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The Choice to Be Shy

Growing up, I was painfully shy. I could hardly look a person in the eyes, and the thought of getting up and speaking in front of people would bring me to the point of tears. My mom and I joke to this day about how she always had to ask the sales clerk if I could have a fitting room to try on clothes because I was too scared to ask for myself.

For the longest time, I believed this was just my personality. I was the shy, quiet girl who didn’t like too much attention. But while it was true that I was more of an introvert, what I was believing about myself was, in fact, a trap of the Enemy meant to keep me in bondage.

On Andrew’s Gospel Truth broadcast, he has been doing a verse-by-verse teaching through the book of Proverbs. During this series, Andrew talks about Proverbs 29:25:

“The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.”

New King James Version

Andrew says, “Any person who is afraid of people’s criticism and of people’s reaction to them is not a free person. . . . You need to recognize that fear of people [and] fear of what people have to say is a trap of the devil. Satan is trying to destroy you. . . . Fear brings bondage. Fear of what people [have] to say is not a free life.”

As I got into the Word more throughout my adult life, I began to realize that this fear wasn’t simply an unfortunate personality trait that I had absolutely no control over. This was bondage: a perfectly set trap to keep me caged in my small world and small thinking. As long as I clung to that lie, I remained right where I was, unable to move forward into what God had for my life.

So, I began taking steps of faith, acting confident even when I didn’t feel confident. Some might see that as being fake or two-faced. But I had to make a decision about which was going to be the higher truth in my life: how I was feeling or what God said about me. I decided that I was going to act on who the Word said I was rather than on how I simply felt at the time. And that has truly made all the difference in my life.

In his Gospel Truth Proverbs series, Andrew also says, “What a great way to live, to where it just doesn’t really matter what people say about you. It’s what God says. If you, in your heart, know that you’re doing what God has told you to do, you do not have to be validated and confirmed by other people. . . . That’s a great way to live.”

Today that shy, insecure little girl is working for Andrew Wommack Ministries, reporting in front of a camera to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. God had much bigger plans for me than what I was allowing for myself. And you know what? He has bigger plans for you too. The only question is, which plans will you choose?

Don’t miss the Gospel Truth this month as Andrew wraps up his series on Proverbs. It will guide you to God’s timeless wisdom so that you can live your life of purpose.

Written by Jessica Giaimo

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Boldness and Confidence—They’re Yours!

Proverbs 28:1, New King James Version

The wicked flee when no one pursues, But the righteous are bold as a lion.

(Emphasis added)

From my umbrella-shaded lounge chair, I found myself watching a spirited, curly-haired toddler as she broke away from her father’s attempts to clothe her. She dashed naked through the sand toward the shallow ocean waves, gleefully unaware that she was undressed. Reaching the ankle-deep water, she jumped and splashed, unaware of any dangers that the ocean might hold.

As I was taking it all in, I couldn’t help but think about Adam and Eve before the Fall. Naked before God, they lived their lives without shame—until they forfeited their righteousness through sin. Disconnected from God, they became fearful. They tried to cover their shame and nakedness with fig leaves, wrongly believing they needed to flee from their loving Creator.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the end of the story for Adam and Eve or the rest of humanity. God sent His Son to deliver His creation from sin and shame. Through Jesus Christ, our righteousness has been restored, and we can now approach God with confidence. In fact, because of Christ and His redemption, we are now:

1. Adopted. No longer spiritual orphans, we have a heavenly Father who calls us His own, and He will never leave us (Heb. 13:5). The love He has for Jesus is the love He has for us. We have received His Spirit, which is not a spirit of fear and slavery but of boldness and freedom. Now we can call Him “Abba, Daddy!” (Rom. 8:15-16).

2. Accepted. In His love, God always knew that He would restore us to a state of blameless innocence. Forever without fault, we are accepted in the Beloved (Eph. 1:6) and encouraged to come boldly before His throne to receive all the help we need (Heb. 4:16).

3. Approved. Through the abundance of grace and the gift of God’s approval, we are now equipped to rule and reign in life (Rom. 5:17). The God of the universe, our Father, views us with a deep, abiding, never-ending delight. If God is for us, who could possibly be against us (Rom. 8:31)?

4. Authorized. Not only can we come confidently before God’s throne, but we can also stand boldly before our Adversary. In Christ, we are not victims but victors. God has authorized us “to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy” (Luke 10:19, New International Version [1984 edition]).

I recently heard someone say that an attitude of faith will cause a believer to swing out over hell on a cornstalk and spit in the devil’s eye. That’s a great picture of how bold we should be as children of the most High. Proverbs 28:1 says that the righteous—that’s us—are bold as a lion!

Looking for wisdom? Be sure to tune in to the Gospel Truth broadcast all this week, where Andrew is sharing insights from his teaching Proverbs: Timeless Wisdom for a Life of Blessing.

Written by Sylvia F. Wells

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