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Europe Trip 2011: Jesus in Many Languages

Teun Groenendijk, Will Van den Broeke, and Jean Charles Tatiere videotaped Andrew’s messages for (Click to enlarge)OK, partners and friends of Andrew Wommack Ministries—we’re on our way home and it’s time to pause and give these three guys a big round of applause. They are two Dutchmen and a Frenchman; Teun Groenendijk, Will Van den Broeke, and Jean Charles Tatiere. They joined us in Holland and videotaped Andrew’s messages interpreted into Dutch for, a webtv outreach for people around the world who still speak the European languages. They decided to pay their own expenses to tape Andrew with Dutch, French, and Italian interpreters on this trip. To accomplish that, they followed us in a production van from Holland, through France and Italy, recording all of Andrew’s messages for later webcast. What a blessing!

The value of their efforts will be seen in the months and years ahead. People of other languages are being introduced to the almost-too-good-to-be-true-news through the interconnected networking of the worldwide web. While our mainstream TV and radio broadcast reaches by far the largest mass audience, these smaller boutique networks cannot be ignored. The fact that was willing to record Andrew for free, simply to capture his teaching, is an indication that the world of communications is changing. There are enough people watching web tv to pay for such an enterprise.

Indeed, President Jean Tatiere says that since they began Biblica TV last November, they have received responses from 110 countries. He has promised to make master tapes of Andrew’s translated messages available to our European and American websites for posting as they see fit. So, all you partners who support Andrew, you’ve got to like that “bang for the buck!” (Sitting here in Heathrow Airport, waiting for my plane, I can almost hear your applause.)

Time to close this European trip blog... Let us know with a comment in the ministry guestbook if you enjoyed coming along via this journal. As for now, I’m one tired puppy, and more than ready to write my last word. Good bye for now.


Europe Trip 2011: Andrew's Prayer Answered

Milan, a city of art and architecture.
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You, the partners and friends of Andrew Wommack Ministries, have enabled him to return after 43 years to a place dear to his heart—Milan, Italy.

Andrew was last in Milan as a teenager. His mother had arranged the trip as a gift. A few months earlier, he had experienced a dramatic encounter with God. After this spiritual experience, Andrew dropped out of college against his mother’s wishes. He was soon to go into the military and be sent to Vietnam. This trip to Europe was her attempt to connect her son to the larger context of human history seen in the art and architecture of the birthplace of Milan is called “Milan” to westerners, but it is “Milano” to Italians.
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Western Civilization. She was a school teacher, and Milan was another stop on her educational tour for Andrew.

But young Andrew was in another zone, not of this world. He was unimpressed with history, art, and architecture. The wonders he saw in Europe paled in comparison to the sense of God’s presence that he felt. Following his mother’s itinerary, they passed through the main cities of Italy, including Milan. As he travelled, his heart was not drawn to the buildings but to the people. He felt stirred with God’s heart of compassion for the people of Italy. Duomo di Milano, the landmark cathedral of Milan. (Click to enlarge)He prayed that one day he would be able to return and share God’s unconditional love and grace with them.

As our team arrived in Milan for a series of meetings, Andrew suddenly realized that God had used his supporting partners to answer his teenaged prayer. On the opening night, he encouraged his audience by telling the story of his first trip to their city. “God places godly desires in our hearts when we seek Him, even as young people,” he said. “He will fulfill those desires, Interior of Duomo di Milano.
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even if it takes the better part of a lifetime to see it.” After once again reviewing the splendor of Milan earlier that day, he said to the people, “You know, I wasn’t impressed with the art and architecture of Milan as a teenager, and I’m not impressed now. I'm much more excited about the purposes God wants to fulfill in your heart tonight.”

On his final day in the city, Andrew ministered an exhausting four times. Each time he was accompanied by his Italian translator. English is not comfortably spoken by the vast majority of Italians. Andrew’s European director, Will Graham supervises John Elshaw during the set up of Andrew’s booktable in the Leonardo da Vinci Hotel.
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The day began with a Gospel Truth session. Immediately afterward, at a pastor’s luncheon he challenged the preachers on the scriptural admonition to make disciples, rather than converts. The pastors received this challenge with heartfelt agreement. Then he was rushed to the Italian TBN television studios to do a program translated into Italian with the local host. He had less than two hours to prepare for the final evening of the Gospel Truth Seminar. By the time he finished ministering that night it was 11:30pm. All that remained was to rise early the next morning and head for the airport and a loooong day of flying back to Colorado.

Andrew ministers the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Milan.
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Andrew ministers at a luncheon with pastors from the city of Milan. (Click to enlarge)Andrew ministers on the local Italian TBN affiliate TV station. (Click to enlarge)