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CBC-London East, The Newest UK Campus

Director of Charis Bible College-London East, Corwin Schol. (Click to enlarge)Several years ago, Corwin Schol, a former United States serviceman, and his wife, Vivian, moved from the U.S. to England. Part of Corwin's daily routine in the UK came to include the recording and watching of a pair of television programs produced by well-known ministers. Because Corwin didn't want to miss a moment of the teachings, he would set his VCR to begin recording ten minutes ahead of each broadcast. It just so happened that the program which aired prior to Corwin's favorite ministers was Andrew's Gospel Truth. On one occasion, Corwin found himself watching the ten-minute segments he had recorded of Andrew's programs, and what he heard captured his attention.

Corwin at a wedding during his second year studies at CBC-Walsall (now West Midlands). (Click to enlarge)Corwin began to include the Gospel Truth in his recording routine, and in time, he actually stopped watching the other two ministers. Although he had gained revelation and understanding about healing and other topics from the first two ministers, Andrew's messages were hitting closer to home. At one point, Holy Spirit reminded Corwin that, when he was a young boy, the Lord had showed him the same things Andrew was teaching.

For years, Corwin had desired to attend Bible college. After listening to Andrew for some time, he knew he wanted to go to Charis Bible College's Walsall campus in England. For five years he made mention of his desire to attend, and for five years he was rebuffed by those closest to him; church leadership, family and friends all had reasons why he should not go to school.

Corwin and his wife, Vivian, celebrate his graduation from CBC-Walsall. (Click to enlarge)After attending a meeting at the CBC-Walsall campus in March of 2007, Corwin returned home (three hours away) committed to enroll in classes. When he announced his decision to go to school, it was as if nobody heard him. "Because I had been saying for five years that I wanted to go, and then didn't go, they didn't hear the difference when I said I was going," said Corwin.

For the next few weeks after making the choice to go, Corwin continued watching and listening to Andrew's teaching. Andrew's messages, A Place Called There and Get Out of the Boat solidified his determination to enroll. While listening to Get Out of the Boat, Corwin remembered he was required to give his place of employment one month's notice before leaving his job. As he remembered his deadline, he also realized he had exactly one month, to the day, before school started. Corwin called to his wife, who was in another room, and he told her he was planning to resign that day, so he could go to Bible college. "She said, 'No you're not,' and I said, Corwin his third year training at CBC. (Click to enlarge)Yes I am. And I did," recalled Corwin.

Friends and co-workers asked why he wanted to go to a Bible school so far away, and he flippantly commented, "Maybe I'll start a Bible college here." Although he made the comment for lack of something better to say at the time, he now realizes he was speaking prophetically over himself.

Against the objections of his family, friends and church, Corwin enrolled at CBC-Walsall. He said, "My church leaders didn’t want me to go, my sons didn’t want me to go, my wife didn’t want me to go. No one, but me and God wanted me to go—but then that makes a majority, doesn’t it?"

Corwin teaching at Tree of Life church in Watford.
(Click to enlarge)
Although Corwin received Jesus at the age of five, he never really knew who he was in God's eyes. Through attending CBC, Corwin found his true identity in Christ and this revelation has revolutionized his life. As a result, his relationships, including his marriage, are better than ever.

At the end of Corwin's first year, Andrew made his annual visit to Walsall. It was during that time that Corwin began to sense his calling to open an extension school in London. Prior to Andrew's visit, Corwin had been looking to others to start another college campus in England. He even approached CBC-Walsall's leadership about the idea, and he was told that a college in London wasn’t part of Andrew's plan. Although he had begun to sense he was to start the new school, the disinterest expressed by the school was conveyed so convincingly that Corwin didn’t see the point of completing the optional third year program at CBC. After graduation he left.

The following year, Corwin met Benjamin David Conway, who was starting a new church in Dagenham, 20 minutes UK Directors, Corwin Schol, Alan Bruce (CBC-Belfast) and Dominic Burns (CBC-Yorkshire) touring CBC-Colorado's new campus in Woodland Park, Colorado during this summer's directors meeting.
(Click to enlarge)
away from Corwin's home. During one conversation, Benjamin said his church was going to be a Grace church, mainly following Andrew’s teachings. Benjamin then asked Corwin what his vision for ministry was now that he had graduated from Charis. Again, for lack of something better to say, and despite the negative feedback he had received, Corwin said, "I'm going to start a CBC in London.”

After spending a year away from CBC, the desire to start another campus was still burning in Corwin's heart. He met with CBC-Walsall's third-year coordinator, Abi Elshaw, and the two discussed his return to school and revisited the topic of starting a campus in London. Abi suggested a plan of action to get the ball rolling for a new school and Corwin signed on for his third year. He graduated in 2011.

Classes are scheduled to be held at Harmony House in Dagenham, Essex. (Click to enlarge)Serving as a reminder that our words are powerful, Corwin's extension school is now a reality. The campus known as, CBC-London East, is slated to open its doors this fall. Classes are scheduled to be held at Harmony House in Dagenham, Essex. For more information about the school and its programs and to fill out your application, visit the CBC-London East website today.

For those considering attending CBC in London or elsewhere, Corwin recommends Andrew's teachings Get Out of the Boat (part of the How To Become A Water Walker: Lessons In Faith series) and The Place Called There. He said, "For the prospective student's point of view, those two teachings are the most relevant."


Europe Trip 2013: Grace & Faith Conference II

Saturday night's meeting at Andrew's annual Grace and Faith Conference, held in the International Centre in Telford, England. (Click to enlarge) Saturday, May 26th was a busy day for Andrew, and all involved with Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe and Charis Bible College England. Sandwiched between the day's two meetings for the annual Grace and Faith Conference, Andrew and his team were blessed to participate in a commencement ceremony for CBC-England's class of 2013.

The CBC-England praise and worship team at the commencement ceremony. (Click to enlarge) Students listen intently before receiving their diplomas. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew shakes hands with a graduate as he hands him his diploma. (Click to enlarge) Some received their post-graduate, third-year certificates. (Click to enlarge)

Saturday's conference meetings were well attended including the youth and children's events. Andrew shared the platform with Duane Sheriff, an instructor from CBC-Colorado and the founding pastor of Victory Life Church in Durant, Oklahoma. Ministry was well received across all age groups as the Word went forth and Jesus was revealed.

Each meeting opened with praise and worship led by Charlie & Jill LeBlanc. (Click to enlarge) Each youth meeting also opened with a time of praise and worship. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew smiles as he shares from the platform. (Click to enlarge) Duane Sheriff ministers to the youth.
(Click to enlarge)

Every ministry needs a clown or two.
(Click to enlarge)
The joy on this little boy's face says it all.
(Click to enlarge)

The Director of CBC-England, Paul Flanagan.
(Click to enlarge)
CBC-England students served as conference volunteers. (Click to enlarge)

Filed Sunday, May 26, 2013 by Shawn Mitchell. Photos courtesy of Mark Theisinger and Hannah Rodway.


Europe Trip 2013: Grace & Faith Conference I

Andrew praying over the people answering the Friday night altar call at the Grace & Faith Conference held in Telford, England. (Click to enlarge)Last week marked the beginning of Andrew's Grace and Faith Conference in the United Kingdom. The annual event, held in the International Centre in Telford, England, continues to grow each year, as people hungry for the Truth, are drawn by Andrew's straightforward presentation of the Gospel. As you will see in the photos below, those in attendance Friday evening were blessed through praise and worship led by ministry favorites, Charlie & Jill LeBlanc and through the ministry of the Word as Andrew revealed the Scripture to them.

Charlie & Jill Leblanc leading praise and worship (Click to enlarge) A man lifts his hands during worship.
(Click to enlarge)

A woman enjoying a personal moment during praise and worship. (Click to enlarge) Andrew with Pastor, Duane Sheriff, from Victory Life Church in Durant, OK (Click to enlarge)

Andrew Wommack Ministries, World Outreach Director, Wedell Parr. (Click to enlarge) Andrew welcomes Richard Waller to the platform. (Click to enlarge)

Richard Waller sharing his healing testimony. Also available on this blog site**. (Click to enlarge) Andrew sharing his message Friday night.
(Click to enlarge)

A view of a portion of the Friday night crowd.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew paces the platform as people respond to the altar call. (Click to enlarge)

Filed Saturday, May 25, 2013 by Shawn Mitchell. Photos courtesy of Mark Theisinger.

**Click here for Richard Waller's Healing Testimony