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Andrew Meets with Lance and Gerri Weldgen

In December of 2011, we posted an article about Lance Weldgen's faith-inspiring story of his victory over fibromyalgia, his journey through Charis Bible College and his call into full-time ministry on the mission field in India. Today we are happy to share a video update to Lance's story. Last summer, Andrew had the opportunity to sit down with the Weldgens at the Healing Journeys Reunion held at The Sanctuary, the future home of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado. Together they had a chance to remember all that the Lord has done for the Weldgens and the body of Christ as a whole.

Watch the video below as Lance and Gerri share, in their own words, the miraculous turnaround they have witnessed in their own lives and the lives of many others as a result of receiving the Gospel Truth.

For more information about Lance and Gerri's ministry visit their website: Son Ministries International.


Andrew and the Moores: A Healing Journeys Reunion

In July of 2010, we posted a story titled: 'Moore' Faith in God's Word. The article features Alan and Debbie Moore and their testimony of triumph over a life-threatening crisis. After a long shift at work, Alan had gone outside to work in his yard. It was a hot summer day in Texas, but Alan didn't plan to exert himself. A short time later Alan and Debbie Moore sharing their testimony. (Click to enlarge)Debbie felt led, by the Lord, to go outside as well. As she exited the house she found Alan lying on the ground—unresponsive with his eyes flittering. Debbie raised her voice and began speaking the Word over him, praying in the spirit as she ran to call 911. Alan had suffered a major stroke, and according to the doctors one third of Alan's brain was destroyed.

Today, Alan is alive and well, working for Andrew Wommack Ministries and attending Charis Bible College. At the Healing Journeys Reunion held last summer, Andrew had the opportunity to sit down with Alan and Debbie, to discuss Alan's miracle and how it has affected their lives.

Andrew with Alan and Debbie at the lodge on the The Sanctuary campus in Woodland Park, CO. (Click to enlarge)During the interview, the Moore's were quick to credit the outcome of their situation to the Lord, to the truth of His Word and His faithfulness to uphold it; they are grateful for the choices they had made in the past to prioritize studying the Scriptures together. The revelation that Debbie had received from the Word and from studying Andrew's teachings on Spirit, Soul and Body, Effortless Change, Harnessing Your Emotions and the Christian Survival Kit were so deeply rooted in her spirit that when she was faced with this crisis, her default reaction was based on the Word. Debbie's calm and purposeful reactions to the doctor's evaluations and prognosis of Alan's circumstances surprised even Debbie, but her reactions revealed what had been planted in her heart. It was her choice to stand her spiritual ground instead of responding carnally (Romans 8:6) that led to the miraculous turnaround in Alan's physical situation.Debbie sharing the thoughts she had as she made her choice to stand on the word.
(Click to enlarge)

It occurred to Debbie early in the crisis that if she focused on what she saw in front of her, in the natural, she was going to get natural results. "I was going to have a sick husband, I was going to have someone in a nursing home—if he lived... I just thought no, no, that's not what God wants—that's not what Jesus died for. And so, I just got a hold of what Jesus did on the cross and the covenant that I had, and that's what I stood on," recalled Debbie.

Nine days after Alan was brought to the hospital by helicopter, unconscious, paralyzed on the left side of his body, unable to swallow or speak, Alan was discharged and walked out of the facility.

The Moores had begun planting the word in their hearts several years before their crisis. (Click to enlarge)The Moores had been planting the seeds of God's word in their heart for about three years prior to their crisis. Instead of being overrun by worldly media, they had chosen to focus their free time on the Word, listening to teachings that fed their faith and reading the Scriptures. Their choice to step away from typical American culture may sound extreme, but the results speak for themselves. "People need to recognize that you can't wait until you are in the middle of your storm to start getting into the Word," said Andrew. He went on to say, "You can't get the miraculous results we are talking about by playing church and being religious."

The Moores have seen the healing power of God manifest in such a tremendous way that one would think that their testimony is proof enough to persuade even the most Dr. Chunduri looks at the images showing the damaged areas of Alan's brain.
(Click to enlarge)
power-doubting believer rethink their ideas about healing today—sadly this isn't the case. Many skeptics have challenged the Moore's with comments ranging from suggestions that Alan was misdiagnosed from the start and never had a stroke, to the medical profession not being sure about what functions the right side of the brain actually performs—anything to distance themselves from the truth that Alan's healing was of God.

Alan's neurologist, Dr. Chunduri wrestled with Alan's recovery as well. With his thirty year medical reputation on the line he had Alan retested after his healing, to make sure he had not missed the diagnosis. He didn't miss it, and he has continued to be amazed by Alan's miracle of faith. Beyond recognizing Alan's healing, Chunduri, a Hindu, Dr. Chuduri and Alan. (Click to enlarge)asked the Moores to lay hands on him in prayer as he struggled with his own physical issues. The Moores did, and have since shared the Gospel and Andrew's materials with him.

Because of their experiences, the Moores left their jobs in Texas and moved to Colorado Springs to attend CBC. They desire to be able to help other people receive the revelation and understanding they have received and have sought to be better equipped to minister these truths effectively.

"We want to be the ones that raise people from the dead, see blinded eyes healed, but you don't do that if you're not just tenacious about what you believe," said Debbie.

For more on the Moore's faith-building story be sure to read our original post and watch the video below.



Andrew and the Scotts Remember Their Victories

In October 2010, we posted a story titled: The Lord Looks at the Heart. The article is about Audrey Scott and the miracle she received at birth. After a normal, healthy pregnancy, Audrey was born with major cardiac problems; she was missing one half of her heart, one rib and all the major arteries flowing from the heart to the lungs. Andrew and 4-year-old Audrey Scott. (Click to enlarge)Audrey's mother, Jamie, spoke the Word over her tiny newborn, and she and her husband, Tom, stood in faith that their baby would be made whole. One week later, the couple took their beautiful, perfectly whole and perfectly healthy baby girl home.

Recently, Andrew had the opportunity to sit down with four-year-old Audrey and her parents, to discuss Audrey's miracle and how they were able to withstand the attack of the enemy.

Audrey's mother, Jamie Scott
(Click to enlarge)
Jamie recalled her introduction to Andrew's ministry five years before Audrey's birth. Like many believers new to Andrew's teaching, she had questions about what she was learning because it was different from what she had been taught in church. As her eyes were opened to the truth of God's Word, she began to gain her own revelation, but she still had questions. After reading Andrew's book The True Nature of God, the Word truly came alive for Jamie, and her understanding soared.

Audrey's dad, Tom Scott.
(Click to enlarge)
The changes in Jamie were visible to Tom, but because of his religious upbringing he didn't understand how her perspective could have changed. Initially, Tom rejected what Jamie was sharing. Because of his own errant belief that God sovereignly controls everything, the two had strong discussions about Jamie's shift and revelation. Eventually, Tom was able to listen to what Jamie was telling him and think through his opposition. Realizing he had been denying the truth with his religion, he took some time and planted the Word in his own heart.

The Scotts, as they shared their recollections, on the set in Woodland Park, CO. (Click to enlarge)The two continued to plant the seeds of God's Word and it produced an unwavering faith; that is why the Scotts were able to withstand the enemy's attack on their family. Like Tom, many people are taught that God controls everything sovereignly, so when faced with a crisis situation like the Scott's, they think their problems must be from God. If that's the way the Scotts would have been thinking, chances are Audrey would not be alive today. Thankfully, their hearts were prepared; they had been renewing their mind to the truth, and they chose to side with God and His goodness.

Andrew listening to the Scotts tell their story. (Click to enlarge)During their meeting, Andrew made the point that he didn't even meet the Scott family until Audrey was three years old—long after the miracle took place. Andrew went on to point out that it wasn't anything he did or a special anointing that made the difference in Audrey's life, it was God, and the truth of His Word, and the faith that the Word had produced in the Scott's lives. They stood on the revelation they had received, believed God and received a miracle.

Audrey's healing has provided Jamie and Tom with many opportunities to minister to others. Because of their testimony, Tom is now bolder in the communication of his faith. He is able to share God's true nature with those living with doubts about God's goodness. The Scott's first hand experience allows them to minister the truth effectively.

For more on the Scott's faith-building story be sure to read our original post and watch the video below.

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