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Karly Gutierrez: Healed from Tourettes

The Gutierrez family (L-R): Helen, Gabriel (6), Ed, Karly (3), and Andrue (8). Karly was diagnosed with tourette syndrome at the age of six.
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A couple of years ago, Ed Gutierrez and his young family were struggling to navigate life's sometimes turbulent waters. He and his wife Helen were being tossed by financial issues, and their marriage was being damaged in the process. At the same time, the Gutierrez' six-year-old daughter, Karly, was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called tourette syndrome. These pressures were a great strain on the family. In the roughness of the storm, Helen turned to the Lord. Ed on the other hand, did not know God and blamed Him for their situation.

Ed's anger and frustration grew with each day as he watched his little girl was ridiculed and bullied and became the brunt Karly became the brunt of jokes and was bullied as a result of her outbursts and physical tics. (Click to enlarge) of many jokes. When Karly turned eight, the symptoms of her disorder grew worse. She began to have extremely loud outbursts with violent shrieks and barks as well as random muscular tics, twitching movements throughout her neck and body. And, it didn't take much to set Karly off; when she would hear simple words such as: pizza, cheese, awesome, and face, she would react by screaming them loudly. Ed was losing it.

"One night I screamed and yelled at God and said things I should not have said. I told him to leave her alone and to take it out on me instead. Nothing changed. A few months later I couldn't take Karly holding her school homework folder, age 5.
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it anymore. We had lost the house, Karly was getting worse, and my marriage was not where it should have been," recalled Ed.

In March of 2011, Ed cried out to God. Unable to fight anymore, he asked God for help. "I was on my knees crying, like a baby, and I begged him to help me. He did. He began to work on my heart, and one month later I became born again on Easter morning 2011," said Ed brightly.

Newly born again, Ed still struggled to understand God's true nature, and he had lingering thoughts that it was God's will for Karly to be sick. Although misunderstanding still loomed, Ed's salvation brought he and Helen closer. As the two sought the Lord together in prayer, their marriage was strengthened.

Ed prayed relentlessly for Karly and waited for some sign that she was healed. Morning after morning his heart would break Karly showing off the space left by her first lost tooth, age 5.
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as he waited for her to wake up, hoping that the Lord had healed her overnight. If he didn't hear a screech or a yelp right away his heart would begin to soar, but then, soon enough the noises would start, and his heart would sink.

One day as Ed flipped through the television channels, he stopped on God TV just in time to catch Andrew's Gospel Truth program. Ed had seen Andrew before but never paid any attention to his teaching. This day however, he heard Andrew mention healing—physical healing—and Ed tuned in. The things Andrew shared totally contradicted the things Ed was taught in church. "I couldn't believe what I was Karly running at the beach, age 5.
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hearing and I sat up and started listening," Ed said.

After watching Andrew's program, Ed logged onto and started listening to podcasts. "The first one I listened to was God Wants You Well and then The Believers Authority. I was kind of confused between what I was learning at church and what I was hearing Andrew say. I began to read my Bible with an open mind to decide for myself what the Bible actually says about healing. Guess what... Andrew was right," exclaimed Ed.

Karly standing with the prayer ministers (L-R: Suzanne, Janet and Tonne) who prayed over her during the Gutierrez' family visit to CBC's School of Healing. (Click to enlarge)In March of 2012, Ed and his family made the drive from their home in New Mexico to Colorado Springs to be a part of Charis Bible College's Campus Days. While they visited, they planned to attend the weekly Healing School meeting. Unfortunately, Karly could not be quiet or stay still long enough for the Gutierrez family to sit in the main auditorium. The family went to an overflow room where they could watch the meeting on the big-screen TV. There a woman named Janet and two other ladies, Suzanne and Tonne, prayed for Karly and they commanded tourettes to leave. Ed was so excited because immediately following the time of prayer Karly was quite enough to return to the main auditorium. "We went into the main sanctuary and proclaimed her healing. It was the best feeling I had in my life," recalled Ed.

Ed and Helen's joy was short-lived. As they got in their car to leave, their daughter began to shriek and tic. Karly, so impressed by her father's joy-filled smile, fought the symptoms of her syndrome and had managed to control them for the short time they were in the Ed and Karly. (Click to enlarge)auditorium, but she couldn't hold them in any longer. Devastated, Ed's heart broke, and anger rose. "I had seen on GOD TV and the Church Channel where people were healed of all kinds of diseases and sicknesses. I couldn't understand why He wouldn't heal my daughter, and I was greatly disappointed. I felt like a fool for standing on stage and proclaiming her healing," Ed said.

A few weeks later, after a bout with self pity, Ed resolved not to give up on his daughter, and he started speaking life over Karly. Instead of feeling sorry for himself and his family, he chose to stand on Progressive progress! Karly, now 10, shows almost no sign of the syndrome that once stole from her. God's word is true and the devil is a liar! (Click to enlarge)God's Word. "I began praying and thanking God for sending Jesus. I began to stand on Isaiah 53:5 saying, 'And by his stripes ye were healed,'" he said.

Ed continued to pray and also started to play Andrew's Healing Scriptures CD every night at Karly's bedside. Eventually, Helen mentioned to Ed that he was so fixated on seeing an instant healing that he was missing the progressive healing taking place right before his eyes. Slowly, he realized it was true; Karly wasn't reacting to trigger words like pizza anymore. She still had her shrieks and barks, but she had definitely progressed. "I sat her down and tested her. I looked her right in the face and said her words one by one only to see her smile and laugh. What great joy that brought me. After three months, all of her outbursts and noises disappeared. Gone, gone, gone!" said Ed.

Karly's progressive healing continues today. Ed and Helen may notice an occasional, very small sound or awkward movement, but they said, "If you didn't know she had tourettes before, you wouldn't be able to tell anything."

This summer the Gutierrez family has done things they have never been able to do. Before Karly was healed, they would avoid riding in the car, but this summer they drove to Denver, comfortably, to visit with family. "We have gone to the mall and the movies, and done many other simple things we wouldn't have been able to do. Our family can do normal things now—even go out to eat at a restaurant. Jesus healed my daughter from tourette syndrome and every day I thank the Lord," said Ed with a truly grateful heart.


Charis Bible College's School of Healing

CBC staff member, Carlie Terradez, holds the mic as Richard Bishop shares his testimony of victory over severe symptoms of a diabetic blood complication as a result of the prayer and ministry at the School of Healing. (Click to enlarge)Late last winter, Charis Bible College fostered the birth of a new branch of ministry at the Colorado Springs campus when they opened the doors of CBC's School of Healing. The weekly program is an answer to many prayers and operates under the leadership of CBC's School of Worship Director, Daniel Amstutz.

While the doors of the School of Healing officially opened in March of 2011, the concept was conceived in the heart of CBC's Director, Gary Luecke, in 2009. It came to Gary's attention when he was hired as the director of the college that Andrew was being asked to pray for people between classes. He was not being asked by the students necessarily, but by visitors traveling from afar, seeking personal ministry and healing. Andrew made every attempt to meet the need, CBC Director, Gary Luecke.
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but the frequency of the requests grew beyond the capacity of Andrew's on campus schedule. Andrew and Gary discussed ways to allow more time to minister to those in need—even if Andrew was off campus.

Gary sought the Lord about what it would take to establish a healing program at CBC. He envisioned a place where students were specifically trained in all things related to healing, about ministering healing and about how to receive healing. As Gary prayed, he knew it would take a special person to come along to develop the program, and he waited on the Lord.

Daniel Amstutz leading worship.
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In the fall of 2010, at Andrew's request, Daniel started leading worship once a week at CBC. Daniel progressively became more visible on campus, filling in as a guest speaker and leading worship more frequently. Eventually, Gary offered Daniel a full-time position as the Director of the School of Worship. Daniel remembered their conversation and said, "Gary got a smile on his face at one point, and turned to me and asked, 'Do you have any interest in directing a healing school?'" To which Daniel replied, "'That is a ministry that is very dear to my heart; one that I have been active in for quite some time, and one that goes hand in hand with worship ministry. Yes!'"

Carlie, who has witnessed the manifestation of healing in her own life, shares her revelation with those in attendance in December 2011.
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When Daniel joined the CBC staff in 2011, he invited students interested in being trained in the healing ministry to come to an initial training session. To his surprise, 175 students showed up at the first of six meetings on how to minister to the sick.

After teaching the first four sessions, Daniel invited Gospel Truth Seminar Prayer Team Coordinator and healing recipient, Carlie Terradez, to join him as an instructor. Jumping at the opportunity, Carlie agreed and taught the two remaining training sessions.

A CBC student shares her testimony of standing on God's word and speaking to her body and circumstances until her healing manifested. (Click to enlarge)Since those early days, the School of Healing has grown and the new branch of CBC is bearing fruit. "Every week we are seeing amazing things happening as people are receiving healings of every kind and miracles that are not only changing their lives personally, but the lives of their friends and families," shared Daniel enthusiastically.

News of the School of Healing and its fruit has become public through a variety of AWM and CBC outlets, and people are visiting the school from across the United States. Some visitors have traveled from other countries just to be a part of the School of Healing.

CBC students participate in the prayer ministry line at the School of Healing. (Click to enlarge)The school, which is free to all and open to the public, meets weekly on Thursday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. in the CBC campus auditorium. Each session opens with a time of worship, usually lead by Daniel and a team of musicians, then testimonies of God's goodness are shared, followed by teaching. The afternoon program culminates with a team of students ministering healing to whoever comes forward to receive.

"Healing School is not a church, but it is family. It's a safe place where people come and are always welcome; they are loved and ministered to for as long as is necessary. Some only come one time; Six months after receiving prayer at the School of Healing, Suki Mihalko shared her testimony of victory over lung cancer. (Click to enlarge)they receive their healing and go home. Others come weekly; they are growing spiritually and physically," said Carlie.

Miracles are witnessed at the School of Healing every week, not because of some special anointing or because the ministers are experts, but because signs and wonders follow the teaching of the Word. "Our goal is to draw people into relationship with Jesus so that they learn that everything they need comes from that relationship. This makes the School of Healing unique; we are discipling people, not just praying for their problems," said Carlie excitedly.

"There is nothing that you need to have completed to attend. Just come believing and receive what Jesus came to give. We will love on you and walk with you through your healing journey," said Daniel.

For more information about the School of Healing or to watch a session via live feed, be sure to visit

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