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Tenacious Faith in Jesus

Andrew stands with Lori Lalonde during campus days at CBC Colorado. (Click to enlarge)Lori Lalonde is a busy part-time Charis Bible College student. She is currently balancing her class schedule and studies with full-time work at a walk-in medical clinic. Lori has been in the medical field for twenty-seven years, serving the last eleven as a nurse practitioner. Her position gives her the authority to diagnose and treat patients as well as prescribe the appropriate medication if required. So in early 2007, when Lori suddenly became ill, she was aware of exactly what her problem was—she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Lori struggled with intense pain and swelling throughout her body, particularly through her joints, and she also suffered from severe fatigue. "Really, all I could do was work. I was in bed if I was not working. After Lori was dignosed with RA she was prescribed 15 different drugs including steroids and an oral form of chemo. Side effects included hair loss and 75 lb. weight gain.
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My children shopped, cleaned the house, cooked and car pooled. They picked up the pieces," said Lori.

Her case was extreme and Lori quickly became a slave to fifteen different medications, many of which were prescribed to offset conflicting symptoms created by drug interaction. Her medications, which cost $3000 per month, included anti-seizure meds, anti-inflammatory, chemotherapy and high doses of steroids. The steroids caused rapid weight gain and Lori put on seventy-five pounds, and because of the chemo she lost two-thirds of her hair.

After wrestling with the symptoms and medication of a medically incurable disease for nearly a year-and-a-half, Lori sought the Lord for His direction. She had been born again when she was six years old, and had been involved in religious circles and movements all of her life. Lori had even spent time in Tulsa, Oklahoma sitting under Kenneth Hagin's teaching. Lori underwent surgery nine months after receiving her healing from RA to repair severe damage to her abdominal wall caused by the medications. (Click to enlarge) Yet for all of her Christian exposure, her religion had held no answers when it came to health issues. Still, she felt drawn to the word. It was then that her eyes fell on Romans 8:11, and she asked the Lord how she could tap into the Spirit within her, so she could be healed.

At this time, a new friend, who had been ministering to her, introduced her to Andrew's teaching. "I didn't want to die from a lack of knowledge, so when my friend told me about Andrew, and that he had a website where I could download all his teachings for free, I went nuts. I started with Spirit, Soul and Body and that opened the dam so I could pour in the rest," Lori said, "Andrew's teachings opened my eyes to the love of God."

As Lori listened, she became empowered, and after six weeks of constant hearing, she asked the Lord to show her how to walk in divine health. She wasn't interested in a fast healing miracle at the hands of a man; Lori, her son Hunter and her daughter Alison just before the start of Lori's first year at CBC. (Click to enlarge)she wanted the health she could see that God had already provided. Lori knew that once she learned to walk it out she would never be sick again.

One day while working in her clinic, Lori prayed for a reprieve from seeing patients so she could focus on her own healing. She began to speak to the pain in her body. As she did, she would feel temporary relief, but the pain would resurface in another part of her body. Frustrated, she prayed with more determination and commanded all pain, swelling and fatigue to leave in Jesus' name. Lori left work, pain and symptom free. "That day I became more tenacious than my disease, I went home pain free, no redness or swelling, and feeling energized. I was determined to take my authority and never look back," said Lori.

Lori in class at CBC.
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The next day Lori had strange new symptoms, things she had not struggled with before. She asked the Lord what was going on and He showed her that her body was healed and now her medications were causing problems. Lori knew what she had to do, but her medical training and experience gave her pause. "I knew I was to stop taking my meds, but I had seen people die as a result of quitting this many drugs all at once," said Lori.

Lori stopped taking her meds that day, but she kept it to herself. Because Lori knew in her spirit that she was healed, she trusted that she would be okay, but she didn't feel she was strong enough to combat the doubts of the people and medical professionals around her. For the next two weeks she continued to stand against any symptom that arose, and she held her ground (James 4:7). Miraculously, Lori did not suffer from a single symptom of withdrawal.

Lori and her family sharing some down time. (Click to enlarge)In September of 2008, Lori attended her first Gospel Truth Seminar. At the end of the first meeting the friend, who had introduced her to Andrew's teaching, asked if she was going to go forward to receive prayer, and Lori shared her secret. She said, "I don't need to, I am healed."

Lori has been back to see her physician several times and collected the medical documentation to back up her claim that she is healed. At one time Lori's Rheumatoid Factor number, which is measured through blood testing, was so high that her doctors simply expected Lori to die. Her current results indicate that her blood is testing in the normal range—Lori no longer has a positive Rheumatoid Factor. She has also lost fifty-five of the seventy-five pounds that she had gained. Walking in divine health is a wonderful thing.


No More Fear

April Parker and her three children, L-R: Logan, Rylee and Noah. (Click to enlarge)April Parker lives a full, blessed life with her husband of thirteen years, and three children ages 10, 8, and 5. The Parker family resides in Georgia, where April runs her own business called Creative Artists. Looking at April now, it’s difficult to believe that she was once crippled by the spirit of fear.

When April looks back over her life, she thinks her struggle with fear was always present, but she recognizes that after she had her first child the fear rose to new levels. “I believe a mother’s protective nature is from the Lord, but can be perverted when laid on a foundation of fear,” April explained.

At first, April recalls just having subtle fears of her son becoming sick, The Parker family. (Click to enlarge)but as time went on the thoughts became consuming images, that wouldn’t stop replaying in her head. April feared for her life as well. She loved the Lord, but thought maybe it was God’s will for her to die early and not be there to raise her children. Each time April got in the car, she would plead with God to protect her vehicle, but anxiety prevailed despite her prayers.

By the time April gave birth to her second child, she felt that she no longer had any control over her thoughts; they tormented her (1 John 4:18). She would have a thought and then the thought would become an image in her mind. She prayed that God would free her from the ever-escalating fear, but things only grew worse. April was afraid to tell her husband, Travis, just how out of control her struggle with fear had become. April and her husband Travis.
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“If I had gone to a doctor and told them what was going on in my head, there is no telling what I would have been diagnosed with. Not to mention the medication I would have been put on,” April said.

One of April's biggest “light bulb” moments came during a phone call from her mom. She said, “April, fear is sin, and more importantly, it’s not from God.” Then her mother began to quote scriptures such as, 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind,” and Romans 8:15, “For you did not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, ‘Abba Father.’”

April and her mom, Paula.
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What April’s mother shared with her during their conversation that day, was the beginning of revelation and freedom from the bondage in her life. “In Hosea 4:6, God tells us that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and that is where I’ve lived most of my life. But not anymore,” April declared.

This truth changed everything for April. She began to study what the Word had to say about the spirit of fear, how to overcome it, and why the Word tells us to “take every thought captive and to cast down imaginations” (2 Corinthians 10:5). April began to see that thoughts can come from one of three places: God and His Word, one's mind, or the enemy. As she continued to study, she started to understand that her battle was in the spiritual realm, and that her mind and emotions had been heavily affecting her escalating fear.

As April was gaining revelation of her unnecessary bondage to fear, she and her mother were introduced to Andrew’s ministry. The very first topic April heard Andrew teach was, We’re in a Spiritual War. A mom free from fear. (Click to enlarge)She listened to the teaching over and over, and each time, gained new revelation. One particular analogy Andrew used really spoke to April. “He gave a great analogy of a bird. He said you can’t stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can control whether or not it builds a nest there. In my own life, I had made a habit of entertaining thoughts of fear, allowing them to build a nest, so they played out in my life,” April explained.

Andrew encourages a literal application of James 4:7, “Submit yourself therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.” So April would repeat that verse hundreds of times a day saying, “I submit myself to God, I resist you fear and you will flee from me.” It took April only a few days before April's freedom from fear allowed her to have ears to hear the Holy Spirit. (Click to enlarge)she had pushed out the consuming thoughts of fear and replaced them with the truth of God’s Word. April said, “Now that I knew God didn’t want me to fear, and he wanted me to have faith in Him, I wasn’t going to have a drop of fear. Sounds crazy to go from one extreme to another, but trust me, extreme faith beats extreme fear any day.”

April’s next victory came through Andrew’s teaching on, “God Wants You Well.” She needed the revelation that God did not want her or her family sick. She had been under the misconception that everything that happened was God’s will. April thought God might want to teach her something by allowing her children to become ill. “I now know without a doubt that God forgave our iniquities and healed all our diseases. I now understand that His desire for me is to live and not die, and to declare the works of the Lord.”

April being sworn in to her elected position on the school board. (Click to enlarge)April now shares her testimony with anyone who will listen and has given away hundreds of Andrew's teachings. She tells people that if there is something going on in their life that doesn’t line up with the Word, they don’t have to yield to it. She encourages them to speak resistance to their stronghold and command it to leave.

In the fall of 2010 April fearlessly ran for an elected office based on a vision the Lord had given her. In November 2010, April became the first woman to hold a county-wide seat on the local School Board. “And it took a whole bunch of faith, not fear, to get there,” April said.


Faith Comes By Hearing

Daryl and Cindy Vander Haar from Mesa, Arizona where Daryl is the Pastor of Operations at Grace Church. (Click to enlarge)In the late nineteen seventies, Daryl and Cindy Vander Haar were raising their family in Arizona. The two had grown up in denominational churches, and shortly after their first son was born, they settled into a local Lutheran congregation. The Vander Haars also began attending an evening Bible study, and as a result of the study, they were soon baptized in the Holy Spirit. After sharing the news of their baptism with their pastor, he proceeded to preach a misguided message the following Sunday, about how tongues are from the devil. Thankfully, it was during this time that the couple first heard of Andrew's ministry.

Shortly after hearing of Andrew's ministry, Daryl and Cindy learned that Andrew was holding a meeting in Phoenix and made arrangements to attend. Although they did not have a chance to meet Andrew personally at the meeting, they did find out that they could request free teaching tapes from the ministry. Through these teachings the Vander Haars were able to learn the truth about the Spirit-filled life. "We started ordering his tapes and were so grateful as we were so ignorant. Every Monday, I’d fill out a post card to send to the ministry for three free tapes," said Cindy.

Daryl gives the, "OK" on a job hot off the press in 1983.
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In 1980, Andrew held his first big meeting in Phoenix, and it was there that Daryl and Cindy met Andrew for the first time. "Daryl and Cindy came to my first big meeting in Phoenix in 1980 at the Adam's Mark Hotel downtown. That's where I met them. I saw them at my meetings every time I went to Phoenix after that," recalled Andrew.

Inspired by Andrew's simple Biblical teaching, the Vander Haars left the Lutheran church in search of a church that believed in the modern day power of the Holy Spirit. They quickly connected with a pastor in West Phoenix who was considering starting a Spirit-filled church in Mesa, Arizona where the Vander Haars lived. The couple jumped in and was involved with the new church from its beginning. Over the years the Vander Haars have faithfully served their church in various capacities; from children's church and youth ministry, to serving on the worship team and varying board positions.

At the time the Vander Haars were becoming more familiar with Andrew and his ministry, they were owners of a large commercial printing company. Wanting to share what she had learned from Andrew's teaching materials, Cindy put together a booklet of some of Andrew's footnotes from his Life for Today Commentary. She called the booklet Insights into Faith, and she contacted Andrew with an offer to publish the book.

One of the big old Heidleburg presses that slowly stole Daryl's hearing.
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"Cindy contacted me about her booklet, and asked if she could publish it. We didn't have any money to do it, but we gave her permission to do it. Daryl published it at his own expense and gave us copies," said Andrew.

Eventually the Vander Haars sold the printing company and became involved in other entrepreneurial endeavors, but not before the years in the noisy press room had stolen much of Daryl's hearing. The Vander Haars prayed for Daryl's hearing to be restored, but turned to the use of two hearing aids while they waited for his healing to manifest. "We continued to confess that he was healed, took communion often declaring and thanking God that it was finished, and just kept pressing on. Then one day, Daryl came home and could not find his hearing aids—he had lost them. So he was back to square one. Andrew was coming to town in that week, and we thought we might get him to pray for Daryl," said Cindy.

The Vander Haars went to Andrew's 2009 conference at the Biltmore in Phoenix. At the end of the last meeting, Daryl and Cindy still had not been able to meet with Andrew. As the crowd began to shuffle out, and those in need of prayer stayed, something caught Cindy's attention. Although she had been distracted, she was aware that Andrew had a word of knowledge from the Lord that ears were being healed. Cindy standing on the trail where Daryl first heard the crickets and realized his hearing had been restored.
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When she turned to look at Daryl, he had his eyes shut and his arms out-stretched. Cindy knew her husband was receiving his healing. When Andrew finished praying the couple left the meeting.

Early the next morning, the couple went for their routine walk. Suddenly, Daryl exclaimed, "I can hear the crickets!" This was the first recognition that he had received his healing. He could hear everything—his hearing had been totally restored.

Over the past thirty years the Vander Haars never stopped receiving Andrew's tapes and CDs, and they relish the fact that they can watch him on television each night. "I feel like we have grown right along with Andrew through the years, gleaning his insights, learning so much about faith, grace, authority, power, humility—you name it. I think we’ve had every series he’s done over the years. And we’ve certainly given away a lot of his stuff. He has impacted our belief system at the core. God is so good," Cindy said.