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Basement Walls

Favorable weather conditions through the month of November allowed the construction crews at The Sanctuary to make tremendous progress. The crews were able to accomplish many of the underground structural components of the project; they poured the footings for the basement of the Barn, erected the forms for the basement walls and they continued the development of the road system. In this update Andrew praises God as he reviews the progress of the first phase of construction and shares a timeline for the coming weeks and months.

Andrew describes the dimensions of the Barn.
(Click to enlarge)
Concrete footings were poured to support the Barn's foundation. (Click to enlarge)

An overview of the foundation construction.
(Click to enlarge)
Construction crews placed the forms for the concrete basement walls. (Click to enlarge)

Huge culverts were brought in to handle water flow under the new road system. (Click to enlarge) The road excavation project continues.
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Be sure to watch the short video below to see how the Lord continues to bless the ministry through this expansion of Charis Bible College Colorado.


Foundation Excavation at The Sanctuary

In this video, recorded in October, Andrew gives a brief overview of the progress at the Sanctuary. Dramatic differences can be seen after just one month of excavation at the building site for the "Barn." Andrew shares the estimated timeline for the completion of the first building and the continuation of construction right into the building of the Auditorium. The video also gives a great perspective to the viewer on the size and scope of this undertaking. What a blessing this new facility will be to the students of Charis Bible College; the future world changers.

The Sanctuary property facing northeast before excavation began. (Click to enlarge) Andrew (from a similar point as in image to the left) one month later. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew walking over to where the foundation for the Barn will be poured. (Click to enlarge) The site of the 90,000 square foot Barn. Lots of earth has been moved (Click to enlarge)


Leveling the Land at The Sanctuary

Andrew descibing the process of leveling the land at the Sanctuary building site. (Click to enlarge)As we mentioned in an earlier post, heavy construction equipment began sculpting the landscape at Charis Bible College's new campus in Woodland Park, Colorado. Excavation at the Sanctuary property began on September 7, and two weeks later, on the third anniversary of the purchase of the property, Andrew recorded a new update, live on the jobsite.

In the video Andrew shares the progress that has been made in just two weeks of actual site work. Watch Andrew as he reports from the exact spot from which he revealed the plans for construction on the hood of his Jeep in 2010. Andrew gives viewers a picture of where the buildings will be located, and he discusses the on-campus student housing projects slated to begin at the end of the year.

Andrew unrolls the architectural drawings in 2010. (Click to enlarge) Andrew standing in the same spot as he was in the previous picture. (Click to enlarge)

Scrapers crawl through the landscape, working together to shape the land. (Click to enlarge) Andrew points to stakes marking where the second building will be errected. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew in the cab of a D9 bulldozer getting ready to move some dirt. (Click to enlarge) Andrew driving the D9 bulldozer breaking up the ground for the scrapers. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew also shares a special thank you with those who have helped support the first phase of the project, making mention that because of the generosity of the ministry's partners, AWM has been moving forward debt free.

Be sure to watch the video through to the end to see Andrew "move some dirt."

See Andrew's latest video update here.