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Colorado Flood Update – September 2013 

Boulder Creek floodwaters September 12, 2013.
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We are thankful to be largely unaffected by the flooding in Colorado. The road to Woodland Park from Colorado Springs has been closed periodically due to mudslides, and a few staff have had to take a two-hour detour to get home.

The most trouble has been north of us in the Denver, Boulder, and Estes Park areas where twelve to eighteen inches of rain fell in just a few days. Eight lives have been lost, nearly 12,000 are evacuated from their homes, and at the time of this post more than six hundred are still missing. I pray that all are located safely. These massive floods have destroyed or damaged nearly 20,000 homes, and the people there need help. Seeing this devastation draws on Jesus’ compassion in us and causes us to be stirred up to do something.

You may remember that I recently reconnected with Denny Nissley with Christ in Action (CIA) and that we (and many of you) supported their efforts in the aftermath of the Moore, Oklahoma, tornados in May of this year. CIA began ministering in 1982. The first disaster relief effort was in 1998 at a flood in Cuero, Texas. And they’ve been to many disasters since, including Hurricane Sandy. They are one of the first ones the government calls to bring in on-the-ground help. In fact, after serving over 420,000 meals and helping rebuild over 500 homes following Hurricane Katrina, the White House asked CIA to organize faith-based groups to supply disaster relief. CIA is a seasoned and recognized ministry that we can trust.

Denny already has an assessment team on the ground here in Colorado and is in talks with the Colorado Office of Emergency Management to evaluate how many trucks they need to bring. Depending on what is needed, they can hand out up to 15,000 meals per day and give 400-500 showers per day to meet day-to-day needs. Tools and equipment for rebuilding homes are also on the trucks. There is so much to be thankful for. Denny’s team has thought in advance about what is needed in these situations. I’m so grateful for the wisdom God has supplied to CIA. Denny will be arriving Thursday to lead the recovery effort personally.

CIA will need volunteers and cash to reach as many people as possible. If you’d like to help, either with time or money, please click the links below in the area where you would like to help. You have to register in order to volunteer. All donations go to support the cause, and no administrative fees are deducted.

Below, I've listed two of the various ways people can get connected to CIA and the relief efforts in the Denver area. Please take a few minutes to pray for those affected by these floods and for those providing a helping hand.

God bless you,


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