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Andrew Ministers in Washington DC

Andrew sharing the introduction to his series Thursday night. (Click to enlarge)In late March, Andrew held a well-attended Gospel Truth Seminar near the nation's capital in Washington, DC. Andrew taught a series of messages entitled, A New Covenant with a New Commandment. Holding nothing back as he began to share his message, Andrew declared, "Most Christians do not understand the New Covenant." He said that for many people, the only difference they recognize between the Old and New Covenants is the single blank page in the Bible that separates the two. According to Andrew, this lack of understanding leads to a schizophrenic impression of God and of His true nature, and ultimately leads to the wrong doctrine so evident in the church today.

On Friday night Andrew opened the meeting by re-reading Hebrews 8:13, a verse he had read several times throughout the previous sessions. Drawing on this verse he taught that believers Andrew speaking Friday night. (Click to enlarge)today are not supposed to relate to God the same way as people did under the Old Covenant. "In our religious system today people will basically embrace the things that Moses said, the things David said, the way they prayed, the way they begged God not to leave them, the way they pleaded for cleansing and things. It is totally different under the New Covenant, and yet the average person does not make a distinction."

As Andrew continued to minister the Good News and freedom of the New Covenant, people began to catch a glimpse of the revelation of how awesome God is, and hearts and lives were transformed and prepared to receive from the Lord. With crowd attendance averaging close to 1000 each session, prayer ministers were in high demand. "We were glad to have 30 partners ready to serve," said one prayer team leader.

Andrew praying over the crowd Saturday morning. (Click to enlarge)After one session, a family with three little girls approached the ministry team. Each of the three suffered with physical issues, most prominently scoliosis. Their lives were changed as they received prayer and Jesus healed each one of them. One of the girl's legs visibly grew out, and each girl's twisted spine straightened and came into alignment with the Word of God. At the following session the three girls returned to the minister who had prayed for them and excitedly shared how happy they were now that they did not need to wear their back braces anymore!

During another session, a woman made her way to the front for prayer and her frail appearance caught the attention of several of the prayer ministers. The woman said she came forward because felt like she was dying. She explained that she had been in a car accident five years ago and had been suffering with excruciating pain ever since due to spine and neck injuries. As the ministers prayed the woman fell to the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit. A few moments later, the woman stood to her feet completely healed and pain free.

Be sure to watch the video below as Andrew introduces the weekend's series, A New Covenant with a New Commandment.


Andrew Ministers in Houston, Texas

Andrew ministers during the altar call opening night of the 2012 Houston GTS. (Click to enlarge)Andrew held his second Gospel Truth Seminar of 2012 in the "Bayou City," Houston, Texas. Thursday evening, he introduced a series called, As I Have Loved You, saying the teaching would be a tremendous eye-opener, a challenge and a blessing to those in attendance. Andrew then turned to the thirteenth chapter of the book of John where he read, "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another," (John 13:34). After bringing some context to the passage of Scripture, he made the point that this was not a casual suggestion; it was Jesus' last instruction to the disciples the night before he was crucified, and He gave it as a command. Andrew continued to explain that believers are to love people as He (Jesus) loves people, mentioning that the Andrew's message touched hearts and brought many to the platform for prayer ministry. (Click to enlarge)biggest hindrance in sharing Jesus' kind of love is that believers haven't truly received God's love.

On Friday night Andrew said, "You can't love other people until you first of all, receive the love of God. This is why most people aren't walking in love, and they get so ticked off at people. They are short-tempered and have un-forgiveness and bitterness in their heart. It's because we have been given a wrong impression of God's love for us. Religion has taught us wrong."

As Andrew spent the weekend ministering on the unconditional love of God, teaching that His love is never condemning Andrew adding emphasis to his comments as he reviews what he's been teaching. (Click to enlarge)and not something to be earned, but something to be received and shared; the ground of people's hearts softened. As a result of their new revelation, many people came forward for prayer ministry with expectant hearts.

One woman suffering with congestive heart failure, breathing problems, and a hunched spine came forward for prayer. With her heart prepared by the Word, she was totally transformed following prayer. Her natural color returned to her face, breathing became normal and her spine straightened. She received such refreshing strength in her limbs that she left the meeting pushing the wheelchair that she no-longer needed!

Andrew pauses for moment letting his previous statment linger.
(Click to enlarge)
Another woman, suffering from constant headache pain, came forward for prayer. She explained to the prayer minister that her pain was a symptom of a golf ball-sized tumor on her brain. As the minister prayed for the woman, she felt the tumor disappear under her hand, and the woman's pain left instantly.

Be sure to watch the clip below as Andrew introduces the teaching for the Houston GTS, As I Have Loved You.


Andrew's Recent Visit to Phoenix, Arizona

Andrew indroducing the topic for the first Gospel Truth Seminar of 2012 held in Phoenix, AZ. (Click to enlarge)Andrew kicked off the 2012 Gospel Truth Seminar schedule in Phoenix, Arizona. The three-day event was well attended with more than one thousand people at each of the five sessions. Andrew taught a series called Taking the Limits Off God x 10. As he introduced the topic for the weekend, he made reference to the fact that it has been 10 years since the Lord told him he was limiting what the Lord could do in his life by thinking too small. Up until that point, Andrew's own thinking and expectation had limited what God could accomplish through him and through AWM. Andrew went on to say that the same issue, small thinking, hinders many believers today. He made the point that for most people, their problems begin right between their ears with limits they've imagined. Andrew Andrew stands before Friday night's crowd. (Click to enlarge)said that life goes the way of a person's dominant thoughts. "The answer is to take the limits off...because as you think in your heart, that's the way that your life is (Proverbs 23:7). That's tight, but it's right. That's what the Bible says," said Andrew.

As Andrew taught through the weekend, many in attendance, suffering from physical and emotional problems, were touched by the Word and responded by coming forward for prayer. As the Word produced faith in their heart, they were ready to be free from their hindrances.

Prayer ministers were in high demand as the people came forth expecting to receive, and thankfully the GTS Andrew praying during the altar call Friday night. (Click to enlarge)team was prepared for the large response. 13 Charis Bible College students, who had been trained at CBC's School of Healing in Colorado, traveled to serve on the prayer ministry team. In addition to these, eight CBC-Phoenix students and a handful of AWM partners also ministered to the crowds.

Praise reports through Saturday's meeting included numerous healings from a wide range of physical and emotional oppression. Notable among these was one woman's release from a two-decade struggle with her eyesight. After receiving prayer for freedom from glaucoma, her vision cleared. Because she could now see and read, even very small print, she insisted on writing down her own praise report for the ministers.Andrew during a session on Saturday. (Click to enlarge)

One young man, also attending the GTS, shared his story of overcoming a neurological condition and depression. Six months prior to the GTS in Phoenix, he had travelled to Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs to attend the School of Healing. He had been struggling with his neurological issues for some time, and they were preventing him from earning a living as a race car driver. After attending the School of Healing he was able to receive his healing and return to work. Praise God!

Be sure to watch the clip below to see Andrew introduce the series for the Gospel Truth Seminar held in Phoenix earlier this year.

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