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Sanctuary Virtual Tour: The Barn Interior

Andrew's television department has just completed a new virtual tour of The Sanctuary facility. Take a virtual walk with Andrew down the halls, through the class rooms, and into the building Andrew is calling “The Barn”. As you watch, imagine the building filled with students who will one day change the world. God is doing something great through AWM and Charis Bible College and you are a big part of it.

See our Foundation Builders page for more information.


Inside CBC's Future Barn

A view inside the Barn, CBC's future banquet hall, facing the platform. (Click to enlarge)

Plans continue to move ahead for The Sanctuary, the future home of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado. Andrew's design team has created new images to share his vision for the proposed facilities. The following series of images show a variety of perspectives of the building Andrew refers to as the Barn. Several of these images may be familiar to those who tuned in to Andrew's live broadcast on July 28th. The main level includes a large banquet facility and industrial kitchen, and the lower level will be home to CBC's new class rooms as well as a secondary expandable auditorium. Both the upper and lower level floor plans are visible from cutaway perspectives in the images below.

An aerial cutaway view of the main level banquet hall of the Barn (Click to enlarge) The view of the banquet hall from the stage. This configuration seats 750 people. (Click to enlarge)

Looking across the banquet hall (Click to enlarge) The proposed fireplace in the Barn (Click to enlarge)

Cutaway view of the Barn's lower level, including the CBC classrooms and an expandable auditorium. (Click to enlarge) The south facing view of Pikes Peak from the Barn's upper level. (Click to enlarge)


The Sanctuary: Inside Looking Out

The numbers on this plan correspond to the numbered images below and show the viewpoint from each location. Numbers 5 and 6 are located on the Upper Concourse (floor plan not shown). (Click to enlarge)

As the interior design plans continue to take shape for the ministry's future home in Woodland Park, Colorado, Andrew's team has created new images to bring readers an up-to-date vision for The Sanctuary. Through this series of renderings, readers are given the opportunity to look around inside the main building from a variety of perspectives. The views of Pikes Peak from both the upper and lower concourses will be stunning. Enjoy a look around the future home of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College.


Lower Foyer looking South (Click to enlarge) Lower Foyer (Click to enlarge)

Main entrance (Click to enlarge) Auditorium from platform (Click to enlarge)Upper Foyer view (Click to enlarge) Upper Foyer (Click to enlarge)