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New Life in Mexico

“The Lord highlighted a girl to me to tell her about His love and how beautiful she was, but I couldn’t at first,” Charis Bible College Colorado student Esther shared. “We had been told not to say much to them because it was the first time for Charis to visit the home. I kept on getting the [nudge] to talk to her, and I got permission from one of the interns to do that. I was glad I did because it was just what she needed. She wept with joy.”

Second-year Charis Colorado students were overwhelmingly blessed by the response they received from sharing the Gospel while on a missions trip to Mexico last December. The team enjoyed various ministry opportunities, like working in an orphanage with Charis Mexico students, and ministering in churches, a hospital, and the marketplace. Almost every day of the trip, someone received either salvation or the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The team was also invited to several work projects at the Christian orphanage “Pan de Vida” (Bread of Life). Projects included painting a ceiling, exterior doors, and a fence, along with hanging cabinets. The Charis Colorado team then prepared a program for the children of the orphanage, and this included songs, skits, and five stations where children could visit for face painting, balloons, crowns, fishing, and more.

Over 300 people attended the marketplace outreach. Games and a puppet show moved into three skits by the Charis Colorado team. The final skit was evangelistic in nature and was followed by a Gospel presentation. An invitation was given to receive salvation through Jesus, and most of the crowd responded by raising their hands.

Charis student Grace Iverson shared:

“My life was overwhelmingly blessed, as I was privileged to travel to Querétaro, Mexico, on a short-term missions trip with Charis Bible College Colorado. […] We traveled to another city where a local church, pastored by one of Charis Mexico’s students, had prepared a market outreach. The day prior, we canvassed the marketplace, passing out fliers and inviting all to the outreach. On the day of the outreach, hundreds of children and families came, and we were able to simply present the Gospel. Many were saved. The simplicity of love—hugging a child or playing games with a child—combined with the simplicity of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ made this a life-changing day for all involved. […] I am so thankful for the opportunities that we as students have at Charis Bible College—opportunities to share all that God has given us with the world!”

Their five days of ministry concluded back at Charis Mexico. Both Charis Colorado and Charis Mexico students enjoyed a special night of sharing experiences. Their hope is that all the lives affected, including their own, will continue in the faith and hope they have in Jesus.

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Ministers Wanted!

People sometimes forget that ministers need to be ministered to—especially the ministers themselves! So, where can they go to get recharged? At last year’s Andrew Wommack Ministries Ministers’ Conference, licensed and ordained ministers came from all over the nation and the world to be refreshed, receive ministry, and build relationships with other
like-minded believers.

A couple from Indiana had this to say about the Ministers’ Conference:

“This is our tenth year of coming. I remember the first one we came to. We decided to go ahead and buy the barbeque tickets, and I knew what I was getting ready to see. The first person to put meat on my plate was Andrew Wommack and then others. It proved to me that there was something here that I needed.” – Tim

“I love that there is no competition. No one is unapproachable. There is not that competition that you feel in so many ministers’ conferences.” – Peggy

Come and get touched by God’s presence! Marriages were restored, sicknesses were healed, and people left encouraged in their races after last year’s event. Richard from Texas said this:

“This is a place of destiny! Every time I come here, I am encouraged to do something more in my vision.”

Andrew’s Ministers’ Conference is an opportunity for seasoned ministers to pour into you. Ministry can be challenging, and sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and yes, your ministry is take some time to be refreshed.

Laurel from Iowa came to this event for the first time and had this to say:

“This is our first Ministers’ Conference. It has been awesome. The teaching and the preaching have been awesome. It has been full and rich—so worth all the effort to get here—[and] the smiles, the love. We have appreciated it very much! We have already made reservations for next year’s conference.”

Many who come are blessed by the like-mindedness they experience with the speakers and fellow ministers. A lot of people who follow AWM feel isolated in their communities and churches, and this conference is an opportunity for you to find fellowship that you can’t get anywhere else.

At the 2016 Ministers’ Conference, you will receive teaching from world-renowned ministers and speakers like Andrew Wommack, Janet Boynes, Bob Yandian, Duane Sheriff, and Bob Nichols. You’ll enjoy the camaraderie and build relationships at the annual Grace or Faith Golf Tournament. And last but not least, you’ll sit down to great food and fellowship at the
Colorado Barbecue.

The conference is being held October 3-7, 2016, and is exclusively for ministers. So, take your ministry to the next level and register today by clicking here!

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Bianca’s Healing Journey

A young woman from Norway was ready to stand against the disease that had robbed her of her vision, thanks to the free teachings of Andrew Wommack Ministries. Since childhood, Bianca Vlastuin had been stricken with rod-cone dystrophy—a rare and incurable disease that often leads to blindness.

“When I was a child, I could see everything,” recalled Bianca. “But the field [of vision] was going smaller and smaller until I only had vision in the center. In 2008, I had an examination, and they told me there was only 10 percent vision in my right eye and 15 percent in my left.”

Despite being legally blind, Bianca did her best to live a normal life. She accepted her infirmity until a friend from church, Elizabeth Muren, introduced her to Andrew’s teachings. “She gave me her card and wrote on the back, ‘Go to the website of Andrew Wommack because it changed my life, and I think it’s what you need,’” Bianca continued.

Bianca went online and started watching Spirit, Soul & Body with her husband, Gert. They both were blown away by how simply Andrew explained Scripture. “I thought, Why have I struggled twenty years to figure this out, and now I’m hearing all of it, and it’s all I need?” Bianca said. “After that, we saw God Wants You Well and You’ve Already Got It!

Realizing that she did not have to live with rod-cone dystrophy, Bianca was determined to receive her healing. She continued listening to Andrew’s teachings and started posting Scripture all around her house. “I was sitting and reading the Bible, and I just started to praise God and thank Him for everything that He’s done and that He doesn’t need to do something to heal me,” Bianca explained. “He already did that on the cross.”

Bianca took her revelation one step further. “I spoke to my eyes and said, ‘Eyes, you were healed in the name of Jesus, so you must see. You must see now!’” The healing did not go through immediately; however, Bianca was undeterred. “I told my eyes again, ‘You are healed in Jesus’ name!’ And when I opened my eyes, they were totally clear!”

For the first time in her adult life, Bianca was able to see the world to its fullest. “I could see everything, and I thought, Wow, that is so amazing!’ Bianca said. “I could see the trees outside, the flowers, everything. It was so good! That first week, I actually had a headache because I [was] seeing
so much!”

Although Bianca had received her full healing, the Enemy was not willing to let her off that easy. As the days passed, she noticed her vision declining to its old ways. “I was mad about my eyes because it was like the devil was knocking to see if I [was] open,” Bianca recalled. “And I said, ‘No! I’m closed! I am closed. I am healed. So, eyes, you must see in Jesus’ name!’ And then after that, they were opened again.”

From being legally blind to having vision certified as better than 20/20, Bianca now sees the world with eyes of love and compassion, using her testimony to help others experience the free gift of God’s unconditional love and grace.

Thanks to the free teachings made available by Andrew’s partners, Bianca has had both her physical and spiritual eyes opened. Consider partnering with
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