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2011 Fort Worth Gospel Truth Seminar

Andrew ministering at Calvary Cathedral in Ft. Worth, Texas during the final GTS of 2011. (Click to enlarge)In early November Andrew and his Gospel Truth Seminar team moseyed down to Fort Worth, Texas to hold a GTS at Bob Nichol's Calvary Cathedral. Andrew's topic for the weekend was The Fear of the Lord. Before those in attendance could bristle at the thought of Andrew teaching that believers ought to be fearful, he clarified that the fear he was going to teach about was a reverence, an honor, a respect and an awe of God. He noted that the word fear is used more than 600 times in the Bible, and more than half of those are used in a positive way.

Prayer ministers including students from CBC Colorado and CBC Dallas were available before the start of the service. (Click to enlarge)After opening Thursday evening's meeting with Proverbs 3:7, "Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil," Andrew turned to a passage of Scripture from Isaiah 11. He acknowledged the fact that the chapter opens with a prophesy about Jesus, and that twice in the first several verses, the Scriptures indicate Jesus' own "fear of the Lord" and His delight in it.

"This is not talking about a dread, a terror or condemnation. You know, you need to rightly divide things. I admit there is a negative use of the word fear, and again because of the society we live in, we nearly emphasize things to the negative Jill and Charlie LeBlanc leading worship. (Click to enlarge)every single time. But there is a positive use of fear; there is a Godly type of fear, and it's talking about a reverence. Jesus, here was not terrified of His father, but He was in awe of His Father," Andrew said. He went on to associate the word fear with the words trust and honor as found in Proverbs 29:25, "Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe."

As he taught, Andrew pointed to the discrepancy in some believers' lives, saying that many Andrew opening the five session seminar defining the word, "fear."
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put their faith in the Lord for eternity, but in this life they do not have a fear of God. They fear external worldly things because they're so plugged in to the natural world. This fear causes believers to assume the attitude of the unbelievers. Andrew went on to encourage people to reverse that trend in similarity, "You can fear God, and the fear of God will promote you and bless you."

Andrew opened the final session on Saturday with these remarks, "I have been teaching on the fear of God, and I think it's been powerful. I think it's a timely word; not only for every individual but for us as a culture. I believe this is really Andrew meeting and ministering to people in the lobby before the meeting Friday morning.
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important—it could change people's lives. This is the kind of thing you don't hear very often, sad to say. People just need to hear about the fear of God and putting God first, honoring Him above everything else."

Part of Andrew's team for this conference included a busload of Charis Bible College student from Colorado. The Colorado students joined fellow CBC-Dallas students as prayer ministers for the weekend-long event. According to one prayer team leader, "The students were grateful for the opportunity to minister, and they buzzed with excitement as they recounted the miracles they saw and the lives that were changed!"

A woman struggling with hearing loss, who had been waiting in line to receive prayer from Andrew, suddenly chose to step aside to allow the wheelchair-bound person behind her to move ahead. The person in the wheelchair would be the last person Andrew had time to minister to that evening. As the person rolled by in their wheel chair, the lady, who had stepped aside, received a miracle A woman who received her healing from deafness while in line to receive prayer, shares her miracle with Andrew.
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and her hearing was completely restored—without receiving prayer!

For some, Andrew's message of God's unconditional love and grace is hard to swallow. During one session at the GTS, there was a woman who was particularly challenged by Andrew’s teaching about fear. The Holy Spirit ministered to her through Andrew's words and revealed to her that she had an unhealthy fear of man. A short time later, after a prayer minister shared more Word with her, she was able to receive from God unhindered. She was amazed as pain left her body. The women's thumb, which she had severely cut a few weeks earlier, was restored. Feeling and movement returned to the thumb as a nerve she had severed was supernaturally repaired.

Watch the video segment below to catch Andrew's introduction to his series The Fear of The Lord.


New England GTS 2011

Andrew opening night in New England.
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As Andrew and the Gospel Truth Seminar team arrived in Massachusetts for the New England GTS, so did hurricane Irene. Although rough weather had been predicted to hit the area over the weekend, those hungry for the Word were not deterred from coming to the conference. Many people came eager to hear the Word and to receive individual ministry.

Andrew taught a brand new series based on revelation he had received over the previous several weeks as he read and meditated on Deuteronomy 2:24. While Andrew normally teaches topically, meaning he will spend a whole weekend teaching on one specific topic such as Grace or Andrew ministering to the crowd gathering at the front during the altar call.
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or Spirit, Soul & Body, he deviated a bit for the crowd in New England, and from a single verse he revealed six key elements of the Christian life.

"One verse in Deuteronomy, Chapter two just lit my fire and I have been stuck on that verse for two, maybe three weeks. I thought, I'm just going to share with everybody what God's been speaking to me," Andrew said.

Many lives were touched at this GTS, but for one prayer ministry team leader, a particular testimony stands out. A woman walked forward to the prayer line with slow and unsteady steps. It was plainly evident that she was struggling with pain Andrew laying hands as he ministers to the crowd Friday night.
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surging through her body. The prayer minister was struck by how unusually young she was to be experiencing such severe arthritis. As the woman received prayer she began to cry. Her tears were those of relief and joy as the pain left her body. She explained that it had been so long since she had been pain free that she was over whelmed! "Praise the Lord! What a privilege it is to work for Him!" said the minister.

Another woman suffering from the effects of stage four bone cancer approached the prayer line to receive healing. By her own description, her bones were brittle and she was in constant pain throughout her body. Not only did the pain leave after she received prayer, but she walked two laps around the auditorium. As she left the meeting to return home, she pushed her teenage daughter along in the wheelchair—the same wheelchair that her daughter had used to bring her into the meeting!

Watch the video segment below to catch Andrew's introduction to his message in New England: Lessons From Deuteronomy 2:24.

Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.


Gospel Truth Seminar: Chicago 2011

Andrew introducing the weekend's series called Knowing God's Way. (Click to enlarge)Early in August, Andrew and Jamie hosted a Gospel Truth Seminar in Chicago, Illinois. As Andrew opened the first meeting on Thursday night, and introduced the topic for the weekend, he said pointedly, "If you really know God, the more you know about God, the more you want to know."

Over the three days of the conference, Andrew taught a series of messages entitled, Knowing God's Way, in which he used Scriptures from the book of Exodus to show Moses' desire to know God more. "Moses knew God better than any person on the face of the earth at that time, and here he is [chapter 33 of Exodus] saying, show me Your way, that I might know You—that's just amazing to me," Andrew said. Andrew's altar call on Friday morning. (Click to enlarge)He went on to say that knowing God really is what the Christian life is all about.

Andrew's prayer ministers were available before and after each meeting, providing many guests the opportunity to receive individual ministry. Andrew's altar call for prayer at the end of each session yielded a large response and the team ministered to all who came forward.

According to the prayer team leaders, several people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis came to the front for prayer and received healing. One woman had been living in a nursing home because the disease had affected her to the point that she could no longer care for herself or her family. Friday night altar ministry.
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After receiving prayer, she was able to walk for the first time in a year and a half.

Another person, an elderly man, hunched over with a bent spine and bound by his wheelchair, rolled forward to receive ministry. Decades of smoking had damaged his lungs so severely that breathing was extremely difficult and walking had become impossible. Condemnation over the abuse of his own body had convinced him that he was not a candidate for healing, but after hearing about the love of Jesus and the truth that it was Satan condemning him and not God, he was able to receive his healing. Guests taking advantage of the opportunity to pick up Andrew's teaching resources. (Photo T. Kieya Click to enlarge)Ministers watched as he stood up, stepped out of his wheelchair and walked briskly around the auditorium. Then, the ministers were blessed to witness the man's spine straightening as he stood up taller than before! Thank you Jesus for providing the stark contrast between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of light.

Watch the video clip below to see Andrew introduce the topic for the weekend in Chicago: Knowing God's Way.


Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.

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