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Placing the Barn's Wooden Beams

On May 13, 2013, Andrew filmed a construction update at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park. While each of our previous video updates have revealed the steady advancements at CBC-Colorado's new campus, none, to this point, has carried the weight of this update—literally. In this video, as Andrew reviews the progress, you will see the construction crews use a crane to hoist and put in place the enormous, 45-ton, wooden beams. With the 630,000 pounds of wood in place, the building has really begun to take shape and to resemble the artistic renderings readers were introduced to in April of 2011.

Crane lifting one of the 45-ton wooden beams.
(Click to enlarge)
Crane transporting the third wooden beam for placement. (Click to enlarge)

Crane and crew work to place and secure one of the seven beams. (Click to enlarge) Andrew points to the men working to secure the beams in place. (Click to enlarge)

Each wooden beam section is covered in protective plastic. (Click to enlarge) Andrew is in the foreground giving a tour. Can you see the other man? (Click to enlarge)

The mechanical section of the Barn. Andrew is the orange speck in the background. (Click to enlarge) A bird's eye view of the wooden beams shot from a camera on an incoming beam. (Click to enlarge)

This update was filmed on May 13. To view the most recent video update visit the Sanctuary Construction Update page on the ministry's main website.


Assembling the Wooden Beams

Nine months ago construction crews broke ground at The Sanctuary, Charis Bible College's new campus in Woodland Park, Colorado. We have been bringing our readers a steady stream of updates since the very beginning of the project. As you will see in this video, the first building, "the Barn," as Andrew calls it, has come a long way since leaving the drawing board. Crews have worked through the long winter months, and at the time of the filming, craftsmen were constructing the huge wooden beams that will span the width of the building to support the roof.

A craftsman prepares a wooden beam for installation.
(Click to enlarge)
The wooden beams are covered with plastic to protect them from the elements. (Click to enlarge)

Each of the wooden beam trusses weighs 90,000 pounds. (Click to enlarge) The south-facing wall will have lots of windows, allowing a view of Pikes Peak. (Click to enlarge)

Workers enclosing the upper level HVAC area.
(Click to enlarge)
The vast open space to be spanned by the wooden beams. (Click to enlarge)

The basement level, home to 23 expandable classrooms. (Click to enlarge) Chimney construction is nearly complete.
(Click to enlarge)

This update was filmed on April 15, to view the most recent video update visit the Sanctuary Construction Update page on the ministry's main website.


Pouring The Barn Floor

Construction crews at The Sanctuary continue to make noticeable progress between Andrew's video updates. This month's video, filmed in Woodland Park on March 7th, brings viewers a fresh look at the rapidly advancing project. As you watch Andrew in this installment, you will also see a flurry of activity in the background as workers prepare and pour the floor for the main level of the 90,000 square foot Barn.

For a recap of the project's advancement, be sure to check out Andrew's previous updates, which have included the arrival of the earth movers, the leveling of the land, the foundation excavation, the preparation for the basement walls, piping in the water, the completion of the basement support structure and the enclosure of the south-facing wall. Each of these videos documents the progress as Charis Bible College's new campus continues to take shape.

Workers prepare to lay the rebar floor support for the Barn floor. (Click to enlarge) Workers methodically lay the rebar across the entire span of the floor. (Click to enlarge)

Cement trucks provide a steady stream of cement for the pouring of the floor. (Click to enlarge) Many hands on deck working feverishly to spread the cement. (Click to enlarge)

One man guides the flow of cement as many others spread it evenly. (Click to enlarge) The floor is poured and leveled using a variety of tools. (Click to enlarge)

The pour continues as this worker guides the cement onto the rebar reinforced floor. (Click to enlarge) These machines are used to level and finish the floor's surface. (Click to enlarge)

This update was filmed on March 7th, to view the most recent video update visit the Sanctuary Construction Update page on the ministry's main website.