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CBC South Africa Graduation 2011

Carlynne stands with CBC-South Africa's first graduating class! (Click to enlarge)In 2003, Carlynne Kotzè left the familiar surroundings of her home in South Africa, and her successful life in the secular workplace, to pursue the Lord's leading to attend Charis Bible College in the United Kingdom. Carlynne saw, first hand, the Lord's provision and faithfulness to His word as she walked through the double opened doors before her (Isaiah 45:1-3) in the UK.

After successfully completing the CBC program in Walsall, England, Carlynne returned to South Africa to launch and direct a CBC extension school. Now, two years later, Carlynne and her ministry efforts are bearing fruit; CBC-SA celebrated its first ever commencement ceremony in November of 2011 with 12 students graduating from the school in Heidelberg.

Andrew Wommack Ministries Director of World Outreach, Wendell Parr, was on hand for the graduation ceremony. Wendell oversees the expansion of the Charis Bible College ministry and the development of the extension school campuses in the United States and abroad. "It was an exciting event," Wendell said of the first graduation ceremony in South Africa.

While many aspects of her job as director of CBC-SA are fulfilling, Carlynne truly enjoys watching the process of renewal that takes place as students grab hold of the Word. She also takes pleasure in being able to watch as ministry gifts come alive in her students. "The best is to see their gifting to start to manifest. For a while, I can see what they have not yet realized— that I love!" exclaimed Carlynne.

Opening procession (Click to enlarge) Carlynne (left) receives flowers (Click to enlarge)

Master of Ceremonies, Charles Hopkins
(Click to enlarge)
AWM World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr
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Gail McFie, Second-year representative
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Wendell presents Michelle Moyo with her Diploma
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Wendell, Junaid Esau and Carlynne (Click to enlarge) Carlynne, staff and students (Click to enlarge)



Carlynne's One Step Farther

Carlynne Kotzè, Director of Charis Bible College-South Africa. (Click to enlarge)Seven years ago, after spending three decades as a physiotherapist in South Africa, Carlynne Kotzè sensed the Lord prompting her to make a significant change in her life. She had been attending a bible school on a part-time basis, and had recently finished the program. Carlynne came to realize that the path God wanted her to take required her to move to another country. This was not something she had ever considered before, but Carlynne knew that God had given her Isaiah 45:1-3 on which to stand, and that instilled in her the confidence to follow God’s lead—more than eight thousand miles to the United Kingdom (UK).

“God kept His side of the promise and kept the double doors open, and took every obstacle out of my way. I got a stunning job and a place to stay with lovely Christian people,”
Carlynne recalls.

Carlynne applied for a one-year work permit in the UK, but was blessed with a five year permit instead. She was thankful for the favor of God surrounding her; however she still did not know the reason for the significant move in
her life.

CBC-UK Director, Paul Flanagan, staff and students lay hands on Carlynne during her commissioning ceremony. (Click to enlarge)Three months after her relocation to the UK, Carlynne missed South Africa and felt very alone. One day, as she walked through a local supermarket, she overheard some people speaking in her home language of Afrikaans. Following their introductions, her new friends handed her a set of Andrew's teaching tapes; a series called You've Already Got It!

“That was the first time [after listening to the tapes] that I knew why God brought me to the UK, away from my religious family, [it was] to learn the truth of the Gospel message,” explained Carlynne.

Carlynne leads class at CBC-SA in Heidelberg. (Click to enlarge)She attended Andrew's Gospel Truth Seminars in Walsall and London, England, and felt she should enroll in Charis Bible College (CBC). Carlynne wasn’t interested in moving any further outside her comfort zone, so instead of attending class on campus, she settled for taking correspondence courses. The DVD courses ended up being difficult for her because the cares of life seemed to leave little time for study. God however, in His faithfulness, kept the doors wide open and made the crooked paths straight, and Carlynne soon ended up moving to Walsall to attend CBC.

“It was a scary time in the natural, but an awesome time in the supernatural. I found work immediately, with work times that suited me while attending CBC-Walsall in the mornings," Carlynne said.

CBC-SA Walk-A-Thon (Click to enlarge)After four years in the Midlands of the UK, Carlynne was ready to go anywhere God wanted her to go. During her second year at CBC she had the opportunity to be a part of a mission trip to Heidelberg, South Africa and she was overjoyed. Although Carlynne still missed South Africa, she had not spent time dwelling on her feelings. While ministering on the trip however, she became acutely aware of just how much she had missed her people. Leaving at the end of the mission trip was difficult, but the Lord encouraged Carlynne with another passage of scripture, Jeremiah 15:19-21. "They will come to me and I will have to wait for them," she said. Relying on verse nineteen she put her complete trust in her Savior, and said good-bye to South Africa for the second time.

Ten months later, Carlynne met with CBC-Walsall staff. During the meeting leadership expressed to her that they believed she was being called to go back to South Africa. Carlynne was thrilled.

CBC-SA students working together to make posters for a fundraiser. (Click to enlarge)Today Carlynne serves as the Director of CBC-South Africa in Heidelberg. The school has eleven full-time students and thirty-two registered correspondence students. Inquiries continue to increase, and Carlynne says that God has promised to bring people from afar to attend the school. She enjoys watching her students grow in boldness and love, and seeing the fruit of their labor in Christ. The students have had opportunities to travel around the Western Cape ministering to the townspeople in the Heidelberg area, and they have seen some individuals healed. Students have also begun to lead Discipleship Evangelism groups in their local church.

Keeping school fun! CBC-SA student box car race. (Click to enlarge)Although her journey has not always been easy, the Lord has made Carlynne's paths straight. Regarding her new career as Director of CBC-South Africa, Carlynne had this to say, “There is no comparison between the life of faith and grace I now live, and my previous life as a physiotherapist. My focus then was on myself and self performance, but now my focus is only on God and what Jesus accomplished for me on the cross. There are still times that I feel scared and inadequate and have to remind myself that no one was qualified when God called them. He will also qualify me, focusing on Him alone will do the job.”

To learn more about CBC-South Africa visit the school's website.


Called to the Mission Field

Sean and Lisa Michaud founders of Kingdom Equippers Ministries International. (Click to enlarge)Sean and Lisa met at a church in Mobile, Alabama. During their very first conversation, they shared with each other their individual calls to the mission field. The two quickly realized that the Lord had a plan for their lives—together. Before stepping into missionary work however, they both sensed God leading them to saturate themselves in His Word. Not knowing what to do next, they made an appointment with their pastor to inquire about how best to prepare for the ministry. Their pastor mentioned a new school that his friend, Andrew Wommack, was starting in Colorado Springs. Despite the fact that neither Sean nor Lisa had ever been to the Springs, or heard of Andrew, excitement stirred in their spirits about attending Bible college, and they knew that this was God’s plan. The first time Sean and Lisa heard Andrew minister was at the opening rally the day before school started, and both were blessed.

Sean and Lisa became Mr. and Mrs. Michaud in 1996, while attending Colorado Bible College (later renamed Charis Bible College). After graduation in 1997, the Michauds, now united in marriage and preparation, answered the call to the mission field—in Russia. A pastor in Ufa, Russia had contacted CBC because he wanted to have a Bible college in his city. CBC-Ufa was opened a short time later, and over 100 students graduated from first year classes the following Spring.

Sean and Lisa opened CBC-Ufa in 1999, and more than 100 students graduated from first year classes the following Spring. (Click to enlarge)Since the establishment of the school in Ufa, the Michauds have moved around ministering in various countries including Lisa's former home, the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. There they helped Lisa’s parents pastor a church for several years. In 2005, Sean and Lisa returned to Russia and not only directed CBC-Ufa, but also began taking students on missionary trips to other Russian villages and cities. Some of these places were without a single church or pastor, so their outreach to other Russian communities was particularly vital. It was during this time that the Michauds founded Kingdom Equippers Ministries International, a ministry whose goal is to train laborers throughout the world to carry out the Great Commission.

Sean (above right) leads a discipleship class in Venezuela. (Click to enlarge)Unfortunately, in 2008, Russia changed their visa laws. Regulations now stipulate that visitors may only stay in Russia for three months at a time, and then they must leave for three months—without exception. Sean and Lisa’s three children, Rachel, Abigail and Jeremiah, were attending Russian schools, and uprooting them every three months would have been very difficult for them. The Michauds knew it was time to leave. Sean recalled asking God to show Him where they would go next. “I sensed the Lord say, 'Africa,'”
Sean said.

However, Africa wasn’t in the Michaud’s immediate future. They returned to Colorado in 2008 for the annual CBC Director’s Meeting. Sean explained to Andrew about having to leave Russia, which led to two opportunities. Andrew suggested that Sean and Lisa move back to the Springs and work for Andrew Wommack Ministries World Outreach and teach at CBC. Andrew also extended an invitation to Sean to travel with him to South Africa in July. After this trip with Andrew, Sean decided it wasn’t yet time to move to Africa, so he took the position with AWM World Outreach and CBC.

Durban, South Africa (above right) is located on the eastern side of the the southern tip of Africa. (Click to enlarge)Again in the summer of 2009, Sean and Lisa traveled with Andrew to Africa where they connected with some ministers from Durban. Sean and Lisa sensed that Durban might be exactly where God was calling them, and one more visit in November confirmed it. “I was able to travel to Durban in November 2009 and was able to minister in quite a few churches. Upon returning to the United States, Lisa and I knew that the Lord was directing us to Durban,” Sean explained.

With their family now settled in Durban, the Michauds have begun leading a Discipleship Evangelism class, and plans are in motion to possibly open a Bible school in June of 2010. As Sean and Lisa faithfully respond to God’s leading, He continues to use them to bring His good news to the world.

The Michaud family, Sean, Lisa, Rachel, Abigail and Jeremiah, missionaries to Durban, South Africa. (Click to enlarge)The Michaud’s have seen God work in amazing and miraculous ways over the years; however, they have also faced many challenges as missionaries. Sean encourages others being called to the mission field with this, “Fear of the unknown causes many people to do nothing. 'Where's the money going to come from?' 'Where am I going to live?' 'How are things going to pan out?' Abraham went out not knowing where he was going (Hebrews 11:8). Abraham went even though he had many unanswered questions. The answers to many questions are on the other side of obedience. We have discovered that God never leads by fear. We had to make the decision not to camp out on our fears and unanswered questions, but camp out on who God is, His faithfulness and what He's put in our heart.”

Ministry pioneers Sean and Lisa Michaud were called to the mission field, and He who calls is faithful (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

Visit the Kingdom Equippers Ministries International website to learn more about the impact the Michaud's ministry is having in Durban, South Africa.