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Nothing is Impossible

CBC Colorado sent a mission team to the Dominican Republic. The students used a skit about David and Goliath (Josh Harper, left) to share the Gospel.
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At Charis Bible College (CBC) foreign mission trips are a valuable part of the students' training. The primary focus is to share the almost-to-good-to-be-true news of the Gospel with as many people as possible during the students' stay on foreign soil. Every effort is made to reach those in need of receiving Jesus as their Savior. Students share the Gospel through a variety of ways, holding tent meetings, teaching, preaching and prayer, as well as through street ministry, by performing skits, canvassing neighborhoods and distributing food.

The 27 member CBC team on the steps of La Casa Grande missions base. (Click to enlarge)In early 2011, CBC-Colorado had several mission teams leave the country, one of which went to the Dominican Republic. CBC Missions Coordinator, Michelle Patterson and two third-year interns, Jessica Klecker and Omar Fernandez, led twenty-four second year students to the city of Santiago, where they stayed with full-time missionaries Tim and Trena Johnson at La Casa Grande missions base.

A team from CBC-Colorado spent time in Santiago in late 2010 and had left some of Andrew's materials with the Johnsons for local distribution. Student-led worship in the park where the team set up for open-air ministry. (Click to enlarge)Tim has been giving the materials to local church pastors since then, and they have been seeing lives changed. When the community received word that another team was coming they were very excited; they wanted more of the truth.

Michelle and her team ministered in a variety of areas and conditions. One particular outreach was held outdoors, in a public park. "The experience that stands out the most is the public park where we set up. We saw the hurting, hard and unchurched people, melt in the love of Christ through the preaching of the Word," said CBC student, Carla Harper.

CBC-Colorado Missions Coordinator, Michelle Patterson with the man from Haiti who had dreamed the Americans were coming. (Click to enlarge) The park event was unique in that there was a noticeably large portion of the crowd that was male; more often than not, this was not the case for this team. After ministering the Word, an altar call was given for salvation, to which many responded. One man stood out in the crowd and he shared his story with Michelle. The man, a Haitian, said that he'd had a dream the night before that there were going to be Americans in that specific park and that he needed to be there. He was among those who accepted Jesus as his Savior.

In each situation the team ministered God's love, and the Lord met the needs of those in attendance. The team distributed van-loads of pasta to the poorest in Santiago. (Click to enlarge)One of those needs was communicated to Michelle a couple of days prior to the team leaving the United States. Trena had expressed to Michelle that in one of the poorest areas the team would be visiting there were approximately 300 children that had not received anything for Christmas. Trena wondered if there was anything the team could do. It was short notice, but "Nothing is impossible with God," Michelle thought.

Michelle left her office after speaking with Trena, and she bumped into Joe Nelson, a second year student who was part of the mission team. At first she was not going to mention the need to Joe, but felt prompted by the Lord to tell him of this last minute request. Joe said that he had 150 TY Beanie Babies, still in the original wrappers, which he would bring.

The CBC team members ranged in age from 20 to 78. Here Roland Bivens, 78 prays for a local man at a children's event. (Click to enlarge)In chapel the next morning, as the student body prayed together over the team leaving for Santiago, Michelle shared the story of the needy children and how God was already working through the team to meet the need. After prayer, two students, Terry and Trena McCandless offered to donate a bunch of teddy bears. Between these two donations, the team had enough toys to cover the need. "God took care of those kids in a moment's notice. It was awesome passing them out to them," said Michelle.

"We saw the powerful function of evangelism; we saw that street ministry can be very effective, even when filled with untrained actors, home-made props, and people that have never spoken in front of a crowd. God was there. Anointing was there. Not to make us look good, but to effect the hearts of those that surrounded us. God wants so desperately to reach the hearts of those who don't know Him. He can and will use anything and anyone who is willing," said Carla.


CBC Students Visit the Dominican Republic 

In December, CBC instructors, Peggy and Dr. Delron Shirley, led a CBC mission trip to the Dominican Republic. (Click to enlarge)On December 1, 2010 Dr. Delron Shirley, his wife Peggy and Charis Bible College (CBC) intern, Justin Knapp, led a group of twenty-three CBC second-year students on a missionary journey to the Dominican Republic. The Shirleys both serve as instructors at CBC in Colorado, and are the founders of Teach All Nations, a global missions ministry. Delron and Peggy have been leading short term mission trips since 1990, and have taken teams all over the world.

CBC second-year students form a line to shuttle food from storage to vehicles for community distributuion.
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After delays in Denver caused the CBC students to miss a connecting flight in Miami, the group finally reached their destination, La Casa Grande missions base in Santiago, run by full-time missionaries Tim and Trena Johnson. The loss of a day at the outset of the trip forced the group to maximize their efforts during the remaining time in order to fulfill their scheduled commitments.

Students ministered to the crowds that gathered wherever they went.
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Once on the mission field, the group split into several teams and they headed into the community. Some CBC students went into the public school system, and others went to a local barrio (a needy community within the city). In both cases the students were able to perform gospel-centered skits, share testimonies and offer opportunities for those in attendance to receive prayer.

The students ministered in various ways; here they distribute food in a local barrio. (Click to enlarge)A large portion of the students' time in Santiago revolved around food distribution to the poorest communities. Factory closures in the region have crippled the local economy, leaving many families in despair. Throughout the trip, the host churches where the students ministered were filled with needy families from within the surrounding villages. Each evangelistic outreach was organized so that only specifically invited families could attend. This was for the purpose of allowing the host church to follow up with those who responded to the Gospel and to be able to continue to assist the families in need.

The CBC students held a successful children's crusade. (Click to enlarge)Saturday was a busy, but fun and productive day for the students as they held two large events; a children's crusade and a pastors' conference. Rain threatened to make unpaved roads impassable in the morning hours, but thankfully it did not hinder attendance at either outreach. The overflowing crowd of children enjoyed the puppets, drama, juggling, candy, and of course the hugs and smiles from the students.

A young boy studies a gospel tract left by the CBC team. (Click to enlarge)The pastors' conference was attended by approximately three hundred pastors and leaders who enjoyed the students' ministry, as well as a review of Delron's book, Finally, My Brethren which has just been released in Spanish. After the teaching, the pastors and leaders were served a free lunch and given a basket of food to take home to their families, along with a free copy of Delron's book.

Whether the students were ministering in a church, a village, a public park, a public school, or even on an outdoor basket ball court, they were consistently well received. According to the Shirleys, each student received a new boldness and overcame personal fears. Children flocked around them as they ministered, and the adults were eager to fellowship with them despite the language barrier. A number of healings, many salvations and a couple deliverances were reported as a result of the mission team's efforts. It was a fantastic trip during which Jesus Christ was glorified.


CBC-Florida's Mission to the Dominican Republic

Part of CBC-Florida's mission team performing a skit for the residents of La Vega.
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The second year curriculum at Charis Bible College combines classroom teaching with hands-on training in real-life ministry situations. One of the blessings second year students receive is the privilege of participating as part of a team on one mission trip abroad. These experiences are a valuable part of each student's time at Charis, as they learn how to effectively minister the Gospel and communicate in a foreign culture.

In April, sixteen students from Charis Bible College-Florida (CBC-Florida, formerly CBC-Jacksonville) visited the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is the eastern neighbor of Haiti on the island of Hispaniola. The CBC-Florida team partnered with Cedric Twillie of Crucial Ministries in Jacksonville. Cedric's wife is from the Dominican, and they maintain a ministry in Concepción de La Vega, the third largest city in the Dominican Republic.

Map of Latin America with the Dominican Republic highlighted in red. (Click to enlarge)Many of the CBC students were amazed at the depth of poverty in the city. Housing accommodations in the area were poor at best, and in this community that often meant houses were built with tin sheeting and had dirt floors. However poor the conditions appeared, students were equally amazed by the warmth of the people. As the team traveled by foot down the local dirt roads, little children would spring into the streets and follow them everywhere they went, greeting them with hugs, and grinning with broad smiles of friendship as they welcomed the CBC team to their neighborhood.

The poor in La Vega live in shacks like this one. (Click to enlarge)Danon Winter, Director of CBC-Florida, carefully planned the week-long trip maximizing the team's ministry opportunities. The students broke into smaller groups to cover more ground during their short stay. They visited three different hospitals, two schools, engaged in a neighborhood clean-up project, and met with local pastors to present Discipleship Evangelism lessons. “Everywhere we went we saw God save and heal people,” commented Danon.

A team of men from CBC-Florida visited a juvenile detention center and saw 33 boys receive Jesus. (Click to enlarge)The teams were sensitive to the Lord's leading, taking every opportunity to minister. As the students walked downtown in the mornings they would extend invitations to those passing by to meet them at the park. Then as local children and their parents gathered together at the park, the drama team would perform skits that pointed to the glory of Jesus. In the hospitals the team witnessed numerous miracles; people were healed and many were filled with the Holy Spirit as the students laid hands on them. A few of the CBC men also visited a juvenile detention center for boys, which was home to thirty-three young men. The mission team spent two hours with the boys, and before they left the center, all thirty-three received Jesus as their Savior!

A CBC drama team performs a skit for local school children. (Click to enlarge)Much of the team's ministry time was focused on the local neighborhood children. Before leaving the United Sates, the CBC students had packed approximately twenty suitcases full of school supplies, personal hygiene items, clothing, candy, games and toys. On the ground in the Dominican Republic the teams sorted and packed all the goodies into backpacks and distributed the items to the children. The team even hosted a birthday party for all the students at the local Haitian Christian School, providing them with these gifts.

The CBC team and local children glorified Jesus, performing together for a large crowd. (Click to enlarge)The CBC students spent a few afternoons walking through the streets, speaking with the families and offering prayer. On Saturday night a stage was set up, a local band played and the gospel was delivered to a large, but quiet crowd. The CBC drama group and some of the children also performed together. As the skies grew dark one person approached the stage for prayer—then all of a sudden, prayer erupted everywhere! The children and the parents, and the mission team were all praying together. As the ministry and evening ended, the children led everyone in a time of joyous dancing in the street.

Prayer was well received in La Vega as the CBC students experienced hands-on ministry. (Click to enlarge)CBC-Florida students enjoyed their time in the Dominican Republic, and were blessed as the power of God worked through their hearts and hands as they shared the good news of Jesus Christ.

“We are glad to partner with Crucial Ministries,” Danon said. “We plan to return to the Dominican Republic to continue what the Lord has begun, and this local connection helps us to stay in touch with their needs.”

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