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Sharing God's Love in the UK

Charis Bible College instructor, Dr. Delron Shirley (left) and the eight member CBC Colorado mission team visiting the United Kingdom. They ministered in Ireland, Scotland and England. (Click to enlarge)A missionary team from Charis Bible College-Colorado (CBC-CO) recently returned from a bustling adventure to the United Kingdom, which included stops in Ireland, Scotland and England. The team was made up of eight second-year students and was led by Dr. Delron Shirley.

The first stop was in Belfast, Ireland, where the team ministered at Charis Bible College-Belfast, which is directed by CBC-CO graduates Grady and Yvonne O’Brien. The team members were given opportunities to share their testimonies, teachings and prayer ministry with the Belfast students. The Colorado team also participated in an in-home fellowship just outside the city, and in a campus ministry in the heart of Belfast.

CBC-Colorado student missionary, Lydia Schneider, teaching at CBC-England.
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When their time in Belfast came to an end, the Colorado team crossed the Irish Sea by ferry to Scotland where they were met by John and Susan Donnelly, pastors of Glen Aros Church in the town of Dumfries. The team members stayed in the homes of various host families while ministering in Scotland.

The student’s adventure with the Donnellys began with a traditional ceilidh (pronounced kay-lay), which is a social gathering complete with bagpipes, kilts, and Scottish dancing. The highlight of their evening was the meal, which was complete with haggis, a Scottish delicacy of sheep heart, liver, and lungs mixed with onions, oatmeal, and spices cooked inside the sheep’s stomach. Yum.

The first day of ministry in Dumfries took place in an open-air meeting on a downtown public street. The students were invited to stand on the park bench and share their testimonies and whatever message was on their hearts. When anyone showed interest, they were offered free literature and a prayer. The following day, the students ministered at a church during both the Sunday morning and evening services. Colorado student, Doug Bishop teaching. (Click to enlarge)Students took turns sharing a testimony or short message in the church service, and then spent time ministering individually to the people as they fellowshipped after the service. A number of individuals received healings and a woman received a dramatic deliverance from a spirit that had been tormenting her severely. One man who had been suffering from serious knee problems was totally healed and began running up and down the stairs proclaiming his healing.

At the Sunday evening church service, Colorado team member, Caroline Walton had the opportunity to minister to the large Scottish family with whom she was staying. During the conclusion of the service, as Delron invited people forward for prayer, Many witnessed the love and miraculous power of God flowing through CBC-Colorado student, Caroline Walton (right) as she ministered. (Click to enlarge) the eldest daughter of Caroline's host family indicated that her friend needed prayer but was too shy to go forward. As Caroline approached him, she remembered being told that he had not previously received Jesus. Caroline asked him if he needed to be healed, and he explained that he had chronic pain in his lower back. Caroline then asked if she could pray for him and he agreed. She proceeded to evaluate his legs and saw that one leg was shorter than the other by approximately an inch. Standing on God's word, Caroline commanded his leg to grow in the name of Jesus Christ—and it did. After prayer for his back, hips and spine, all the pain left his body.

As Caroline made her way back to her seat, she heard the Lord say, "He is ready." Caroline knew this young man was ready to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. She looked over and saw him sitting with his face in his hands. Caroline knelt down beside him and asked if he would like to make Jesus his Lord and Savior. The young man looked up with tears streaming down his face and answered, yes. "I placed my hand on his shoulder and introduced him to the God who had just healed him, and then led him in a prayer of salvation. What a wonderful way to meet the Lord, knowing what a mighty God He is,” said Caroline.

The CBC-Colorado team included Doug Bishop, Tennie Goen, Jim Schneider, Lydia Schneider, Jay & Karen Smith, Trish Sinclair, Caroline Walton and team leader Delron Shirley. (Click to enlarge)For the final leg of the journey, the students were guests of Charis Bible College-England, directed by Paul and Sue Fong Flanagan. Just as they had in Ireland, the Colorado team shared their testimonies and taught in the classes and in small groups. A highlight of the ministry in England was a communion service in which the Colorado team served the local students and then prayed with them. Many students from both campuses testified to receiving physical and emotional healings that day.

As time in the UK drew to a close, the Colorado team gathered for fellowship with a number of the local college students and staff, as well as members of the community for a home fellowship at the farm of Carol and Barrie Dupree. In that closing meeting, students offered prayer and ministry one last time. “It was beautiful to see how so many kept coming to various members of the team for prayer before we finally loaded the bus and headed back to the hotel in preparation for our departure,” said Delron.


Mission to England/Uganda: The Longest Day

Boarding Emirates Air (Click to enlarge)Normally we take an overnight nonstop flight to Uganda from London. It provides 6 to 8 hours of reasonably comfortable sleep. However, our schedule was disrupted by the British Airways strike. We rebooked flights with Emirates Air. That meant making a stopover in Dubai and a brief stop in Addis Ababa. None of us had ever flown Emirates Air and we wondered what to expect. We were in for a pleasant surprise!

Too many hours without sleep
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As we boarded, we heard a stewardess exclaim, “Andrew Wommack! I watch you every day on TV in Dubai!” She was so excited she actually jumped on her toes like a schoolgirl. Once it was known that we were Christians, other crew members identified themselves as “born again believers.” We were welcomed again and again as we made our way down the long aisle of the spanking new Boeing 777-300. This reception was totally unexpected. We received word that at one Mosque in Dubai a local cleric actually teaches Andrew’s material. It seems inconceivable how such a thing could be possible, but we rejoice in the way the Gospel Truth is crossing impossible barriersNew Life Church Group (Click to enlarge). (The airplane was clean, new, American made, and more comfortable than British Air. You strike, you lose. We will never again hesitate to fly Emirates.)

The flight was not long enough to provide a good opportunity to sleep. At 2am we arrived in Dubai and had several hours in lounge seats until boarding our final plane. No deep sleep. Maybe 20-30 minutes of catnapping.

Uganda, at last! (Click to enlarge)Boarding the next aircraft we had another delightful surprise. 14 youth from New Life Church in Colorado Springs were also on our flight to Uganda. What an unexpected party! Again, we found little time for sleep before landing in Addis Ababa. Unable to deplane, we were like zombies as the Entebbe airstrip on the shore of Lake Victoria finally appeared on our TV screens.

Teaching before sleep (Click to enlarge)An hour in a bus to Kampala and then sleep—right? Wrong! Andrew made one last trip to the downtown Charis Bible College to teach for an hour before finally falling into bed. It was a day of about 37 total hours without sleep. We’ve seen better, we’ve seen worse. Praise God, it was the beginning of our great experience of ministry in Uganda 2010.

Stay tuned.

Filed Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 11pm, Uganda time, AWMI Media Manager, Stephen Bransford


Mission to England: An English Barbeque

The Family Camp in Stoneleigh continued with a full schedule of meetings morning and night. In the afternoon, however, everyone took a break for a barbeque on the lawn. Dave Hinton sat in the gazebo and plucked his cowboy guitar accompanied by blues harmonica from CBC’s own John Elshaw. It was  time of fellowship for which pictures are worth more than a thousand words:

Picnic ministry time (Click to enlarge) Andrew at Messy Church (Click to enlarge)
Dave & John (Click to enlarge) Ready... (Click to enlarge)
 ...Aim... (Click to enlarge)  ...Fire! (Click to enlarge)
 Kids at picnic (Click to enlarge)  Too much fun (Click to enlarge)
 Big kids (Click to enlarge)  Zolt and family, from AWME Hungary
(Click to enlarge)
 Enjoying the sun (Click to enlarge)  Messy Church for kids (Click to enlarge)

Filed Sunday, May 30, 2010, 6pm, Stoneleigh Park time, AWMI Media Manager, Stephen Bransford´╗┐