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From Adrift to Equipped

Deb and Bob Farley met Andrew and Jamie for the first time in Virginia, just before the Farleys moved to Colorado Springs. (Click to enlarge)Deb Farley remembers having a distinct feeling that something in her spiritual life was adrift. Normally an active member of her church in Massachusetts, Deb felt she needed to stop attending church all together and seek God about her uneasy situation. In the midst of this troubled time a friend of hers told her about Andrew. Her friend said, “Deb, you have to listen to this guy, you won’t believe what he is saying about our freedom in Christ!”

CBC-Gardner and Inner Touch Ministries's new facility. (CLick to enlarge)It took a few more promptings, but Deb did eventually tune into Andrew’s Gospel Truth television program. What she heard stirred a bit of excitement, and a bit of irritation. “I had been saved for twenty years and had never heard this [Andrew’s message of God’s unconditional love] preached here in New England,” Deb said. Never-the-less, Andrew’s teaching began to change Deb’s life and gave her hope that she had never known before. For the first time in her Christian walk, she began to feel acceptance, love and freedom in Christ; a stark contrast to the feelings of unworthiness, guilt and frustration that she had struggled with for so long.

CBC-Gardner students during a time of praise and worship. (Click to enlarge)Shortly after being introduced to Andrew, Deb’s friend also told her about Charis Bible College (CBC). As soon as she found out about the school she knew that God was directing her to attend. Deb began her CBC experience at home in Massachusetts, through the correspondence courses offered by the school. As she progressed, she began to make plans to attend second year in Colorado Springs. Her husband, Bob encouraged her to quit her job and put all of her time and energy into completing the correspondence courses in time for the start of second year in August of 2005.

CBC graduates, Herb and Judith Carter have joined the Farleys in Gardner.
(Click to enlarge)
Not only did Deb accomplished her first year correspondence courses, but God, true to His word, also made her path straight by aligning the details in her personal life that would allow her move to Colorado Springs for her second year. Bob, an engineer with SimplexGrinnell for nearly thirty years, was concerned about Deb going to the Springs by herself. He decided to speak with his boss to explain the situation. He hoped to gain some time-off, over the ten-month school year, to visit Deb in Colorado as frequently as possible. Bob’s boss was more than receptive to the request, and actually insisted that Bob move to the Springs with Deb and work from there. His boss said he would fly Bob back to Massachusetts if he absolutely needed him on campus. The Farleys were overjoyed as they headed to the Springs, and Bob’s boss... never did need him to fly back.

CBC graduates and fellow New Englanders, Tim and Heather Philbrick joined the staff of CBC-Gardner in 2010. (Click to enlarge)Following graduation from CBC-Colorado, God showed Deb and Bob that He wanted them to launch an extension school in northern Massachusetts. The vision God gave the Farley’s included people attending from all the New England states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and of course Massachusetts. The school, located in the town of Gardner, is to serve as a central hub for New England, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, and the freedom found only in Him.

Today CBC-Gardner has eight first year and three second year students. All of the students, including Bob, now in his second year, are looking forward to joining CBC-Chicago this winter, as they team up for a missions trip to Mexico.

CBC-Gardne,r staff and students 2010.
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Deb is already seeing the impact the school is having on the area, and more people are beginning to show interest as they realize that CBC-Gardner is in the Northeast. “I already see the bigger picture in my heart, and we are so excited to see God's next step in fulfilling His vision for New England. We are out on the limb in faith, where I believe the fruit is; no more exciting place to be, Praise God!” Deb said.

Bob has hopes of making the financial transition to full-time ministry in the future, as he already plays a significant role in the school’s operation. In addition, Tim and Heather Philbrick, also from the Northeast, joined the operations at CBC-Gardner in the winter of 2010. Tim served as Director until Deb finished her apprenticeship program in May of this year. Two other CBC graduates, Judith and Herb Carter have temporarily joined the CBC-Gardner team and will be with the school until early fall.

God has planted an excellent CBC team in Gardner, Massachusetts, and many lives will be touched by the Gospel of Grace because of these willing vessels.

Visit the Inner Touch Ministries website to learn more about CBC-Gardner and the Farley's ministry to New England.

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