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Free From Fractional Salvation 

Jorge Alba and his sister Adriana stand with Andrew at CBC during the 2010 Campus Days weekend in Colorado Springs.
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Jorge Alba, a native of Bogotá, Colombia, was living his life for the Lord. He left his secular job; choosing instead to volunteer his architectural skills for a two-year expansion project at the church he and his family attended. At the same time, he was serving the 30,000 member church as an usher, attending various Bible groups, and studying to be a counselor within the church body. Jorge was committed to his church and close to those in leadership—people widely regarded as specially anointed. Then Jorge became sick. His illness came progressively; his symptoms began with pain and discomfort in his throat. He was still able to work, but the symptoms worsened, and eventually Jorge visited a doctor, the director of the Medical Otolaryngology Society in Colombia. Although initial testing revealed that he had a mass or a cyst in one of his teeth, it was determined that this was unrelated to his throat issue. More testing was needed, and Jorge was scared; he went to see his pastor for prayer.

After returning to the doctor for secondary testing, the doctor reported that she could not find anything wrong. This was good news, except that Jorge was still uncomfortable. "The pain increased, even when I was working in my church, side-by-side with the 'anointed ones' I was getting worse," said Jorge.

Jorge (with beard) and his sister (back right) sharing fellowship with friends and pastors from Brazil. (Click to enlarge)Jorge asked church staff for prayer repeatedly. Church leadership suggested that his sickness might be related to sin in his life, cursed objects in his home, and a variety of other performance-based religious stumbling blocks. Though errant, these were acceptable answers to Jorge; he knew very well his church's doctrine on healing, and he honored the pastor's words.

After discarding many possessions he found his health was at its worst. Jorge was barely able to swallow, and at times he could not breathe. His deteriorating health, coupled with church financial issues curbing further development, caused Jorge to be released from his design position. Further testing finally yielded a diagnosis of hyoids chondritis, which is inflammation in the bones and ligaments of the larynx in the throat. The swelling was cutting off Jorge's air way and causing the pain.

With a diagnosis in hand, Jorge's doctor prescribed a remedy, the use of a soft orthopedic neck brace, medication, a reduced work schedule, and the use of a special chair when he did work. Jorge and his friend, Marcus. He had given Jorge Andrew's name and website six months before Jorge became sick, but Jorge was blinded by his church's doctrine. (Click to enlarge)After one month Jorge had not made any progress, so his doctor prescribed one month of bed rest with a rigid neck brace.

Jorge spent nearly twenty hours a day in bed. As a result he lost the new contracts he had secured for freelance architecture work, and he lost his ability to attend church. Jorge continued to seek prayer for healing from many ministries in Bogotá. "I even made 'pledges'. That's when some 'anointed man of God' says, 'God's anointing is so strong now and if you plant a seed you will receive your healing miracle! So call now, and put your request on this altar!' or junk like that," said Jorge.

Jorge's sister, Magda visited him regularly. During one visit she mentioned that her friend, Jeff Devine had become a pastor in Thailand, and she gave Jorge a link to Jeff's website so he could be encouraged by the testimonies of the miracles happening through Jeff's ministry. Jorge visited the website and was blessed by what he read, but he took particular interest in the links on the site. Among Jeff's resources, Jorge found links to Andrew's teachings and website. This was an answer to Jorge's prayers from earlier that day. As Jorge struggled with condemnation that morning, he prayed for a word from God about his healing. Adriana and Jorge stand on either side of CBC second year student, Lilly and Apprentice, Wes at CBC's Campus Days. (Click to enlarge)As he prayed, he came across a supermarket receipt from six months earlier. He and his friend Marcus had shared brunch, and during their meal Marcus had written Andrew's name and website on the receipt. When Jorge saw the link to Andrew's teaching, God Wants You Well, on Jeff's site, he knew it was God leading him to find the answers he needed.

Jorge had been so blinded by faulty doctrine that he had been reluctant to visit Andrew's site when Marcus first recommended it. Jorge said, "I was so blind, the doctrines in my church made me see other ministries as junk. They say they are the 'center of the revival for the planet earth,' the outpouring of the Holy Spirit occurs only there, and the leaders from all the earth shall come [there] to be anointed. That´s what I believed."

While Andrew's teaching, God Wants You Well set Jorge free from his hyper-religious doctrine, and allowed him to see that it was not God inflicting sickness upon him, it was not the teaching that released him from his disease. Jorge spent time everyday on Andrew's site and as he watched The Believer's Authority he gained a revelation of his own. When he realized the enemy's only tool is deception, the pain in his throat instantly disappeared! Jorge's new home church group meets in Colombia, but is lead by Jeff Devine via the web from Thailand. (Click to enlarge) "I was in pain for months and nothing, not prayers, being anointed with oil, spiritual warfare, pills, nothing made my pain cease. The Truth set me free. Andrew never prayed for me; He didn't know I existed, but the truth is powerful."

Jorge's revelation also released him from his struggle with condemnation and an underlying anxiety. As he continued to renew his mind, the shackles of religion were replaced with the freedom of grace. As a result of Andrew's teaching of the Gospel Truth Jorge was able to step away from fractional salvation into the fullness of Jesus' atonement.

Today, Jorge shares Andrew's teachings with anyone who will listen, and he has given away many of Andrew's books to friends and former church family. He has a strong desire to attend Charis Bible College in Colorado, and to return to Colombia to teach the Gospel Truth to those suffering as he did, under the deception of man's religion.


Joshua Maynard: Straight as an Arrow

Joshua Maynard suffered from the effects of scoliosis for more than 20 years.
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Joshua Maynard, a Senior Computer Specialist with a corporation in Texas, spent more than two decades suffering from scoliosis and several other physical issues. Because of the scoliosis, he frequently struggled with muscle spasms, some of which would last for days. Joshua also had weakness in his lower back, and was unable to sleep on his left side without intense pain. When he rolled over in bed, Joshua’s spine would make a disturbing popping sound.

“Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine; this curvature causes the bones in the spine to knock together, which produces pain. Nerves are also inevitably pinched and cause various spasms and pains throughout the body. Muscle spasms in the back are common, and can literally take your breath away,” Joshua explained.

Joshua was born again, but his religious thinking hindered him from receiving from God. (Click to enlarge)In addition to scoliosis, Joshua also suffered from a heart condition called, mitral valve prolapse, and acid reflux disease, which had plagued him since childhood. Although he and his wife, Boggee were born again believers and believed that God could heal Joshua, they had been taught that it was up to God; that He selectively, sovereignly, heals only certain people. Because of this, Joshua relied on medication to manage the discomfort associated with his physical issues.

In March of 2009, Joshua found Andrew on television. "Andrew taught the Word of God in a way that I had never heard it preached before,” Joshua said. Intrigued he continued to watch the Gospel Truth program. Joshua introduced Boggee to Andrew's ministry, and the couple began to listen to the teachings available on the AWMI website. They listened to these messages over and over again, for hours at a time. As they listened, they were set free from things that had been holding them back in their relationship with God (Romans 10:17). The Maynards knew they were receiving life and hope from the Word, through Andrew's teachings.

Boggee and Joshua dedicated their time to listening to Andrew's teachings day and night. (Click to enlarge) While The True Nature of God was perhaps the most influential message Joshua listened to, he pointed out that through other teachings he was able to realize that God wanted him well, and that God had already provided his healing and the authority by which to expect its manifestation. Andrew's teachings prepared him to receive the spiritual revelations needed to both be healed, and release healing to others. "[These] teachings brought to me the truth of how much God has given us as believers, and the power that we have at our disposal," Joshua said.

When Joshua received the revelation that he was already healed, he knew that he no longer needed medicine for his acid reflux. He discontinued using the medication and went a few weeks symptom-free, but the symptoms returned. Then, while attending a minister's conference in the summer of 2010, at which Andrew was a guest speaker, Andrew prayed for Joshua, and addressed the roots of fear, anxiety and scoliosis. Following this meeting, Joshua’s wife checked the curvature of his spine and saw improvement. As time went on, Joshua also realized the acid reflux symptoms were gone for good.

Joshua's back is now straight as an arrow. (Click to enlarge)Four months after the conference where Andrew had prayed, Joshua and Boggee, even stronger in the Word, were attending a service at a local church. When the minister called for those who wanted healing to stand, Joshua stood with the expectation of receiving the full manifestation of the straightening of his spine. A couple sitting behind them laid hands on the Maynards, as healing was spoken over them by the minister. As they each began to pray in tongues, Joshua noticed that the prayer language of the man laying hands on him began to change to sound like his own. When the prayer time concluded, Joshua felt as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He twisted his torso at the waist realized that he felt no pain. Later that evening, Joshua shared with his wife how it seemed that the man’s prayer language had changed. Boggee told Joshua that she noticed that the wife's prayer language also mirrored her own while she was praying. With Jesus revealed and Joshua healed the Maynards are in the process of launching a discipleship ministry, Joshua Maynard Ministries.
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The Maynards believe that this experience was a manifestation of spiritual agreement at its best. When his wife checked Joshua’s spine that evening after the service, it was straight as an arrow from top to bottom!

Joshua now sleeps on either side without back pain or discomfort, and is no longer fearful to lift heavy things. He is free of the back pains and spasms from which he suffered for so many years.

“I was born-again before I found Andrew. However, I was living religiously, and not according to the truth of the Word of God. I was non-denominational, and believed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but I was not operating in them. I believed a mixture of judgment and grace, blessing and cursing. Andrew's teachings led me into a deeper relationship with God that I had never experienced before.”

As a result of the couple's revelation and Joshua's healing, the Maynards have made preparations to launch Joshua Maynard Ministries (JMM). JMM is a discipleship ministry Joshua feels the Lord has led him to start. Although the official launch will not occur until early 2011, Joshua has been spending his free time ministering on a one-on-one basis, and through the use of his facebook page. "In learning from Andrew the true nature of God towards revealing His plan for our lives, I began to seek God diligently, and through the Holy Spirit, the Word of God came alive to me. I am so grateful for Andrew and the opportunities that his teachings have opened up in my life.


The Breath of Life

The Decker family, L-R: Mary, Tom and Lesley. (Click to enlarge)Tom Decker grew up in Colorado Springs. At the age of twenty-four, he and a partner started an oil service company, which became very successful. By the time he was 34, he had travelled the world. Tom met his wife, Lesley in Australia, and the two returned to settle in Colorado. Tom retired at 40, and moved his wife and daughter, Mary to Australia. They were living a quarter mile from the beach and life was perfect—until severe asthma symptoms began to threaten the lives of both Lesley and Mary.

Lesley had suffered from asthma as a child, and thought she had outgrown it, but her symptoms returned. At the same time, Tom and Lesley realized that Mary was also being attacked. Tom carrying Mary. (Click to enlarge)Lesley remembers the last big attack on Mary’s life; Mary turned blue as they waited eighteen minutes for an ambulance. Lesley heard God say, “All is well,” and she praised Him for that word. When they got into the ambulance Mary said to Lesley, “You were talking to God, and He said everything is going to be alright.” In the natural it certainly didn’t look it, but both Lesley and Mary had a peace that God would bring them through. During this event, Tom felt helpless for the first time in his life. There was nothing he could do for his family. Mary travelled to the hospital with her lungs full of fluid and the doctors treated her the only way they could, with massive doses of steroids. The heavy medication had lasting effects; Mary’s growth was stunted for three years.

Tom believed Colorado's climate would help his family. (Click to enlarge)Lesley and Tom were born again Christians, and knew that their health and healing had been paid for by Jesus, but there were things they did not understand. Lesley remembers thinking, “My daughter and I are dying of asthma and should not be. I’m born again. He healed me. I should not be sick.”

One evening while Mary was taking medication through a nebulizer Lesley said to Tom, “I’ve prayed about where to go to find out about healing, and God said, 'Colorado.' We need to go back.” So they sold their Australian dream home, and headed to Colorado.

After returning the Deckers prayed, “Well God, big state, where do we go?” The family travelled the state with a fifth-wheel camper, and finally, after finding Charis Bible College on the internet, ended up back in Colorado Springs. Lesley received revelation and the fullness of her healing in 2001.
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Upon visiting the school the couple enrolled in classes for the upcoming semester.

Tom and Lesley recall being asked on their first day of classes, “When did you first hear of Andrew?” This was an interesting question, since they had no idea who Andrew was. In fact, Lesley thought it was odd that the students seemed to be making such a fuss about this “Andrew” fellow. One student asked why they would come all the way from Australia to go to Bible College, if they didn’t even know about Andrew? “Because we needed to find out about healing,” Lesley answered. The student assured Lesley that she was in the right place.

In September of 2001, Lesley and Tom not only learned who Andrew was, but also received great revelation through his teaching on their authority as believers. Mary's growth was stunted for three years as a result of the massive doses of steroids used to control her asthma. (Click to enlarge)In October 2001 Lesley knew she had received a revelation of who she was in Christ, and she knew she no longer needed the asthma drugs. Five days later when she couldn’t breathe, she refused to pick them back up. “I didn’t care if I needed to be raised from the dead,” Lesley said.

Lesley saw in her mind, the biblical example of when Jesus mixed dirt and saliva, applied it to the blind man's eyes, and then prayed for him twice before he received his full healing. So, she went to class and spoke with Andrew, and told him she needed “more spit.” Andrew and her class prayed, and Lesley has been drug and symptom free ever since. As the Deckers rejoiced in God’s faithfulness, they also wondered about Mary, who was still relying on the medication. Lesley heard God say that Mary was working it out with Him, and not to worry, that she would come to her and let her know when she was ready.

Mary, seen here distributing Bibles in Kenya, is now studying the Word at CBC in Colorado. She hopes to minister in Mongolia in the future. (Click to enlarge)In February, 2002 Mary came to Lesley and told her that she no longer needed her “puffers.” Lesley immediately acted on faith and threw the medication in the trash. Mary has been drug and symptom free since.

The Deckers graduated from CBC and went on to spend three years in England as the directors of Charis Bible College-UK. The family has traveled throughout the UK, Europe and Kenya to support missionary work. Although they have lived in and traveled to these varying climates, full of conditions known to trigger asthma symptoms, Lesley and Mary remain symptom free.

“When God heals you, He heals you all the way,” Lesley said.

Currently, Tom and Lesley have come alongside another couple to help them start a church in Woodland Park, Colorado. Mary is now a full-time student at CBC in Colorado Springs. (Click to enlarge)The Deckers have been leading a home group this year, but expect to incorporate in 2011 and move into a rented space. They are looking forward to “making disciples” and training up fellow believers so they too can live in victory.

Mary, now eighteen, is a full-time student at CBC-Colorado, and Tom has returned to the oil business as a Consultant. He enjoys taking the gospel of grace and faith to the men in the field. Lesley works as a Facilitator for CBC Online. “This is the best job in the whole world, I just love working with the students,” said Lesley.

For the Deckers, there is only one way to live: to believe in the Word of God as the only truth, to serve God with your entire life, and to “Go make disciples.”

Watch the video below as Tom and Lesley Decker share their Healing Journey.