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Chicago GTS: Christ, The Hope of Glory

Andrew ministers to a woman in a wheelchair at the 2013 Chicago GTS. (Click to enlarge)In August, Andrew journeyed to Chicago, Illinois where he held his last state-side Gospel Truth Seminar for the year. According AWM staff traveling with Andrew, each of the sessions was well attended and those in the crowds were eager to receive from the Lord through Andrew and the prayer ministry team.

Andrew spent the weekend teaching a series titled, Christ In You, The Hope of Glory, which he taught entirely from the book of Colossians, something he had never done before. He opened the series by explaining that it can be inferred, based on Scripture, that Paul had never actually met the people to whom he was writing in Colosse. Andrew believes Paul was writing out of concern for the Colossians, that they were being taught the pure Gospel, and to make sure they had the basics down. From his opening statements, Andrew set out to do the same thing for the people in Chicago.

Andrew giving away a book during one of the sessions in Chicago.
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"This is really what my heart is, and what I believe God has spoken to me; I believe that today, the Gospel has been changed from when it was originally delivered...Brothers and sisters what most people know of the Gospel today is not the same as what the Apostle Paul shared. It's not what the Word of God teaches. We have so many traditions, and doctrines of men, that make the Word of God of no effect" (Mark 7:13).

As Andrew ministered the Gospel truth, the word was well accepted by those in attendance, both in the hearing and in the receiving of miracles. One of the seasoned prayer ministers commented that it has been her experience at any given GTS that the response from those desiring to receive prayer increases over the course of a weekend. She noted Andrew with Wendell Parr, Andrew's Director of World Outreach,Gail Coleman, Director of CBC-Indiana and Cindy Quarles, Director of CBC-Chicago. (Click to enlarge)that this was not the case in the Windy City. "From the very first evening in Chicago, the response for ministry was huge," she said.

There were several unique experiences among the many manifestations of God's ever present power to heal. Several people received healing from ringing in their ears; one of those healed was the minister praying. Both the minister and the man to whom she was ministering had the same condition, and both received healing as the power of God flowed. Another prayer minister was suffering from a brain tumor, and she found that a woman she was praying for also had a tumor. Both women had tumors in the same area of their brains and they shared the same symptoms; their hearing and vision on one side of their body had been damaged. As the women prayed together, both received healing and all of their symptoms left.

Crowds listened attentively as Andrew taught from the book of Colossians. (Click to enlarge)Other miracles included people being released from paralysis. One man, who came to the conference confined to a wheelchair, was paralyzed from the waist down. As a minister prayed for the man, he received strength and feeling back into his legs, and he was able to stand up by himself for the first time. Another person, a woman suffering with paralysis in one leg as the result of a broken hip, came forward for prayer. Like the man mentioned above, she regained feeling and the use of her leg. Before prayer she had no feeling or movement in her hip and leg—now she is completely healed!

When the truth of the Gospel is preached with simplicity and received with equal simplicity, there is no stopping the power of God and His limitless flow.

Be sure to watch the video below as Andrew shares the introduction to the teaching series for the 2013 Chicago Gospel Truth Seminar.


See the Impact CBC-Chicago is Making

Ten years ago when Mark Bassett and his wife, Tenese, were second year students at Charis Bible College in Colorado, the Lord planted a seed in Mark's heart to launch the first stateside extension of CBC. Mark shared the idea with his wife and as the two discussed it, they grew increasingly more excited about duplicating their CBC experience. In August of 2003, the Bassetts took a step of faith and opened Charis Bible College-Chicago. Watch the video below to see the wonderful fruit of the Bassett's faithful first step and the duplication that has taken place over the past decade.


Francine Jackson: Following God 

Charis Bible College graduate, Francine Jackson, serves as the Administrator for CBC-Chicago.
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Francine Jackson, Administrator for Charis Bible College-Chicago, was born again in 1996. The immediate change in her spirit prompted immediate changes in her natural life as well. Her desire to draw closer to the Lord inspired her to retune all of her radios to Christian programming, and it was this change that opened her ears to Andrew's ministry and the Gospel Truth.

Back then, Francine worked as the Administrator for the Metropolitan Division Social Services Department with The Salvation Army in Chicago. She began her morning routine listening to Christian radio, and Andrew's program was the last broadcast she heard before work every morning.

After years of listening to Andrew, and hearing wonderful testimonies about CBC and the transformations in the student's lives while attending, she began to have a desire to visit the school and one day move to Colorado to enroll in the college. Francine on her CBC second-year mission trip. (Click to enlarge)While the thought stayed with her long enough to share with her pastor, she never moved ahead with the idea.

One day in 2003, as Francine was visiting the AWM website she saw an announcement that said Charis Bible College was launching its first stateside extension school—in Chicago! Excited about a local school, Francine went to the open house, but because of a tug of war she felt in her heart between her desire to attend CBC and her commitment to her work, she didn't enroll.

Still wrestling with the choice the day before classes began, Francine contacted the school and asked if it was too late to register. Francine and one of her fellow graduates making a presentation to then Directors, Tenese and Mark Bassett.
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The co-director at the time, Tenese Bassett, welcomed Francine's enrollment as a part-time student. "After completing my application, I headed back to work. I was so happy. Tenese often tells me that when I left that day, she saw me outside skipping back to my car," Francine shared fondly.

In 2005, Francine completed the first year curriculum while working full-time. Although her schedule was taxing, she looked forward to her nighttime classes. During summer break, Francine faced another challenge; her second year classes were only offered on a full-time basis and the tug of war resurfaced in her heart.

Former CBC Co-Director, Mark Bassett, presenting Francine with her graduation certificate. Francine went on to completed a third-year apprenticeship at CBC.
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Believing that God wanted her to complete the two year program; Francine approached her supervisor at work and requested that her hours be adjusted to accommodate her class schedule. Initially her supervisor responded favorably to the idea which put Francine's heart at ease. But as class time drew near, her boss began to waver and challenged Francine about her commitment to her position—a position with an organization she had served for the previous twenty-four years.

Francine prayed, and the Lord reminded her of something that He had spoken to her not long before she decided to attend second year; His words were simply, "Follow Me." As she recalled those words she knew what she had to do. Emboldened by His faithfulness, Francine went to her supervisor and shared her heart saying, “I love what I am doing here at The Salvation Army, but I cannot sit here every day knowing that I should be at CBC. I understand your decision, but come August I will be attending school full-time.”

On July 2, 2009 Francine was ordained by Andrew at the annual Summer Family Bible Conference in Colorado Springs.
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It was more than just Francine's two decades of committed service that hung in the air during the moments that followed her declaration. She had no other source of income, no spouse to depend on and would not receive any unemployment benefits if she lost her job. But even with so much at stake, Francine had peace because she new God would take care of her as she followed Him.

Francine started second year in August of 2005 and she was able to keep her job. "My supervisor changed her mind and changed my hours! That’s how powerfully the Truth will impact your life," said Francine.

Following the Lord's lead Francine graduated with CBC-Chicago's first graduating class. In the months that led up to graduation Francine had a series of dreams. In one very vivid dream she resigned from her position with The Salvation Army. Awakened by the dream, she sat on the edge of her bed and asked the Lord if she was really leaving her job.

Francine currently serves CBC-Chicago with Director, Cindy Quarles and the other CBC staff. (Click to enlarge)Several weeks later she received a call from the directors of CBC-Chicago announcing their plans to leave the school after graduation and they asked if she was interested in being considered for the school's Administrator position. Francine said, "Yes!" excitedly.

Following the call, knowing in her heart that this was her next step, Francine had another dream. In it she was sitting across the table from AWM's World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr, who is in charge of CBC's extension schools. In the dream he said, "I've chosen you." Francine knew the job was hers. And it was; Francine has been CBC-Chicago's Administrator since the Bassetts left in 2006.

For Francine receiving a revelation of God's unconditional love and grace has provided more than just a change in jobs; the Truth has set her free in every area of her life. "The Truth has set me on the path of the amazing plan God has for my life. The Truth has allowed me to experience the greatest relationship I have ever had– knowing the true and living God, the One He sent and the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t get any better than that! I am blessed to know the Truth and now I have the wonderful privilege of teaching others to know Him," said Francine.