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Chicago GTS: Christ, The Hope of Glory

Andrew ministers to a woman in a wheelchair at the 2013 Chicago GTS. (Click to enlarge)In August, Andrew journeyed to Chicago, Illinois where he held his last state-side Gospel Truth Seminar for the year. According AWM staff traveling with Andrew, each of the sessions was well attended and those in the crowds were eager to receive from the Lord through Andrew and the prayer ministry team.

Andrew spent the weekend teaching a series titled, Christ In You, The Hope of Glory, which he taught entirely from the book of Colossians, something he had never done before. He opened the series by explaining that it can be inferred, based on Scripture, that Paul had never actually met the people to whom he was writing in Colosse. Andrew believes Paul was writing out of concern for the Colossians, that they were being taught the pure Gospel, and to make sure they had the basics down. From his opening statements, Andrew set out to do the same thing for the people in Chicago.

Andrew giving away a book during one of the sessions in Chicago.
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"This is really what my heart is, and what I believe God has spoken to me; I believe that today, the Gospel has been changed from when it was originally delivered...Brothers and sisters what most people know of the Gospel today is not the same as what the Apostle Paul shared. It's not what the Word of God teaches. We have so many traditions, and doctrines of men, that make the Word of God of no effect" (Mark 7:13).

As Andrew ministered the Gospel truth, the word was well accepted by those in attendance, both in the hearing and in the receiving of miracles. One of the seasoned prayer ministers commented that it has been her experience at any given GTS that the response from those desiring to receive prayer increases over the course of a weekend. She noted Andrew with Wendell Parr, Andrew's Director of World Outreach,Gail Coleman, Director of CBC-Indiana and Cindy Quarles, Director of CBC-Chicago. (Click to enlarge)that this was not the case in the Windy City. "From the very first evening in Chicago, the response for ministry was huge," she said.

There were several unique experiences among the many manifestations of God's ever present power to heal. Several people received healing from ringing in their ears; one of those healed was the minister praying. Both the minister and the man to whom she was ministering had the same condition, and both received healing as the power of God flowed. Another prayer minister was suffering from a brain tumor, and she found that a woman she was praying for also had a tumor. Both women had tumors in the same area of their brains and they shared the same symptoms; their hearing and vision on one side of their body had been damaged. As the women prayed together, both received healing and all of their symptoms left.

Crowds listened attentively as Andrew taught from the book of Colossians. (Click to enlarge)Other miracles included people being released from paralysis. One man, who came to the conference confined to a wheelchair, was paralyzed from the waist down. As a minister prayed for the man, he received strength and feeling back into his legs, and he was able to stand up by himself for the first time. Another person, a woman suffering with paralysis in one leg as the result of a broken hip, came forward for prayer. Like the man mentioned above, she regained feeling and the use of her leg. Before prayer she had no feeling or movement in her hip and leg—now she is completely healed!

When the truth of the Gospel is preached with simplicity and received with equal simplicity, there is no stopping the power of God and His limitless flow.

Be sure to watch the video below as Andrew shares the introduction to the teaching series for the 2013 Chicago Gospel Truth Seminar.


God's True Nature Revealed in Atlanta

Andrew during Thursday night's opening meeting for the 2013 Atlanta GTS. (Click to enlarge)"God loves us more than any of us realize." Those were Andrew's opening words on the first night of the Gospel Truth Seminar held in Atlanta last month. Andrew spent all five sessions explaining the magnitude of his opening statement as shared a message called, The True Nature of God.

Beginning with the book of Genesis, Andrew unfolded God's graciousness, pointing out that God didn't even burden Adam and Eve with knowledge of the full weight of their error and how it would affect all of humanity. Andrew made the point that the shame Adam and Eve felt, simply by realizing they were naked, was enough for them to feel severely condemned by their wrongdoing.

Andrew makes reference to his own perspective. (Click to enlarge)Andrew spent the weekend testifying to the fact that God is always good, that He loves us, and that His true nature is love (1 John 4:8). Saturday morning, as he was giving a brief recap of what he had shared in the previous sessions, Andrew voiced a particular pet peeve; he made the point that what he was teaching, about God's loving nature, was counter to a doctrine prevalent in the Church today—that God sovereignly controls everything. Before getting back to the focus of his teaching for the weekend, Andrew said, "That is the worst doctrine in the body of Christ... it gives people the wrong impression about God."

Andrew's Prayer Ministry Team, on this trip, consisted of nearly 30 volunteers from CBC campuses in Atlanta and Colorado, along with numerous ministry partners. In addition to the volunteers, Andrew during Friday morning's meeting. (Click to enlarge)the team was assisted by four graduates from CBC-Colorado, who are heading out to launch CBC's first campus in Australia. The purpose of their involvement in Atlanta was to shadow Andrew's team, observing their various responsibilities, to gain experience and readiness for the GTS to be held in Australia in the fall.

The prayer ministers saw significant results, even before Andrew had started teaching, Thursday night. Before the first meeting, two ladies approached prayer ministers. One lady with eye problems said that she struggled with floaters and that they were affecting her vision. After prayer, her eyesight was completely restored. The second lady was healed from sciatica and all her pain left immediately, as the minister prayed for her. "This powerful start [to the GTS] Saturday night's meeting. By the end of the conference, 18 people had chosen to receive Jesus, and 180 more were baptized in the Holy Ghost.
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encouraged others, and we began to see all kinds of conditions healed," said Prayer Minister Coordinator, Carlie Terradez.

A man named, George, sought prayer for relief of chronic severe pain that had nagged him for years. His pain radiated throughout his shoulders and arms and he said the pain was a constant 10 on a scale of 1-10. After prayer, George's pain was a zero—completely gone. George's life was changed.

Multitudes of people with back and neck issues saw instant healings. One lady, who had been wheelchair-dependent following a car accident two years ago, rolled forward for prayer. She told the minister that she had broken her back in the accident, and she had to wear leg braces. After prayer, she removed the braces and began walking for the first time since the accident. She had not been able Andrew prays with a man who answered the Saturday night altar call.
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to stand or bear weight before receiving prayer.

As the weekend came to a close, many had come to the conclusion that Andrew's opening statement was true, God loves us more than any of us realize—it is His true Nature.

Be sure to watch the video below as Andrew shares the introduction to the teaching series for the 2013 Atlanta Gospel Truth Seminar.


Andrew's 2013 Phoenix GTS

Andrew sharing at Thursday night's opening meeting in Phoenix. (Click to enlarge)Andrew spent the first weekend of the new year in Phoenix, Arizona, where he held the first of only four Gospel Truth Seminars scheduled for 2013. While his three-day, single location conference schedule has significantly decreased for the coming year, Andrew's on-the-road-ministry has not. Instead of spending three days in one place for a seminar, Andrew has opted to visit multiple locations using his single-day, Gospel Truth Rallies as the model for future conferences. Be sure to take a look at Andrew's upcoming meeting schedule to find out when he'll be in your area.

Andrew opened Thursday evening's meeting with a series of questions—trick questions. "How many of you are hungry for more of God? How many of you want to see God move and do something new?" he baited the large crowd. With attendees excited, anticipating what Andrew may say next, he said plainly, "Well, I'm going to pop your bubble..." and he introduced his series for the weekend, You've Already Got It.Andrew at Friday night's meeting.
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After spending the opening minutes of Thursday's meeting bluntly exposing the Church's mishandling of the Word, Andrew made the point that most Christians don't understand what God has already done on their behalf. Then, using Scripture, he began to systematically reshape the crowd's understanding of God's goodness, closeness and the fullness of his atonement.

At the end of each session, Andrew gave an invitation to come forward for prayer. With their faith stirred to receive, many people responded. A Prayer Ministry Team made up of GTS staff, students from CBC-Colorado and CBC-Phoenix, and several AWM Partners were on hand to meet the individual ministry needs of those responding.

Andrew sharing from the Scriptures on Saturday night. (Click to enlarge)The ministry team was blessed to be a part of harvesting the fruit of many miracles. One man, who had sustained a ruptured disc in his back, came forward with numbness in his side. The same man also had a painful gastric condition that restricted his diet and caused him pain. After prayer, he was completely healed. He returned to the GTS the following day, excited to share the report that he was eating normally again, and all pain and numbness had left his body.

A young lady with a broken leg came forward after one meeting. As the minister prayed, the young lady's leg pain left. She immediately removed her cast and found that her leg was healed and strong. She, and the prayer minister who had prayed for her, then ran around the auditorium together in celebration.

Another man, born with a crippling condition called, Spina Bifida, came forward with pain and immobility in his back. After prayer, the pain was gone and he was able to move freely. A life-long condition crushed in the name of Jesus—the man's life was transformed!

Understanding the simple Gospel truth of what you already have, in Christ, will transform your life.

Be sure to watch the video below as Andrew opens Thursday night's meeting and introduces the weekend's series, You've Already Got It.