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Anticipation is Building at The Sanctuary

Charis Bible College's campus gatehouse at the entrance to The Sanctuary. (Click to enlarge)There is excitement building in Colorado's brisk autumn air. If you have been following the construction progress at CBC's new campus in Woodland Park, then you know that the excitement stems from the anticipation of the completion of phase one at The Sanctuary. With each update, the Barn's interior and exterior spaces take on more definition, and the building bears more resemblance to the images shown in the virtual tours we posted two years ago. As the contractors and their crews outfit the facility with plumbing and electrical services, and they continue to erect the interior walls and partitions, it becomes easier to envision the school's opening just a few short months from now.

As you take a look at the images below, recall that just 12 months ago we brought you an update from the property that showed the initial arrival of the excavation equipment. This project has progressed steadily thanks to the continued faithfulness and generosity of Andrew's friends and partners and the hardworking construction crews.

Looking at the Barn from the eastern side of the Sanctuary property. (Click to enlarge) Workmen use lift vehicles to work on the Barn's varied roof lines. (Click to enlarge)

The Barn's beautiful, covered, south-facing deck and student break area. (Click to enlarge) The gorgeous southern view of Pikes Peak from the Barn's deck. (Click to enlarge)

These windows let natural light into the second-year classroom on the lower level. (Click to enlarge) The windows in the Barn's clearstory ceiling will let light stream into the auditorium. (Click to enlarge)

The second and third-year classrooms will be divided by movable partitions. (Click to enlarge) Classroom spaces are being defined as the drywall goes up. (Click to enlarge)

The hallway corridors between classrooms are coming together. (Click to enlarge) Take a guess what this room will be when it's finished (Click to enlarge)

Just imagine the campus buzzing with Kingdom activity. (Click to enlarge)

Photos courtesy of Jeff Nakkula, Assistant Director of CBC's School of Media.


The Barn's Interior is Taking Shape

The Barn, the first building at CBC-Colorado's new campus in Woodland Park. (Click to enlarge)Two months have passed since we brought you our last update from The Sanctuary, and as you will see in the images below, progress has been swift and steady since our last report. It has been one year since contractors and their crews arrived at CBC's new campus in Woodland Park and today, great strides have been made toward the project's completion. At the time of this post, crews are working diligently to install the building's windows, and within a short time the Barn, as Andrew calls it, will be totally enclosed. Be sure to take a close look at each photo, imagine the designated spaces full of world-changing student activity, and know that soon it will all be reality!

Staging on the stage... The concrete for the platform has been poured. (Click to enlarge) Entry to the second-year classroom is on the right, while offies will be to the left. (Click to enlarge)

The lower level office area has been drywalled and some walls have been painted. (Click to enlarge) The counter in the Student Services area being framed in. (Click to enlarge)

Crews work to place the glass windows in the Barn's clearstory design. (Click to enlarge) Windows have been placed near the Barn's main entrance. (Click to enlarge)

A truck load of glass pannels for the Barn's upper level clearstory windows. (Click to enlarge) Exterior trim and finish work on the North side of the Barn. (Click to enlarge)

All images courtesy of Jeff Nakkula, the assistant director of CBC's School of Media.


Closing in the Barn's Roof

Last month, Andrew provided a live video update detailing the progress at The Sanctuary, Charis Bible College's new campus in Woodland Park, Colorado. It was his eleventh update since construction began in September of 2012. In this video, Andrew reviewed the installation of the massive trusses, the large wooden beams that give the Barn its distinctive shape, and showed the early stages of closing in the Barn's roof. Andrew also touched on the extent of the progress being made around the perimeter of the building itself, as well as across the entire campus. As you will see, a lot has changed since the first scoop of earth was moved last September.

The view approaching the Barn on the main drive.
(Click to enlarge)
The view of the Barn looking west. Curb and gutter forms in foreground. (Click to enlarge)

The southeast corner of the Barn.
(Click to enlarge)
A view of the north side of the building. Pikes Peak in the background. (Click to enlarge)

Men working on the Barn's roof.
(Click to enlarge)
Crews working on the deck support pillars on the south-facing side of the Barn. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew examining the roofing progress.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew asking questions about the interior construction. (Click to enlarge)

Pillar support work for the south-facing decks.
(Click to enlarge)
Crews work quickly to pour the curb and gutter for the new roadway. (Click to enlarge)

This update was filmed on June 12. To view the most recent video update and an important message from Andrew, visit the Sanctuary Construction Update page on the ministry's main website. See our Foundation Builders partnership page for more information.