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The Interviewer's Story

Andrew and Jamie stand on either side of Karen at her Charis Bible College promotion breakfast. (Click to enlarge)Karen recognized God’s call on her life at an early age. She grew up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus as Lord when she was only five. When Karen was just twenty-one, she married a Grand Canyon College student named, Mike. The couple went on to pioneer three churches in Arizona before Mike suddenly passed away five years ago.

While Karen and her husband were serving as the pastoral team at a church in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Mike started listening to Andrew on the radio. It was not long before Andrew became Mike’s favorite teacher, and when Andrew held his first Phoenix Gospel Truth Seminar, Karen and Mike attended. The two loved how Andrew presented the Gospel in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way. They were also overwhelmed by Andrew’s generosity in giving away his products to those who could not afford to pay for them.

Karen at work taking notes during the recording of Andrew's Gospel Truth program. (Click to enlarge)As the years passed, Karen and Mike attended many of Andrew’s Phoenix meetings, and would often hang around after the meetings were finished in hopes of gleaning some extra wisdom. On occasion, Andrew would have time in his schedule to have dinner with them. Eventually, Andrew invited Karen and Mike to his annual Minister’s Conference and offered to pay their way. The couple continued to attend the annual conference for more than ten years.

Karen and her husband always had a deep appreciation for the interest Andrew showed in their ministry, and for always making time to come and speak at their church when he visited Arizona. The Bean’s congregation loved Andrew as well, and his teaching helped many of their members.

Karen and cameraman John interview a woman at the 2010 Boston GTS.
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When Karen’s husband passed away, Andrew called and prayed with her. During their conversation, Karen shared with Andrew that it had been their desire to help Andrew's ministry, and expressed her willingness to continue to support AWM. "I told him that I didn’t think I should have to give up the dream my husband and I had of helping him, and he [Andrew] said, 'I don’t think you should have to give it up either,'" said Karen. Three weeks later, Andrew’s administrative assistant, called to let Karen know that Andrew had a position for her in one of his ministry departments.

Karen has now been with AWM since June, 2006, serving as an AWM managerial assistant. Her responsibilities include operating the teleprompter and taking copious notes during the recording of each Gospel Truth program. Karen also serves as communications coordinator between ministry departments, and handles scheduling for frequent staff meetings. After three years with the ministry, Karen also began to travel to Andrew's stateside conferences. During these meetings she serves as part of the ministry's interview team. Karen and interview camera man, John are available at each event to collect testimonies from those attending Andrew's meetings.

Karen interviews a young woman at the 2010 Summer Family Bible Conference. (Click to enlarge)“I was chosen to travel to every Gospel Truth Seminar in the United States to interview people and discover what God is doing in their lives as it relates to Andrew's teaching. I am right where God wants me and the fruit is evident. It is supernatural how God leads me to people, and that they want to tell their stories. It is really discovering the fruit of Andrew's ministry,” Karen explained. "I love my job,” she added. Some of Karen’s interviews have been developed into Healing Journeys, Destiny Stories or Changed Lives stories.

In addition to her rewarding position with AWM, Karen is also currently fulfilling a life-long desire to attend Bible college. She has completed first year at Charis Bible College (CBC) and is currently attending night school for second year classes. “It makes for very long days; however I just determined in my heart that I can do anything for nine months. It’s my heart’s desire to love God and love people,” Karen said.

Karen is enjoying her work with AWM and attending CBC. (Click to enlarge)Karen pointed out that her attendance at CBC is not about being licensed for a ministerial position, but to further her relationship with God so that when He speaks, she can hear Him, understand Him and obey Him. Karen realized that when her husband was with her, she relied too heavily on him for her spiritual guidance and answers. Karen explained, “I knew that I must have my own, intimate relationship with God, but I didn't focus on that. I have found such satisfaction and fulfillment in spending time with God. My confidence in who God is in me has grown tremendously.”

If you have a testimony to share about how Andrew has touched your life, be sure to touch base with Karen at the next Gospel Truth Seminar near your city.


Joe DiDomizio: Redeemed and Free

Restaurant manager and caterer, Joe DiDomizio (Click to enlarge)Andrew's simple, but radical message of God's unconditional love and grace is nothing more than the truth of the Gospel, and when it is received, it radically transforms lives. Take Joe DiDomizio for example. Joe is a born-again believer, and a happily married father of four. He and his wife Maria were saved in 1993, and Joe's love for the Lord has only increased since he received Jesus. Both were actively serving their church as head ushers and were handling all the catering of special church functions, when Joe began to struggle with the things he was being taught.

Joe's church was entrenched in legalism, and spoke frequently of believers being under Old Testament curses. As Joe spent more and more time in the Word, he found that his favorite book in the Bible was Galatians, and that one of his favorite verses was Galatians 3:13,

Joe struggled with the condemning messages he heard at his former church.
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"Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree."

This verse troubled Joe because it contradicted everything he was being taught in church. For more than a year, as Joe meditated on Galatians, the Lord would bring to mind Jesus words, "It is finished." Because of his lack of understanding, "The struggle became exhausting," said Joe.

Often, because his wife had suffered from a sleep disorder, Joe would spend the night in another room. Hungry for more of God's Word, he would turn on a Christian television network and set the sleep timer to turn the TV off, hoping to glean new revelation before falling asleep. Many times this sleep-aid process would be interrupted by a boisterous preacher shouting from the pulpit.

Joe and his wife, Maria found Andrew's program and freedom in the Gospel Truth. (Click to enlarge)One night, he went to bed later than usual and there on Joe's TV screen sat Andrew on the set of his Gospel Truth program. "There was a man sitting in a chair, no music, no wig, no expensive suit, just his Bible, and to me, a monotone voice." For Joe, who had never seen Andrew before, this was a better sleeping pill than the other ministers he was used to watching. As Joe rolled over to go sleep, Andrew began to teach about the book of Galatians, and he addressed everything that Joe had been struggling with for more than a year. The clarity with which Andrew shared the truths and answers to Joe's questions unlocked his understanding of God's persistent, "It is finished."

This awakening took place a little over four years ago, and the DiDomizios have continued to listen to Andrew. Joe and Maria are now members of a life-giving fellowship in their area, and they have a new revelation and understanding of God's true nature.

The message of God's unconditional love and grace radically changed the DiDomizio's perception of who God is. (Click to enlarge)Since his introduction to AWM, Joe has shared Andrew's teachings and God's message of grace with friends and fellow believers from the DiDomizio's former church. Initially as he shared his revelation, Joe met with resistance, but through gentle perseverance many of those he's shared with have found the same freedom in Christ. Some of the DiDomizio's friends now support AWM, and even have family members attending CBC.

Gaining an understanding of God's grace, mercy and unconditional love has the potential to radically transform lives.

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