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Andrew Visits Glory of Christ Church in Uganda

Andrew speaks at Glory of Christ Church.
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Every trip to Uganda includes a Sunday speaking engagement at Glory of Christ Church. Pastor Herbert Kiwanuka was the first Kampala pastor to embrace Andrew’s teaching and let it transform his congregation. Pictured here is the crowd that gathered to hear Andrew at the second Sunday morning service. There were no empty chairs inside, and outside, many listened on loudspeakers placed in the streets.

Pastor Herbert interprets for Andrew.
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Pastor Herbert began his ministry conducting miracle and salvation meetings in the outlying villages of Uganda. It was to these same villages that he led Leland Shores in 2006, pulling together the original network of pastors receiving Discipleship Evangelism training. This was the foundation that grew to become Charis Bible College, and the Andrew Wommack Bookstore in Kampala. Herbert has been a key to seeing the message of God’s unconditional love and grace take hold in Uganda.

We can still hear this choir singing, “His love has made me whole …” (Click to enlarge) Three young men re-enact historic drama.
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Each visit to Glory of Christ Church features the music of several choirs, plus a display of African tribal pageantry. This time three young men (above) depicted tribal warriors confronted with the healing power of Jesus. They celebrate the miracle that caused their tribe to reject superstition and witchcraft and embrace Christianity.

Pastor Herbert’s twin daughters join in a youth dance. (Click to enlarge)Priceless.
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The young dancers pose with Andrew.
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Late arrivals in a full house.
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Pastor Herbert Kiwanuka, what these eyes have seen… (Click to enlarge)Picture Pastor Herbert as an eight year old orphan watching a sudden hail of bullets and grenades explode through the wall of the only home he has known. The bullets riddle the bodies of his beloved aunt, uncle, and cousins. He is untouched so he falls down with them because he is sure it is some kind of game. His Aunt pulls him to her side, urging him to lay very, very still as a group of Idi Amin’s soldiers kick and shoot their way into the room. Miraculously, the boy alone survives and grows to become an angry young criminal wreaking vengeance on Uganda. In the midst of his crime spree, he encounters the one who so miraculously spared his life---Jesus Christ. When Pastor Herbert preaches the good news today, he knows perhaps better than most, the life changing power of love over hate, grace over law, and mercy over justice. This is just one more reason why we always look forward to our regular visit with Pastor Herbert and Glory of Christ Church.

Filed November 10, 2011 by AWM Media Operation Manager, Stephen Bransford.


On the Road with Andrew: Uganda II

The first graduating class of CBC Uganda. (Click to enlarge)

The first graduating class of Charis Bible College Uganda took center stage on this special day. First year students received a certificate of recognition, while those completing the two-year course wore gowns and received diplomas. The event was testimony to dedication, endurance, and hard work. Not only for the students, but for the extraordinary service of CBC grad Dean Crooks and his wife Linda, who were suddenly called upon to hold the Andrew and Wendell greet guests arriving for the ceremony.
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school together following the untimely death of director, Leland Shores. If CBC gives out medals of valor, they should be first in line. Indeed, it was a day of firsts.

The presence of Andrew and Wendell Parr was deeply appreciated. The students are depending on Andrew Wommack Ministries to continue its presence in Uganda. In that regard, Andrew announced that he is grooming third-year students to restart the full Charis Bible College program. In the meantime, the bookstore in downtown Kampala will continue as a partner and Gary Everett (right) served as Master of Ceremonies. (Click to enlarge)ministry center, and the Gospel Truth broadcast will continue twice daily on local Lighthouse TV.

Gary Everett, longtime director of Lighthouse Television has accepted the additional role of ministry director for Andrew Wommack in Uganda. His years of experience in the local culture and his connections to government and business, have helped stabilize Andrew’s position after the loss of Leland. At Gary’s invitation, Catherine Naava Nabagasera, Special Assistant to President Catherine Naava Nabagesera, Special Assistant to Uganda's President Museveni. (Click to enlarge)Museveni, brought congratulations to CBC graduates from the President.

And Parliament member, Honorable Mariam Matembe, nearly stole the show. As former head of the Office of Integrity and Ethics, she challenged the graduates to boldly enter all levels of Ugandan society and make it a better place.

A touching moment in the proceedings occurred when Leland’s widow, Andrew enjoys a moment with firey Miriam Matembe. (Click to enlarge)Carole Shores received her first year certificate of completion. On this first CBC graduation day in Uganda, the memory of Leland Shores and his unique leadership was never far from anyone’s thoughts. Yet the legacy of his service seen in the lives of these students seems alive and well, and ready for a bright future.


Leland’s widow Carole Shores receives her first year certificate. (Click to enlarge) Wendell Parr, Director of World Outreach, and CBC grad John Kimani. (Click to enlarge)


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On the Road with Andrew: Uganda I

Andrew speaks to a receptive crowd in Victoria Hall in Kampala, Uganda. (Click to enlarge)“I would like to teach myself out of a job,” Andrew told the crowd at the Gospel Truth Seminar in Kampala, Uganda. “By that I mean, I would rather see you so full of faith and the Word that you would lay hands on people, pray, and see results, and never need to come to another of my meetings. When I hear testimonies of students who have seen miracles, I don’t get jealous. I get excited. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

Andrew calls Kampala CBC students forward to put their discipleship into action. (Click to enlarge)Through television, Internet, and book distribution, people were drawn to the Uganda meetings from Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, South Sudan, Congo, and Tanzania. Many had come to have Andrew lay hands on them, but they were helped to see that God’s healing power lives in everyone who has accepted Jesus as Savior, regardless of their religious pedigree or qualifications.

A year ago, single mother Mary Kizze mixed poison to kill herself and her young daughter. CBC student, Mary Kizze (pink hair) prays for a guest at Andrew’s invitation. (Click to enlarge)Following a string of disappointments, she was unable to care for their basic needs and felt God had let her down. That’s when she found Andrew Wommack on Lighthouse TV, and a friend invited her to night school at Charis Bible College, Kampala. She has a renewed mind now, and is eager to minister to others in need.

Two books, The War Is Over and A Better Way To Pray traveled twelve hours by road from Andrew’s Kampala bookstore to Nairobi, Kenya. They had been purchased by Reverend Luckio Anglican Reverend, Luckio Otieno seeks prayer from a CBC student.
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Otieno and delivered by a CBC student. The Reverend is a lecturer at an Anglican Seminary. He devoured the books and says he will never be the same. All of his seminary training had never turned on the lights of his relationship to God like those two books. He came forward to receive prayer from a CBC student.

“Something is missing,” John Kimani repeated privately, Sunday after Sunday. He was a well established pastor in Nairobi but his soul was empty. “Where is the good news?” he asked Student, John Kimani, prays for a young seeker at the Gospel Truth Seminar. (Click to enlarge)again and again. One day while vacationing in the city of El Doret, his wife, Grace, came across Andrew on Gospel Truth TV. “I think I’ve found what is missing,” she said, “the almost-too-good-to-be-true news!” In time, they left their home, moved to Kampala and attended CBC. Tomorrow, they will graduate and return to Kenya to make disciples through a new ministry they founded there called, “Grace Experience Nairobi.”

Hallelujah! Expect great things from these CBC graduates!

God’s healing power lives in everyone who has accepted Jesus as Savior. (Click to enlarge)This is the way it is supposed to be, disciples ministering to others. (Click to enlarge)


How do you measure the eternal investment in Uganda? (Click to enlarge)

Perhaps Andrew HAS taught himself out of a job in Kampala. (Click to enlarge)

Filed October 31, 2011 by AWM Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford.