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Andrew Visits The Great Lakes Region

Behind the scenes look at Andrew ministering on April 24th at Church on the Queensway in Toronto. (Click to enlarge)Andrew recently completed a fruitful, three-city, tour through Toronto, Detroit and Chicago, holding well attended Gospel Truth Rallies in each location. Anticipation was high and Andrew's ministry of the Word was well-received at each venue.

According to Christy Driediger, the Administrator for Andrew Wommack Ministries Canada, more than half of the nearly 2000 guests at the Toronto gathering were attending a GTR for the first time. "We were pleasantly surprised to see so much new response," Christy said. "People traveled from all over Canada to come see Andrew for just a few hours. There were also some Americans that attended, particularly from border cities in New York, such as Niagara Falls, Buffalo, and Lockport."

The line of people waiting to receive prayer from Andrew in Toronto. (Click to enlarge)Prior to his visit to Canada, Andrew's teaching series, God Wants You Well, had been running on television. In the weeks leading up to the meeting, Christy and her staff were inundated with questions and requests that Andrew be available to pray. On the night of the event, one could sense the need and willingness to receive the Good News among those attending the meeting.

Many in the crowd were in need of healing; the handicapped seating sections were full to capacity, and there were many people in wheelchairs. When Andrew arrived in the auditorium, people hopeful to receive prayer, formed a line that stretched into the foyer of the facility.

While he did pray for quite a few people, and they saw many great things, there were a number of people that Andrew was unable to minister to personally. Instead, he ministered to the entire group by sharing a message based on his teaching, You've Already Got It. He opened the teaching by acknowledging the need in the crowd, and the reality of the gifts of healing and of miracles. But he went onto say that while those are fully functional gifts within the Body of Christ, and that many times people are healed through personal contact with those possessing the gifts, he does not believe that is the dominant way God's wants to meet our needs. Speaking to the born again believers, Andrew said, "God wants you to receive directly from His Word...You have the Holy Spirit on the inside of you...You have the power of God on the inside of you, and you don't need somebody else to do things for you...The power of God that's on the inside of you is already sufficient to produce whatever Andrew listeing attentively in Canada.
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miracle it is that you need." He went on to acknowledge that what he had just shared was a powerful truth.

The crowd was truly blessed by Andrew's message and personal ministry. The evening also generated a lot of interest in the Charis Bible College extension school in Toronto. Several people submitted applications for enrollment, while many others filed interest cards requesting more information about the school.

After the Toronto event, Andrew continued his tour, returning to the United States and stopping in Michigan and Illinois. Once he was Stateside, Andrew’s normal GTR team, including Daniel Amstutz and the Charis Bible College Worship Team, as well as his group of prayer ministers, joined him. Over the course of the two evenings, many received Salvation and nearly 500 were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Attendance in both cities had increased from previous visits, and similar to the Canadian crowd, the physical needs were great. At both rallies, the prayer ministry team was joined by several CBC Alumni, and with their help, they were able to address Andrew sharing the Gospel Truth in Canada.
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the crowd's needs efficiently.

Among the testimonies shared by those who received healing through the prayer team was an eight-year-old boy. The boy had lost his eyesight as a result of his battle with leukemia. After prayer, the boy had regained his sight.

A lady, who was suffering with a condition that left her skin so painful and sensitive that she could not bear to be touched, also requested prayer. She shared that before turning to Jesus, her doctors had tried numerous remedies to address her severe discomfort—all their attempts had failed. After receiving prayer, she felt all of her pain leave. Proof that she was healed came when she flung her arms around the prayer minister and cried tears of relief.

A woman, whose faith had been stirred by Andrew's message, was helped through the line by her daughters. A neurological problem had left her unable to balance or walk without help. After ministry, the woman walked away unassisted, and her balance was completely normal.

Andrew's ministry was well received by the people in all three cities on this Gospel Truth Rally tour. (Click to enlarge)Another family of three also came forward to receive from the Lord. The mother and father brought their comatose, eight-month-old baby to the meeting, desperate for a miracle. The couple shared that their baby boy had suffered a brain injury and was in a vegetative state. Doctors had given the family a poor prognosis; the negative report was no match God's prognosis. "Immediately after I prayed with him, the baby's eyes opened, and he looked right at his Mom. They were so excited because he was conscious and had never been able to do that before. They knew he was healed," said GTR Prayer Ministry Coordinator, Carlie Terradez.

The goodness of God was made manifest in all three cities that Andrew visited, and thousands left his meetings knowing that Jesus Christ is Lord.


Many Set Free in Alabama and Georgia

A large crowd answered the altar call in Mobile, Alabama. (Click to enlarge)Andrew, and a Gospel Truth Rally team, recently ministered in the Southeastern United States. The team held well-attended meetings in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama as well as in Atlanta, Georgia.

In each location, the GTR worship team, led by Daniel Amstutz, set the tone for the evening, and Andrew shared powerful and timely messages.

Over the course of the trip, dozens accepted Jesus as their Savior, and nearly 500 people received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In Mobile, after Andrew shared a message based on his teaching, You've Already Got It, 20 people received Christ. "This is the largest number of salvations that we have experienced, at one event, in numerous years," said GTR Prayer Ministry Coordinator, Carlie Terradez.

The prayer ministers on Andrew's team were busy before and after each session. Crowd response to the altar call for prayer at each venue was high, and many people approached the ministers expectantly seeking to receive what Jesus has already provided. The crowds were not disappointed.

Several people approached the prayer team suffering from the effects of Parkinson's disease. After a short time of ministry, they each went home symptom free. Tremors ceased, pain and numbness left, and strength was restored to their previously feeble bodies.

Several other attendees were set free from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. One young woman in particular came forward; her sickness had caused blindness in one of her eyes. After prayer, all of the MS symptoms were gone from her body, and her vision was totally restored.

The prayer ministry team shared that at one of the meetings, a man who had been battered by the enemy, and had suffered three strokes and two heart attacks, came forward for prayer. The minister said that before prayer the man could barely move, and he was in constant pain. As with the brief testimonies mentioned above, the enemy's efforts to steal from the man were no match for the beautiful name of Jesus. When the man left the prayer minister, he was pain free and he could use the previously stroke-affected side of his body!

Many lives were radically changed as Andrew and his team swept through the southern states. Be sure to check the ministry's meeting schedule to see when Andrew will be in your neck of the woods—you'll be blessed too.


Andrew Visits Philadelphia and NYC

The crowd in Philadelphia stands during worship. (Click to enlarge) Throughout 2013, Andrew has been covering extensive ground as he shares the Gospel Truth. Over the course of this year, he has implemented a change in his live conference schedule, substituting what the Ministry calls Gospel Truth Rallies in place of his standard Gospel Truth Seminars. Instead of spending three days and five sessions teaching in a handful of single city venues, Andrew now schedules one-night meetings within a certain region. At the end of July, Andrew spent two nights ministering in New York City and Philadelphia.

In New York, Andrew shared a message called, Reconciled to God, during which he taught that God has already taken care of sin for the entire human race, past, present and future. Many were set free by the good news Andrew shared.

Andrew teaching in New York City. (Click to enlarge)In Philly, Andrew taught a message called, Grace vs. The Law, and he challenged those in attendance with his belief that mainstream Christianity is not preaching the same Gospel that Paul preached. Using Scriptures from the book of Galatians as his opening text, Andrew showed that it was never God's intent for New Testament believers to live by the Old Testament Law.

Andrew traveled to the east coast with a ten-person team from Charis Bible College in Colorado. The student's provided prayer ministry to attendees and served as part of the worship team. Approximately 2,500 people gathered for the two meetings, at least 650 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and around 50 individuals received Salvation. The team saw a larger turnout in New York, where they distributed more than 400 of Andrew's, The New You and The Holy Spirit books, but Philadelphia produced the bulk of the salvations.

Andrew's team offered prayer before and after each meeting, and they had massive responses at both venues. The traveling prayer ministers were thankful for presence of CBC alumni from the local areas who were able to help at each meeting. Hundreds of people received prayer and the ministry time was fruitful. Some of the most notable healings included the following:

Some of the team that traveled with Andrew. (Click to enlarge)Several people received their sight; healing ranged from the restoration from complete blindness to varying degrees of visual impairments. A man named, George, came forward for prayer for his left eye; it was swollen, bulging from the eye socket and leaking fluids. George could not see out of the eye. After prayer, he smiled as he began to see light. Things were still blurry, but he was feeling a bubbling sensation behind his eyeball. He was prayed for a second time, and the swelling greatly reduced; his eye was no longer bulging. Moments later, he was able to open it wider and the eye began to return to normal. George looked around slowly and smiled... "I can see you! I can see you!" he said.

A woman came forward for prayer because her face was partially paralyzed. This prevented her from having full facial expression. After prayer, she said her face felt much better, and she had regained the ability to smile!

Another lady, who had suffered with chronic pain for 12 years, came forward to share her story. She could hardly walk as she approached the ministers, and she said her symptoms were the same as Niki Ochenski's (Several years ago, Niki was healed of severe Fibromyalgia). She became very excited during prayer, as she felt all of her pain leave. Because the pain was gone and she could move freely again, the minister asked if she wanted to go for a run, to try out her new body. To the minister's delight, the woman took off running up the nearby steps!

The blessings reported in the Big Apple and the City of Brotherly Love were abundant. To be a part of an upcoming Gospel Truth Rally or Seminar, be sure to check out Andrew's meeting schedule. With his focus shifting to the shorter Gospel Truth Rally format, Andrew may be in your area, but he may not be staying long.

A large crowd responded to receive the baptizm of the Holy Spirit in New York. (Click to enlarge