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On the Road with Andrew: Germany II

Zaida Gates, a "Word of Faith" pastor from the Republic of Panama. (Click to enlarge)After the second day of the conference, Andrew stepped onto the elevator at the Aviva Hotel in Karlsruhe, heading for his room. Zaida Gates was there.

“I have been looking for you for ten years,” she said. “Someone gave me a teaching tape back then and after hearing it, I told myself that I would find you and have you lay your hands on me and pray for my healing from kidney disease. But now that I have heard you teach at this conference, I do not need you to pray for me. I was healed 2000 years ago. I’ve already got it.”

Andrew was very happy to hear this. So many people continue to seek his prayers even after he has taught them about their own authority.

Andrew prays after the session for those who still feel the need for his help. (Click to enlarge)Later, Zaida explained that she was “old school.” In the faith movement, she said, she was always taught to seek out the man of God and receive a gift of healing. Andrew’s Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith teaches that the believer has already received healing by grace, and only need to reach out and take it by faith. Faith does not produce healing, faith lays hold of the healing God has already provided through the suffering of His Son, Jesus. This means that anyone can do it. No one needs to seek out the “man of God” for this to happen.

She said that as a faith minister she had been working herself to death over the years. Uwe Dalke, senior pastor at the Christian Center in Karlsruhe, made concluding remarks at the end of each session. (Click to enlarge)She was the “woman of God” that many people looked up to for healing. She laid her hands on many people and saw them healed, but she was becoming sick herself. “Where can a faith pastor go when he or she becomes sick and needs help?” she asked rhetorically. She had worn out her immune system and now a disease was attacking one of her kidneys. She had come to Germany from Panama to see specialists who could help her. That is when she saw that Andrew was in a local conference and she came to have him lay hands on her.

The balance of grace and faith has given her a larger perspective; “I’ve already got it. It’s mine,” she said, with a confident smile.

Filed Monday October 24, 2011 by AWM Media Opertation Manager, Stephen Bransford.


On the Road With Andrew: Germany 

Andrew ministers the Baptism of the Holy Spirtit in Karlsruhe, Germany. (Click to enlarge)The crowd gathered in Germany to hear Andrew speak in five sessions; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He was the featured guest at the “Maintain Your Faith” conference sponsored by Christian Center of Karlsruhe, with pastors, Uwe and Sylvia Dalke.

Many attendees had been following Gospel Truth on daily TV through the God Channel, or on the international satellite feeds from Daystar, TBN and Church Channel.

Andrew hears of the overflowing joy of Wim De Vlieghere from Belgium. (Click to enlarge)One man came who had never seen Andrew on TV. In fact he could not afford to own a TV set. His name is Wim (say “Vim”) De Vlieghere. Forget saying his last name unless you speak Flemish. Suffice it to say, the name means “the flier.” “Vim the Flier” lives in the Flemish (Dutch) speaking section of Belgium.

For 25 years “the flier” was grounded. He was a Christian believer, incapacitated by painful fibromyalgia. His spiritual leaders had taught him that God was trying to teach him a lesson through disease. He had been told that secret sin was keeping his healing from him. He had been taught that miracles do not operate by the word of God, but simply by the whim of God.

In desperation, 4 months ago, a friend loaned him a laptop and directed him to the Andrew Wommack site. There he began to devour God Wants You Well, You've Already Got It, The Believer's Authority and many more of Andrew’s teachings. Finally, he viewed Niki Weller’s testimony, and also Lance Weldgen’s story. Both were healed of fibromyalgia, and are chronicled in the Healing Journeys DVDs, Vol I, and Vol III.

Wim, healed of Fibro Mialgia after 25 crippling years. (Click to enlarge)After learning the truth, Wim became angry. Very angry. He saw that 25 years of his life had been stolen by the Devil with the full cooperation of Christian religion! He had had enough! He threw away his medications and began attacking the disease with the word of God, taking his authority and declaring that he had already been healed by the stripes of Jesus. Today, he is symptom free. He is able to work a steady job, and he is longing to come to Bible College someday in Colorado Springs. (Perhaps he will make a start closer to home at our school in Amsterdam).

Filed Monday October 24, from Germany by AWM Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford.


Sharing Jesus in Sch├Ânebeck

CBC-Dallas Director, Kitty Potts and twelve second-year students ministered in Germany in April. (Click to enlarge)This past April, twelve students from Charis Bible College (CBC) in Dallas, Texas traveled with CBC-Dallas Director, Kitty Potts to Schönebeck, Germany. They put their gifts and callings into action serving as missionaries, teaching and preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, in a foreign land. The following pictorial is a summary of their trip.

CBC-Dallas arrived in Berlin, Germay where host, Pastor Dietmar Jersch met the team. The missionaries then traveled two hours by car to Pastor Jersch’s church in Schönebeck called Christus Geminde.

CBC-Dallas student, Sondria McWilliams. (Click to enlarge)Sondria McWilliams had the opportunity to share on the Effects of Praise at Christus Geminde. She taught about the benefits of praise to the believer and how it is the highest expression of faith. The missionaries also enjoyed the daily service at the church where they spent time praying and loving on God’s people.

CBC-Dallas student, Jan Savas.
(Click to enlarge)
Jan Savas shared on Staying Full of God. Jan’s heart was especially touched by the youth she encountered on the trip. She found that their hearts are full of love, and are on fire for the Lord. “It was an awesome opportunity to minister on this trip to Germany,” Jan said.

The Gerthes and the Zerbst Church staff. (Click to enlarge)Gunar and Shirley Gerthe had the opportunity to minister in a church called, Zerbst Church. On Sunday, Gunar shared on Spirit, Soul and Body. Included in the photo is the leadership of Zerbst Church, all of whom received Gunar’s teaching with receptive and joyful hearts.

CBC-Dallas student, Millie Green.
(Click to enlarge)
Millie Green shared a teaching on the Holy Communion at Christus Germinde. One evening, Millie and Gunar had a chance to minister and pray with a group of young people at the CVJM. CVJM is Schönebeck's is a branch of America's YWCA. 

CBC-Dallas student, David Wright. (Click to enlarge)David Wright enjoyed teaching on A Better Way to Pray. David said, “There is a hunger for the Lord and the truth of His Word. We have been so blessed with what we have learned at CBC Dallas.”

Charles Knowles II had the opportunity to share on The War is Over. Lives were transformed by the message of grace and unconditional love unto mankind from God. “I thank God CBC-Dallas student, Charles Knowles II. (Click to enlarge)for such an awesome experience. Friends were gained, lives were touched, and the harvest is coming in,” said Charles.

CBC students were blessed to be able to meet with a Bible group in a local high school in Schönebeck. The missionaries shared testimonies and the high school students were blessed. Many students came forward to request prayer. The team was able to minister in a local Schönebeck high school.
(Click to enlarge)
It was an honor to pray for and speak blessings over all the students.

The CBC team received some publicity while in Germany. The students were interviewed, at the Mayor's request, by local television and radio stations, and a local newspaper. Mayor Haase, a Christian with a heart to reach the people of Schönebeck, and Bill Glancy, a friend of CBC-Dallas(Click to enlarge) and Mayor of Farmers Branch (a suburb of Dallas) have been praying for each other's cities for some time. During the interviews the CBC students were able to share the reason behind their visit to Germany—Jesus. The headline in the newspaper (Right) read: "Faith draws Christians from Farmers Branch to Schönebeck."