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Summer Family Bible Conference 2011

Andrew, Jamie and praise and worship minister, David Hinton stand as Andrew opened the annual Summer Family Bible Conference in prayer. (Click to enlarge)Many families from across the globe gathered in Colorado during the week of July Fourth to attend Andrew's annual Summer Family Bible Conference. Over the course of the five-day event, the festivities were spread between the ministry's current campus in Colorado Springs, nearby Charis Christian Center and Charis Bible College's future campus in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Andrew taught a new series about the meaning of the cross of Christ called, Power of The Cross. He ministered things the Lord has revealed to him over the years, but that he had not previously shared publicly. He opened the meeting on Monday night by asking the crowd, which filled the auditorium of Charis Christian Center and spilled into several overflow rooms, "What does the cross mean to you? What does it mean to cling to the cross?" And, in true Andrew fashion, he went on to say that religion has made the cross a cliché, that most people don't understand what the Bible means when it refers to the cross of Christ.

As Andrew's revelation of the meaning of the cross carried through the week, he also shared the platform with a number of other guest ministers; each shared blessed messages and revelation of God's unconditional love and grace with those in attendance, both physically and via live broadcast over the internet.

Praise and Worship, with Charlie and Jill Leblanc, David Hinton, Daniel Amstutz, Jamie Wommack, Mark Abernethy and others. (Click to enlarge)Andrew ministering on the meaning of the Cross of Christ from the platform at Charis Christian Center in Colorado Springs. (Click to enlarge)

Guest speaker, Wendell Parr, the Director of AWM World Outreach. (Click to enlarge) Guest Speaker, Stephen Bransford, the Director of CBC's School of Media. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew hosted guided tours of The Sanctuary, CBC's future campus in Woodland Park. (Click to enlarge) Andrew shared his vision for the development of the new home of CBC and AWM. (Click to enlarge)

Conference guests enjoyed a buffet at the Pavilion on the Sanctuary campus. (Click to enlarge) Many enjoyed the cookout in the shade of the pavilion in Woodland Park. (Click to enlarge)

Speaker, pastor of Charis Christian Center and CBC Instructor, Lawson Perdue. (Click to enlarge) Speaker, pastor of Charis Christian Center and CBC Instructor, Barbara Perdue. (Click to enlarge)

Youth engaged in worshiping the King of Kings.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew ministering the Word to the youth in the CBC second-year classroom at CBC. (Click to enlarge)

Kids of all ages enjoy the fun at the Summer Family Bible Conference. (Click to enlarge) Engaging the children in a fun-filled, Jesus-centered atmosphere. (Click to enlarge)

Guest speaker, Greg Mohr, the Director of CBC's new School of Business. (Click to enlarge) Guest speaker, Arthur Meintjes, founder of Kingdom Life Ministries. (Click to enlarge)

Whatch the video below as Andrew introduces the topic for the 2011 Summer Family Bible Conference teaching series, Power of The Cross.



2010 Summer Family Bible Conference Review

During the last week of June families from all over the world gathered in Colorado Springs to attend Andrew's annual Summer Family Bible Conference.

Over the course of the five-day conference, Andrew shared the ministry platform at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with a large host of guest speakers including, the Director of AWM World Outreach, Wendell Parr; CBC-Colorado Intern Coordinator, Barry Bennett; CBC-Colorado Adjunct Instructor and Pastor of Charis Christian Center, Lawson Perdue; Director of CBC-Russia, Carrie Pickett; Director of AWM Uganda, Leland Shores and founder of Kingdom Life Ministries, Arthur Meintjes. Each of the speakers brought blessed messages and revelation of God's unconditional love to those in attendance.

Andrew teaching at the annual summer conference. (Click to enlarge)Andrew with David and Scott Forsyth after sharing Scott's healing testimony. (Click to enlarge)Aaron Perdue and Jamie Wommack leading a time of worship. (Click to enlarge)AWM's World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr. (Click to enlarge)Staff and guests busy at the registration table. (Click to enlarge)The product resource tables were well stocked. (Click to enlarge)Andrew quoting Scripture in front of a full house. (Click to enlarge)The brightness of God's little children.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew had the opportunity to minister to the youth. (Click to enlarge)Founder of Kingdom Life Ministries, Arthur Meintjes. (Click to enlarge)Carrie and Mike Pickett shared a message with the youth. (Click to enlarge)It was a week full of ministry and fun activities.
(Click to enlarge)
Director of Charis Bible Training Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, Carrie Pickett.
(Click to enlarge)
Mark Harrison (right) assisting with check-in at the AWM Partner Relations table.
(Click to enlarge)
Worhip artists Charlie and Jill LeBlanc.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew mingling with guests in the hotel lobby. (Click to enlarge)Cason Cruz leading the youth in a time of praise and worship. (Click to enlarge)David Hinton was also on hand to lead praise and worship. (Click to enlarge)The CD and DVD duplication team preparing for post-meeting distribution. (Click to enlarge)Karen and John record a young woman's testimony. (Click to enlarge

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