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CBC's Grand Opening Celebration

Andrew addressing the crowd attending the Grand Opening Celebration held on March 22, 2014. (Click to enlarge)Charis Bible College recently celebrated the public Grand Opening of the school's new campus in Woodland Park, Colorado. The community-wide celebration was held on March 22, 2014 at the Barn, the first building erected on the picturesque property named, The Sanctuary. The new campus is a culmination of four-and-a-half-years of hard work, and marks a new beginning for the school, a beginning full of world-changing potential. The Woodland Park campus is the third Colorado location since the school’s inception in 1994, but it is the first that the ministry has constructed from the ground up. The new facility is also a testament to a decision Andrew made twelve years ago to take the limits off God.

Andrew and Jamie warmly welcomed hundreds of students and local residents during the celebratory evening. Through the event, many Woodland Park neighbors were introduced to CBC and its mission, for the first time. Those in attendance were treated to a tour of the facilities and then enjoyed refreshments and fellowship before the evening’s program began.

Daniel Amstutz and CBC Worship team led the crowd in an anointed set of music. Songs included newly written material and a solo by Jamie Wommack.
(Click to enlarge)
Daniel Amstutz and CBC's Worship Team played powerful praise and worship music to open the evening's festivities. The selection of music included a brand new song written very early the same morning by Marcia Alverson. Daniel and the team, which included Jamie Wommack, also performed several songs from their recently released CD/DVD album, The Best is Yet to Come. The worship team's adoration of the Lord permeated the Barn's auditorium.

Following praise and worship, Andrew offered welcoming remarks to those in attendance and those watching online. After expressing his gratitude to God, and to all those who helped make the building project a reality, Andrew went on to share some interesting facts about dirt. The entire first phase of construction required the hauling of 350,000 yards of dirt. While that statistic may not mean much to most readers, Andrew did provide an example to illustrate what that amount of dirt would look like. He said that the quantity of dirt that was moved at the Sanctuary was enough to cover an entire football field, end zone to end zone, at a depth of 199 feet. That is an impressive amount of dirt!

Gary Luecke, the Director of CBC Colorado, also addressed the audience. He thanked the community of Woodland Park for being gracious and welcoming. Gary called Woodland Park, the friendliest community in Colorado. After expressing his appreciation for his staff, Gary shared some details about how much growth the school has experienced since 2007. Today, there are 634 students enrolled in classes at the new Woodland Park campus, compared to only 207 in 2007. More than Many braved the wintery conditions of a spring snowstorm to attend the grand opening festivities. Because of slippery roads, traffic was backed up for miles. (Click to enlarge)1200 students participate in CBC’s Correspondence program; in 2007, there were just 290 correspondence students. Seven years ago, there were eight extension schools with a total of 180 students. Today, CBC has 40 extension schools, spanning six continents, with a total of 1579 on-campus students.

Perhaps the most stirring portion of the evening came when Andrew shared a video documenting some of the history of The Sanctuary property. The video introduced former property owner, Gilbert S. Jackson, some of his family and a bit of his testimony. Gilbert, a man of great wealth, purchased the property in 1990. Three years later, on Gilbert’s seventy-fourth birthday, he was in bed suffering from the effects of cancer. While his nighttime nurse's aide, Merline Harrison, did her best to comfort him, she told him that he was only missing one thing in his life—Jesus Christ. Merline ministered to Gilbert, and in the moments that followed he received salvation. Gilbert said he, "saw Jesus," and the experience was so tangible to him that it noticeably changed him. In the days that followed Gilbert could hardly contain his happiness. He told his daughter, Debbie Jackson Littlestar, that he wanted all of his properties to go to Christian endeavors following his death. Gilbert even shared a dream he had for the property where CBC now sits. He imagined a school with glass walls, so that the students could feel like they were outside while learning.

Following the video, Andrew shared some significant details about seeing God bring this project together through multiple people. In June 1993, Gilbert received Jesus and dedicated his properties to God. It was also during June of the same year that God spoke to Andrew about starting a Bible college. “This is a God thing. God ordered this,” Andrew said. He went on to emphasize that it was one person’s faithfulness that began the process of thousands of lives being transformed.

Merline Harrison was on hand for the grand opening. Andrew honored Merline's faithfulness to minister to Gilbert S. Jackson. Her actions were part of the process that paved the way for CBC to be constructed at The Sanctuary.
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If the video wasn’t enough to stir every heart in the room, Andrew’s next introduction surely was. He announced that Gilbert’s nurse, Merline, was in attendance. Andrew then thanked her and honored Merline with a lovely bouquet of flowers. What a moment is must have been for Merline to realize the fruit of her seemingly small act of faithfulness.

The size and scope of the project, and the fact that it was completed debt-free, is a testimony to God's faithfulness. The joy and enthusiasm expressed by staff and students was infectious, and there is no doubt that many Woodland Park residents left the event happy to have CBC as their new neighbor. It is safe to say that those who came to celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of God, as well as those who came only out of curiosity, truly enjoyed the evening.

Be sure to check out the videos of the evening's events below. The first video is from the praise and worship session and includes the Holy Spirit-inspired song penned early the morning of the grand opening. The second video includes Andrew's remarks and the honoring of Merline Harrison.


CBC-Colorado Moves to New Campus

Andrew addresses staff and students in the main auditorium of the Barn. (Click to enlarge)

On Monday January 6, 2014, Andrew and the CBC-Colorado staff welcomed students into their new home in Woodland Park. The first day in the new facility was more a celebration than a regularly scheduled school day, and rightfully so; the opening represented the culmination of four-and-half years of hard work, planning, labor, and a new beginning for Charis Bible College.

While the official opening included elements of the typical school day, they were mixed with words of praise, welcoming, dedication and congratulations. After an enthusiastic and room-shaking praise and worship session, several speakers shared brief messages of thanksgiving and encouragement. Speakers included the school's Director, Gary Luecke; AWM's Director of World Outreach, Wendell Parr; the Dean of Students, Greg Mohr; AWM's COO, David Hardesty; AWM board member, Bob Yandian, and of course, Andrew.

The opening day celebration included the prayerful sending out of a missions team headed to the Dominican Republic. (Click to enlarge)Beth Landt, CBC's Dean of Women, opened the second hour with announcements and a few words welcoming the students to the Barn, the first of the two buildings to be erected on the new campus. Beth was followed by Gary Luecke, who shared some statistics related to CBC's impact around the globe and what he believed to be a prophetic word from Genesis 12. After reading verses one through three, Gary said of the new campus, "This is a great place, and this place is a blessing. And, I believe that anybody coming here—attending—you're name will be great, and you shall be blessed."

Gary introduced Wendell Parr, who has been with Andrew since the launch of CBC in 1994. In Wendell's opening remarks he acknowledged the grand step forward for the school when he said, "Well Dorothy, we're not on Robinson Street anymore. This is quite a change from our beginning, but you know what? From day one, it's been about the Word of God, exalting Jesus, and it continues to be that way. And so, it's exciting to see what God is doing."

Greg Mohr, echoed Gary's word from Genesis, and also shared a few words including Scripture from Joshua 1:6. In doing so, Greg encouraged the staff and students to celebrate the new building, the new location and to take possession of the land the Lord has given to Andrew.

Andrew and many of the staff during a moment of prayer at the conclusion of the worship session. (Click to enlarge) David Hardesty, Andrew's General Manager, who has been serving AWM in various capacities since 1987, made the point that while the Woodland Park campus is Andrew's fifth location; it is the first property he has developed from the ground up. David went on, sometimes emotionally, to share a few of the financial details that made the building possible. While it has taken a large number of people, giving very generously, to make this campus a reality, David could still recall the person who made the first donation of $100 toward The Sanctuary project back in June of 2009. He went on to share that CBC and the students had donated 1.2 million since 2009, and that AWM had invested eight-million since the beginning. But it was when he announced that friends outside the ministry, Andrew's partners and foundation builders, had given more than 27-million dollars since the project began, that the God-sized nature of this project was made evident. David went on to praise God, and the many men and women it took to bring the project together.

Longtime friend, and AWM board member, Bob Yandian, wrapped up the comments shared by guest speakers. Bob remembered years ago, when Andrew told the board that he was taking the limits off God, and he remembered wondering at the time what Andrew meant; the ministry was already doing well. Now, as Bob looks back, he recognizes the transition that took place when Andrew lifted the limits. The ministry left the realm of added blessings (Matthew 6:33), and moved ahead into to the arena of multiplied blessings. Bob said things began to move so fast that he felt they were just hanging on for the ride, and that continues to this day. "But I like this," said Bob, "In all of that, Andrew hasn't changed; he's still Andrew—he hasn't changed a bit."

Gary Luecke welcomes Andrew and Jamie to the platform for the first time in the new building. (Click to enlarge)Andrew and Jamie stepped on to the platform for the first time during hour three. After pointing out that the project has never been about the buildings as much as it has always been about creating a place to exalt Jesus and increase the school's capacity to train and reach more people, he acknowledged it was indeed a day to celebrate the building itself. Andrew said, "This is the only first day in a new building we'll ever have." Referencing his teaching, Staying Full of God, he went on to comment that it is important to value and prize what God has done, and to be thankful. "We need to value this. Our partners have built this building so we can train people and change people's lives...I tell you, this is a miracle...It's only God that did this," said Andrew.

During the final hour of the class schedule, staff and students were free to explore the facility and enjoy the celebration—which of course included cake, coffee and other treats!

While there are several projects and punch-list items yet to be completed at the Barn, thanks to Andrew's partners and foundation builders, the doors are open, students are engaged and the world is being changed.

Here are more images from the opening day celebration...enjoy!

Andrew welcoming an appreciative second-year student. (Click to enlarge) Andrew greeting two first-year students before the worship service began. (Click to enlarge)

What better way to open the day's celebration than to praise the One who made it all possible? (Click) The worship team's enthusiasm was contagious!
(Click to enlarge)

The words on the screen say it all...The project came together supernaturally. (Click to enlarge) A packed house deep in worship, thankful for a new place to call home. (Click to enlarge)

Gary Luecke, the Director of Charis Bible College in Colorado. (Click to enlarge) AWM's Director of World Outreach, Wendell Parr.
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CBC's Dean of Students, Greg Mohr.
(Click to enlarge)
The General Manager and COO of Andrew Wommack Ministries, David Hardesty. (Click to enlarge)

AWM board member, Bob Yandian.
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Andrew and Jamie taking the stage for the first time in the new building. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew teaching, training and imparting from the moment he stepped on the stage. (Click to enlarge) CBC second-year classroom on the Barn's lower level. (Click to enlarge)

Students preparing for the celebration and building tours. (Click to enlarge) One last quiet view of a lower level hallway.
(Click to enlarge)

Beautifully stairway connecting the upper and lower level, outdoor break areas. (Click to enlarge) Lower level outdoor seating area with overhead heating and a fireplace. (Click to enlarge)

The south-facing side of the Barn complete with upper and lower seating areas. (Click to enlarge) The relaxing view fron the Barn...quite a Sanctuary.
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The Finish Line on Phase One is Visible

The finish line and the parking lines are in sight at The Sanctuary. (Click to enlarge)In a recent video update, Andrew said the finish line is in sight for the construction of the Barn in Woodland Park, Colorado. The Barn is the first of two buildings being built at Charis Bible College's new home campus, The Sanctuary. A good indication of the nearness of completion, for those who have been following the progress, is the noticeable reduction in the contractor's tools, materials and heavy equipment. As the project winds down, the building's spaces are becoming more recognizable. For example, in previous posts, the images of the main auditorium have been dominated by scaffolding and plastic covered beams, but as you will see below, the majority of the staging has now been removed, revealing the true size of the room. While the carpeting on the lower level has been installed for some time, the other floor finishes (tile, stained concrete and flagstone) are now visible and add to the appeal of CBC-Colorado's new home.

Just think, in a short time, the focus on this structure will fade, and the primary focus will be on the opportunities these newly crafted spaces afford. Soon the Barn will be humming with student activities and the equipping of the saints.

Installation of the decking for the porch, outside the main auditorium, is now complete. (Click to enlarge) Beautiful log railings being installed to protect admirers of the southern view. (Click to enlarge)

The scaffolding in the main auditorium has been removed. (Click to enlarge) Scissor lifts have replaced the scaffolding, as work continues. (Click to enlarge)

The hallway to the student mailbox area is complete.
(Click to enlarge)
The Student Services area is nearly ready to handle student needs. (Click to enlarge)

Some of the stained concrete flooring on the upper level. (Click to enlarge) Beautiful flagstone has been laid in some of the hallways. (Click to enlarge)

CBC's staff office spaces are nearing completion.
(Click to enlarge)
World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr, and Gary Luecke, the Director of CBC Colorado lending a hand.

See our Foundation Builders page for more information about Charis Bible College's building project at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Images provided by Jeff Nakkula, Assistant Director of CBC's School of Media.