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Europe Trip 2013: Grace & Faith Conference II

Saturday night's meeting at Andrew's annual Grace and Faith Conference, held in the International Centre in Telford, England. (Click to enlarge) Saturday, May 26th was a busy day for Andrew, and all involved with Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe and Charis Bible College England. Sandwiched between the day's two meetings for the annual Grace and Faith Conference, Andrew and his team were blessed to participate in a commencement ceremony for CBC-England's class of 2013.

The CBC-England praise and worship team at the commencement ceremony. (Click to enlarge) Students listen intently before receiving their diplomas. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew shakes hands with a graduate as he hands him his diploma. (Click to enlarge) Some received their post-graduate, third-year certificates. (Click to enlarge)

Saturday's conference meetings were well attended including the youth and children's events. Andrew shared the platform with Duane Sheriff, an instructor from CBC-Colorado and the founding pastor of Victory Life Church in Durant, Oklahoma. Ministry was well received across all age groups as the Word went forth and Jesus was revealed.

Each meeting opened with praise and worship led by Charlie & Jill LeBlanc. (Click to enlarge) Each youth meeting also opened with a time of praise and worship. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew smiles as he shares from the platform. (Click to enlarge) Duane Sheriff ministers to the youth.
(Click to enlarge)

Every ministry needs a clown or two.
(Click to enlarge)
The joy on this little boy's face says it all.
(Click to enlarge)

The Director of CBC-England, Paul Flanagan.
(Click to enlarge)
CBC-England students served as conference volunteers. (Click to enlarge)

Filed Sunday, May 26, 2013 by Shawn Mitchell. Photos courtesy of Mark Theisinger and Hannah Rodway.


Europe Trip 2013: Grace & Faith Conference I

Andrew praying over the people answering the Friday night altar call at the Grace & Faith Conference held in Telford, England. (Click to enlarge)Last week marked the beginning of Andrew's Grace and Faith Conference in the United Kingdom. The annual event, held in the International Centre in Telford, England, continues to grow each year, as people hungry for the Truth, are drawn by Andrew's straightforward presentation of the Gospel. As you will see in the photos below, those in attendance Friday evening were blessed through praise and worship led by ministry favorites, Charlie & Jill LeBlanc and through the ministry of the Word as Andrew revealed the Scripture to them.

Charlie & Jill Leblanc leading praise and worship (Click to enlarge) A man lifts his hands during worship.
(Click to enlarge)

A woman enjoying a personal moment during praise and worship. (Click to enlarge) Andrew with Pastor, Duane Sheriff, from Victory Life Church in Durant, OK (Click to enlarge)

Andrew Wommack Ministries, World Outreach Director, Wedell Parr. (Click to enlarge) Andrew welcomes Richard Waller to the platform. (Click to enlarge)

Richard Waller sharing his healing testimony. Also available on this blog site**. (Click to enlarge) Andrew sharing his message Friday night.
(Click to enlarge)

A view of a portion of the Friday night crowd.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew paces the platform as people respond to the altar call. (Click to enlarge)

Filed Saturday, May 25, 2013 by Shawn Mitchell. Photos courtesy of Mark Theisinger.

**Click here for Richard Waller's Healing Testimony


Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe Welcomes David Illingworth

The new Director of Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe, David Illingworth and his wonderful wife, Lesley.
(Click to enlarge)
Pure gold streams of water poured from a waterfall, emptying into a serene, shimmering gold pool. As David Illingworth gazed upon the beauty of the scene, he sensed the Lord beckoning him to stand in the pool under the golden waterfall. David obeyed and as he did, the gold water was absorbed into every fiber of his being. At that moment, he realized he wasn’t standing under a waterfall made of water but, rather, of God’s pure, unconditional love.

After receiving this life-changing vision in 2009, David knew without a doubt that God was calling him into kingdom service and out of the corporate world he had known his entire life. “At first I didn’t know what God was calling me to do,” says David. “I just felt compelled to learn more about God and His love.”

David speaking at his daughter's wedding. (Click to enlarge)A year prior, David was exposed to Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe (AWME) when a friend was diagnosed with cancer. David was given Andrew’s teaching God Wants You Well, and it completely changed the way he thought about and prayed for healing. Andrew taught God’s Word in a way that David had never heard before, and he wanted to hear more. In the fall of 2009, he enrolled in the Charis Bible College (CBC) correspondence course from his home in England.

After devouring the lessons, David was ready to move to Walsall and begin his second year at CBC. His wife, Lesley, wasn’t thrilled with the idea at first. But God spoke to her heart, and the Illingworths were off to Walsall. Upon graduating in 2011, David and Lesley decided to return for a third year.

“During my second year, God told me He wanted me to get to know Him. But during my third year, He said He needed me to get David (back row) stands with his CBC classmates in Walsall. (Click to enlarge) to know myself,” recalls David. By the end of David’s third year, God’s love had given him an unshakable hope, solidifying his faith and enabling him to minister in God’s grace. “I grew to understand who I am in God’s love, which has released peace into my heart,” explains David.

After their third year at CBC, the Illingworths didn’t know where to go next. “I had no plans and no open doors,” says David. “God just kept telling me to wait.” With his vast business background in sales, management, and organizational consulting, along with his global experiences from traveling to over seventy-five countries, there were numerous paths in the natural he could have pursued. But instead of pushing doors open, he simply waited on God. The payoff came in the form of a phone call.

David and Lesley participating in some CBC Christmas party fun.
(Click to enlarge)
“I received a call one day informing me that I was being considered as the new CEO of AWME,” recalls David. “As I thought about it, I realized the position perfectly fulfilled all that God had shown me and prepared me for over the years.”

In September 2012, David took the helm at AWME, taking over for Will Graham who had stepped down after serving as director since 2005. Under Will’s leadership, teaching materials have been translated into many European, African, and Asian languages, and Walsall became home for AWME and CBC West Midlands. But Will’s heart was primarily that of a pastor, and in May 2012, the opportunity arose for him to return as a full-time pastor to a growing church.David (back row) serving as part of the volunteer staff at Andrew's annual Grace & Faith Conference in the UK. (Click to enlarge)

Now that David is on board, he hopes to concentrate on developing relationships within the surrounding communities as well as nearby churches. “Many of the churches in the area see us as undermining their authority. We’re working on building trust by partnering with them to serve those in our cities,” says David. He’s confident that once those in Walsall and beyond taste of God’s love through these relationships, they will want to be a part of what AWME has to offer.