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From Wisconsin to Zambia

Lemuel Siame and Dave Keating, Missionary to Zambia. (Click to enlarge)Years ago, Dave Keating was given a prophetic word that there would be resurrection power in his hands and that he would see people raised from the dead. After he ended a successful corporate career in 1999, Dave and his wife wanted to go to Bible school.

He says that, instead, “the Lord brought the Bible school directly to us in Wisconsin” via CBC’s correspondence program. “Ever since then, we’ve appreciated the message of relationship with God, grace and mercy, and the practical application of the Word. It was a desire of our hearts to go to the missions field and apply that Word in a practical way.”

In 2005, the Keatings moved to Zambia as missionaries, and early one morning in 2008, they got their chance. Charity Siame, the mother of a three-and-a-half-year-old boy who lived on their property, was screaming in the backyard. Her son, Lemuel, lay facedown in the swimming pool, entangled in some ropes. They pulled the child from the water, but it looked grim. “There was no pulse, no heartbeat. His eyes had already rolled back in his head, and we think he was in the water at least five minutes,” says Dave.

The Siame family (L-R) Joy, Charity, Prince and Lemuel with Dave.
(Click to enlarge)
Instead of panicking, Dave turned to the Word. “The scripture that came to my mind immediately was Luke 5:17,” he says. “At the end of the verse, there’s a part that says the power of the Lord is present to heal. It just came to me very strongly that this child was going to be okay.”

The little boy’s father, Prince Siame, was also a born-again, Spirit-filled believer, so he and Dave began to declare that Lemuel was going to live. “We weren’t praying, ‘God, please heal him,’” explains Dave; “We just declared that the Word of God was so.”

After twenty-four minutes of praying over the child, “his body leaped off the concrete,” says Dave. “It only came up an inch or so, but his whole body responded. We had a heartbeat and a pulse.” They drove him to the local clinic, but the nurses insisted that they hire an ambulance and go to the hospital in Lusaka. “The nurses at the clinic kept saying, ‘He’s too far gone. There’s nothing we can do,’” recalls Dave. “But I told the dad, ‘This child will be okay, and don’t let them tell you anything different. They are just doing their job, but we need to do our job.’”

At the main hospital, the doctors said the boy’s body temperature was low, and they couldn’t do anything besides wrap him in a warm blanket and wait. But Dave and Prince “continued to pray and minister to his spirit, declaring that he was going to be okay,” Dave says.

They waited all day. That evening, about twelve hours after the accident, Lemuel awoke for the first time, but his speech was garbled and made
no sense.

Faith partners Dave and Prince pose with Lemuel more than one year later.
(Click to enlarge)
Dave spent the next day at the hospital, waiting and praying with the boy’s parents. He was there the third day as well, when they saw a marked change. “He sat up in bed about eight o’clock that evening, and he said clearly, ‘Dad, there’s a toy that I’d really like to have. Would you go and get it for me?’ And so Prince rushed out, got the toy, and brought it back to the hospital,” says Dave. When he returned, he also brought his laptop computer, which had on it a racing game that the little boy loved to play.

The following morning when Dave arrived, he saw a group of doctors gathered around the boy’s bed. They were excited, but he didn’t know why. “I walked up to them, and this three-and-a-half-year-old is explaining to the doctors what keys on the laptop to hit to select a race car,” says Dave, “and how to move the keys so the car would turn the corners. The doctors were just astounded, and they declared, ‘This is a miracle! We can’t believe it.’”

The doctors kept the little boy one extra day for observation and then released him. “The whole hospital was on fire, talking about the miracle that had happened,” shares Dave. “And when we took the child home, the whole city was talking about the miracle.”

Father and son more than a year after the accident and miraculous recovery.More than a year later, Lemuel is a happy, healthy five-year-old. He just finished preschool, having passed every test. “He’s a perfectly normal, ambitious, highly energetic child,” says Dave. “I believe that God has a great plan for his life. My life has certainly
been changed.”

Looking back, Dave says, “I thought I would come a little bit unglued, but I was able to stay calm. Even though everything around us showed the vital signs of death, we stood on His Word by faith. This is what God wants to do through His people, if we’re willing to apply His Word in a demonstration of authority.”


Reprinted from the article It's the Fruit that Counts, found in the Spring & Summer 2010 edition of Andrew's Gospel Truth magazine.