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The Barn's South Wall Erected 

In this video, filmed on site at The Sanctuary, Andrew brings viewers an update on the construction progress at Charis Bible College's new campus in Woodland Park. While much of the content in previous updates has featured the excavation and ground preparation for the first building, this video brings viewers an all new perspective as the Barn's exterior begins to take shape. Crews have completed the installation of the pre-cast sections of the South-facing wall, enclosing all four sides of the building. With the walls erected, steel workers have begun placing 300 tons of interior steel framing. Significant progress can be seen since Andrew's last update.

Crews begin to place the pre-cast walls on the southern side of the Barn. (Click to enlarge) Each section of pre-cast wall is maneuvered into place using a huge crane. (Click to enlarge)

Sections of the gabled end stand supported as the the walls are secured. (Click to enlarge) With the walls in place crews begin to lay the steelwork. (Click to enlarge)

Some of the 300 tons of steel waiting to be placed. (Click to enlarge) A bird's-eye view as the steel I-beam is lifted into place. (Click to enlarge)

Crews guide the steel into place by hand.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew observes as crews work to enclose the basement. (Click to enlarge)

The chimney crew works high above the ground on scaffolding. (Click to enlarge) In the video Andrew describes the height of the chimney. (Click to enlarge)


This update was filmed on February 5th, to view the most recent video update visit the Sanctuary Construction Update page on the ministry's main website.


Basement Support Structure Complete

In this short video update Andrew reviews the construction progress at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado. After four months of work, the concrete support structure for the Barn, the first of Charis Bible College's new buildings, is in place. Crews worked diligently to prepare the base for the South-facing pre-cast wall of the basement and the interior steel framing of the structure. Much attention was also given to the new road system on the property to make way for the arrival of the pre-cast wall sections and the 260-foot-tall crane needed to erect the wall sections and 300 tons of steel. While most of the work accomplished since Andrew's last update is now underground, viewers are able to see many changes in the landscape as his camera crews move around the campus.

Workers constructing framing for the cement footings for the South-facing wall. (Click to enlarge) One of the 30 cement pad footings now buried under the floor of the Barn's basement. (Click to enlarge)

The elevator shaft covered by tarps.
(Click to enlarge)
The elevator shaft within the tarps pictured at left. (Click to enlarge)

The pre-cast walls ready to be delivered and erected.
(Click to enlarge)
The crane used to place the precast walls under construction. (Click to enlarge)

This update was filmed January 14th, to view the most recent video update visit the Sanctuary Construction Update page on the ministry's main website.


Piping in the Water

In this video, filmed on December 18th, Andrew brings viewers an update on the construction at The Sanctuary, Charis Bible College's future campus in Woodland Park, Colorado. Significant progress can be seen as the first phase of the project takes shape. Previous updates have included the arrival of the earth movers, leveling the land, the foundation excavation, and the preparation for the basement walls, and while each of these showed development, this video shows dramatic progress as the walls have been poured, and the Barn has begun to take shape. The roadways have also seen significant upgrades and more than a mile of piping has been laid, bringing water to the building site.

Andrew explains the building process while workers lay rebar for more footings. (Click to enlarge) Workers make sure the foundation walls are prepared for the next step. (Click to enlarge)

Trucks pour the concrete for the Barn's basement walls. (Click to enlarge) Workers prep the area for where the water will be piped into the building. (Click to enlarge)

Men and machines work together inside what will be the Barn basement. (Click to enlarge) Workmen build the forms that will hold the concrete for more footings. (Click to enlarge)

An excavator continues culvert and road preparation. (Click to enlarge) A truck drives on the newly created road, 30' above the placed culverts. (Click to enlarge)

Be sure to watch the entire video as Andrew gives viewers a reminder of why this expansion is so important.