite Eleanor Dawson, Natalie Joy Barlow, Tracy Bergin, Teresa E. Kania, Ann Schmidt, Shebeta B. Carter, Lucia V. Dagdagan, Second row: Michelle L. Grossnickle, Robert M. Warzecha, Darryl A. Jackson, Pastor Obed Pena, Clarence L. Watkins, Jr., David E. Lund, Robert J. Barth, Amy Tompkins, Dale A. Zurek. Also graduated (Missing: Venu Menon)


CBC-Dallas Second-year graduates
(Click to enlarge)

Director: Kitty Potts

Graduates: (From left to right) James Bennett, Ruth Bennett, David Mooneyham, Katie Mooneyham, Calinda Comeaux, Matthew Wolfe, Jennifer Simmons, Stephen Bachman; Alan Winkler, Rick Harbuck, Fern Fooks, Rosaland Jones, Kevin Beard, Michael Smart, Jeff Trojacek, Julie Umeano

CBC-Dallas Third Year Graduates: (left to right) Ryan White, Charles Knowles Jr, CBC-Dallas Third-year graduates
(Click to enlarge)
Calinda Comeaux, James Bennett, Ruth Bennett, Jan Savas, Liz Hall, Carol Williams (Missing: Sondria McWilliams and Jerene Marable)





CBC-Indiana graduates (Click to enlarge)


Director: Gail Coleman

Graduates: (Front row, left to right) Rita Lord, Patti Bougher, Karen Williams, Gail Coleman, (Second row) Bonnie O'Hare, Victor Adams, Claud Grant, Mary Parker, India Ridley



CBC-Kansas City (Click to enlarge)CBC-Kansas City

Director: Cody Hull

Graduates: (From left to right) Thomas E. Fullerton, Ernest Hirt, Director, Cody Hull, Kathy Mallonee, Adam Howard, Gregory Asia, Dustin Tendler



CBC-Gardner, Massachusetts (Click to enlarge)CBC-Gardner, Massachusetts

Director: Deborah Farley

Graduates: (From left to right) Karen Tinger, Earle Howard, Judy Browning, Sheila Barrows.





CBC-Plymouth, Massachusetts (Click to enlarge)CBC-Plymouth, Massachusetts

Directors: George and Judi Appleton

Graduates: (From left to right) Ann Scioscia, Ann Tremblay, Minnie Roderick, Wilda O'Brien, Claire Currier, Patty Murray




CBC Atlanta

Directors: Tom and Cindy Boyd

Graduates: Cynthia Brown, Deborah Burkhead, Vernay Dabney, Ricky Davis, Jay Freshour, Cynthia Gearin, Kenyun Lawson, Robin LeCroy, Margaret Maple, Mollie McKenzie, Cora McIver, Suzanne Mutschler, Courtney Olson, Louis Parks, Dollie Salter, Tim Shaw, Tom Shaw, Dora Smith, Linda Smith, Pam Walker, Nancy Wilkins, Jason Wire, Ruth Zehr


CBC-United Kingdom graduates (Click to enlarge)CBC-United Kingdom

Director: Paul Flannagan

Staff: (Front row, from left to right) Anthony Consiglio, Samuel McQuigg, Roz McQuigg, John Maunder, Paul Flanagan, Siew Fong Flanagan, Kathryn Whitefoot, Carolyn Lisney, Abi Elshaw, Graduates: (Second row) Denisa Skodova, Lucinah Zonke, Anne Nichols, Daniel Wigginton, Judith Hughes, Bridget Abraham, Elba Van Rensburg, Beata Korczyk, Kyrstie Duncan, Peter White (Third row) Petra Uhyrkova, Susan Bentley, Jael Kiwanuka, Frances Budd, Joy Turner, Jackie Rush, Mispha Kaiser, Adam Threlfall, Damaris Gidet, Eugene Taylor, Godswill Johnson (Fourth row) Juliet Gunn, Rory Kyle, Aime Kalinda Balolage, Faith Masinire, John Dobson, Carl Scott, Robin Phillips, Damian McIntosh, Andrew Derbidge, and Nathan Rodway (Missing: Roy Bevan)


CBC-India graduates (Click to enlarge)CBC-India:

Staff : (Front row) Greg Mohr (CBC-World Outreach), Lance Weldgen (Director of CBC/AWM-India), Gerri Weldgen (Dean of Women) Graduates: (Second row left to right) Gracy Ligy.W, Nafisa Shah, Jemima.W, Ema Florentina De Souza, Susan Priyanga.R, Neethu Galani, Vidhya Louis, Shekhinah Shawn Jazeel, Velangini Vijaykumar Mekhala, J.Charles Rajasekaran, V.K.Srinivasa Moorthy. Third Row: Ashish Mishra, Joel J. Victor, Jonathan Cornelius Napoleon J, Jeethu Galani, Toby Joseph Samuel, S.S. Ashwin Kumar, Trinity Alex Kumar S, Sivakumar A


 CBC-Russia, St. Petersburg graduates
(Click to enlarge)
CB(T)C-Russia, St. Petersburg

Directors: Carrie and Mike Pickett

Graduates: (Front row, left to right) Alfia, Shirley, Magdaline, Galina, Victor (Second row) Celia, Vera, Valentina, Alex, Tatyana, Natalia, Abubay, Olya, (Third row) Elena, Marina, Dennis, Yarislav, Alaska, Job, Raymond, Alexander, Barnabas, Valya, Susan, Gideon

CBC-Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny graduates
(Click to enlarge)
CB(T)C-Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny

Director: Natasha Starikova

Twenty-two students graduated from CBC-Naberezhnye; their names were not available at the time of this post.

Seated (left to right) are directors Victor and Natasha, Andrew, Carrie and Mike Pickett and Volodia Tcys.



CBC-Nederlands graduates (Click to enlarge)CBC-Nederlands

Director: Mark Becking

(Front row from left to right) Marieke Kramer, Theodora van Rijen, Mark Becking, Alice Becking, Wiebrig Calderhead, Monique van Bruggen (Second row) Gré Albrink, Klaas Kramer, Hans Baksteen, Jan Duinisveld, Petronella Rijk, Lindsey Luijf, Gerda Geelen, Marijke Lamers, Joyce Oxborrow, Gré Overbeeke (Third row) Helga de Goede, Hanneke Stolk, Wouter van Leeuwen, Jan van der Horst, Gerard Gerritsen, Jolanda Luijf, Kees Pos, Jan Lakeman

CBC-Belfast graduates (Click to enlarge)CBC Belfast

Director: Allan Bruce

Graduates: Dominic Burns, John Johnston, Carol Rossborough, Kim Staniforth, Goodness Noble, Clare McIntosh