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Andrew's 2013 Phoenix GTS

Andrew sharing at Thursday night's opening meeting in Phoenix. (Click to enlarge)Andrew spent the first weekend of the new year in Phoenix, Arizona, where he held the first of only four Gospel Truth Seminars scheduled for 2013. While his three-day, single location conference schedule has significantly decreased for the coming year, Andrew's on-the-road-ministry has not. Instead of spending three days in one place for a seminar, Andrew has opted to visit multiple locations using his single-day, Gospel Truth Rallies as the model for future conferences. Be sure to take a look at Andrew's upcoming meeting schedule to find out when he'll be in your area.

Andrew opened Thursday evening's meeting with a series of questions—trick questions. "How many of you are hungry for more of God? How many of you want to see God move and do something new?" he baited the large crowd. With attendees excited, anticipating what Andrew may say next, he said plainly, "Well, I'm going to pop your bubble..." and he introduced his series for the weekend, You've Already Got It.Andrew at Friday night's meeting.
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After spending the opening minutes of Thursday's meeting bluntly exposing the Church's mishandling of the Word, Andrew made the point that most Christians don't understand what God has already done on their behalf. Then, using Scripture, he began to systematically reshape the crowd's understanding of God's goodness, closeness and the fullness of his atonement.

At the end of each session, Andrew gave an invitation to come forward for prayer. With their faith stirred to receive, many people responded. A Prayer Ministry Team made up of GTS staff, students from CBC-Colorado and CBC-Phoenix, and several AWM Partners were on hand to meet the individual ministry needs of those responding.

Andrew sharing from the Scriptures on Saturday night. (Click to enlarge)The ministry team was blessed to be a part of harvesting the fruit of many miracles. One man, who had sustained a ruptured disc in his back, came forward with numbness in his side. The same man also had a painful gastric condition that restricted his diet and caused him pain. After prayer, he was completely healed. He returned to the GTS the following day, excited to share the report that he was eating normally again, and all pain and numbness had left his body.

A young lady with a broken leg came forward after one meeting. As the minister prayed, the young lady's leg pain left. She immediately removed her cast and found that her leg was healed and strong. She, and the prayer minister who had prayed for her, then ran around the auditorium together in celebration.

Another man, born with a crippling condition called, Spina Bifida, came forward with pain and immobility in his back. After prayer, the pain was gone and he was able to move freely. A life-long condition crushed in the name of Jesus—the man's life was transformed!

Understanding the simple Gospel truth of what you already have, in Christ, will transform your life.

Be sure to watch the video below as Andrew opens Thursday night's meeting and introduces the weekend's series, You've Already Got It.


Dallas GTS: Secrets Revealed

Andrew introducing the topic for the 2012 Gospel Truth Seminar in Dallas/Fort Worth. (Click to enlarge)In November, Andrew and Jamie wrapped up the Gospel Truth Seminar schedule with a stop in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. During his final conference of the year, Andrew shared a series called, Paul's Secrets to Happiness. With the GTS being held on the heels of this year's United States Presidential election, Andrew smiled as he commented that many in the Texas crowd could probably use a little more happiness.

Andrew opened Thursday evening's meeting making mention that the weekend's main text would be from Paul's letter to the Philippians. Early in the teaching, Andrew made the point that in the four short chapters found in the book of Philippians, Paul used the word joy 16 times. Andrew said, "You may not have thought about Paul being a really happy person, but he was... He's the one that said rejoice in the Lord always. He's the one that said in everything give thanks unto the Lord. Paul was a person that praised God, and Paul went through a lot of hardship, so there are things for us to learn through this."Andrew sharing one of his 20 points on Saturday evening. (Click to enlarge)

Later in the conference, Andrew shared that the 20 things he was highlighting as Paul's secrets to happiness could just as well be called, Paul's Secrets to Life or Paul's Secrets to Victory. Andrew said, "If we would adopt Paul's way of thinking, then we would get Paul's results."

After each meeting, Andrew invited the Prayer Ministry Team to come forward, followed by an invitation for those in need of prayer to come forward to receive. With the largest ministry team in GTS history, comprised of Charis Bible College students from Texas and Colorado, and other ministry partners ready to share the love of God, notable miracles were received throughout the weekend.

Among those encountering God's supernatural love was a man suffering from the effects of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). He approached a minister relying on a walker to steady himself and keep himself upright. After a short prayer, the man did not need the assistance of the walker Andrew inviting the crowd to come forward for prayer. (Click to enlarge)any longer; he was able to balance and walk on his own. He was even able to bend over and touch his toes, something he was unable to do prior to coming to the meeting.

Another man came forward seeking healing from cancer. He had recently received a report that the disease had affected his lymph nodes and had spread throughout his body. He had pain in his lungs and joints. After prayer he knew he was healed; all the pain had left his body and he was able to bend his joints freely and breathe easily.

One lady simply came forward to share a praise report. "She made a point of seeking us out to let us know that she was completely healed of cancer after receiving prayer at last year’s GTS in Fort Worth," said one prayer minister.

Many lives were forever changed—Praise God! Be sure to catch the video below and watch as Andrew introduces the series, Paul's Secrets to Happiness.


Andrew Visits the Windy City for a GTS

Andrew sharing the Word at the first session of the GTS in Chicago. (Click to enlarge)Andrew spent the third weekend of August ministering at a Gospel Truth Seminar in Chicago. During his annual visit to the Windy City he taught a series called, Reigning in Life. Throughout the weekend, he ministered predominantly from the book of Romans and he said, "The book of Romans is Paul's masterpiece on Grace, and he Andrew teaching Thursday night.
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taught effectively from the word of God how Jesus totally changed everything and took away the condemnation of the Old Testament Law—I mean, it is profound. If the book of Romans isn't one of your favorite books, you do not have a good foundation in the Word of God."

As he taught about the freedom Jesus provided Andrew commented, "One of the slickest deceptions that the devil ever put forth was to convince the modern day church that God gave all of the commands so that you could keep them and by keeping them you would earn God's favor. That was never the purpose of the Law."The altar call Friday night.
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After listening to Andrew share the truth about a believer's right standing and freedom through Christ, many answered the end-of-meeting altar calls to be born again or to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Large crowds also came forward to receive one-on-one ministry from the prayer team. One woman suffering from a nerve disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) approached a prayer minister and explained that her feet were badly affected by the disease, and she could hardly walk. The prayer minister also noticed that one of her hands was rigidly clenched and her arm hung as if it was useless. The woman acknowledged the minister's observation and said she Andrew with World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr, the Directors of CBC-Chicago and CBC-Iniana and their staff. (Click to enlarge)had lost the use of her arm due to a stroke. Without hesitation the minister prayed, and all pain left the woman's feet, life returned to her damaged arm and she was able to use her hand again. "She was overjoyed," remarked the prayer minister.

Another woman, named Debbie, approached the prayer team. As she stepped forward, using a cane she was noticeably pale. Debbie shared that she suffered from persistent internal bleeding; a condition that caused her pale color and severe weakness. She went on to say that her problem normally kept her confined to her bed. The following day, the minister reported that within 24 hours of receiving prayer, Debbie was up, walking without the cane, color had returned to her skin and she had been out of bed all day.

A great number of those seeking prayer at this conference commented that they had suffered with their individual pain or torment for years. Their problems were no match for the mighty name of Jesus, and His finished work on our behalf.