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Charis Bible College's School of Healing

CBC staff member, Carlie Terradez, holds the mic as Richard Bishop shares his testimony of victory over severe symptoms of a diabetic blood complication as a result of the prayer and ministry at the School of Healing. (Click to enlarge)Late last winter, Charis Bible College fostered the birth of a new branch of ministry at the Colorado Springs campus when they opened the doors of CBC's School of Healing. The weekly program is an answer to many prayers and operates under the leadership of CBC's School of Worship Director, Daniel Amstutz.

While the doors of the School of Healing officially opened in March of 2011, the concept was conceived in the heart of CBC's Director, Gary Luecke, in 2009. It came to Gary's attention when he was hired as the director of the college that Andrew was being asked to pray for people between classes. He was not being asked by the students necessarily, but by visitors traveling from afar, seeking personal ministry and healing. Andrew made every attempt to meet the need, CBC Director, Gary Luecke.
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but the frequency of the requests grew beyond the capacity of Andrew's on campus schedule. Andrew and Gary discussed ways to allow more time to minister to those in need—even if Andrew was off campus.

Gary sought the Lord about what it would take to establish a healing program at CBC. He envisioned a place where students were specifically trained in all things related to healing, about ministering healing and about how to receive healing. As Gary prayed, he knew it would take a special person to come along to develop the program, and he waited on the Lord.

Daniel Amstutz leading worship.
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In the fall of 2010, at Andrew's request, Daniel started leading worship once a week at CBC. Daniel progressively became more visible on campus, filling in as a guest speaker and leading worship more frequently. Eventually, Gary offered Daniel a full-time position as the Director of the School of Worship. Daniel remembered their conversation and said, "Gary got a smile on his face at one point, and turned to me and asked, 'Do you have any interest in directing a healing school?'" To which Daniel replied, "'That is a ministry that is very dear to my heart; one that I have been active in for quite some time, and one that goes hand in hand with worship ministry. Yes!'"

Carlie, who has witnessed the manifestation of healing in her own life, shares her revelation with those in attendance in December 2011.
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When Daniel joined the CBC staff in 2011, he invited students interested in being trained in the healing ministry to come to an initial training session. To his surprise, 175 students showed up at the first of six meetings on how to minister to the sick.

After teaching the first four sessions, Daniel invited Gospel Truth Seminar Prayer Team Coordinator and healing recipient, Carlie Terradez, to join him as an instructor. Jumping at the opportunity, Carlie agreed and taught the two remaining training sessions.

A CBC student shares her testimony of standing on God's word and speaking to her body and circumstances until her healing manifested. (Click to enlarge)Since those early days, the School of Healing has grown and the new branch of CBC is bearing fruit. "Every week we are seeing amazing things happening as people are receiving healings of every kind and miracles that are not only changing their lives personally, but the lives of their friends and families," shared Daniel enthusiastically.

News of the School of Healing and its fruit has become public through a variety of AWM and CBC outlets, and people are visiting the school from across the United States. Some visitors have traveled from other countries just to be a part of the School of Healing.

CBC students participate in the prayer ministry line at the School of Healing. (Click to enlarge)The school, which is free to all and open to the public, meets weekly on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. in the CBC campus auditorium. Each session opens with a time of worship, usually lead by Daniel and a team of musicians, then testimonies of God's goodness are shared, followed by teaching. The afternoon program culminates with a team of students ministering healing to whoever comes forward to receive.

"Healing School is not a church, but it is family. It's a safe place where people come and are always welcome; they are loved and ministered to for as long as is necessary. Some only come one time; Six months after receiving prayer at the School of Healing, Suki Mihalko shared her testimony of victory over lung cancer. (Click to enlarge)they receive their healing and go home. Others come weekly; they are growing spiritually and physically," said Carlie.

Miracles are witnessed at the School of Healing every week, not because of some special anointing or because the ministers are experts, but because signs and wonders follow the teaching of the Word. "Our goal is to draw people into relationship with Jesus so that they learn that everything they need comes from that relationship. This makes the School of Healing unique; we are discipling people, not just praying for their problems," said Carlie excitedly.

"There is nothing that you need to have completed to attend. Just come believing and receive what Jesus came to give. We will love on you and walk with you through your healing journey," said Daniel.

For more information about the School of Healing or to watch a session via live feed, be sure to visit


Marilyn Vyzourek: Rescuing the Lost and the Least

CBC graduate and founder of Gospel Shelters for Women in Colorado Springs, Marilyn Vyzourek. Photo courtesy of CBS Denver (Click to enlarge)In the mid nineteen-nineties, Marilyn Vyzourek and her husband, Paul, were living contently in Kansas. In May of 1995, however, a single conversation changed the direction of their lives forever. Friends of the Vyzourek's brought up the topic of speaking in tongues. Having come from a conservative church background, they didn't knowing much about the gift of tongues, so the couple gave Marilyn and Paul one of Andrew's teachings on the subject. This was the Vyzourek's introduction to Andrew's ministry and it marked the beginning of a new season in their walk with the Lord. After listening to the message, Marilyn and Paul Marilyn walks with one of the many women she has ministered to through her Gospel Shelters for Women ministry. (Click to enlarge)were baptized in the Holy Spirit and received the gift of tongues, and by August of 1995, the Vyzoureks had relocated to Colorado Springs and enrolled in Charis Bible College.

During his first year at CBC, the Lord led Paul to bring sandwiches to the homeless and needy in the Springs. With the assistance of one of Paul's CBC instructors, Don Krow, and several fellow classmates, Paul and Marilyn steadily served the homeless community. It was out of these efforts that a food pantry ministry was birthed.

Liza's Place in Colorado Springs.
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Initially the food was stored in a closet at the AWM headquarters, but in 1996, after Marilyn joined Paul as a student at CBC, the couple took a step of faith and founded Springs Rescue Mission (SRM). More than a food pantry, SRM became a parachurch ministry set up to serve and help the hungry, homeless, struggling, indigent and addicted in the Springs, by ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of each person.

The Vyzoureks graduated from CBC's two-year program, Paul in 1997, Marilyn in 1998, and Marilyn was ordained in 1999. Marilyn giving the ladies from Covenant Presbyterian Church a tour of the Hope Home facility. Hope Home is a 10-bed facility serving women with co-occurring disorders. (Click to enlarge)She credits her time at CBC with helping her identify who she is in Christ and for recognizing the call on her life to minister to the forgotten and the lost. The couple also learned what unrelenting faith is all about. "It was one step at a time, without knowing what the next step was—a lot of faith in God's leading," remembered Marilyn.

Paul and Marilyn remained at SRM until 2000, when they moved to New York City and established another rescue ministry called, New York Metropolitan City Mission, part of which remains active to this day. After getting the ministry off the ground, the Vyzoureks returned Marilyn and staff during a GSW graduation ceremony in April of 2011. (Click to enlarge)to Colorado and rejoined the staff of SRM.

In 2002, the Lord led Marilyn to launch a new, non-profit rescue ministry focused on homeless women and women recently released from incarceration in Colorado Springs. Prompted by her passion for society's rejected and an unfortunate tragedy, Marilyn opened a transitional housing facility called, Liza's Place under the ministry name, Gospel Shelters for Women.

The unfortunate tragedy, which led to the naming of the facility, occurred on September 10, 2001 Because Marilyn believes that it is only through Jesus Christ that the human heart can be healed, group Bible study is a mandatory part of the rescue mission programs. (Click to enlarge)when 39-year-old, Liza Chavez, a woman whom Marilyn had been helping, was murdered on the streets of Colorado Springs. Liza was an alcoholic and had served time in jail for several non-violent crimes. Upon release from jail, Liza found herself without a support system, living outside, and sleeping in local parks and under bridges in the Springs. Although Liza faced an uphill battle to create a stable existence for herself, Marilyn said she was anxious to turn her life around. The night before Liza was killed she called Marilyn and said, "If you don't have a women's home for me to go to and get off of these streets, I would just as soon go to be with Jesus." Marilyn formed the shelter in response to the need for a safe, supportive home environment for women like Liza.Mighty women of God celebrate another graduation in June of 2011. The women are transformed as they go through the program. (Click to enlarge)

Gospel Shelters for Women, which now includes two rescue programs, the second one called Hope Home, provides housing and structure for the women it serves and teaches them about God's love. "At Gospel Shelters for Women we have devotions and a Bible study in the morning and a Bible study at 7pm. Many of the teachings are things that we learned at CBC. We also teach Discipleship Evangelism and many of Andrew's other teachings," said Marilyn.

While introducing the women to Jesus and equipping them spiritually is foremost on Marilyn's mind, her vision for rescue includes practical life skills and workplace training as well. As Gospel Shelters for Women Thrift Store in Colorado Springs provides a place for the ladies of Liza'a place and Hope Home to learn business skills as part of their training. (Click to enlarge) part of the program, the women learn how to take care of themselves, manage and budget their finances, and they also develop marketable business skills while working at the Gospel Shelters for Women Thrift Store.

Marilyn is many things to many people, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a business manager and a minister, but at her core she, like Jesus, is a lover of people—especially the lost. In Marilyn's own words rescue ministry is, "Ministry to the least, the last and the lost; men or women who are homeless or about to be homeless if not for your help."

"People turn their back on the poor because they do not understand them and they judge them. Most of these people have an addiction which hides the hurt and pain of the past," said Marilyn. She considers her work to be her calling and her ordination to be like a marriage vow. Marilyn works diligently to fulfill both. If you would like to know more about Marilyn's work or help support her efforts, visit the Liza's Place website.

National talk show host Glenn Beck.
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Special Note: Marilyn's mission statement: "To help homeless and previously incarcerated women with programs of restoration through the Love of Jesus, Bible truths and self-discipline," is boldly posted, front and center on the ministry's home page. Marilyn has never hidden the ministry aspect of her efforts. Recently, however, the shelter's emphasis on sharing God's Word caused a stir in the media. In early November, Marilyn's ministry made local and national headlines, when her organization lost State and Federal funding for refusing to make the Bible study components of the programs "optional." The story even caught the eye of well-known American conservative political commentator, Glenn Beck, who not only supported Marilyn's refusal, but
made a large donation to help offset the lost funding.


Justin Knapp: Answering God's Call

2010 Charis Bible College graduate, Justin Knapp. (Click to enlarge)When Justin Knapp was still young in the Lord, he sensed God calling him to ministry. Unsure of the pull he felt in his spirit, but eager to understand, he sought the wisdom of other Christians in his life. Justin reached out in faith and took hold of what the Lord offered; now three and a half years later, he's a graduate of Charis Bible College serving the Lord wherever He leads.

Justin is the older of two sons raised by a single mom—the boys' father went to prison when Justin was four years old. He grew up in Texas, and although his family moved around a lot, relocating every two years, Justin calls Mesquite, a suburb of Dallas, home.

Justin as Jesus (left) in a skit performed at CBC. (Click to enlarge)After football season during Justin's senior year in high school, he took on a full-time job at a local grocery store to help his family make ends meet. It was there that Justin confided in a fellow employee named Rod, a man he knew was a believer, that he felt the Lord pulling him closer. "I told him I had this feeling there was a calling on my life, and he said, 'I think so too, but you need some training,'" Justin shared.

Rod went on to tell Justin about Charis Bible College in Colorado. Justin was surprised by Rod's comments, and he half-heartedly laughed them off, but Rod had planted a seed.

Andrew presenting Justin with his CBC diploma. (Click to enlarge)A short time after talking with Rod, Justin was asked to speak in front of a Christian athletes' group that met at his school. Although he felt honored by the request, he found himself in an awkward position; Justin had been saved for several years, but his lifestyle didn't truly reflect his acceptance of Jesus as Lord. Having shared his faith in other circles, he put his awkward feelings aside, and agreed to speak. When the day came, Justin had nothing to say. "It was extremely embarrassing. After that experience, I started to think about CBC, but it seemed impossible. I didn't have the money to go. I didn't have a car that would make it to Colorado. I didn't have a job, didn't know anyone and I didn't have a place to stay. The biggest thing was that my mom wouldn't be able to pay the bills without me. It was impossible."Justin ministering at Pulse, a young adult ministry under Heartbeat International Ministries in Colorado Springs. (Click to enlarge)

Justin prayed. He laid all of his concerns before the Lord. After a month of praying, one of his teachers, Mrs. David, a Christian, pulled Justin aside and said that for the previous four nights she had dreamt about him. In her dream she saw Justin praying, asking God many questions about how to get somewhere. She went on to say that in the dream she was shouting to him, "Just go and everything will be okay!" but Justin couldn't hear her. "Then," said Justin, "She looked at me and said, 'So, I don't know if you're traveling somewhere, but just go and everything will be okay!'"

Justin was blown away by his teacher's words and he took them as a confirmation of the Lord's call to go to CBC. From that moment, he began to tell others he was going to Bible College. Justin on the platform at Heartbeat International Ministries, teaching about God's unconditional, never-ending, unrelenting love.
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Still unable to imagine how it would come together, he waited for the provision. Two weeks before Justin needed to be in Colorado, all three years of school were paid for by his aunt and uncle, and they also gave him a new car. Additionally, he was hired by the same grocery chain, for the same position he held in Dallas (with a pay raise—during a hiring freeze) and he found an apartment. "Jesus makes the impossible possible," said Justin.

It wasn't until the opening rally at CBC, during the first days of school that Justin ever heard Andrew teach. It also wasn't until classes were in full swing that he realized that his former co-worker, Rod, was a CBC graduate and the founding director of CBC-Dallas.

When Justin arrived at CBC, at the age of 18, he didn't know his way around a Bible and relied on friends sitting nearby to help him navigate through the Scripture examples the instructors used during classes. Justin (blue cap) approaches a humble home during his second-year mission trip to Mexico. (Click to enlarge)By the time first year was completed, Justin had a firm grasp, not only on the location of the books of the Bible, but on the Word of God. As he grew in his relationship with the Lord, the call on his life to lead became more outwardly evident.

After a year at CBC Justin's leadership qualities began to emerge and he was asked by CBC Instructor, Dan Funkhouser, to help pioneer a young adult ministry at a new local church plant. Justin's faithful, steady steps in the journey led to an explosion of growth for the ministry now called, Pulse.

Justin graduated in 2010 and served as a CBC intern in 2011. Recently, through confirmation of prophetic words and connections made at both CBC and Pulse, Justin making an impact in Udon, Thailand. (Click to enlarge)Justin felt led to step away from his leadership role at Pulse to venture out onto the mission field in Thailand. For five months he served alongside Jeff DeVine Ministries. "God did great things while I was in Thailand, especially in my heart. For the rest of my life, no matter where I go, I will have an awareness of the fact that people need Jesus all over the world. I want the people that have no hope to know that there is Hope, to know they have an inheritance, a Father that loves them and a King that gave everything for them, said Justin.

Justin's time at CBC prepared him for a life of effective ministry and opened doors for him to share the Gospel and power of God around the world. "All the great things I've been able to be a part of, all my ministry opportunities, have come as a result of going to CBC. I don't think I will ever be able to explain just how far my time at CBC reaches into who I am today."

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