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Europe Trip 2013: Grace & Faith Conference II

Saturday night's meeting at Andrew's annual Grace and Faith Conference, held in the International Centre in Telford, England. (Click to enlarge) Saturday, May 26th was a busy day for Andrew, and all involved with Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe and Charis Bible College England. Sandwiched between the day's two meetings for the annual Grace and Faith Conference, Andrew and his team were blessed to participate in a commencement ceremony for CBC-England's class of 2013.

The CBC-England praise and worship team at the commencement ceremony. (Click to enlarge) Students listen intently before receiving their diplomas. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew shakes hands with a graduate as he hands him his diploma. (Click to enlarge) Some received their post-graduate, third-year certificates. (Click to enlarge)

Saturday's conference meetings were well attended including the youth and children's events. Andrew shared the platform with Duane Sheriff, an instructor from CBC-Colorado and the founding pastor of Victory Life Church in Durant, Oklahoma. Ministry was well received across all age groups as the Word went forth and Jesus was revealed.

Each meeting opened with praise and worship led by Charlie & Jill LeBlanc. (Click to enlarge) Each youth meeting also opened with a time of praise and worship. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew smiles as he shares from the platform. (Click to enlarge) Duane Sheriff ministers to the youth.
(Click to enlarge)

Every ministry needs a clown or two.
(Click to enlarge)
The joy on this little boy's face says it all.
(Click to enlarge)

The Director of CBC-England, Paul Flanagan.
(Click to enlarge)
CBC-England students served as conference volunteers. (Click to enlarge)

Filed Sunday, May 26, 2013 by Shawn Mitchell. Photos courtesy of Mark Theisinger and Hannah Rodway.


Europe Trip 2013: Grace & Faith Conference I

Andrew praying over the people answering the Friday night altar call at the Grace & Faith Conference held in Telford, England. (Click to enlarge)Last week marked the beginning of Andrew's Grace and Faith Conference in the United Kingdom. The annual event, held in the International Centre in Telford, England, continues to grow each year, as people hungry for the Truth, are drawn by Andrew's straightforward presentation of the Gospel. As you will see in the photos below, those in attendance Friday evening were blessed through praise and worship led by ministry favorites, Charlie & Jill LeBlanc and through the ministry of the Word as Andrew revealed the Scripture to them.

Charlie & Jill Leblanc leading praise and worship (Click to enlarge) A man lifts his hands during worship.
(Click to enlarge)

A woman enjoying a personal moment during praise and worship. (Click to enlarge) Andrew with Pastor, Duane Sheriff, from Victory Life Church in Durant, OK (Click to enlarge)

Andrew Wommack Ministries, World Outreach Director, Wedell Parr. (Click to enlarge) Andrew welcomes Richard Waller to the platform. (Click to enlarge)

Richard Waller sharing his healing testimony. Also available on this blog site**. (Click to enlarge) Andrew sharing his message Friday night.
(Click to enlarge)

A view of a portion of the Friday night crowd.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew paces the platform as people respond to the altar call. (Click to enlarge)

Filed Saturday, May 25, 2013 by Shawn Mitchell. Photos courtesy of Mark Theisinger.

**Click here for Richard Waller's Healing Testimony


Students Let Holy Spirit Lead in UK

CBC students, Lisa and Chris Cree minister to a gentleman in the United Kingdom. (Click to enlarge)Last month a team from Charis Bible College in Colorado hopped the pond for a short-term mission trip to the United Kingdom. The 11 member team led by CBC's Intern Coordinator, Carlie Terradez and third-year intern, David Carter, ministered in England, Scotland and Ireland.

With their schedules packed as tightly as their luggage, the team began their overseas ministry experience on the evening of their arrival in England. They shared a refreshing time of worship and fellowship with the students and staff from CBC's West Midlands' campus.

For CBC-Colorado student, Drewrome (Drew) Williams, the casual setting of the first evening allowed him to get acclimated and also provided him the opportunity to share a word of knowledge with a CBC-England student. Both men were encouraged by the accuracy of Drew's word as the man confirmed that the things Drew spoke were the same things the man had been carrying in his heart.CBC-Colorado student, Drew Williams, open-air preaching in Scotland. (Click to enlarge)

Throughout the trip the Holy Spirit continued to work through Drew. In Scotland, he had the opportunity to minister from a platform in a city shopping mall. He remembered praying, before it was his turn to share, that he would have boldness and enough vocal volume to minister effectively. Drew said, "When it was my turn to speak, I sensed the power of the Holy Spirit, and my voice was unusually loud. I felt like I was watching myself speak. It was as though the Holy Spirit had taken over and I was along for the ride."

While still in Scotland, the team attended a service held at Glen Aros Church in Dumfries. There, Drew prayed with a woman for healing in her ankle. This opportunity had a particular significance for Drew because before leaving Colorado, a classmate had told him he would minister to someone with an ankle problem. After his prayer, the woman's broken CBC-Colorado students, Vern and Kathy Raney and Georgia Boudreau, pray for a student from the Walsall campus. (Click to enlarge)ankle was completely healed.

More than a year before this Colorado team had their chance to go to the UK, the Lord had awakened a love for the region in Lisa Cree's heart. She and her husband Chris, who also traveled with the team, went with optimistic and expectant hearts. The two know they are called to encourage and disciple other believers, and the Lord brought many such opportunities on this journey.

While visiting Dumfries, Lisa and Chris prayed with a married couple, Margie and Joe. Margie was battling a life-threatening Lisa and Chris Cree prayed for and encouraged this couple, Joe and Margie. (Click to enlarge)illness and the couple simply asked the Cree's to agree with them that Margie would be healed. Lisa and Chris agreed, and boldly cursed the sickness. They commanded the sickness to leave Margie's body in Jesus' name and spoke a blessing of health and healing over her. There wasn't any visible sign that the healing had manifested, but the Cree's reminded Margie and Joe that God is faithful.

Lisa said, "As we prayed with them we saw God connect our hearts. As I prayed, I thought, 'If praying with this couple is the one thing you have sent us on this trip for, it is so worth it, just for them. You love each of us so much Father.'"

Chris (at right) practices the ministry of listening as John shares his aviation stories. (Click to enlarge)Chris recalled his own impactful moments from the trip to Scotland. He shared that in addition to Joe and Margie, he met a man named John. John had come up from England to attend the outreach the team held on Friday night. As Chris and John spoke, John indicated that he worked as a commercial pilot. Because Chris had flown off aircraft carriers in the US Navy, he found he had common ground (or air) with John. Chris said, "Of all the people there, I was the one who spoke his language."

Chris was able to encourage John simply by listening to his aviation stories and truly being able to understand them. Chris said The Colorado team in Belfast with staff and students from CBC-Ireland. (Click to enlarge)of their conversations, "There wasn't anything super spiritual, perhaps, but it was valuable.

It had been John's intention to return home to England Saturday morning, but he decided to stay and go to church Sunday morning. Then he decided to stick around for the Sunday evening service. As Chris and John were talking Sunday evening, Chris could see and hear a change in John. He said, "John kept saying, 'I didn't expect this.'"

"Sure, we saw miracle healings and salvations while on our trip to the UK. I think all CBC mission trips do. They are awesome, no doubt. But the biggest thing I learned on this trip is how important encouragement is to the body of believers," said Chris.