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Charis Bible College Opening in San Antonio

CBC graduates, pastors of Oasis of Light, and the new directors of CBC San Antonio, Michaela and John Blig (Click to enlarge)Late in 2011 we shared the story of CBC-Chicago graduates, John and Michaela Blig. Story details included their obedience to the Lord's leading and their multi-continent journey into full-time ministry. Before going to school in Chicago, the Bligs served as worship leaders and church planters in Romania. Since graduating from CBC, the couple has planted a church in San Antonio, Texas called, Oasis of Light.

With a heart for reaching and discipling more people, John and Michaela also started a Bible school at their church. For the past two years they offered part-time classes in which they utilized Andrew's teachings and CBC curriculum on DVD. As of September 2012, the Blig's in-church school will become The Bligs stand with several of their students outside the facility.
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a fully recognized Charis Bible College extension school, appropriately called, CBC-San Antonio.

The Bligs will officially open the school's doors with 12 second-year students, a number of returning part-time students and some new faces in their first-year class. "All of our students testify how their lives were so powerfully impacted by the Word of God. I am blessed to see the amazing transformation that sitting under the Word has accomplished in the lives of these students," John said.

Because musical worship has always been a vital part of John and Michaela's ministry and because of their past success The Bligs value worship ministry and may include classes for leading worship as part of their curriculum in San Antonio. (Click to enlarge)as worship leaders, the Bligs are considering expanding their curriculum to include classes focused on developing worship leaders. While the classes would include teaching and instruction, John speculated that much of the equipping would come through the practical experience of leading from the platform. "We have seen the power of true worship and the benefits of it in the lives of the believers. One of the greatest is that it gets the heart ready to receive the Word that transforms," said John.

The Blig's vision for ministry is ever-widening and they believe the Lord has set them on a path to minister both locally and abroad. As they follow God’s plan and listen attentively to His direction, John and Michaela will continue to impact the world.

John strongly ecourages those considering attending CBC, to make the descision to enroll, and his enthusiasm stems from knowing that their lives will be permanently and effortlessly transformed by the Word of God. In John's words, "You cannot put a price on the value of whatis taught at CBC, it is awesome."

For more information about CBC-San Antonio call (210) 275-9994.


Andrew Ministers in Houston, Texas

Andrew ministers during the altar call opening night of the 2012 Houston GTS. (Click to enlarge)Andrew held his second Gospel Truth Seminar of 2012 in the "Bayou City," Houston, Texas. Thursday evening, he introduced a series called, As I Have Loved You, saying the teaching would be a tremendous eye-opener, a challenge and a blessing to those in attendance. Andrew then turned to the thirteenth chapter of the book of John where he read, "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another," (John 13:34). After bringing some context to the passage of Scripture, he made the point that this was not a casual suggestion; it was Jesus' last instruction to the disciples the night before he was crucified, and He gave it as a command. Andrew continued to explain that believers are to love people as He (Jesus) loves people, mentioning that the Andrew's message touched hearts and brought many to the platform for prayer ministry. (Click to enlarge)biggest hindrance in sharing Jesus' kind of love is that believers haven't truly received God's love.

On Friday night Andrew said, "You can't love other people until you first of all, receive the love of God. This is why most people aren't walking in love, and they get so ticked off at people. They are short-tempered and have un-forgiveness and bitterness in their heart. It's because we have been given a wrong impression of God's love for us. Religion has taught us wrong."

As Andrew spent the weekend ministering on the unconditional love of God, teaching that His love is never condemning Andrew adding emphasis to his comments as he reviews what he's been teaching. (Click to enlarge)and not something to be earned, but something to be received and shared; the ground of people's hearts softened. As a result of their new revelation, many people came forward for prayer ministry with expectant hearts.

One woman suffering with congestive heart failure, breathing problems, and a hunched spine came forward for prayer. With her heart prepared by the Word, she was totally transformed following prayer. Her natural color returned to her face, breathing became normal and her spine straightened. She received such refreshing strength in her limbs that she left the meeting pushing the wheelchair that she no-longer needed!

Andrew pauses for moment letting his previous statment linger.
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Another woman, suffering from constant headache pain, came forward for prayer. She explained to the prayer minister that her pain was a symptom of a golf ball-sized tumor on her brain. As the minister prayed for the woman, she felt the tumor disappear under her hand, and the woman's pain left instantly.

Be sure to watch the clip below as Andrew introduces the teaching for the Houston GTS, As I Have Loved You.


2011 Fort Worth Gospel Truth Seminar

Andrew ministering at Calvary Cathedral in Ft. Worth, Texas during the final GTS of 2011. (Click to enlarge)In early November Andrew and his Gospel Truth Seminar team moseyed down to Fort Worth, Texas to hold a GTS at Bob Nichol's Calvary Cathedral. Andrew's topic for the weekend was The Fear of the Lord. Before those in attendance could bristle at the thought of Andrew teaching that believers ought to be fearful, he clarified that the fear he was going to teach about was a reverence, an honor, a respect and an awe of God. He noted that the word fear is used more than 600 times in the Bible, and more than half of those are used in a positive way.

Prayer ministers including students from CBC Colorado and CBC Dallas were available before the start of the service. (Click to enlarge)After opening Thursday evening's meeting with Proverbs 3:7, "Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil," Andrew turned to a passage of Scripture from Isaiah 11. He acknowledged the fact that the chapter opens with a prophesy about Jesus, and that twice in the first several verses, the Scriptures indicate Jesus' own "fear of the Lord" and His delight in it.

"This is not talking about a dread, a terror or condemnation. You know, you need to rightly divide things. I admit there is a negative use of the word fear, and again because of the society we live in, we nearly emphasize things to the negative Jill and Charlie LeBlanc leading worship. (Click to enlarge)every single time. But there is a positive use of fear; there is a Godly type of fear, and it's talking about a reverence. Jesus, here was not terrified of His father, but He was in awe of His Father," Andrew said. He went on to associate the word fear with the words trust and honor as found in Proverbs 29:25, "Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe."

As he taught, Andrew pointed to the discrepancy in some believers' lives, saying that many Andrew opening the five session seminar defining the word, "fear."
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put their faith in the Lord for eternity, but in this life they do not have a fear of God. They fear external worldly things because they're so plugged in to the natural world. This fear causes believers to assume the attitude of the unbelievers. Andrew went on to encourage people to reverse that trend in similarity, "You can fear God, and the fear of God will promote you and bless you."

Andrew opened the final session on Saturday with these remarks, "I have been teaching on the fear of God, and I think it's been powerful. I think it's a timely word; not only for every individual but for us as a culture. I believe this is really Andrew meeting and ministering to people in the lobby before the meeting Friday morning.
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important—it could change people's lives. This is the kind of thing you don't hear very often, sad to say. People just need to hear about the fear of God and putting God first, honoring Him above everything else."

Part of Andrew's team for this conference included a busload of Charis Bible College student from Colorado. The Colorado students joined fellow CBC-Dallas students as prayer ministers for the weekend-long event. According to one prayer team leader, "The students were grateful for the opportunity to minister, and they buzzed with excitement as they recounted the miracles they saw and the lives that were changed!"

A woman struggling with hearing loss, who had been waiting in line to receive prayer from Andrew, suddenly chose to step aside to allow the wheelchair-bound person behind her to move ahead. The person in the wheelchair would be the last person Andrew had time to minister to that evening. As the person rolled by in their wheel chair, the lady, who had stepped aside, received a miracle A woman who received her healing from deafness while in line to receive prayer, shares her miracle with Andrew.
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and her hearing was completely restored—without receiving prayer!

For some, Andrew's message of God's unconditional love and grace is hard to swallow. During one session at the GTS, there was a woman who was particularly challenged by Andrew’s teaching about fear. The Holy Spirit ministered to her through Andrew's words and revealed to her that she had an unhealthy fear of man. A short time later, after a prayer minister shared more Word with her, she was able to receive from God unhindered. She was amazed as pain left her body. The women's thumb, which she had severely cut a few weeks earlier, was restored. Feeling and movement returned to the thumb as a nerve she had severed was supernaturally repaired.

Watch the video segment below to catch Andrew's introduction to his series The Fear of The Lord.