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Andrew Visits New England for GTS

Andrew kidding with the audience in Worcester, Massachusetts at this year's New England GTS.
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Andrew visited the northeastern United States at the end of July, where he hosted the New England Gospel Truth Seminar in Worcester, Massachusetts. Thursday July 26th, Andrew opened the annual conference by sharing the title of the weekend's series, Christian Philosophy.

As Andrew established the context and meaning of his title, he used Colossians 2:8 as a foundation for his message. Andrew asked the crowd to evaluate, within their heart, not openly, whether they felt like there was something the Lord had purchased for them that they hadn't appropriated; something that they could see in Scripture, but did not appear to be working in their individual lives, such as Andrew during the altar call after Thursday evening's meeting.
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healing, deliverance, joy, prosperity, peace, anointing, or boldness. Referring to the verse in Colossians, Andrew said, "The average Christian today has been spoiled, somebody has stripped from us something that Jesus has provided for us, and the average Christian is not experiencing God's best." He quickly asked, "Why is that?" Then answering the question for the crowd Andrew said, "Wrong philosophy. Wrong thinking."

Andrew spent the rest of the weekend contrasting errant doctrine and worldly perspective with Biblical truth, emphasizing what a Christian's philosophy should look like. Andrew, like the apostle Andrew sharing that God is good and only good—all of the time.
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Paul, encouraged believers to be on guard and not to lose what Jesus has made available. He discussed the inerrant truth of God's Word, the fact that there is only one God, that God is good all the time, that evolution in any form is not compatible with God's Word, and then he wrapped up the weekend ministering about homosexuality and abortion.

The crowds were receptive to Andrew's teaching of the Gospel Truth and many came forward to receive prayer throughout the weekend. The prayer ministry team witnessed multiple eyesight related healings; the most notable of these was that of a woman suffering from Andrew shared the platform Friday night with GTS staff, Ashley and Carlie Terradez. (Click to enlarge)the effects of multiple sclerosis. The disease had stolen the sensitivity from her face, leaving her with facial numbness and she had been deemed legally blind. After prayer, feeling returned to her face and she was able to read fine print.

One little girl came forward with a deformed hand; the hand was limp and curled under, leaving it useless. As the prayer minister spoke to the hand, the girl received strength in her wrist and they both watched as her hand slowly uncurled. As her healing manifested, she was able to extend her arm to shake hands with the prayer minister!

The power of God flowed throughout the weekend and many lives were transformed. Be sure to catch the video below and watch as Andrew introduces the series, Christian Philosophy.