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Choosing to Believe 

The Bonilla family (L-R: 2-year-old Kyra, Leslie, 9-year-old Anthony, Tony and 3-month-old baby Kaylie) standing on the deck at the ministry's Lodge in Woodland Park, CO. (Click to enlarge)In late April 2010, nine-week-old baby Kaylie experienced several seizures. Kaylie's parents, Tony and Leslie Bonilla brought Kaylie to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas where she was quickly diagnosed with an ear and throat infection. The doctor said the baby was having febrile seizures, convulsions caused by a rapid spike in body temperature. Kaylie's doctor assured her parents that the seizures were harmless and would go away. The doctor spent very little time with the baby, and contrary to the Bonilla's requests, refused to do any further testing or blood work. Kaylie was given an injection of antibiotics and discharged.

Over the course of the next two weeks, Kaylie continued to have seizures. The baby also stopped eating and became constantly fussy, which was uncharacteristic for Kaylie. The Bonillas became skeptical of the diagnosis they had received at Baylor, and had her evaluated by their family doctor and their chiropractor.

Based on the amount of puss around her brain, doctors had determined that Kaylie had bacterial meningitis for more than a week—they were surprised she had not died already. (Click to enlarge)On May 12, the Bonillas took their baby girl to Children's Medical Center (CMC) in Dallas where they found evidence of large amounts of puss in the fluid around Kaylie's brain. The doctors speculated that Kaylie had bacterial meningitis. While the staff considered a surgical procedure to drain the puss, they proceeded to administer three different medications to address Kaylie's infection. What no one knew until hours later, was that Kaylie had a severe reaction to the medications which caused her to have a massive stroke.

Further testing confirmed that Kaylie was suffering from bacterial meningitis, and indicated that the puss could not be surgically drained. Kaylie's prognosis was grim; doctors had lost hope and were convinced that she would not survive, or at best, she would be extremely handicapped.

Kaylie's body temperature fluctuated due to her infection. (Click to enlarge)"Spiritually, we were destitute—unequipped to handle the situation," said Tony. Both Tony and Leslie had grown up in church, but like many Christians they had fallen prey to the enemy's lies that when something horrible happens, God has His reason for it, or that God only heals whom He chooses.

Several days after Kaylie was admitted to the ICU, their family chiropractor, Dr. Bo Brantly, a longtime supporter of AWM, gave the Bonillas some of Andrew's materials. Tony and Leslie accepted the teachings, God Wants You Well, a Healing Scriptures CD and some others, but the two were very skeptical of what they called, "faith healers."

Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).
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"I knew that God performed miracles, and that God never changes, therefore He still performs miracles. I just didn't believe He would do it for me. Part of it was unbelief, part of it was the thinking that God chooses when He'll move, and I could never know if He would answer my prayers," said Tony.

Tony was angry with God, and blamed Him for Kaylie's condition. As a result of his anger, he had determined that he would not pray for his daughter, even at his wife's request. When Tony had the awful feeling of helplessness associated with realizing that there was absolutely nothing he could do to help his daughter, he broke down. He repented of his attitude toward God and began to pray.

There was a time when the Bonillas thought that they may have to tell their son that his sister was never coming home. (Click to enlarge)At the end of themselves, the Bonillas decided to listen to Andrew's materials. When the couple heard the teachings they had a spiritual awakening. The God Wants You Well lessons exposed them to ideas they had never heard in church. Andrew's simple, scriptural explanation of God's will gave the Bonillas hope for their daughter's complete restoration. "Leslie and I talked about what we learned, and we both decided that Kaylie would not die, but be completely healed and restored by God. We knew that it was not God's will that Kaylie die, be sick, or handicapped."

The couple kept playing the Healing Scriptures CD over and over in Kaylie's ICU room, and continued to review the materials they had been given. Gone are the days of CT scans, MRIs, multiple IVs, and lumbar punctures—Today Kaylie is a happy, playful 1-year-old. (Click to enlarge)Just four days after their decision to believe God's Word, Kaylie was off the respirator, the EEG machine, the feeding tube, and Kaylie was able to nurse.

On May 19, Kaylie was discharged from the ICU, and moved to the neo-natal unit. She went from being given no chance of survival to minimal nurse attention in less than one week. After a total of three weeks in the hospital baby Kaylie went home with her parents.

The Bonillas stood in faith on God's Word and Kaylie proved the doctors wrong on all counts. "They said she would need a cerebral shunt surgically placed in her head, and have to keep it the rest of her life. The simple expression and reception of the Truth of the Gospel, turned more than one life around! (Click to enlarge)She has not had surgery, and displays no symptoms of ever needing such surgery. They said she wouldn't be able to nurse or even swallow. She nurses fine, and is eating solid food now. They said she would be paralyzed on the left side of her body. She moves every part of her body. They said she would have seizures the rest of her life. She stopped having seizures before we left the hospital. They said she would be on medication for the rest of her life. We stopped giving her seizure medication as soon as the nurses handed the responsibility to us. They said she would be blind, deaf, and mute. She sees! She hears! She talks!" exclaimed Tony. Through Andrew's teaching the Bonilla's learned it was God's will for their daughter to be healed, and by His stripes she was (1 Peter 2:24).


Erica's Nightmare

Erica, Jourdan and Erica's mom, Marybeth stand with Andrew at the 2007 Boston GTS where Erica received her healing. (Click to enlarge)In the spring of 2004, Erica graduated from a small high school in rural Maine, and she went off to college later that year—life was good. However, during the first semester of her sophomore year, Erica's life started to change as she began to exhibit symptoms of what her mother, Marybeth, could only speculate was depression. Erica returned to Maine during her Spring break in early 2006, and Marybeth noticed worrisome changes in her daughter. Concerned, the two went online together and took a survey; all answers indicated that Erica was indeed suffering from depression.

After visiting their family doctor, and being clinically diagnosed with depression, Erica began taking medication and meeting with a counselor. She returned to school after Spring break and completed her sophomore year.

Erica shared her bright smile while decorating her dorm room at college. (Click to enlarge)When she returned home for summer vacation, her appearance surprised Marybeth; Erica was noticeably emaciated. Her physical condition prompted another visit to the doctor where they added the words, "anorexic" and "anorexia" to her medical report.

Erica returned to college in the fall, but it was not long before her continued physical and mental decline forced her to return home. Back in Maine, the family sought further advice from Erica's doctors, which led to increased medication and a referral to a psychiatrist and a new counselor. Over the next few months, the new team diagnosed Erica with Bi-polar disorder, anorexia, chronic insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizoaffective disorder, depression and unexplainable tremors. At the time of her diagnosis she weighed less than 100 pounds. Erica was placed on a regimented schedule of five different medications, all taken daily, some multiple times a day. Interaction and side effects of the medications caused Erica to gain weight rapidly. Erica's life had become a nightmare.

Marybeth, Mike Banta, Don Francisco and Erica's dad Bob. (Click to enlarge)As a result of past ministry efforts, Erica's family had become friendly with Christian recording artists Don Francisco and Mike Banta. The family had hosted the musicians in their home while they played concerts in the area. The two men were the first to mention Andrew's ministry to Marybeth in 2006 as they shared testimonies with one another during their stay. Through email correspondence with Mike in early 2007, Marybeth shared the struggles they were having with Erica. By this time, Erica had overdosed, slit her wrists and been temporarily institutionalized. Mike suggested that Marybeth visit Andrew's website for faith-building resources and encouragement.

Here Julia, one of the two prayer ministers that prayed with Erica, stands with her after she received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. (Click to enlarge)Marybeth visited the site and made note of Andrew's upcoming Gospel Truth Seminar in nearby Massachusetts. Although she didn't know what to expect from Andrew's teaching, her friends' endorsement gave him enough credibility for Marybeth to attend the 2007 GTS. Although she planned to attend the meetings with her husband Bob, a scheduling conflict prevented him from traveling with her. Instead, Marybeth brought Erica and her then live-in boyfriend, Jourdan. Her traveling companions, though both born again, had no interest in the conference and were merely tagging along for the change of scenery.

Marybeth attended the first session with an open mind, ready to receive some tidbit of information that would help save her daughter. Erica and Jourdan with Lois, one of the two women who had ministered to Erica in the hotel room.
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"I saw things I had never seen before. People all around me had their arms in the air, and I thought to myself, 'I'll do whatever it takes to find a way to save my daughter. What the heck, I'm going to put my hands in the air too.' Call me uptight, a dyed-in-the-wool New Englander, but this was all new to me," said Marybeth.

At the same time, Jourdan and Erica entered the meeting hall. When Erica saw her mother with her arms raised in worship, and heard the crowd singing and praying in tongues her body began to shake, she became sick to her stomach and had an instant migraine. Erica stormed out of the auditorium.

After receiving her healing Erica said, "I got my life back!" Seven months later she and Jourdan were married. (Click to enlarge)Andrew taught things that evening that Marybeth had never heard before about Jesus' work being completed, about healing, and believing and receiving. At the conclusion of the meeting Marybeth went forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the help for which she had come.

After receiving the baptism, Marybeth met a pair of women, Julia and Lois, eager to minister to her, and to Erica as well. Later, Marybeth returned to her hotel room excited, but apprehensive. "I had serious reservations, and doubted that Erica would be willing to go with me to meet with these two ladies and have them pray for her," said Marybeth.

Marybeth entered the room only to be greeted by Erica's harsh words condemning her as a hypocrite for worshiping with her hands in the air. "You used to make fun of people like that when I was a little girl," Erica charged.

Marybeth apologized for wrongly judging others, and asked her daughter for forgiveness. In that moment, Erica's demeanor changed. Today, Jourdan and Erica have a happy, healthy home and two beautiful children. Erica never took another pill and never returned to any of her doctors.
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The two wept as Marybeth explained the events of the evening, and that there were two women waiting in another room to pray for Erica if she was willing to allow them to do so. To Marybeth's surprise Erica agreed to receive prayer.

The prayer ministers simply and quietly laid their hands on Erica and prayed. After a short time, Marybeth overheard one woman say to Erica, "You don't need to take those pills anymore, you're free."

Marybeth could see that her Erica was back; the light in her eyes had returned, and her facial features had noticeably softened—the nightmare was over. Mother and daughter returned to their room where Erica proudly announced to Jourdan that she didn't need her pills anymore. To this day Erica has never taken another pill or returned to any of her doctors.

The three of them attended the rest of the meetings at the GTS, and Erica and Jourdan both received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Erica and Jourdan are now married and have two children.


Free From Fractional Salvation 

Jorge Alba and his sister Adriana stand with Andrew at CBC during the 2010 Campus Days weekend in Colorado Springs.
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Jorge Alba, a native of Bogotá, Colombia, was living his life for the Lord. He left his secular job; choosing instead to volunteer his architectural skills for a two-year expansion project at the church he and his family attended. At the same time, he was serving the 30,000 member church as an usher, attending various Bible groups, and studying to be a counselor within the church body. Jorge was committed to his church and close to those in leadership—people widely regarded as specially anointed. Then Jorge became sick. His illness came progressively; his symptoms began with pain and discomfort in his throat. He was still able to work, but the symptoms worsened, and eventually Jorge visited a doctor, the director of the Medical Otolaryngology Society in Colombia. Although initial testing revealed that he had a mass or a cyst in one of his teeth, it was determined that this was unrelated to his throat issue. More testing was needed, and Jorge was scared; he went to see his pastor for prayer.

After returning to the doctor for secondary testing, the doctor reported that she could not find anything wrong. This was good news, except that Jorge was still uncomfortable. "The pain increased, even when I was working in my church, side-by-side with the 'anointed ones' I was getting worse," said Jorge.

Jorge (with beard) and his sister (back right) sharing fellowship with friends and pastors from Brazil. (Click to enlarge)Jorge asked church staff for prayer repeatedly. Church leadership suggested that his sickness might be related to sin in his life, cursed objects in his home, and a variety of other performance-based religious stumbling blocks. Though errant, these were acceptable answers to Jorge; he knew very well his church's doctrine on healing, and he honored the pastor's words.

After discarding many possessions he found his health was at its worst. Jorge was barely able to swallow, and at times he could not breathe. His deteriorating health, coupled with church financial issues curbing further development, caused Jorge to be released from his design position. Further testing finally yielded a diagnosis of hyoids chondritis, which is inflammation in the bones and ligaments of the larynx in the throat. The swelling was cutting off Jorge's air way and causing the pain.

With a diagnosis in hand, Jorge's doctor prescribed a remedy, the use of a soft orthopedic neck brace, medication, a reduced work schedule, and the use of a special chair when he did work. Jorge and his friend, Marcus. He had given Jorge Andrew's name and website six months before Jorge became sick, but Jorge was blinded by his church's doctrine. (Click to enlarge)After one month Jorge had not made any progress, so his doctor prescribed one month of bed rest with a rigid neck brace.

Jorge spent nearly twenty hours a day in bed. As a result he lost the new contracts he had secured for freelance architecture work, and he lost his ability to attend church. Jorge continued to seek prayer for healing from many ministries in Bogotá. "I even made 'pledges'. That's when some 'anointed man of God' says, 'God's anointing is so strong now and if you plant a seed you will receive your healing miracle! So call now, and put your request on this altar!' or junk like that," said Jorge.

Jorge's sister, Magda visited him regularly. During one visit she mentioned that her friend, Jeff Devine had become a pastor in Thailand, and she gave Jorge a link to Jeff's website so he could be encouraged by the testimonies of the miracles happening through Jeff's ministry. Jorge visited the website and was blessed by what he read, but he took particular interest in the links on the site. Among Jeff's resources, Jorge found links to Andrew's teachings and website. This was an answer to Jorge's prayers from earlier that day. As Jorge struggled with condemnation that morning, he prayed for a word from God about his healing. Adriana and Jorge stand on either side of CBC second year student, Lilly and Apprentice, Wes at CBC's Campus Days. (Click to enlarge)As he prayed, he came across a supermarket receipt from six months earlier. He and his friend Marcus had shared brunch, and during their meal Marcus had written Andrew's name and website on the receipt. When Jorge saw the link to Andrew's teaching, God Wants You Well, on Jeff's site, he knew it was God leading him to find the answers he needed.

Jorge had been so blinded by faulty doctrine that he had been reluctant to visit Andrew's site when Marcus first recommended it. Jorge said, "I was so blind, the doctrines in my church made me see other ministries as junk. They say they are the 'center of the revival for the planet earth,' the outpouring of the Holy Spirit occurs only there, and the leaders from all the earth shall come [there] to be anointed. That´s what I believed."

While Andrew's teaching, God Wants You Well set Jorge free from his hyper-religious doctrine, and allowed him to see that it was not God inflicting sickness upon him, it was not the teaching that released him from his disease. Jorge spent time everyday on Andrew's site and as he watched The Believer's Authority he gained a revelation of his own. When he realized the enemy's only tool is deception, the pain in his throat instantly disappeared! Jorge's new home church group meets in Colombia, but is lead by Jeff Devine via the web from Thailand. (Click to enlarge) "I was in pain for months and nothing, not prayers, being anointed with oil, spiritual warfare, pills, nothing made my pain cease. The Truth set me free. Andrew never prayed for me; He didn't know I existed, but the truth is powerful."

Jorge's revelation also released him from his struggle with condemnation and an underlying anxiety. As he continued to renew his mind, the shackles of religion were replaced with the freedom of grace. As a result of Andrew's teaching of the Gospel Truth Jorge was able to step away from fractional salvation into the fullness of Jesus' atonement.

Today, Jorge shares Andrew's teachings with anyone who will listen, and he has given away many of Andrew's books to friends and former church family. He has a strong desire to attend Charis Bible College in Colorado, and to return to Colombia to teach the Gospel Truth to those suffering as he did, under the deception of man's religion.