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The Bligs: Moving With God

Andrew with CBC-Chicago graduate, John Blig, at the 2011 Minister's Conference in Colorado Springs. John is the pastor of Oasis Light Church in San Antonio, TX.
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In 1994, Romanian worship leaders, John and Michaela Blig, traveled to the United States to visit family. During their extended visit, the pastor of the church the Bligs attended in North Carolina recognized the call of God on their lives and ordained them. As the couple began their return journey to Romania, they were unaware that they would one day return to live and minister in the U.S.

Back in Romania, the Bligs continued to lead worship. They served at national Christian conferences, and were part of leading large evangelical crusades. Shortly after their return, John helped his sister find a church to attend in central Romania. As part of his efforts, he contacted an organization called, Assisting Romanian Churches (ARC). During his conversation with Michaela and John Blig.
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ARC representatives, John found that the ministry was in need of Romanian interpretors, and he offered his service to them. Eventually, his association with ARC led to the Bligs assisting with the planting of four new churches in Romania. Together the Bligs trained leaders for each church and pastored two of the new churches themselves.

In 1999, just as their ministry was taking off for the Bligs, John heard God tell him to join his family in Chicago. I heard the Lord say, "I have a plan for you there," said John. The couple obeyed, and the Blig family immigrated to America.

Once settled in Chicago, the Bligs and their children became members of a local church congregation. One particular Sunday, Andrew ministered at the Bligs new church. John and Michaela One of John and Michaela's Worship CDs. (Click to enlarge)enjoyed Andrew’s teaching and it changed the course of their ministry. Prior to hearing Andrew, John had determined that he was going to attend Bible college, and had purposed to do so in Oklahoma. After listening to Andrew, the Bligs discovered Charis Bible College, and the CBC extension school in Chicago. John and his family passed on moving to Tulsa and gladly enrolled at CBC-Chicago.

While John and Michaela were attending classes at CBC, worship artists, Charlie and Jill LeBlanc ministered at the school. It was during the LeBlanc‘s teaching that John received direction from the Lord about what the family's next step would be after graduating from CBC. “I had an open vision of the Lord Jesus saying, ‘My son, go to San Antonio and open an oasis of light for Me there.'"

The Blig family (L-R) Jason, Melody Joy, Michaela, Harmony Grace and John (Click to enlarge)Following graduation, John and his family, obediently did exactly what they heard the Lord tell them to do. They moved to San Antonio, Texas and launched a church called, Oasis of Light. John and Michaela currently pastor the growing church and co-direct Oasis of Light Bible School. Their Bible school utilizes Andrew's teachings and CBC curriculum on DVD. The Bligs teach their church members and students that our loving, Heavenly Father has a great purpose and an awesome plan for each person. They desire to help each person find their own significance, plan and purpose.

Both John and Michaela have a sincere heart for evangelism, and they believe the Lord is leading them to plant more churches in the United States, Europe, Russia and muslim nations in the Middle East. “I am just waiting for direction and timing from the Lord,“ John said with anticipation.

The Bligs have committed to follow God’s plan for their lives, and the fruit of their faithfulness is evident as they continue to share the almost-too-good-to-be-true-news around the world.


Luke Brownell: Faith Factory

Andrew with CBC graduates, Luke and Angela Brownell. Luke pastors the Faith Factory, the children's ministry at Tree of Life Church in New Braunfels, Texas.
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Luke Brownell received Christ when he was just a child, and realized at an early age that the Lord had called him to be a minister. Although he remembers a time in his late teens when Andrew was a guest speaker at his church in New Mexico, it was not until years later that Andrew's teaching truly impacted his life. Luke, now a Charis Bible College graduate, serves the body of Christ as the Pastor of the Faith Factory, the children's ministry at Tree of Life Church in New Braunfels, Texas.

Luke's high school youth pastor felt led to leave New Mexico to plant a new church in Denver, Colorado. When his pastor announced he would be leaving, Luke sensed that he would be moving to Colorado as well. He informed his pastor of his decision and joined him as part of his launch team. His pastor welcomed Luke's help, but made a life changing suggestion to him. "During the months leading up to the move, Pastor, Luke Brownell.
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my pastor emailed me, and said if I was going to be helping him in ministry, he thought it would be a good idea for me to go to Bible college," said Luke. The email included an attachment; Luke's pastor had sent Andrew's personal testimony about leaving school to pursue God's call.

Luke received the information and applied to Charis Bible College-Colorado without hesitation. In an instant, he turned his back on the future he had aligned for himself; his perceived occupation as an Emergency Medical Technician, a full scholarship to the University of New Mexico, his family and his home. Luke essentially gave up everything in his life to be a part of his youth pastor's church plant. With that end in mind Luke began attending CBC in 2000.

Several things changed over the two years Luke attended CBC. Aside from having his life and relationship with the Lord transformed by the teaching at Angela and Luke met and were married while attending CBC.
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CBC, he also met and married his wife, Angela, and his ministry leading changed. Although in his mind Luke initially believed he had moved north to be a part of his pastor's church in Denver, he began to realize that the main purpose for his journey to Colorado was to be equipped for his call to pastoral ministry. Six months after graduating from CBC, the Lord began to turn Luke's attention to Tree of Life Church in Texas. While there wasn't a specific position available, Luke and Angela felt as though this was their next step and they made the decision to move. "I actually stayed with the church [in Denver] longer than I should have because I lacked the discernment to recognize why God actually moved me up there," said Luke.

The young couple stayed in Colorado while their house was being built in central Texas. Halfway through the construction of their new home, the Luke (in red) at the Faith Factory, feeding the children big truths in small bites. (Click to enlarge)director of the children's ministry at Tree of Life, whom Luke had never met, called and offered him a paid internship position at the church, which he gladly accepted. Eventually, he was welcomed on to the staff as the full-time elementary children's pastor.

Luke has spent the past seven-and-a-half years with Tree of Life, putting into practice the lessons he learned while at CBC. He has been able to share the ideas behind the teachings that impacted him such as Spirit, Soul and Body, The True Nature of God and The Believer's Authority, with approximately one hundred children every Sunday. "We teach them big truths in small bites because if we can establish them young, I am confident they will stand strong, said Luke.

Luke (upper right) leading by example, worshiping with the children.
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It's important to Luke that the children learn that God is a healer—today; that God does not bring or allow for any reason, destruction, disaster, sickness, etc; that God is good and the devil is bad, and that God loves them and has good for them every day. Most importantly, Luke and his team of twenty-five volunteers, teach the kids how to access the finished work of grace—effortlessly by faith.

"We create an environment that kids can't resist so they'll come grow in the Word and with each other," said Luke, "I have heard parents say that their kids wake them up to go to church. I can see while I teach that they are soaking up the Word and believing God for big things."

"CBC was the first step toward God's call on my life. I believe if I had not taken that step I would not be in ministry. Andrew's teaching laid the foundation for the core beliefs I stand on today that have brought me confidence to stand and believe for big results."


2011 Houston GTS

Andrew introducing the teaching for the weekend, How to Receive God's Best. (Click to enlarge)Andrew and his conference team were recently in Houston, Texas for a Gospel Truth Seminar. The meetings took place the second weekend in February, and Andrew shared a teaching called, How to Receive God’s Best. He began the message by sharing scripture from the twenty-ninth chapter of the book of Jeremiah, where God states through the prophet Jeremiah, that He has a plan and an expected end for the people (29:11). Andrew went on to teach how to understand that plan and how receive the best God has for each believer. Over the course of the three day conference, seventeen people received salvation and nearly two hundred people were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Andrew ministered to those who answered the altar call at each meeting.
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Of special note was a woman who attended the Thursday night meeting, who was suffering from lung cancer. As Andrew prayed from the platform, for people with cancer, he looked directly at the woman and said that the tumor was gone and that she was cured in Jesus’ name. She returned to the conference on Friday and shared that she had been back to the doctor, and that the cancerous nodule on her right lung was no longer there. Praise God!

Another woman who was in attendance on Thursday evening suffered from degenerative disc disease in her back and shoulder issues, which caused her left arm to be disabled. Her MRI showed tearing and cysts on her shoulder, and she reported that her arm would click, catch and sometimes "lock up" when she attempted movement. Ater the meeting, one prayer minister prayed with a woman who had been battling high blood pressure. After the prayer the woman checked her blood pressure again and saw a significant reduction from her previous test prior to the meeting. (Click to enlarge)Friday night she came back to the conference and gave a praise report that she had been healed and had her full range of motion again. She was very excited to report that she slept like a baby on Thursday night, without any pain. She was further excited to tell of how, on Friday morning, when the pain tried to come back she took her authority and spoke to the pain, commanding it to go. She seemed as excited about her new found authority over her body as her healing itself.

Other prayer ministry highlights included the healing of spinal disease, acid reflux, sciatic nerve pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, vision issues, hip pain, and eye floaters; these were all healed in Jesus name. And last, but not least, following prayer a little girl received healing in her body and was able to eat macaroni and cheese, cheese enchilada and ice cream for the first time in a year and a half. God is good!

Watch the video below as Andrew introduces the teaching, How to Receive God's Best at the Houston Gospel Truth Seminar.


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