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All Is Well

Charis Bible College student and prayer minister with Cecil & Lisa Paxton Ministries, Caroline Walton (Click to enalarge)

Caroline Walton sat in her car, outside the doctor's office, where she had just heard the words, "There is nothing more we can do for you." In a last attempt to help Caroline, who was suffering through respiratory failure at the time, the doctors had sent her away with one final medication to try. As she sat skimming the list of common side-effects, she read the word, "Death." Caroline thought to herself, "I take this medication and I die or, I don't take this, and I die." In that moment, after spending her life under the oppression of congenital heart disease, and having endured multiple surgeries and numerous medications to quell the symptoms of her body's weakness, Caroline cried out to God and said, "I know this is not the plan for my life." Caroline, seen here at six-months-old, weighing only six pounds, spent most of here life suffering from congenital heart disease. (Click to enlarge) Then she asked, "How could this be? How could I leave my children without a mom, and my husband without a wife?"

Later that night, Caroline got up off the couch, where she had been relegated to spending the night, to take her next dose in the cycle of around-the-clock-medication. She turned the television on, and as she flipped through the channels she came across Andrew's Gospel Truth program. Caroline recognized him, having partnered with AWM for brief time in the nineties. As she sat and listened, Andrew began teaching about God's Kind of Love, and the Lord began to speak to her. Through Andrew's words God answered the questions Caroline had asked in the car. "It was not God's plan that I die. He does love me. He loves my kids, and He loves my husband too," said Caroline.

Caroline's daughters, Jordan and Sydney Walton. (Click to enlarge)The next morning Caroline visited Andrew's website,, and began to read the Word and study Andrew's teachings. Over time, as she consumed the resources, she could hardly contain herself; frequently calling her husband at work to share what she had learned. Caroline even received the baptism of the Holy Spirit after hearing Andrew teach about it on TV. She recalls falling asleep while praying in tongues, and waking up to hear God say to her, "All is healed. All is well."

Although Caroline was stirred by what she heard, she did not feel any change in her body. She did however, choose to believe God's word over how she felt physically. Caroline remembers calling to her daughters, "Hey girls, put the leashes on the dogs. We are going for a walk." Caroline and her family at Disneyland right after her healing. She was able to walk everywhere they went during their week-long visit. (Click to enlarge)Caroline didn't make it very far, just to the end of the driveway, but that was further than she had gone in a long time and was the beginning of her walk away from the disease that had plagued her all her life.

After receiving her healing, Caroline also received a word from the Lord while reading the book of Colossians. Through verse twenty-five of the first chapter, God revealed His plan for her life—she was called to minister and to teach the Word. "God was telling me this was my calling, my purpose, my plan. As I kept reading the Lord said I was called to mature the body, making them one in His love; and His love is not empty words, but it has evidence—His love has fruit."

Caroline's mom, Deanna Durant, confined to her wheelchair. (Click to enlarge)Caroline didn't waste any time responding to the call, she began to pray for others right away. Her mother, who was previously bed ridden was set free, and many others whom Caroline prayed for were healed as well. She also enrolled in Charis Bible College (CBC) in Colorado Springs, to continue growing in her revelation of God's love and healing power. When Cecil Paxton visited CBC last year, Caroline heard the Lord speak to her again. "I don't think I heard much of what he [Cecil] was saying because God was speaking so loudly to me. He told me to go and 'glean' from Cecil and his healing ministry."

Andrew with Caroline's mom after Caroline had ministered to her and saw her get out of her wheelchair. (Click to enlarge)Caroline is now a minister at Cecil and Lisa Paxton Ministries (CLPMI) in Colorado Springs. There, she prays for the sick and hurting, and also teaches people how to keep what God has given them. Caroline has seen many receive from the Lord as a result of her ministry to them. She is also the administrator of the CLPMI phone center. Caroline sees herself staying with CLPMI as their ministry expands, but her plans also include writing a book and taking separate opportunities to teach others about the healing power of God.

The dramatic turn-around in Caroline's life all began with a late night viewing of the Gospel Truth program. "If I had not seen Andrew's teaching on in the middle of the night, you wouldn't be able to write this testimony. I love Andrew for being faithful to what God has called him to do. He showed me who God really is."