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Juris Bergs' Transition to Translation

New AWME Foreign Language Translation Team member, Juris Bergs of Latvia.
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In a recent post, we mentioned that the Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe Foreign Language Translation Team is working diligently to make Andrew's materials available in an increasing number of languages. While AWME maintains the official count of thirty-nine languages, based upon staff and volunteer team totals, there are also those materials that have been translated outside the ministry. Many times these translated resources go undetected by the ministry because they are done for personal use or are shared among small groups. One such translation project occurred in Latvia, where Juris Bergs, was led by the Lord to begin translating Andrew's messages into Latvian. Andrew's teaching's had dramatically changed Juris' life, and he wanted to share the Gospel truth with other Latvian Christians.

Juris and his wife Diane. (Click to enlarge)At the age of thirty-six, Juris, a happily married husband and father of two, had reached the top of the corporate ladder with one of the largest companies in Latvia. A Christian for two decades, Juris knew that it was God who had promoted him throughout his years in the business world. He was diligent in his pursuit of the Lord, often skipping lunch while at work to find a solitary place to pray or read his Bible. One day during his lunch break, he heard the Lord say, "You have to leave this job." Used to obeying God without hesitation, and thinking that God must be promoting him again, Juris promptly turned in his resignation that day.

Juris at work in Latvia's business world. (Click to enlarge)Juris was confident that the Lord was moving him forward in his career just as he had always done, but the Lord had other plans. During his time outside the secular business world, Juris enrolled in a local Bible school held in his church. While he was a student, he came across Andrew's Gospel Truth being broadcast on GOD TV. Andrew's teaching called "Effortless Change," caught Juris' attention and he began to watch regularly. "When he [Andrew] was teaching, he placed the Word of God above himself, his emotions or experience. I liked that, and I knew that it was right," Juris said.

Juris listening to, and translating Andrew's materials. (Click to enlarge)Juris spent the next year downloading and listening to all of Andrew's materials, free of charge through the AWM website. As he listened he felt the urge to translate the messages and to make them available for Latvian Christians through all possible forms of media. Even though he lacked resources and support, he set a course to see that the teachings would become available.

Determined to fulfill what the Lord had called him to do, Juris worked with the audio translation every day. Over the next two years, as he continued with his work, Juris' family began facing serious financial troubles, and started to question the wisdom of his decision to leave his job. At one point, he was offered a secular job, and due to financial circumstances, he accepted it. After working for only three days, Juris realized that he was not living according to his faith, and promptly quit the job. Juris during his visit to Prague in August 2010. (Click to enlarge)The same day he received an offering of €15,000 ($19,234) which was enough to cover his mounting credit card debt and his mortgage payments for three months. Juris was grateful that the Lord intervened, and the situation further strengthened his faith.

Since then he has been translating Andrew's messages and posting them online using Christian media outlets in Latvia. Web statistics have shown that Juris' audio translations have a steady audience of one hundred people each month. He believes that in the future his translated materials will be available to all of Latvia through Latvian Christian radio, the nation's largest Christian media format, as well as Latvian television. "I believe that Latvians will have access to all materials, as well as a Bible School. Juris and his wife toured Prague as new members of the Translation Team.
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To convey the message to Latvian Christians and my nation—that is the task and goal of my life that I have received from God. I [feel] like a chosen vessel to do this work for Latvia."

Approximately one year ago Juris contacted AWME to share the testimony of the impact Andrew's ministry had made on his life, and of his work as a translator. As a result Will Graham, Director of AWME decided to invite him to Prague and make him part of the Translation Team.

Juris' continued work with Andrew's materials has provided him with a solid foundation and revelation of his identity in Christ. The desire to share these spiritual truths has become so great that in addition to translating the messages, Juris has also begun to preach the Gospel at a local prison once a week.