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Making Disciples in Chicago

CBC-Chicago graduates, Tom and Lynn Prybylo, are owners of Integrity Financial Management Inc. in Chicago, IL. Together they minister to some of Chicago's roughest residents. (Click to enlarge)When Tom and Lynn Prybylo were married in 1994, Tom had just started a financial services business in Chicago, Illinois. The couple, who had each been saved for decades, desired to become financially independent in order to have the flexibility and time to serve the Lord as they felt led. For many years Tom and Lynn enjoyed the ministry opportunities which came their way, but eventually they felt God pulling them out of their comfort zone, both spiritually and physically. They now know that their training at Charis Bible College was instrumental in the plan God has for their lives.

The Prybylos became familiar with Andrew's teaching after he had taught at their church on several occasions. Blessed by Andrew's live teaching, Tom and Lynn began watching Andrew’s Gospel Truth television program and purchased some of his teaching materials. Then, in 2004, the couple attended Andrew's Summer Tom and Lynn in class at CBC-Chicago. (Click to enlarge)Family Bible Conference in Colorado Springs, which helped them to realize their desire to attend Charis Bible College (CBC).

Upon their return to Chicago, Tom and Lynn enrolled in CBC-Chicago. They completed two part-time years and one full-time year, went on a mission trip to Belize, and graduated in 2007. Lynn returned to complete a third year internship. Their time at CBC had yielded a deeper understanding of the awesomeness of God’s unconditional love and grace for both of them, and as they were finishing their time at CBC, they looked forward to the opportunities that lay ahead.

Tom, Lynn and three CBC classmates on their second-year mission trip to Belize. (Click to enlarge)Just before they graduated, Andrew visited CBC-Chicago and shared a message about the apostle Peter getting out of the boat and walking on water. Tom and Lynn took this teaching as a word from God to get out of their comfort zone again and go into the city of Chicago. After much prayer the couple transitioned out of all of their leadership responsibilities at their church and went to the city to see what the Lord had for them. Once there, they felt led to attend a church where as Tom puts it, "we were the only “Anglo” couple in a church of about 3,500 predominantly Puerto Rican and Hispanic people. "

Despite the cultural differences, Tom and Lynn were impacted by the caring nature of the people of the church, and their passion to serve the CBC-Chicago Graduation, Class of 2007. (Click to enlarge)Lord. In addition, the two found tremendous favor with the Pastor, who immediately began encouraging them and giving them responsibilities. After two months, Tom and Lynn started teaching Andrew's Discipleship Evangelismprogram to women at a church outreach called the Dream Center, which is a recovery program for women coming out of drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, etc.

Soon, Tom and Lynn were invited to be Visitation Deacons, which involved praying for people at the altar during church services, and then following up with them during the week. They were also involved in the Lynn and Tom with their grandchildren... and they appear to be very happy about it! (Click to enlarge)men’s and women’s ministries and started early morning Bible studies on Saturdays, through which the Lord brought forth people who Tom and Lynn mentored into teachers and leaders.

Two years ago Tom and Lynn started Cornerstone Ministry, an educational ministry group at their church. In true 2 Timothy 2:2 fashion, the Prybylos teach and train men and women using the Discipleship Evangelism program and then encourage their students to go out and lead their own DE groups. In addition, the two hold seminars during which they teach topically, covering such subjects as, anger management, God's will to heal, marriage and Biblical finances.

Although they still consider themselves to be in the initial stages of their ministry, they have high expectations. Because of the culture of their church, and its location in a challenging part of Chicago, riddled with gangs and violence, their people face many obstacles in their lives. However, God’s Word is setting people free and giving them hope. Tom and Lynn are grateful to see lives being changed by the Gospel Truth in Chicago.


Gospel Truth Seminar: Chicago 2011

Andrew introducing the weekend's series called Knowing God's Way. (Click to enlarge)Early in August, Andrew and Jamie hosted a Gospel Truth Seminar in Chicago, Illinois. As Andrew opened the first meeting on Thursday night, and introduced the topic for the weekend, he said pointedly, "If you really know God, the more you know about God, the more you want to know."

Over the three days of the conference, Andrew taught a series of messages entitled, Knowing God's Way, in which he used Scriptures from the book of Exodus to show Moses' desire to know God more. "Moses knew God better than any person on the face of the earth at that time, and here he is [chapter 33 of Exodus] saying, show me Your way, that I might know You—that's just amazing to me," Andrew said. Andrew's altar call on Friday morning. (Click to enlarge)He went on to say that knowing God really is what the Christian life is all about.

Andrew's prayer ministers were available before and after each meeting, providing many guests the opportunity to receive individual ministry. Andrew's altar call for prayer at the end of each session yielded a large response and the team ministered to all who came forward.

According to the prayer team leaders, several people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis came to the front for prayer and received healing. One woman had been living in a nursing home because the disease had affected her to the point that she could no longer care for herself or her family. Friday night altar ministry.
(Click to enlarge)
After receiving prayer, she was able to walk for the first time in a year and a half.

Another person, an elderly man, hunched over with a bent spine and bound by his wheelchair, rolled forward to receive ministry. Decades of smoking had damaged his lungs so severely that breathing was extremely difficult and walking had become impossible. Condemnation over the abuse of his own body had convinced him that he was not a candidate for healing, but after hearing about the love of Jesus and the truth that it was Satan condemning him and not God, he was able to receive his healing. Guests taking advantage of the opportunity to pick up Andrew's teaching resources. (Photo T. Kieya Click to enlarge)Ministers watched as he stood up, stepped out of his wheelchair and walked briskly around the auditorium. Then, the ministers were blessed to witness the man's spine straightening as he stood up taller than before! Thank you Jesus for providing the stark contrast between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of light.

Watch the video clip below to see Andrew introduce the topic for the weekend in Chicago: Knowing God's Way.


Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.


CBC-Chicago Ministers Globally

Second-year CBC Chicago students traveled the world in March. They ministered in Nicaragua, Uganda and Russia where they had the privilege of sharing the power and goodness of God. (Click to enlarge)Over the course of the past academic year, the second-year students at Charis Bible College in Chicago, Illinois prepared for their mission trips abroad. The students took mission prep classes, in which they received practical training in how to effectively minister the almost-to-good-to-be-true-news, in word and power, to the people in foreign nations. "Mission trips are the highlight of students’ experience at CBC. It is the time when everything they’ve trained for comes to the forefront and they operate as who they really are—citizens of heaven and Jesus in the earth," said CBC-Chicago Director, Cindy Quarles.

In March, the school sent three teams on three separate trips across the globe with stops in Nicaragua, Uganda and Russia. As each team returned, their hearts and mouths were full of praise and reports of God's amazing love displayed through the students on the field. Lives were changed as a result of each trip.


The first team sent out from Chicago ministered in Nicaragua, where they experienced the blessings of street and prison ministry. The Chicago team worked closely with students from CBC-Gardner, Massachusetts, CBC-Indiana and CBC-Colorado, all hosted by Darey and Karen Jolley of Ambassadors to the Nations.

Ministry through provision. Here a CBC student put a new pair of shoes on a little boy. (Click to enlarge)After providing packages with necessities, this Chicago student shares a hug. (Click to enlarge)


CBC-Chicago's Russia team shared the love of God with the people of St. Petersburg. Hosted by Mike and Carrie Pickett, the directors of Charis Bible Training Center, the students ministered in half-way houses to people who have come out of a lifestyle of drugs and alcoholism. The team was able to bring hope and encouragement to the residents by sharing their personal testimonies, the Word, fellowship and love.

Chicago students ministered in a local church setting in St. Petersburg. (Click to enlarge)The Chicago team gathered with the CBTC staff and students after a church service. (Click to enlarge)


Chicago's Uganda mission team traveled to the country's capitol city of Kampala where they were hosted by CBC-Uganda director, Leland Shores and his wife Carole. During one outreach, the Chicago students teamed up with the Ugandan students and they traveled an hour north of Kampala to pray for the sick in Nakaseke hospital. Forty-eight people, in the predominantly Muslim area, were born again as a result of this outreach, and 117 of the 150 people prayed for were discharged from the hospital after receiving their healings! Cindy commented, "They pretty much emptied out the hospital! "God is Awesome!"

Here a Chicago student lays hands on a sick child in the Nagaseke hospital. (Click to enlarge) The students saw 117 people discharged after receiving their healing. (Click to enlarge)

Cindy expressed her thanks to all who contributed and supported the CBC-Chicago teams in any way. "Your gifts and prayers have eternal significance. People are the treasure," said Cindy.