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Andrew Visits New England for GTS

Andrew kidding with the audience in Worcester, Massachusetts at this year's New England GTS.
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Andrew visited the northeastern United States at the end of July, where he hosted the New England Gospel Truth Seminar in Worcester, Massachusetts. Thursday July 26th, Andrew opened the annual conference by sharing the title of the weekend's series, Christian Philosophy.

As Andrew established the context and meaning of his title, he used Colossians 2:8 as a foundation for his message. Andrew asked the crowd to evaluate, within their heart, not openly, whether they felt like there was something the Lord had purchased for them that they hadn't appropriated; something that they could see in Scripture, but did not appear to be working in their individual lives, such as Andrew during the altar call after Thursday evening's meeting.
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healing, deliverance, joy, prosperity, peace, anointing, or boldness. Referring to the verse in Colossians, Andrew said, "The average Christian today has been spoiled, somebody has stripped from us something that Jesus has provided for us, and the average Christian is not experiencing God's best." He quickly asked, "Why is that?" Then answering the question for the crowd Andrew said, "Wrong philosophy. Wrong thinking."

Andrew spent the rest of the weekend contrasting errant doctrine and worldly perspective with Biblical truth, emphasizing what a Christian's philosophy should look like. Andrew, like the apostle Andrew sharing that God is good and only good—all of the time.
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Paul, encouraged believers to be on guard and not to lose what Jesus has made available. He discussed the inerrant truth of God's Word, the fact that there is only one God, that God is good all the time, that evolution in any form is not compatible with God's Word, and then he wrapped up the weekend ministering about homosexuality and abortion.

The crowds were receptive to Andrew's teaching of the Gospel Truth and many came forward to receive prayer throughout the weekend. The prayer ministry team witnessed multiple eyesight related healings; the most notable of these was that of a woman suffering from Andrew shared the platform Friday night with GTS staff, Ashley and Carlie Terradez. (Click to enlarge)the effects of multiple sclerosis. The disease had stolen the sensitivity from her face, leaving her with facial numbness and she had been deemed legally blind. After prayer, feeling returned to her face and she was able to read fine print.

One little girl came forward with a deformed hand; the hand was limp and curled under, leaving it useless. As the prayer minister spoke to the hand, the girl received strength in her wrist and they both watched as her hand slowly uncurled. As her healing manifested, she was able to extend her arm to shake hands with the prayer minister!

The power of God flowed throughout the weekend and many lives were transformed. Be sure to catch the video below and watch as Andrew introduces the series, Christian Philosophy.


Andrew Visits Atlanta, Georgia for a GTS

Andrew during his introduction Thursday night in Atlanta. (Click to enlarge)Andrew's Gospel Truth Seminar schedule found him ministering in Atlanta in early May. This year's conference was well attended; crowds in excess of a thousand people packed the venue for each session. Andrew's teaching on the Balance of Grace & Faith was well received and prepared the way for fruitful hands-on ministry by the prayer team.

Andrew opened the first meeting by sharing that he had had a dream the day before the conference, during which the Lord encouraged him to teach a message on the balance between grace and faith. In the dream, the Lord's request was not something earth-shattering since Andrew has been teaching a similarly titled message for decades. What struck Andrew was the angle Andrew ministering Friday night. (Click to enlarge)with which the Lord allowed him to see the same topic. Andrew's new perspective not only inspired him to share the teaching at the conference, but he also shared it with classes at Charis Bible College the day before; it made a huge impression on him. As he spoke the first evening, Andrew said, "The body of Christ today needs this revelation of balance between grace and faith—probably more so or as much as ever in my lifetime. This has the potential of really blessing you...this is life changing stuff."

Andrew smiles during and illustration Saturday morning. (Click to enlarge)Friday night Andrew said, "The body of Christ is basically broken into the faith camp and into the grace camp. You can get more specific, but usually the people who are faith people, don't like the grace people, and the grace people don't like the faith people. Yet the Bible says in Ephesians 2:8, you're saved by grace through faith, not one or the other—it's a combination of those two."

As Andrew ministered, he expressed the fact that God, by His grace, has already met every need a person may encounter, and it is by faith that each person may receive His provision. Built up and encouraged by the almost-too-good-to-be-true-news Andrew ministers the baptism of the Holy Spirit. (Click to enlarge)Andrew shared, many were ready to act on their faith and came forward to receive from the Lord.

Nearly 200 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is normal for Andrew's meetings, but what was special about this GTS was that many of those same people also received healing in their bodies upon receiving the baptism. The prayer ministry team, a combination of AWM partners and CBC-Atlanta students, saw this spontaneous baptism and healing happening in both the prayer lines and in the prayer ministry room where the recipients of the baptism are taken after prayer in the main auditorium. "One lady, who was mute before prayer, was able to talk perfectly as she received her prayer language. Another lady’s stiff jaw loosened, and another felt chest and arm pain leave. Once they received the Holy Spirit they did not need prayer for healing, they got everything in one package!" said prayer ministry coordinator, Carlie Terradez.

Another minister reported that a woman named Betty came for prayer; surgery left her neck in constant pain, and she was unable to lift her arms. In addition to the neck condition, Betty was suffering from macular degeneration which blurred her vision and prevented her from reading. After prayer, all her pain was gone, she was able to lift and move her arms, and her vision cleared so she could read the prayer minister’s name badge. God is so good!

Be sure to watch the video below as Andrew shares the introduction to the teaching series for the 2012 Atlanta GTS.



Andrew Visits Florida for GTS 

In Orlando attendance was high as Andrew shared a message about changing the way believers think.
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Andrew and the Gospel Truth Seminar team traveled to Orlando, Florida in April. While visiting the Sunshine state, Andrew ministered a series of teachings called Changing the Way We Think. As he introduced the series, which began in Ephesians 4, he said enthusiastically, "I'm probably going to give you everything I know this weekend."

Andrew opened with the gifts of the five-fold ministry found in Ephesians 4:11, pointing out that ministers are given the gifts for the purpose of perfecting or equipping the body of Christ to do the works of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12). He also pointed out that the body has delegated its duties to the full-time ministers. "It is not efficient for all of the shepherds [ministers] to produce all of the sheep. Shepherds should tend sheep and sheep should beget sheep," said Andrew. He went on to say that every church member ought to be producing sheep and be able to cast out devils and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These opening comments laid the ground work for the rest of the Andrew at the Saturday morning session in Florida.
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weekend by charging the body with the responsibility the Word assigns to each believer to minister.

Operating in the five-fold office of teacher, Andrew ministered the Word and prepared the people's hearts to receive from the prayer ministry team. Andrew's staff was joined by 30 prayer ministers; 20 were AWM partners and the rest were students from Charis Bible College's Jacksonville and Orlando campuses. The team ministered with boldness and expectancy and the majority of those who came forward for prayer received instantaneous manifestations of healing.

Included among those released from the oppression of the enemy was a man suffering from the effects of a stroke he had a decade earlier. According to a prayer minister, his symptoms included numbness and an inability to move the left side of his body. After receiving prayer, all feeling returned to his body and he was able to smile fully and rotate his left arm—things he hadn't been able to do prior to the meeting.Andrew prays with those who answered the altar call Friday night. 244 people received the batism of the Holy Spirit during the conference. (Click to enlarge)

The prayer team reported that several people suffering from the ravaging symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis also received healing. One woman with MS had approached the prayer team in a wheelchair; after prayer her pain left and strength returned to her body. She got up out of her wheelchair and walked unaided, all around the auditorium and refused to sit back down—she left the meeting pushing her wheelchair!

In addition to ministering from the platform at the GTS, Andrew also had the opportunity to be interviewed by a local television program called The Good Life. Andrew's two-part interview is available in our April 26 post.

Be sure to watch the video clip below to see Andrew introduce the series for the 2012 Orlando GTS or check out the entire teaching series, Changing the Way We Think.