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Earth Is Moving At The Sanctuary! 

September 7, 2012 - Andrew stands at the Sanctuary as the heavy equipment arrives to begin site excavation. (Click to enlarge)Construction at The Sanctuary began on September 7, 2012. After three long years of careful planning and permit application, the construction crews arrived on site. Huge earth movers began crawling through the landscape, excavating for the new road into the property, building site elevations and parking areas. The new road construction also opened the door for other infrastructure work to begin.

With excavation underway, Andrew anticipates that the first phase of the project, including Charis Bible College's first building, The Barn, will be complete within the next 14 to 16 months. The Barn will be the primary classroom portion of the Sanctuary facilities and will include 23 classrooms, two auditoriums (with a maximum seating capacity of 2,400) and a large industrial kitchen.

Here are several images of the progress:

(Click to enlarge)(Click to enlarge)

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(Click to enlarge)(Click to enlarge)Andrew's television department filmed a video on the jobsite to give you a firsthand report of the progress. You can watch the video below.

See Andrew's latest video update here.


Red Hawk Ranch & The Sanctuary

Andrew stepping out of the excavator he used to break ground at The Sanctuary (formerly, Red Hawk Ranch), the future home of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, CO. (Click to enlarge)With the long-anticipated groundbreaking at The Sanctuary behind us, Andrew and Charis Bible College look forward to a bright future for the new campus in Woodland Park, Colorado. For two years, this blog has shared Andrew's heart and vision for the property and covered the process by which the ministry has undertaken this project. Previous owners of the property also had hopes and dreams for the land on which CBC's new buildings will sit, and as God would have it, the desired outcome is very much the same—that it would be a place dedicated to the glory of God.

Red Hawk Ranch

Red Hawk Ranch, as it was known before AWM purchased it, and Andrew and Jamie renamed it The Sanctuary, was owned by Gilbert S. Jackson and his family. Gilbert, who acquired the land in 1990, had always thought of himself as a Christian, but it wasn't until two weeks before he passed away that he truly received Jesus as his Savior.

Visionary and former owner of The Sanctuary property, Gilbert S. Jackson. (Click to enlarge)After the celebration of Gilbert's 74th birthday, he lay in bed hurting and frustrated as he struggled with the pain and symptoms of cancer. As his nighttime nurse's aide, Merline, comforted him, she commented to him that as far as she knew Gilbert was only missing one thing in his life. Anxious to hear what she thought, he asked her to tell him what he lacked. Merline shared Christ with Gilbert, and in the moments that followed he was born again.

Gilbert said he, "saw Jesus," and the experience was so tangible to him that it noticeably changed him. In the days that followed Gilbert could hardly contain his happiness. Although he was bedridden, he sought to share his experience with everyone he knew including his daughter, Debbie Jackson Littlestar. When Debbie arrived at his house, Gilbert wanted to tell her all about his salvation experience. "I had never seen such deep joy on my dad's face and in his eyes—such amazement and love," shared Debbie.

(1996) Gilbert's daughter, Debbie and her husband Mark Littlestar stand on the building site of their home, the building Andrew now calls the Lodge.
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After being born again, Gilbert told Debbie and her husband, Mark Littlestar, that he wanted all of his properties to go to Christian endeavors. As Debbie recalled conversations with her father, she shared that he was a visionary. She said Gilbert would sit and brainstorm for hours about the future of Woodland Park, and he encouraged his family to do the same. On one such occasion, Gilbert shared his heart for education and learning and how he dreamed of having a school on the 157 acre property. Gilbert had even imagined having a school with glass walls so that the students could feel like they were outside while learning.

The Littlestar's home now serves as The Sanctuary's Lodge. A facility which has temporarily housed many ministers and AWM functions. (Click to enlarge)After Gilbert passed, Debbie handled her father's affairs and managed his assets both in Colorado and in Texas. In 1996 Debbie and Mark decided to build a home on the ranch, the house Andrew calls the Lodge, with the intent of living there forever, raising their two daughters, Sarah and Krissy, and sharing it with people from all over the world. "We were involved in international missions with various organizations and hoped to share this blessing with our friends and family as they traveled through Colorado," said Debbie.

The Littlestars named the property Red Hawk Ranch because of the red hawks (seen here on the post) that frequently visited the site during the building process. (Click to enlarge)As the Littlestars began the process of building their home, a couple of missionary friends visited and offered to pray over the property and the project. "The four of us stood back-to-back, facing in all four directions, and we prayed out loud for the property to be used by God to glorify Himself and further His Kingdom," Debbie shared.

Their prayer time, which included blessing the future builders, took place on the spot that would eventually accommodate their house. Ironically this was the same site that had served as the dump for the ranch for the previous 50 years. "It's a great metaphor for restoration and redemption, isn't it?" suggested Debbie.

80-yr-old, master carpenter, Bob Flett, placed the large beams found in the Lodge. Bob prayed over the each log as he worked. (Click to enlarge)Over the course of the building project many hands worked on the home and the accompanying outbuildings. Their efforts created a special place for all to feel welcome and open to feel God's presence. Among those who contributed to the home's beauty was 80-year-old master craftsman, Bob Flett. He was hired to place the log beams inside the home. Debbie recalled with fondness, Bob's gentle spirit and soft godly manner. The Littlestars also shared that Bob had prayed over each beam as he worked with them.

Although the Littlestars' plans changed and they sold the property in the latter half of 1999, their prayers and desire for the ranch live on through Andrew's vision for the property. Looking back on her father's creative thinking, Debbie said, "This is the answer to our prayers and our desire for Dad’s dying wishes to be fulfilled."

With construction underway at The Sanctuary, Gilbert's dreams for Red Hawk Ranch and Andrew's vision for CBC's new campus are becoming a reality. Continue to check back as we bring you updates on the construction progress at this place dedicated to the glory of God.


Sanctuary Virtual Tour: Inside the Auditorium 

Andrew's television department has recently completed the fourth and final virtual tour of The Sanctuary facility. Watch as Andrew narrates your journey through the new 2,500 seat auditorium to be built in Woodland Park, Colorado. Picture the building when it is filled with students who will one day change the world; imagine the discipleship that will take place. God is doing something amazing through Andrew and Charis Bible College and you are a big part of it.

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