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Sharing Holy Spirit in South America

CBC-Colorado sudents minister to young children recued from cocaine plantation slave labor.
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The Baptism in the Holy Spirit turned out to be a key emphasis for a team of Charis Bible College students from Colorado who traveled to South America to minister in Colombia. Twelve students, led by Dr. Delron and Peggy Shirley, spent time in a variety of ministry environments and shared the good news of Jesus Christ with many. The team visited places such as rehabilitation centers, children’s rescue homes and churches.

While at a rehabilitation center for young women rescued from prostitution and drug addiction, one CBC student shared her testimony of receiving a severe beating, which resulted in a months-long coma. She explained to the young women how God healed Quite a mix of reality caught on camera in Colombia. (Click to enlarge)her from the inside out, and that she could forgive her attacker as a result. Once the team finished ministering on a believer’s new identity in Christ and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, the young women came forward for prayer. The majority of the group received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and they spoke in new tongues.

More students shared their testimonies the next day when the students visited a rehabilitation center for men recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. Again, most men in attendance came forward and received Jesus as Savior and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It was a powerful time for both the residents of the center and the Many received Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. (Click to enlarge)student missionaries.

The fruitfulness continued as the team visited a home for children rescued from cocaine plantation slave labor. Because of tight quarters within the building, the meeting was held outside at a nearby park. This allowed the students to minister to the children as well as to passersby. One group of five teenagers stopped to watch the dramas. A team member approached them to talk and learned that one out of the five was a believer. Before long, the other four teens received Jesus as well; an answered prayer for the one already saved.

Amie Larson prayed for the girl on the floor. The girl had been suffering from migraine headaches. When she got up, all pain was gone! (Click to enlarge)CBC Student, Amie Larson, recalled a young girl who approached her to pray for a migraine on the right side of her head. “I laid hands on her and began to pray in tongues, she began to sway back and forth, and as I commanded the migraine to go, she fell backwards into the catcher's arms and to the ground. As soon as she got up, I ran over to make sure the migraine was gone and it was! Praise God!”

Rain threatened to interfere with plans for more outside ministry, however, skies cleared supernaturally on more than one occasion. “Not only did the Lord close the physical heavens to stop the rain, He opened the spiritual heavens to pour out the anointing as the team ministered on the streets and in the churches,” said Delron.

Throughout the trip, students had the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones. One team member, who had never shared her faith or prayed for anyone to receive Jesus, led four people to the Lord during one outreach. For many, comfort zones The team left a smile on many faces of Kingdom royalty in Colombia.
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stretched in other ways. Between interpreters not showing up, to flat tire on the bus, to switching from adult to children’s ministry at the last minute, the students learned Delron and Peggy’s first rule of missionary work—be flexible.

“Of course, the impact of the mission experience on the students was just as significant as the work done in the people of South America,” Delron noted.


CBC-Colorado Students Visit Colombia

CBC-Colorado students ministered in Bogota, Colombia during the country's National Children's Month. (Click to enlarge)Charis Bible College instructors, Dr. Delron Shirley and his wife Peggy, led a group of CBC-Colorado students on a short term mission trip to South America in early May. Their ministry adventure brought them to Bogota, Colombia where they were hosted by Mickey and Suzan Cartagena and the staff at Rhema Church and Bible College. From their mission base, the team traveled throughout the city and its suburbs ministering in schools, children’s homes, parks, and churches. And, since they were visiting during Colombia's National Children's Month, their focus was children's ministry.

Mission trip hosts, Suzan and Mickey Cartagena. (Click to enlarge)While Delron and Peggy are seasoned missionaries, having founded a global ministry Teach All Nations Mission, their team was comprised mostly of students who had never been exposed to missions (with at least one student who had never even flown on an airplane). The group also included students who had several years experience on the mission field after serving with another ministry. Regardless of each team member's experience before the trip, the time they shared as they ministered in Bogota was life changing.

One CBC student, Jake Stringer, noted that while most Columbian people will say they are Catholic when asked about religion, he feels that their answer [Catholic] is more of an automatic cultural response than a true one. "Whether young or old, broken or whole, Margaret Morrow ministering to a young boy. (Click to enlarge)Catholic or not, every person we encountered in Bogota just wanted more of God. They believed the word of God with no resistance, and they received the love and power of God with a childlike enthusiasm I have never seen," said Jake.

Husband and wife, Chip and Margaret Morrow, ministered as part of the CBC team. Margaret was excited to be part of such a fruitful time on the mission field and likened the unity within the team to the smooth-running parts of a machine—well-oiled by the Holy Spirit. "We healed the sick, cast out demons and preached the kingdom of God. People dead in trespasses and sins became new creations. Well over a hundred were empowered with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time. Chip and I were part of a harvesting team that Jesus working through Chip Morrow. (Click to enlarge)reaped the city of Bogota, Columbia in fields that were ripe and ready," said Margaret enthusiastically.

Chip's heart was touched when a little boy came over to him climbed into his lap. Chip had crouched down to rest after being part of one of the team's skits when the boy approached. Chip prayed for the boy, and blessed him. Soon, other children crowded around Chip for prayer. Then, a mother brought her kids to Chip in hopes that he would pray over them as well. He said to himself, I'm not Jesus to whom mothers bring their children to be blessed. The Holy Spirit quickly corrected him, “You are Jesus to these children. The fullness of Jesus is in you.” In that moment, Chip understood that when believers are giving to others what God has given to them, the life of Jesus flows through the believer.