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Intern Recognition Ceremony at Charis Bible College

AWM's Media Operations Manager and Director of CBC's School of Media, Stephen Bransford (left) hands Gary Campell his certificate. (Click to enlarge)On May 15, Charis Bible College held a special Intern Recognition Ceremony at its Colorado Springs campus. Ninety-nine third and fourth-year students were recognized for their studies and participation in one of four post-graduate tracks offered at the school. The students were honored for completing one of the following: School of Ministry, School of Worship, School of Media or School of Business.

After an opening address from Gary Luecke, the Director of CBC-Colorado, the directors of each of the four tracks and one class representative from each, shared encouraging remarks before presenting certificates of course completion.

As challenging words were shared from each department, it became evident that while the disciplines of study were widely varied, the heart of ministry behind each one was unified and Kingdom focused. Through each field of study the Lord's heart for Daniel Amstutz, Director of the School of Worship and Healing School, congratulates Jennifer Burrich.
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discipleship and Kingdom advancement was revealed.

During an interview immediately following the ceremony, Gary asked Andrew about his impressions of the event. Andrew paused and thoughtfully replied, "I was so blessed, satisfied, and happy to see this happening." He went on to say that he truly appreciates the fact that it's not all about him [Andrew]. He acknowledged starting the ball rolling in the early 1990's, but pointed to the fact that it is Gary, the CBC staff and all of the instructors that make the programs happen. Andrew compared his appreciation for the way the school functions to the way his Gospel Truth Seminars work when it comes to hands on ministry. After Andrew teaches, a large, mostly volunteer prayer team handles the one-on-one ministry time. Andrew stressed, "I would rather see people healed through somebody I ministered to than through me, because that's my whole thing—trying to make disciples. I am so glad to see what's happening here."Andrew looks on as CBC's Director, Gary Luecke makes his opening remarks. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew's vision for AWM and CBC is to make disciples. As the school continues to turn out graduates equipped for ministry in the church, on the mission field or in the marketplace, the apostle Paul's command to Timothy continue to bring forth exponential Kingdom fruit:

"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also," (2 Timothy 2:2).


H.I.S. Table Luncheon 

Andrew, staff and students look on as native Hawaiian and CBC graduate, Niau Mora (right), and her dancing partner minister through hula during the H.I.S. Table Luncheon. (Click to enlarge)Charis Bible College in Colorado recently held a luncheon in honor of the school's international students. Andrew and Jamie were on hand to celebrate with the students and to enjoy the colorful and flavorful festivities. The event was called the H.I.S. Table Luncheon (Hello International Students) and it was the fourth of its kind to be held.

In 2009, CBC was awarded Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certification from the United States Department of Homeland Security. This certification granted CBC the ability to enroll non-immigrant students on M-1 visas. During the first year of the program, CBC was home to 14 international students. In this, its third year, CBC Student Services Assistant, Designated School Representative for SEVP, and luncheon organizer, Wendy Okamura, welcomes guests. (Click to enlarge) CBC hosted 27 SEVP students and the enrollment numbers continue to climb with 42 students expected to start classes in the fall of 2012.

SEVP students who make the decision to study at CBC in Colorado not only commit to making cultural adjustments by leaving their homelands, but they are required to provide proof that they have the finances to support themselves and their families while in America, because their visas do not permit them to be gainfully employed while in the States. It is because of these requirements and the sacrifices many students make to come to the U.S. to study the Word that CBC holds a special luncheon to honor them.

In addition to the 27 SEVP international students, CBC is also home to 14 other students from outside the country who have chosen to obtain legal immigrant status. All 41 students were honored at the luncheon and together they represented 24 nations The celebration of international diversity included students from 24 nations. (Click to enlarge)(Switzerland, Ireland, Haiti, Russia, Canada, Scotland, Poland, England, Ukraine, Guernsey, Germany, Moldova, Romania, Korea, Italy, Bahamas, Ghana, India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia).

According to Wendy Okamura, the event's organizer and MC, the theme for the luncheon centered around the Hawaiian word Aloha because of its multifold meaning. "The word Aloha means hello, goodbye, affection, love, peace and the breath of life," said Wendy. It was a fitting title for the celebration of international students coming to attend CBC and those leaving after graduation to go back to their homelands to share the Gospel. The celebration included worshipful hula dancing and musical worship provided by CBC graduates, staff and students from Hawaii.

Sometimes students find more than Biblical revelation at CBC. Here Andrew and Jamie celebrate two student's wedding engagement.
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During an opening performance of hula ministry, CBC graduate Niau Mora, a native of Hawaii, shared more about the definition of the word Aloha. "The word 'Alo' means, 'God's centered thinking'. He thought about man before He put us on this earth. He prepared everything for us so that we would lack absolutely nothing. Then, 'ha,' He blew the breath of life into us. We are God's center focus," said Niau.

Andrew also shared a special message at the luncheon, during which he likened the international students to, containers full of God's Word. "We have been depositing [the seed of] God's Word in you and we're expecting it to grow and change entire nations. I don't know what your thoughts were when you came here, but you are going to go out and change nations," Andrew proclaimed.

Andrew shares his thoughts and encoragement with the staff and students at the luncheon.
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Andrew went on to say, "The Lord fashioned our hearts alike, and it doesn't matter what the color of your skin is, what language you speak, what your customs are, on the inside we're all exactly the same and the Word of God is written straight for a person's heart. And, we're teaching the Word. These truths that are working in my life, will work anywhere in the world. If you will preach this in your culture, you can see every single person impacted by this. We don't need another American to go in and try to make Americans out of everybody. We need you to take these truths, put it in your culture, use your background, share the things that will reach your people, and we'll see it—just like fire—go all over the world."

From the colorful decorations to the flavorful food and conversation, there was an excitement in the room and around H.I.S Table because the potential to change the world is limitless through Christ in us.


Charis Bible College's School of Healing

CBC staff member, Carlie Terradez, holds the mic as Richard Bishop shares his testimony of victory over severe symptoms of a diabetic blood complication as a result of the prayer and ministry at the School of Healing. (Click to enlarge)Late last winter, Charis Bible College fostered the birth of a new branch of ministry at the Colorado Springs campus when they opened the doors of CBC's School of Healing. The weekly program is an answer to many prayers and operates under the leadership of CBC's School of Worship Director, Daniel Amstutz.

While the doors of the School of Healing officially opened in March of 2011, the concept was conceived in the heart of CBC's Director, Gary Luecke, in 2009. It came to Gary's attention when he was hired as the director of the college that Andrew was being asked to pray for people between classes. He was not being asked by the students necessarily, but by visitors traveling from afar, seeking personal ministry and healing. Andrew made every attempt to meet the need, CBC Director, Gary Luecke.
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but the frequency of the requests grew beyond the capacity of Andrew's on campus schedule. Andrew and Gary discussed ways to allow more time to minister to those in need—even if Andrew was off campus.

Gary sought the Lord about what it would take to establish a healing program at CBC. He envisioned a place where students were specifically trained in all things related to healing, about ministering healing and about how to receive healing. As Gary prayed, he knew it would take a special person to come along to develop the program, and he waited on the Lord.

Daniel Amstutz leading worship.
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In the fall of 2010, at Andrew's request, Daniel started leading worship once a week at CBC. Daniel progressively became more visible on campus, filling in as a guest speaker and leading worship more frequently. Eventually, Gary offered Daniel a full-time position as the Director of the School of Worship. Daniel remembered their conversation and said, "Gary got a smile on his face at one point, and turned to me and asked, 'Do you have any interest in directing a healing school?'" To which Daniel replied, "'That is a ministry that is very dear to my heart; one that I have been active in for quite some time, and one that goes hand in hand with worship ministry. Yes!'"

Carlie, who has witnessed the manifestation of healing in her own life, shares her revelation with those in attendance in December 2011.
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When Daniel joined the CBC staff in 2011, he invited students interested in being trained in the healing ministry to come to an initial training session. To his surprise, 175 students showed up at the first of six meetings on how to minister to the sick.

After teaching the first four sessions, Daniel invited Gospel Truth Seminar Prayer Team Coordinator and healing recipient, Carlie Terradez, to join him as an instructor. Jumping at the opportunity, Carlie agreed and taught the two remaining training sessions.

A CBC student shares her testimony of standing on God's word and speaking to her body and circumstances until her healing manifested. (Click to enlarge)Since those early days, the School of Healing has grown and the new branch of CBC is bearing fruit. "Every week we are seeing amazing things happening as people are receiving healings of every kind and miracles that are not only changing their lives personally, but the lives of their friends and families," shared Daniel enthusiastically.

News of the School of Healing and its fruit has become public through a variety of AWM and CBC outlets, and people are visiting the school from across the United States. Some visitors have traveled from other countries just to be a part of the School of Healing.

CBC students participate in the prayer ministry line at the School of Healing. (Click to enlarge)The school, which is free to all and open to the public, meets weekly on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. in the CBC campus auditorium. Each session opens with a time of worship, usually lead by Daniel and a team of musicians, then testimonies of God's goodness are shared, followed by teaching. The afternoon program culminates with a team of students ministering healing to whoever comes forward to receive.

"Healing School is not a church, but it is family. It's a safe place where people come and are always welcome; they are loved and ministered to for as long as is necessary. Some only come one time; Six months after receiving prayer at the School of Healing, Suki Mihalko shared her testimony of victory over lung cancer. (Click to enlarge)they receive their healing and go home. Others come weekly; they are growing spiritually and physically," said Carlie.

Miracles are witnessed at the School of Healing every week, not because of some special anointing or because the ministers are experts, but because signs and wonders follow the teaching of the Word. "Our goal is to draw people into relationship with Jesus so that they learn that everything they need comes from that relationship. This makes the School of Healing unique; we are discipling people, not just praying for their problems," said Carlie excitedly.

"There is nothing that you need to have completed to attend. Just come believing and receive what Jesus came to give. We will love on you and walk with you through your healing journey," said Daniel.

For more information about the School of Healing or to watch a session via live feed, be sure to visit