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The Recent Shooting in Texas: A Response

Amidst the tragedy of the shooting this last Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Texas, there has been much finger pointing. People want to know who is to blame and how to prevent tragedies like this. Although some good may still come out of this, I think most people’s analyses are missing the mark.

This act was pure evil. Plain and simple. It was sin inspired directly by the devil. Jesus is the only antidote for sin, and the power of God is the only thing that will stop the devil.

Psalm 36:1 says, “ The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes .” Those who fear the Lord don’t commit acts of evil like this.

Our society has thrown God out the window. Many of the politicians and movie stars who have decried this act are actually contributing to the culture that brought this to pass. They have opposed God in the values they promote and have created this godless culture that has been crammed down
our throats.

Guns are not the problem. Guns don’t kill people any more than forks make people fat. Before prayer was taken out of schools in the U.S., before all types of sin were promoted and even celebrated, before Christians were vilified and marginalized, we still had guns, but we didn’t have all this senseless violence.

Yet, in the past, even among those who didn’t actively worship the Lord, there used to be an acknowledgement of God’s existence. There was even a fear of having to stand before Him someday and give an account of our actions. That fear restrained sin (Prov. 16:6). But now people have committed mass murders and then followed up with suicide, thinking they are escaping judgment, when the truth is, they are ushered into a Christless eternity and now await damnation.

God didn’t “let” this happen. We let this happen. Adam and Eve chose sin, and we, their descendants, have confirmed and amplified their decision billions of times over. The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the changed hearts it produces, and the fear or reverence it creates, even in unbelievers, is the only solution for this crisis.

The fault for this current godless culture lies with the church. We have not been the salt and light that Jesus commanded us to be (Matt. 5:13-14). Those who don’t speak out against the moral issues of our day are like soldiers who have abandoned their posts in battle. They may justify these things in any number of ways, but the bottom line is, Christians have been AWOL: Absolute Wusses On Love. It’s love to tell a person the truth (Lev. 19:17). Paul told us to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15), but we must still tell people the truth. It’s only the truth we know that sets us free (John 8:32). Most Christians love themselves too much to take a stand and run the possible rejection that might come their way. That’s self-love, not the love that Jesus modeled for us.

There will be many proposals and adjustments that come as a result of this tragedy, but none of them will actually cure the problem. The only cure is for us who believe to once again become the salt and light God called us to be.

I encourage you to talk to your family, friends, and coworkers about the Lord. That person next to you might be the very person Satan is trying to turn into the next mass murderer. And take a stand on social issues by getting involved in the political process. There are many ways to do that, so pray about what direction you should take. But every one of us needs to renew our efforts.

I join my prayers with you for the wounded and the families of those who lost love ones. I also pray for all who have been traumatized by this and are now living in fear of what might come next. The perfect love we have received in Jesus casts out our fear (1 John 4:18). I pray, too, that the Lord will give us new opportunities to share that love and faith with those who
are struggling.

Together we can turn this nation back to God. Certainly we can’t do it without God, but He can’t do it without us (Eph. 3:20). I know He is willing, and I pray all of us are also willing. Let’s take a stand for truth and against ungodliness. Let’s do this!

Andrew Wommack


Cody & Misty Hull Open CBC-Houston

Houston, Texas is home to a new Charis Bible College extension school, directed by CBC-Colorado graduates, Cody and Misty Hull. (Click to enlarge)Since completing their studies at Charis Bible College in Colorado, Texas natives, Cody and Misty Hull, have been sharing the Gospel throughout the United States. After completing their CBC apprenticeships in Colorado Springs, the Hulls moved to Georgia where they served on staff for two years at CBC-Atlanta. In 2007, the couple stepped out and launched a new CBC campus in Kansas City, a school they directed through the end of the 2012 academic year. Most recently the Hulls have come full circle and moved back to Texas, where they have taken the helm of new CBC extension in Houston.

Through conversations with AWM's Director of World Outreach, Wendell Parr, the Hulls were made aware of the growing interest the ministry was observing from people in the Houston area. At the time, the ministry was considering the possibility of opening a new extension school near the city. Cody and Misty began to discuss the opportunity.

The colorful Houston skyline.
(Click to enlarge)
As they considered the prospect of a move back to Texas, and the opportunities it would bring their family, a new desire surfaced in the Hull's hearts, the longing to move back to Texas. After ten years away, Cody, Misty and their family prepared for their return to the Lone Star State. "God gave me and Misty the strong desire to move back, and He showed us the steps we needed to take before we would be able to go forward," said Cody. He went on to say that they let the peace of God rule in their hearts before making the final decision to go.

Cody Hull leading class.
(Click to enlarge)
The Hulls set things in motion for their exit from leadership at CBC-Kansas City. CBC-Colorado graduates, Mark and Charla Eastwood moved to Kansas City in 2011 and served as apprentices under the Hulls. As they worked together, the Eastwoods transitioned into leadership at the extension school. "Mark and Charla are awesome. They had a desire to serve with us in Kansas City, and the transition was very smooth. They have their own building now, and I know they are a huge blessing for the Kansas City area," said Cody.

Now, the Hulls are settled in their Texas surroundings, and the new school is up and running. CBC-Houston opened CBC-Houston opened in the Fall of 2012. (Click to enlarge)its doors in the Fall of 2012 with a dozen full-time, first and second-year students, and another seven students taking part-time evening classes. The Hulls are enjoying watching the transformational work the Lord is doing through their ministry. "We are still in a process of changing and growing because of this message—the Gospel changes us from the inside out. We are examples of it and we see it all the time in our students. In Kansas City we witnessed many lives changed because of CBC and the Gospel. We are excited to be a part of what God is doing around the world," Cody shared.

Classes vary between DVD and live teaching. Here students watch as Andrew via DVD. (Click to enlarge)Ministry has brought a new level of fulfillment to the Hull's lives and they are grateful for their CBC experience. Cody said, "Before CBC we lived the normal go-to-work-come-home-kind-of-life, and we knew there was so much more. We were hungry for more than what we were getting from church. Since CBC, we continue to grow and mature in the things of God— the way it's supposed to be. Praise God for this school and how the Gospel changes us."

The Hull's new CBC website is under construction, but you can keep up with the Hulls and CBC-Houston on Facebook or visit them in person at 301 Wells Fargo Dr. Suite C14 Houston, Texas 77090.


Dallas GTS: Secrets Revealed

Andrew introducing the topic for the 2012 Gospel Truth Seminar in Dallas/Fort Worth. (Click to enlarge)In November, Andrew and Jamie wrapped up the Gospel Truth Seminar schedule with a stop in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. During his final conference of the year, Andrew shared a series called, Paul's Secrets to Happiness. With the GTS being held on the heels of this year's United States Presidential election, Andrew smiled as he commented that many in the Texas crowd could probably use a little more happiness.

Andrew opened Thursday evening's meeting making mention that the weekend's main text would be from Paul's letter to the Philippians. Early in the teaching, Andrew made the point that in the four short chapters found in the book of Philippians, Paul used the word joy 16 times. Andrew said, "You may not have thought about Paul being a really happy person, but he was... He's the one that said rejoice in the Lord always. He's the one that said in everything give thanks unto the Lord. Paul was a person that praised God, and Paul went through a lot of hardship, so there are things for us to learn through this."Andrew sharing one of his 20 points on Saturday evening. (Click to enlarge)

Later in the conference, Andrew shared that the 20 things he was highlighting as Paul's secrets to happiness could just as well be called, Paul's Secrets to Life or Paul's Secrets to Victory. Andrew said, "If we would adopt Paul's way of thinking, then we would get Paul's results."

After each meeting, Andrew invited the Prayer Ministry Team to come forward, followed by an invitation for those in need of prayer to come forward to receive. With the largest ministry team in GTS history, comprised of Charis Bible College students from Texas and Colorado, and other ministry partners ready to share the love of God, notable miracles were received throughout the weekend.

Among those encountering God's supernatural love was a man suffering from the effects of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). He approached a minister relying on a walker to steady himself and keep himself upright. After a short prayer, the man did not need the assistance of the walker Andrew inviting the crowd to come forward for prayer. (Click to enlarge)any longer; he was able to balance and walk on his own. He was even able to bend over and touch his toes, something he was unable to do prior to coming to the meeting.

Another man came forward seeking healing from cancer. He had recently received a report that the disease had affected his lymph nodes and had spread throughout his body. He had pain in his lungs and joints. After prayer he knew he was healed; all the pain had left his body and he was able to bend his joints freely and breathe easily.

One lady simply came forward to share a praise report. "She made a point of seeking us out to let us know that she was completely healed of cancer after receiving prayer at last year’s GTS in Fort Worth," said one prayer minister.

Many lives were forever changed—Praise God! Be sure to catch the video below and watch as Andrew introduces the series, Paul's Secrets to Happiness.