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New Life in Mexico

“The Lord highlighted a girl to me to tell her about His love and how beautiful she was, but I couldn’t at first,” Charis Bible College Colorado student Esther shared. “We had been told not to say much to them because it was the first time for Charis to visit the home. I kept on getting the [nudge] to talk to her, and I got permission from one of the interns to do that. I was glad I did because it was just what she needed. She wept with joy.”

Second-year Charis Colorado students were overwhelmingly blessed by the response they received from sharing the Gospel while on a missions trip to Mexico last December. The team enjoyed various ministry opportunities, like working in an orphanage with Charis Mexico students, and ministering in churches, a hospital, and the marketplace. Almost every day of the trip, someone received either salvation or the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The team was also invited to several work projects at the Christian orphanage “Pan de Vida” (Bread of Life). Projects included painting a ceiling, exterior doors, and a fence, along with hanging cabinets. The Charis Colorado team then prepared a program for the children of the orphanage, and this included songs, skits, and five stations where children could visit for face painting, balloons, crowns, fishing, and more.

Over 300 people attended the marketplace outreach. Games and a puppet show moved into three skits by the Charis Colorado team. The final skit was evangelistic in nature and was followed by a Gospel presentation. An invitation was given to receive salvation through Jesus, and most of the crowd responded by raising their hands.

Charis student Grace Iverson shared:

“My life was overwhelmingly blessed, as I was privileged to travel to Querétaro, Mexico, on a short-term missions trip with Charis Bible College Colorado. […] We traveled to another city where a local church, pastored by one of Charis Mexico’s students, had prepared a market outreach. The day prior, we canvassed the marketplace, passing out fliers and inviting all to the outreach. On the day of the outreach, hundreds of children and families came, and we were able to simply present the Gospel. Many were saved. The simplicity of love—hugging a child or playing games with a child—combined with the simplicity of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ made this a life-changing day for all involved. […] I am so thankful for the opportunities that we as students have at Charis Bible College—opportunities to share all that God has given us with the world!”

Their five days of ministry concluded back at Charis Mexico. Both Charis Colorado and Charis Mexico students enjoyed a special night of sharing experiences. Their hope is that all the lives affected, including their own, will continue in the faith and hope they have in Jesus.

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CBC Set to Open in Mexico

Charis Bible College-Colorado graduates and the new directors of CBC-Mexico, Alex and Julie Palomares, stand on either side of Andrew. (Click to enlarge)Alex and Julie Palomares fell in love with missions work during the 1980s when they were part of an Evangelistic Caravan in the mountains of Mexico. It was there that the couple led an elderly woman to the Lord. After ministering to her, Alex and Julie's hearts were full of excitement and passion for ministry, and they were ready to become full-time missionaries. However, as the Palomares sought the Lord for direction, they found that God had other plans. The Lord led them to go back to the United States to raise a family before heading on to the mission field.

The Palomares at their CBC graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs. (Click to enlarge)In January of 2011, we shared the Palomares’ testimony of their return to Mexico. Three decades later, after raising their family and graduating from Charis Bible College in Colorado, the Lord had rekindled the fire for missions in Alex and Julie's hearts. They returned to Mexico in 2010 and made their home in the city of Querétaro. The couple did not waste any time establishing their ministry, and they began traveling to teach Discipleship Evangelism(DE)courses in León, Guanajuato, a town about two hours northwest of their new home. A short time later they also established a second discipleship group at a local church in Querétaro. Since then, the invitations and opportunities to minister the Gospel throughout Mexico have continued to increase.

As they shared the Word, Alex and Julie noticed a pattern within the groups of people to whom they were ministering. The Alex and Julie ministering a La Roca Church. (Click to enlarge)people, many of whom had spent their lives attending church, were tired, worn out and did not know God or understand His provision for them. However, as Alex and Julie continued sharing the DE lessons, they realized the people were being transformed. “As they learn and become aware of how much God loves them, their lives begin to change,” Julie explained.

From the beginning, each group that Alex and Julie have taught has gained an abundance of revelation and a clear understanding of water baptism, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in CBC Mexico will occupy the upper level of this building in Queretero. CBC signs were being created at the time of this posting. (Click to enlarge)tongues, their authority as believers and more. “They learn that they can be blessed, and that they can have health—they learn all the benefits," Alex explained.

Following the completion of the DE course, many group participants began to inquire, “What’s next?” This question, and the hunger from which it stemmed, came as no surprise to Alex and Julie. The two have been working diligently for the last two years to create CBC's first Spanish language campus in North America—a place to facilitate continued growth in the Lord and to further equip of the saints in Mexico. The Palomares' efforts and long hours have proven fruitful, and CBC-Mexico will open its doors in Querétaro in September of 2012.Alex and Julie at home in Mexico.
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Alex and Julie are excited about the expansion of their ministry and the process of discipleship that began just two years ago. Their mission has not changed, they simply desire to, “Equip others to go out and make disciples,” just as Jesus has instructed. They are off to a great start!

Be sure to watch the brief video below to learn more about Alex and Julie's journey in to full-time ministry, and visit CBC-Mexico to learn more about this brand new extension school.


A Return to Mexico

Andrew, and AWM's World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr met with Alex and Julie to discuss their plans for ministry in Mexico. (Click to enlarge)In the summer of 1978, Alex and Julie Palomares met for the first time when Julie traveled with some high school classmates from the United States to Mexico. Alex’s brother, Pablo was the group's tour guide and he invited Alex to a party being held in honor of the visiting Americans. It didn’t take long for Alex and Julie to spot each other at the party. Despite the fact that Alex didn’t speak English and Julie only spoke high school level Spanish, Alex asked Julie to dance. The two formed a lasting bond that afternoon and three years later they were married.

The newlyweds chose to reside in Puebla, Mexico. While living there, God surrounded the couple with born again believers, including some missionaries, whom the Lord used to draw Alex and Julie to Himself. The two had been raised in Catholic homes, but both came to the realization that they were missing a personal relationship with God. Alex and Julie in 1982, right after receiving Jesus as their Savior in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico.
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In 1982, their friends brought them to a church service where they gave their hearts to Jesus. A short time later, the couple went to a home bible study and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

It was not long before Alex and Julie had the opportunity to go on their first missionary trip. The two visited a small mountain community in Mexico; it was there that they fell in love with mission work and ministry in particular. Separately, each asked the Lord to prepare them for ministry, but to their surprise, He redirected the Palomares to move to the U.S. to focus on their marriage and raising a family. They did so feeling assured that God would show them the right time to step out into ministry.

Fast forward nearly twenty-six years, three children and eleven relocations later, to a regular morning in March of 2008. Alex and Julie's ordination ceremony at the 2010 Summer Family Bible Conference in Colorado Springs.
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Julie was watching Andrew’s Gospel Truth program on television, and although she had seen the program and the promotions for Charis Bible College (CBC) hundreds of times, this morning was different. Julie felt led to order the CBC correspondence courses, and when she discussed her idea with Alex, she found that he too wanted to take the courses.

By August first, they had completed the first year program, and had also decided to sell their home and move to Colorado Springs to begin their second year at CBC. All CBC students are required to go on a foreign mission trip during their second year, and the Palomares mission trip brought them back to Mexico. It was during this trip that the Lord began to prepare them to return to Mexico, to begin their ministry in the same country where they had found each other and God three decades earlier.

Julie and Alex in Querétaro, Mexico. (Click to enlarge)The Lord continued to speak to Alex and Julie about the timing being right to begin their ministry. During their third year at CBC, they focused their apprenticeship project on the research of three cities in Mexico. They found the city of Querétaro to be a good fit for their ministry base, and in January 2010, the two decided to visit the city. They believed that God would confirm the leading they felt during their visit.

Querétaro is a lovely colonial city of about 800,000 people. It is clean, safe and situated approximately two and a half hours northwest of Mexico City. It is also an area that is home to many international companies and a number of educational institutions. It is the number one non-beach tourist destination in Mexico. Beyond these facts, God confirmed to the couple that Querétaro was in need of hearing the message of God’s unconditional love and grace.

Querétaro, Mexico“The time we spent walking the streets of Querétaro and praying confirmed to us that this was where we needed to be. We met a young pastor and his wife who moved to Querétaro three years ago to start a church. They graciously showed us around the area and picked us up for their church service the next day. Over lunch we were able to tell them about our desire to begin a discipleship program that we believe will grow into a Bible college. They were very interested in our plans, assuring us that there is great need in Querétaro and a lot of work to be done. We returned to Colorado knowing that the Lord prepared us as He said He would many years ago," said Julie.

Alex and Julie were ordained by Andrew and the CBC staff following their third year apprenticeship, and they began to make preparations to move to Querétaro. Alex teaching a Discipleship Evangelism lesson. (Click to enlarge)They moved to Mexico in September 2010, and soon after their arrival began teaching Discipleship Evangelism in León, Guanajuato, about two hours northwest of Querétaro. A short time later, the couple began teaching a second discipleship group at a local church in Querétaro. They continue to lead these groups and teach at other meetings by invitation.

Each group of hungry hearts has received an abundance of revelation from the lessons that Alex and Julie present each week. Participants have received a clear understanding of water baptism, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, their authority as believers and so much more. “DE training doesn’t just give people discipleship materials to share with others. It allows a person to experience the Grace of God through a systematic study of basic Bible topics and then they share what they have experienced firsthand with others," Alex explained.

Alex and Julie ministering in Leon, Mexico. (Click to enlarge)The Palomares are thrilled to see God’s word changing so many lives in Mexico, and also find joy in sharing their testimony of God’s faithfulness in their lives, as an encouragement to all who God puts in their path. “What a precious moment it is when you realize that you are in the right place at the right time,” Julie said.

To learn more about their journey and their ministry visit the Palomares Ministries website.